Gravity Falls - The Love God intro~

Here’s a sequence I did for the latest Gravity Falls episode, The Love God! I got to figure out a lot of Love God’s acting and body language, which was fun. He was actually based on our creative director from season 1, Mike Rianda, but since I did not have him on hand to observe in the wild, I did a little extra research for appealing but over-the-top performances. 

Um, I also watched this video a lot. 

Little Bit
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Lykke Li | Little Bit

cause you know baby,
I love you, love you a little bit
you would do it, you would say it
you would mean it, and we could do it
It was you and I, not only I…
I think I’m a little bit, little bit
a little bit in love with you
but only if you’re a little bit, little bit
little bit in love with me

When I watch this music video all I hear is stadiums cheering for my baby boy. It’s crazy to see how far he has come. I’m so proud of him.💞