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Prompt: All these latest Evelyn prompts have been so sad so can we have a happy one where its baby Rivers first birthday and they throw him a party and he says his first word 'mama' while reaching for Evie

You’re right, time for a happy Evelyn prompt!


Since River ended up on Evelyn’s doorstep, she had to guess when his birthday was, so she picked the day he arrived as his birthday and decided to celebrate. 

She made him a mini cake and Forrest came by with a gift, a handcrafted rocking horse, which River immediately wanted to get on top of. Evelyn fed him little pieces of cake, seeing his bright, smiling face with crumbs around his mouth. 

“Do you think he likes it?”

Forrest looked at her, seeing her hair tied up, an apron around her simple, baby pink dress that was long, bare foot as she looked at River, feeding him pieces of cake. She looked very much like a mother and beautiful and happy. 

“I think he loves it.”

She looked at Forrest and said,

“You can have a piece of cake if you’d like. I just wanted to give River his piece first.”

He nodded, saying he’d get some later. He didn’t want to miss a moment of her feeding River.

Afterwards, River played, rocking on his horse while Evelyn held him, his laughs and cheering filling the house as Evelyn smiled at him. When she set him on the floor for a moment, Forrest watching him as she got up to get him a bottle, his chubby hands reached for her, as he shouted,


Evelyn stopped and Forrest looked at River, pleased as he looked at Evelyn, who looked as if she was going to cry.

“He called me mama…”

“Well you are his mama aren’t ya?”

She smiled and came back right away, picking up River, kissing his face as she held him. 

By the late afternoon, River had passed out. He had, had an active day and he fell asleep on Forrest as they both sat on the couch. Evelyn looked at the scene before her, Forrest smoothing his hand carefully over River’s head, his little hand curled up near his face. Each time he had called her mama, Evelyn smiled and she wondered if she would ever get tired of hearing that. 

“He had a good day.”

Forrest nodded, not looking away from River.

“He did. So did you.”

Evelyn laughed a bit and nodded.

“Thank you for coming by. For helping me celebrate his birthday.”

“Of course. He’s ours.”

Evelyn smiled, sliding closer to him as she rested her head on Forrest’s shoulder, looking at River as she sighed softly. She had never felt like they were a complete family until that day, until that moment. As Forrest said, River wasn’t the only one who had a good day, Evelyn had one too.