So like were probs not gonna get domestic old man EruRi…(I’m still hoping tho lol)

But just fuxking imagine…the war is done and Titans are long gone. Erwin settles down, has children and he takes these little cutiepies into town to go shopping. And they stop in a tea shop and visit Uncle grumpy Levi. And Levi looks irritated because they’re staining the display with fingerprints. He then makes them clean it up and starts teaching them the proper way to clean (obvs they are very interested lol). Meanwhile Erwin is humored. Levi then catches up with Erwin and they’re both happy and able to finally relax.

I could be content with this. I could see this happening. I could see Levi being an uncle and happily teaching them some odd cleaning technique they’ll show off when they’re older. And Erwin telling some joke about it and bring back them feels.

Fuck my feels right now OMG.

Merry christmas from Finn and me to all of you :)

(I’m not in the picture because he wanted all the attention for himself).

We wish that all of you can enjoy the next days and that you can spend some time with the people you love or with doing the things you love.

And if you have a hard time right now, we sincerely hope that things will get better for you soon. Stay strong.

anonymous asked:

Hi Val! Joined the fandom this summer, so I've never been around during the season -- when does the CW update the web site for streaming? If I miss the night before, will I be able to watch in the morning? Thanks for all your precious olicity enthusiasm -- you make the fandom a better place! 😘

Hi sweetie! You can watch the newest episode of Arrow on the CW website after midnight! :)