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Little Bit

Lykke Li | Little Bit

cause you know baby,
I love you, love you a little bit
you would do it, you would say it
you would mean it, and we could do it
It was you and I, not only I…
I think I’m a little bit, little bit
a little bit in love with you
but only if you’re a little bit, little bit
little bit in love with me

don’t talk, don’t walk, just the two of us

Your secret’s safe
And no one has to know I’m your getaway
And a little bit more than you can take
I can make everything feel so damn good


Jimin and Jungkook are polar opposits to the public eye. In the secrecy of a room, though, maybe they can meet somewhere in the middle.

jikook // 5.6K // warnings: smut (ao3)

Jimin groaned when he flipped over a chair on his haste to leave and had to waste even more time putting it back into place.

“In a hurry?” He made a sharp turn to meet the source of the voice and tried to deny the way his heart skipped a beat when he saw who it was.

Jeon Jungkook. Leaning against the doorframe and blocking the way out. Successfully trapping Jimin inside the changing rooms when no one else was around.

Not that he had a huge problem with that, seeing as he and Jungkook had been playing the staring game for a few weeks now, even though it had to be discreet since they weren’t supposed to be friends.

(Which Jimin thought was ridiculous; he never really understood school hierarchy.)

“Yeah, Tae is waiting for me.” Jimin answered and, after the initial shock, found his voice was quite controlled.

“Taehyung, huh?” Not so fun fact: Jungkook and Taehyung didn’t get along. At all. If his best friend walked in now – and saw Jungkook slowly coming closer –, Jimin would have to deal with his inquiries for days.

Jimin nodded and hugged his hoodie – the reason he had gone back to his gym locker – closer to his chest. His eyes were still glued to Jungkook’s and he felt smaller than ever when he came to a stop right in front of him.

“Why don’t you forget about him for a second?” Jungkook muttered as he raised his hand to lightly caress Jimin’s cheek; just that amount of contact made him shiver.

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the other day i was talking about whether or not roy should be fuhrer and i mentioned how i like that in fma03 canon, roy’s faced with the choice to do what he knows is right for amestris - kill bradley/pride - knowing that choice might cost him fuhrerhood, and he chooses to do it anyway because it’s the right thing to do. if he hadn’t done it because he didn’t want to jeopardize becoming fuhrer at some point in the future, he’d have to accept that he only wants to become fuhrer for selfish reasons. with this fresh in my mind, i started thinking about another character whose ultimate goal, like roy, is political power: ling.

why does ling want to be emperor? is there really an unselfish reason why he wants it? the more i think of it, the more it doesn’t feel like it. sure, the narrative wants us to think ling is best for xing, but it tells us that; it doesn’t show us. the most we get is the whole ‘a king is nothing without his people’ thing, which indicates that sure, he’s sorta vaguely on the right track in his thinking, but the story never gives us 1) an unselfish reason for why ling wants power (i hope i don’t have to explain why i’m emphasizing 'unselfish’ because wanting power for power’s sake never ends well) or 2) any indication that ling would even be good at it. we don’t get much in the way of leadership skills, interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, selflessness, etc. you could chalk that up to ling being 15, but these aren’t all things you can just learn as you mature; some of them are just inherent qualities that as far as we’re shown, narratively, ling does not possess, in my opinion. the more i examine it, the more ling’s goal of becoming emperor seems - forgive me if this sounds harsh - kind of immature.

which is okay! it’s absolutely okay for a 15-year-old to be immature, selfish, and arrogant, and for his goals to reflect that. in fact, it makes ling more relatable. what’s not relatable is ling’s claim never being questioned and him getting exactly what he wanted at the end despite, as i’ve said, no narrative indication that he wants it for the right reasons or that he’d even be good as a ruler. it makes his character really static. i mean, most mangahood characters are, but he really gets it the worst in that despite all he goes through - what with being forcibly fused with a homunculus and all - he ends the story in pretty much the exact same position he’d expected to be at the start: as emperor, his goal achieved. unaffected, it almost feels like, by literally everything that happened. i’ve already discussed here how being fused with greed should’ve been a traumatic experience for ling and was not treated as such in the least (ofc, mangahood does not have a good track record for letting its characters [esp the males] realistically absorb/react to trauma – that’s another post).

