bruh i had to go to the other fancy grocery store for an ingredient i forgot and i have like $5 to my name rn but i was really hungry when i got there so i was still like “well maybe i can get a bag of chips or something” but

they had so many fuckin free samples of fruit and crackers and stuff and outside they were giving away little bottles of vegan chai lattes and i took 3 and ran like hell yes


so i was watching this episode and i realised something. eliot’s just driven from portland to just outside oklahoma city, right, to try to patch things up with his dad. it’s a decent drive, solidly twenty-four hours of drive time, longer if you stop to do things like pee or sleep. but he finally gets there, and he pulls out the beer that he brought, hoping that he could make things right, and–

that’s bridgeport brewery beer. that’s hardison’s fucking beer. and eliot has carted this sixpack across half a dozen states, the beer sitting on the passenger seat. and maybe nobody’ll get it but eliot, because he sure as hell isn’t going to tell hardison, sure isn’t about to offer it to his dad, but he’s trying, ok; he’s doing something, he’s making something. he’s part of something.