You know, I think it’s about time I sit down and start constructing Ba'tala’s flora and fauna. I’ll focus on the fauna for now because I’m much more zoology-savvy than I am botany.

I don’t have a name for this little critter, but for now, I’m using the term “chibbit” as the placeholder. Chibbits are common across the world, but depending on the region, you’ll have your variants–not only in coat color, but also the shape of the ears, combs, and tail feathers. Certain species are domesticated, and they’re roughly the size of Cornish chickens; they are roughly a combined equivalent to the rabbit (bred for their body fur and feathers) and chickens (they lay eggs). So yes, they’re chicken-rabbits, hence the name.

Wild chibbits tend to be far more colorful than their domesticated counterparts, and much more vicious and territorial. You really don’t want to mess with a flock of them. Also, they are freaking noisy. I imagine, when resting, they sound like little cooing pigeons, but when threatened, they screech an ungodly banshee shriek. Their beaks even open like nightjars.

Worth noting that chibbits are two-legged only–no wings. Also, their legs visually resemble insect legs (but not literally), and they move around hopping rather than walking. Visually I’m less inspired by just mashing the rabbit and chicken together and visually more to what are Furbies, Bafomdads in Star Fox Adventures, and even Birdy Ridley (I am not fond of Other M, btw). The chicken-rabbit thing just dawned on me like. Now.

You know what it just occurred to me I’d really like to see in a tabletop RPG?

A setting that pairs the milieu of gonzo post-cyberpunk with the tone and themes of romantic fantasy.

Reframe extreme body modification via cybertechnology as an act of self-affirmation, rather than self-destruction.

There’s a whole ecosystem of little robo-critters gone feral, but they’re not dangerous -  they’re friends.

Everybody gets quirky AI companions.

Also, somehow there are unicorns.


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i am absolutely convinced that bodhi rook is the equivalent of snow white or cinderella. like ,, you wanna talk to bodhi alone? too bad. you talk to bodhi, the three birds on his shoulders, the jedhan equivalent of a deer he named after galen, and other little critters scurrying around his feet. you want some peace and quiet? better not be near bodhi. he has a chorus of birds singing to him. cassian is utterly confused by it all and is 99% sure the deer hates him. jyn has fought the vast majority of the birds. chirrut gets along impeccably with all the animals, but they peck baze to death. it truly is all a wonderful sight


I decided to take a week out of Dinovember and devote it to extinct non-dinosaur critters! Dinosaurs are amazing but there have been so many weird non-dinos that have also lived on this planet! So I highlighted 7 of my favorite other reptiles that lived before the K-T Extinction.

Check the captions for more info on these critters.

I signed up for a Star Wars prompt at @jediprompts a while back, and my prompt was to include some sort of fauna.

Since Disney recently re-introduced Grand Admiral Thrawn as canon, why not draw the fellow with his ysalamiri. The ysalamiri is a fascinating little critter than repels the force- they haven’t shown up in the show, and who knows if they will, but I thought it’d be fun to draw anyway. :D

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Prompt 31: “You’re not keeping that, I don’t care what you say.” 

“Y/N, for fuck sake.” Dally grunted angrily. “You’re not keeping that, I don’t care what you say.”

“That’s where you are wrong.” You shrugged your shoulders at him, not taking any notice of his little outburst. “I’m keeping it and there’s nothing you can do about it. If I didn’t take this little guy home he was going to be put down.” 

“That’s not my problem, get that little critter out of here.” 

“Hey there little guy” Your heart swooned as the kitten yawned, your fingers dragged through it’s fur softly. 

“Okay, Y/N, you know what, it’s me or the cat. You decide.” 

“Bye Dallas.” You said simply with a roll of your eyes. “Take care.” 

“Fine.” He said. “You can keep the goddamn cat. But so help me if you get another one. You know how I feel about cats.” 

“Okay Dally, I promise…” 

You got another cat the next day. 

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To whoever it may concern I gave up eating animals (again) last week. So far I’ve lost three pounds. Here’s to not eating the cute little critters I love and feelin’ great doing it. 🌿🤘🏼