backing up to ling’s goal being ultimately kind of selfish - this is supported narratively by him facing consequences for it, in that forcing lan fan to assist him gets her brutally injured. now he’s got that on his conscience. that’s his wake-up call. now, he feels obligated to achieve that goal of getting the stone and becoming emperor because of what he put his closest friend through in order to do it, regardless of whether he actually wants it anymore. if you combine that with the trauma of being fused with greed, and greed constantly going on about how he wants to rule the world because he’s greed and wants everything - obviously very hedonistic and selfish - and the hints that ling and greed aren’t so different, and his arc is begging, in my opinion, to come to a head with ling realizing that he wants the throne for selfish reasons, and letting it go. not going after the thing he wants because he realizes he wants it for the wrong reasons and it’s not what’s best for everyone. and instead, with his influence as head of one of xing’s bigger clans, he throws his support behind someone who came to amestris for much more selfless reasons, who did exactly what he did (crossing the desert and finding her way to central) on her own, who’s repeatedly demonstrated the leadership and interpersonal skills and compassion it takes to lead a nation: his sister, mei.

mei didn’t come to amestris for the stone for personal power; she wants to present the emperor with the stone to raise her clan from the poverty and disgrace they’re in. and even then, she changes that goal when she realizes how the stone is made and the lengths the emperor would go to create one of his own - i.e., sacrificing people in xing. her goal is already to help people (her family) and she gives it up for fear of the harm it’ll bring more people (her whole country). hell, she goes all the way back to central to help a nation that isn’t even hers. she crossed the desert by herself, again, and took control of the situation in amestris when scar was nearly apprehended by the military in a matter of moments. the fact that she empathized with and befriended scar at all, as well as yoki and marcoh, points toward her people skills. ultimately, mei wants to help as many people as possible. the things she could do for xing! yes, she’s initially wrapped up in the clan wars like the rest of them, with her attacking lan fan, but if lan fan gets over it - it’s her that asks ling to end them - mei could, too, especially after the promised day and everything she’d been through up until that point. it’s such a good end for her, too, instead of being literally carried away by ling and demoted to al’s love interest – this takes full advantage of her incredible potential as a character and decidedly moves xing, a pretty corrupt nation (what with the implications of a horrible emperor and the sexual slavery of chiefs’ daughters to produce heirs) forward.

and it’s a much more satisfying end to ling’s arc, too, because he learns something, he changes and becomes a better person. he realizes his goal was selfish and if he really wants to help his people instead of hurting them, like he indirectly got lan fan hurt, this is how to do it. so instead of canon where basically once they’re separated it’s like nothing happened, no aftereffects or anything, ling’s whole viewpoint changes and he channels his traumatic experience into doing something selfless - instead of something greedy.

Poor thing

This man with long hair… It looks like Archiviste+Naenia+The Vampire of Blue Moon. But, whoever it was, What was he doing there? Why did he cameFor whom he came?

If this man was really vampire Vanitas and he really took Vanitas with him, then.. what happened next?

How Salvation turned into Revenge?

- “Worship? Me.. worship that…? ..heh!”

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“I think I’m a little bit, little bit
A little bit in love with you
But only if you’re a little bit, little bit
Little bit in love with me

Come here, stay with me, stroke me by the hair
Cause I would give anything, anything, to have you as my man…”

theamericanginger  asked:

What do you think would happen if Daichi and Suga actually took a summer vacation together?

Hmm. Well let’s see.

I can’t believe you actually bought a home in Kyoto.”

Sugawara hummed, slinging one of his bags across his chest and dragging the other out of the trunk of the Rolls Royce.

