Little Bit
Lykke Li
Little Bit

Lykke Li | Little Bit

cause you know baby,
I love you, love you a little bit
you would do it, you would say it
you would mean it, and we could do it
It was you and I, not only I…
I think I’m a little bit, little bit
a little bit in love with you
but only if you’re a little bit, little bit
little bit in love with me

White Christmas Pompeii

Merry Christmas to all from @thefreckledone and I. We wanted to wish you a happy holiday and a restful advent season. Please enjoy this treat from us. 

Sakura inhaled in her sleep and the air in her lungs was cold and sharp enough to rouse her. Groaning, she shifted and uncrossed her legs, sending the blanket onto the floor in a heap that left her mostly exposed. She reached out for her phone but couldn’t feel the end table. One eye open was enough to show her why. She had fallen asleep on the couch again and hadn’t made it to bed. The novel slid off her chest next and she winced when she heard its heavy spine hit the floor.

The air in her apartment was still crisp enough to take notice of after a minute of disorganization. Sakura picked up the blanket off the floor and stood, heading towards the door to the outside. It was left partly open, something she wasn’t responsible for. The early morning was gray and heavy. Sleep kept her vision blurry, but after rubbing her palm into her eyes she saw that it wasn’t her. The world was white and muted in detail thanks to the blanket of snow over everything.

Sakura gasped audible, pulling her door open and stepping out onto the porch in her socks, not caring how quickly they became wet. The world was awash in glittering snow, flirting with the first early beams of sunlight from a winter’s hold. Christmas came and it was white.

“Do you like it?”

Sakura turned, surprised to see Pein sitting on her railing, dressed as ruggedly as she was used to seeing him. The cold didn’t seem to bother him even though it was starting to make her shiver. Another glance over told her that the snow wasn’t even touching his form. It drifted lazily down on either side of him, but never dared make contact with the old god of skies and storms.

“You did this?” Sakura asked, stepping closer. “I thought you needed a sacrifice.”

“Snow was already in the works, and this is the natural order of things. I may have advanced it’s fall to ensure your ‘Christ Mass’ was as white as all those songs I keep hearing from your office…” he let the words trail off as Sakura’s face reddened. He seemed to enjoy her reaction since he chuckled and shrugged on with his words. “But no, I did not need a sacrifice to suit my half hearted whims. Do you like it?”

  “It’s magical,” Sakura sighed, nearly tasting her own tears as she looked up into the sky and saw beautiful snow that seemed plucked right out of her sugarplum dreams. It was perfect and it made her nostalgic in the oddest way. She felt young and giddy in the snow. She felt like a girl that danced to nutcracker themes with reckless abandonment. Surly this was the work of a storm god.

Her eyes drifted back to Pein who was watching her intently and she smiled. “I love it. How do I thank you?”

“I do nothing for your thanks, only your happiness,” he answered after a moment in a voice softer than what she was used to from him. He lightly touched the part of his punk leather jacket that covered where his heart would beat. “That’s enough for me.”

“A god starving for prayers asks for nothing in return for his own kindness?” Sakura asks, smiling out of the corner of her lips, still giddy in the early morning.

“Will you pray for me then?” he asks, raising a single brow.

Sakura lifts her shoulders to shrug as much as to bring the ends of her blanket closer. “How should I pray?”

He swallows, watching her lips with storm colored eyes that seem to spin with a new sheen of color to them. Sakura watches as he licks the curves of his lips and then lifts his eyes back up to hers. She doesn’t waver but he seems to.

There is no weakness to Pein, but in that moment of hush between her asking and his answering, Sakura feels like there is a thinness to his control over himself. He’s a figure of great power, an agent of unimagined potential for destruction, and he’s thin enough to see through in this moment. It’s humbling and disorienting in the same instance.

“I am a jealous god,” he admits in a voice like the echoing roll of thunder from not so far away. It’s low and pooling in her belly. “I would not deny a kiss in prayer.”

“What about in thanks?” She draws the blanket closer to herself.

“I’ve been known to make more with less.” There is a glimmer in his eyes before he chuckles. “I think I might even be god enough to pull down heaven for such a thing. Kings burned pyres of gold and blood for simple rain, but I was always quick to the beggar risking his last meal, the farmer slaughtering his last living livestock, the window burning her husband’s memory…what use have I for the wealth of man when the immortal feelings of longing are so much more grand?”

“I don’t want anything in return from you, Pein.” Sakura says this while taking another step closer to where he is perched on the edge of her railing. He doesn’t shift for her approach, but she sees him watch her cautiously. “I’m not going to worship you, but it is Christmas.”

He doesn’t say anything as she reaches up with one hand and turns his face to the side with her thumb guiding his jaw down. She kisses the corner of his face, cold lips on tingling skin. Her kiss is a butterfly that perches on flesh, and then is gone just as quickly as it came. Sakura steps back, off her tippy toes and smiles.

“Merry Christmas, Pein.”

He watches her with eyes wide and unguarded, before a heartbeat passes and the world bleeds in a rainbow of colors as an aurora borealis spills across the sky in shifting ribbons of multi colored lights.

Sakura turns to watch it spill free overhead, making the snowfall glimmer with colored light. When she turns back to thank Pein, he is gone. Her lips tingle, no longer cold.

Merry Christmas.

Gravity Falls - The Love God intro~

Here’s a sequence I did for the latest Gravity Falls episode, The Love God! I got to figure out a lot of Love God’s acting and body language, which was fun. He was actually based on our creative director from season 1, Mike Rianda, but since I did not have him on hand to observe in the wild, I did a little extra research for appealing but over-the-top performances. 

Um, I also watched this video a lot. 

When I watch this music video all I hear is stadiums cheering for my baby boy. It’s crazy to see how far he has come. I’m so proud of him.💞

Little Bit
Lykke Li
Little Bit

Little Bit | Lykke Li

Hands down, I’m too proud for love
But with eyes shut it’s you I’m thinking of.
But how we move from A to B, it can’t be up to me
‘Cause you don’t know.
Eye to eye, thigh to thigh
I let go.

I think I’m a little bit, a little bit
A little bit in love with you.
But only if you’re a little bit, a little bit
A little bit in love with me.