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soo Hows teaching going?? (are last sub teacher called us horrific so count your self lucky you don't teach our class xD)

I am so tired. Technically I’m ‘blocking,’ which means I’m taking college classes, and any time I’m not in a college class I’m in my 6th grade classroom with my cooperating teacher and my weird little critters. I love it, and I’m so excited to be a teacher, but I am so. freaking. tired. 

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OC-Tober 2016: #9 - Saphiriel

One of my oldest existing characters.
Pretty sure he was created in 2001 or something. I’m not sure. He’s come A LONG, LONG WAY.

But yeah, this is Saphiriel, he’s a young fledgling angel. Very naive and sweet and gullible. Literal ray of sunshine.

I love him. ;u; <3

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More bats? more bats!! Another little guy for my critter cards, again.

This is the little brown bat, a species currently plagued by infestations of a fungus which causes white-nose syndrome. This is a big problem for several species of bats in North America, where it’s causing mass die-offs as researchers scramble to figure out how to stop the spread and find cures or preventative measures.


remember the baby bunnies i posted? here’s a video my mom got of them being introduced to grass for the first time!