“Well I’m bad with money so…”

“Yeah. I know. But a house. An entire house. And a fucking nice one,” Daichi stared up at the traditional styled building with an expression of awe. “I just can’t believe it.”

“Believe it. And help me carry this shit,” he moved around Daichi down the cobbled path to the house. “C’mon! We’ve got two weeks to ourselves! Let’s enjoy every second!”

Daichi rushed after him, carrying two more bags. Sugawara went to the front door and dug in his pocket for the key.

“We’re home!” he sang as he slid the door open and stepped inside. 

“We’re home,” Daichi said in a softer voice as he entered behind him. “Wow…”

“Okay so here’s the plan,” Sugawara said, kicking off his shoes. “First we have sex in the bedroom. Then we will move into the living room. And then the kitchen. And then we will be really sweaty by then so then we can have sex in the Jacuzzi tub-”

“Suga we didn’t come here just so we could have sex all day.”

Sugawara dropped his bags- and his jaw- and whirled towards him, “WHAT? THEN WHY DID WE COME HERE?”

Daichi scowled and passed him into the hallway, “To relax and get away from everybody else.”

“And have sex!” Sugawara grabbed his bags and chased after.

“I’m not saying we can’t have sex. But I don’t want to stay inside all day fucking. Let’s go exploring. See the sights. I’ve only been to Kyoto once in my life, I want to see new things.”

“But!” Sugawara stomped and groaned. “But I bought so many new things that I want to try out!”


“Daaaaaichi! I bought a collar!”

“Suga. I’m not putting a collar on you.”

He grumbled, “Well I bought it for you anyway…”

“Definitely not.”


“Hmhm, I’m the worst ever, yeah. I know,” Daichi slid open a door and peered into the room beyond. “Where’s the bedroom?”


“You don’t know?”



“Well it’s not like I’ve ever been here before.”

Daichi closed the door and leaned his forehead against it.

Sugawara pursed his lips and looked around curiously.


“Yes, My Love?”

“You bought a house.”

“Very observant of you. Now what color is the sky, Einstein?”

“You bought a house that you have never been to?”

“Well how do you expect me to find the time to come to Kyoto? I’m a busy man, Daichi,” Sugawara passed him and headed down the hall. “Now where’s the bathroom?”

“Suga, may I please be put in charge of your bank account?” Daichi followed, rubbing his eyes wearily.

“Ehhh, why? We’re not married, scum. Keep your fingers out of my wallet.”

“I don’t trust you with money.”

Sugawara glanced at him over his shoulder as he stopped at another door, “It’s fine. It’s my money. I’ll spend it how I want.”

Daichi let out a sigh as Sugawara finally found the bedroom and went inside.

“That’s what I’m worried about,” he mumbled.

Sugawara smirked and tossed his bags to the side. He moved around the room, humming. He crossed to the far wall to a pair of sliding doors. He threw them open, revealing the backyard, complete with a large, glittering pond and rock garden.

“Oooo, not bad,” Sugawara folded his arms over his chest. “I chose well, considering the real estate page’s pictures weren’t loading.”

Daichi sighed again behind him and Sugawara grinned. He peeked over his shoulder. Daichi already had his bag open and was hanging his clothes up in the wardrobe on the right side of the room. Sugawara pursed his lips and glanced at the king sized bed on the opposite end. 

He narrowed his eyes as a mischievous urge struck him. He turned back to Daichi and crept quietly across the room in his direction.

He was sliding a shirt onto a hanger, grumbling to himself under his breath.

“Vacation home… that’s one thing. Useful. Nice. But now he’s buying weird shit like collars too… what’s next, a fuckin’ saddle?”

Sugawara grinned and wrapped his arms around Daichi’s torso, splaying his hands across his chest. He straightened in surprise.

“Don’t be silly,” he kissed the back of his neck. “I don’t need a saddle to ride you…” He dragged his lips over his skin slowly, smirking as the man shivered under his touch.

