Happy birthday, Coba!  It’s been 7 years of awesome with my fluffy little buddy.

His cake was a can of Tiki Dog garnished with dog biscuits and noodles, with a meatball on top.  The other dogs also got ‘slices’, (that much rich food at once would be bad for him) but Coba got to eat at the table and have the first portion.   This all made Coba very happy!

No fire danger, btw; the candles were never close enough to harm him, and Coba is very good about not touching wonderful things placed in front of him until given permission.

I’m not sure what kind of face that is that I’m making…. but BUT but… Holy cow I’m under 200! Now to try not to gain before my weighin so it can be official. I haven’t been under 200 pounds since I was 18. 14 YEARS! I weigh what I weighed 14 YEARS AGO when I graduated high school.

I bought those shorts two weeks ago. They zipped but breathing was a no go. I’ve lost like 3 pounds since my weigh in 4 days ago and they fit perfectly.

I’m in Onederland? Someone throw me Johnny Depp and those tiny little tea cakes!

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“Even though the business eventually failed, I view it as a success. My dad was an immigrant from the Dominican Republic. He’d take any job he could get just to keep food on the table. A lot of times our fridge was empty. There were nights when I only had $1 for dinner, and I’d have to eat nothing but Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls. There was a hole in our roof, so we actually had pigeons in our house sometimes. So to come from that, and open my own store, and to get to see it thrive for a little bit— that means I made it. None of my friends ever did anything like that. Some of them are in jail now. I got to see my mom proud of me. I got to see my grandma proud of me. If the store had survived, that would have been another chapter. But the fact that it existed means that I made it out and I did something.”

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(im not usually a soulmates person but) CONSIDER THIS AU: Soulmates can read each other's thoughts so the 1st time Eggsy meets Merlin he thinks "wow what a tall glass of water I wanna drink that up" and Merlin (ears turning red) turns to him in the line up of recruits and is like "what did you just say to me?" And Eggsy is like "wut bruv I didn't say-" at the same time he hears "oh shit this one is cute" in his head so Merlin and Eggsy just kind of stare at each other and think "fuck" in unison

oh my god i can’t breeeeeathe this is beautiful??? b/c of course eggsy would think something that cheesy, of course he would. not “damn son i wanna tap that” like most would think. he would legit think, “wow what a tall glass of water i wanna drink that up” and it’s so unbelievably endearing?? 

“oh shit this one is cute” <<merlin thinking eggsy is cute (not hot, not attractive: nope, the first thing he notices is that he’s cuteeeeeeeeeee and merlin has a soft spot for cutie pies i firmly believe this) is like super sweet? 

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