Boutèy de Baron: Enemy Protection

A spell bottle from me to you.

Hello, this is my first time posting one of my own concoctions. A little spell bottle I’m giving out from my personal set of spells. Open for all, this isn’t culturally based or anything. So, you are free to use it as you please. 

“What’s this little bad boy do?”, you must be asking yourself. Well, It’s gonna be your best friend during the tough times when you might not have many friends. This bottle is a spell that’ll keep you protected from the will of those who plot against you and help with keeping your allies close. Sometimes you have to deal with nasty forces, this bottle will help stop any negative effects.

A great thing about this bottle is it’s quite literally an altar cleaner. Some of the items involved are leftovers from the works you may already be doing. So, scrounge up your scraps, cause you gonna need them.


  • 2 Cinnamon Stick
  • 4 Matches (Burned from a previous working)
  • Black Salt
  • White Salt
  • Dried Red Flowers
  • Strong Cologne
  • Melted Wax (From previous working)
  • Strong liquor (Completely optional)
  • Strand of your own hair
  • Red Chili Powder
  • Incense Ashes (Burned from a previous working)
  • Black Pepper
  • A few droplets of water
  • Dragon’s Blood. (Oil, Incense, etc.) (As long as the essence is there)


  • Glass Bottle or Jar (A vessel that is glass and you can seal)
  • Black String, Cloth, or Tape

Now that you have all the items together, you are going to put the ingredients in the bottle one by one. While doing so, focus on those who may be sending harm your way. Focus on their faces, names, or actions against you. Once you have focused, begin picturing yourself. Picture yourself unaffected. Feel yourself be free of all the chains they wish to hold you back with. When this is complete and all the ingrediants are all in the bottle, you can now close the top. Begin shaking the bottle. Any frustrations that you may have on your journey will now belong to the bottle. State it out loud, “Any frustrations I may have, this bottle will receive.”

The final step is  to cover the bottle in a black covering. The contents do not have to be completely hidden, simply shaded a bit. After thie contents are shaded, you have now just finished my “Enemy Begone” Bottle. 

May no one stand in your way 

I finished work 85 minutes ago and since then I have:

a) got a train home

b) got home

c) got half way through cooking some kind of chicken and leek mash thing because I got a special offer on hellofresh and it was hella cheap

d) thought “I’ll just open that little half bottle of wine because i never drink at home and I like that wine and I could have half now and half tomorrow”

e) drunk 7/8 of that little bottle before the food is cooked

f) eaten a lot of leeks from the bowl before the chicken had finished cooking

g) been a bit tearful over a lovely anon message that just wished nice things for me

h) wished I could write

i) wished for a hug

j) wished again for a hug

k) missed my now dead writing group

l) realised some sad things

m) had a bit more wine

n) listened to some sherlock holmes audiobook

o) achieved quite a lot in 88 minutes

p) sat here and stared into space

q) mashed some potatoes

r) wished fruitlessly for something that’s too stupid to type here because everyone else manages it okay

s) look okay it’s 6.29 and I have to stare at the oven and wait for chicken to cook

t) help

edit: u) received an email regarding someone who has the same name as me in America who is heavily involved in their local church group and who doesn’t know their own email address and who has purchased some bible books and sent the receipts to me

anonymous asked:

That Sugden wasn't talking shit about their husband or calling him weak. That Sugden didn't come on to her 3 times, talking about how good they were in the past and how they could be so much better. That Sugden didn't tell her that she and her husband wasn't the same the moment Rebecca showed up. Rebecca isn't accountable for Robert's shitty actions.

Hey! I got my first piece of hate mail! This is exciting!

Hi, anon! Since you aren’t man or woman enough to show your name or face, I will address you as anon. I’m going to answer this in two parts. 

Number 1: 

Robert Sugden just got back from prison where he found out his husband was on spice and was hurting. They fought. Robert felt it was over. Drank practically a whole bottle of whiskey (he left a little bit in that bottle) and decided to do what he does best. Hit the self-destruct button. Called the one person he knew would hurt Aaron.

Rebecca. Rebecca came running from a date with Ross to talk to him. She saw how upset he was. He saw he was talking nonsense. What does she do? 

Does she take the bottle from him and talk some sense into him? No.

Does she try and sober him up with coffee? No.

Does she tell him to go to hell and leave the Mill? No.

She decides to stick around and take advantage of a drunk, upset, stressed out person. No, she wasn’t drunk. No, she didn’t have enough to confuse her actions. Nope. 

As someone who claims to be Roberts “friend,” she didn’t act like it that night. A good example of being a friend (so far) would be Vanessa. You sober them up and send them home. You don’t sleep with them. 

Yeah, Robert shouldn’t have done or said all of that, but I sincerely think Rebecca didn’t have to sleep with an obviously drunk man. 

Number 2:

Rebecca isn’t a victim. She chose to come to Emmerdale. She chose to help out Robert. Robert didn’t twist her arm. He never loved her. He doesn’t love her. She has constantly inserted herself into Roberts life from the minute she appeared. Robert should have never called her. That is all he is guilty of here. Robert once again didn’t think things through. 

So. Yeah. I respectfully disagree with your viewpoint and I hope you have a great day! Maybe next time you can show your name or face when you spread hate. 

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Aftercare Ideas

Warm bubble bath
Ice packs
Cute bandaids on boo boos
Praising your little
Soft blankies
Favorite movie/tv show
Sweet talks
Hair brushing
Favorite stuffie
Sippy or bottle with favorite drink
Soothing words
Coloring with your little

Feel free to add anything you’d like