“I’m not wearing a fucking collar, Suga.”

“Fine, fine,” Sugawara pulled him gently as he walked backwards. “I’ll just give it to Pochi.”

“You are not putting a SEX collar on my dog.”

“It’s not a sex collar. It’s a normal collar. I got it at the pet store.”

“You were going to make me wear a collar for animals?”

“They’re cheaper!”

“Oh NOW you care about your expenses?”

Sugawara growled and yanked Daichi back to the bed. He tossed him roughly to the mattress and then jumped on top, stretching his body over his.

“You’re not going to wear it anyway, so who cares where I bought it?”

“It’s the principle of the-”

Sugawara silenced him with a kiss. He lingered momentarily, reveling in the feeling of his warm lips pressed to his, and then leaned away. He glared down at Daichi, who returned the look.

“Fine,” he grumbled. “Sorry I bought you a pink dog collar from the pet store.”


“With little spikes on it.”


“And a bell.”

“Are you sure it wasn’t a cat collar?”

Sugawara was silent for a moment before humming, “Well… either Julep or Pochi are getting a new collar when we get home.”

“A cat collar wouldn’t even fit over my-”

Sugawara cut him off once more, closing his mouth over his and capturing the words. Daichi let out a soft sigh and wrapped his arms around his waist, finally allowing the crime of the collar to drop in favor of kissing him for a long sweet minute.

Just when Sugawara was getting ready to begin the process of ripping their clothes from their bodies, Daichi pulled back and held his face in his hands. Sugawara blinked down at him, silently swearing to resort to violence if he tried to cock block him yet again.

Daichi smiled, “I love you.”

Sugawara’s chest warmed and he returned the smile, “Gay.”

Daichi ignored the taunt and kissed his lips tenderly. “And you know… just because I said we can’t spend all day making love… doesn’t mean we can’t spend half the day making love…”

Sugawara’s eyes went wide and he sat up hurriedly. He grabbed the hem of his shirt and yanked it up and over his head, cooing, “Gee mister, you’ve just gone and made me the happiest girl alive!”

“Oh my god.”

Sugawara tossed the shirt aside and grabbed Daichi’s. He sat up, lifting his arms to allow him to pull it up. Sugawara wrapped his arms around his shoulders and kissed him eagerly, desperate to get the ball rolling before Daichi changed his mind.

“Hurry,” he mumbled, trailing his lips along his jaw. “Just stick it in.”

“You are so romantic.”

“I’m not paying you to talk. I’m paying you to stick your dick in me.”

“I’m not getting paid.”

“If you were, would you shut up?”

Daichi snorted, “Nah, probably not.”

Sugawara growled and pushed him down to the bed. He came down after him, hands sliding between their chests and down to the front of Daichi’s jeans. Daichi cupped his face and kissed him sweetly, completely ignoring Sugawara’s hungry urgency.

Sugawara groaned, yanking on Daichi’s belt. “Why did you wear this one? You know I have a hard time with this one. Why won’t it unbuckle?”

“Relax,” Daichi seemed unconcerned by the tragedy of his uncooperative belt, trailing his lips tenderly across his cheek to his ear. “We’re on vacation. We can afford to take our time.”

“No! We can’t!”

“Why not?”


“Whooooaaaaa it’s pretty nice!” a voice floated through the open doorway of the bedroom and Sugawara and Daichi froze, wide gazes meeting silently.

“Not bad. I’ve stayed in better,” another voice scoffed.

“No you haven’t.”


“Where’s the bathroom? I have to piss!”

“Me first, Jackass!”

“Do you think Sawamura unpacked his alcohol yet?”

Sugawara gritted his teeth and glared down at Daichi, “Because. It’s us. And since WHEN has anything been easy or relaxing for us?”

Daichi let out a sigh and dropped his head to the pillow beneath him.


Yep… just exactly what you’d expect would happen.

Get wrekt, Suga.

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