I made a little moth critter a few months back purely as an excuse to draw saccharine lovey-dovey cute stuff for my spouse. 💚

Top rough from 6 months ago (didn’t like the body shape, too smol). Bottom recent for my own reference.

Moth puff.

Ever since my friend drew out this character while we were reminiscing about media from our childhood, this question will always plague me; What the hell were those things? 

Did anyone else around here have the pleasure of these little guys in your childhood? All I can remember is an educational PC game I had where he went to the beach with his grandmother, dropped some hot dogs in the sand, and washed them out with the beach water and proceeded to eat it. 

pmoralesarts  asked:

How or where does Tony get to drink blood?

They live in a forested smallish town in Maine so I think there’s abundant little critter wildlife to run and catch even though Tony hates it. Another character of mine, Mickey, teaches him how it’s done…

Also sometimes if he’s really desperate Eli might let him have a GO at his wrist hence the previous drawing. 

Can you see the little grasshopper in this picture? There’s something I just love about baby critters :p I can never kill a grasshopper. I just think they’re too cool of animals. The only bad thing is, they like to munch on leaves. I’ve actually watched a grasshopper eat leaves before and I have to admit it’s kind of adorable watching them munch away and leave little munch marks on the leaves. Not so good for the plants though, lol. I think grasshoppers can be beneficial to a garden too though but I’m not really sure….anyone know?