Little Beatles

Note: this was a spoken word commission for P. Villarreal
The H’s had the complete comprehensive boxed set of every Beatles recording
When I nannied the children, they would beg
For just one more song before bed

Love, love me do
In a yellow submarine,
Eight days a week it’s been a hard day’s night

We danced in the living room, up past bedtime and don’t tell mummy and daddy-
But they would have laughed affectionately if they’d known
My own parents never played the Beatles- my father loved them blindly and my mother was sick of them, born in 1963-
But here with this happy family
A second mother to these happy children
Beatlemania struck a second coming in 2009,
Bouncing on the couch and waltzing with the cats
We twisted and shouted
Isaac wanted his hair cut like Paul’s
When we crossed the street for ice cream we sang I wanna hold your hand
When I recited their prayers to them at bedtime
we changed the words to start with Paul, Ringo, George and John
Bless the bed that thee lie on
In an octopus’ garden
In the shade

Under the sounds we come together
We let it be
Here comes the sun.


I thought of some of “today’s” bands that I enjoy! Maybe I’ll learn all their names and see them live:

- Red Hot Chili Peppers
- Five Finger Death Punch
- Godsmack
- Incubus
- Hoobastank
[- Maroon 5 (although I enjoy their older stuff more, tbh)?]
- Coldplay
- Mumford & Sons
[- Of Monsters And Men?]
[- Family Of The Year?]
[- Neutral Milk Hotel?]

Ahhh but it’s still not the same


Between January and February in 1967, The Beatles had been grabbing the guitars and 730/430 amps, Ringo’s drums and some other gear, and setting off on their own little magical mystery tour.  Their destination was Knole House,  in Sevenoaks, Kent, to film promo videos for Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane.
Filming started at the end of January, with footage used mostly in the Strawberry fields promo; on February 5th they returned again, with footage ending up in the ‘Penny Lane’ video.  The producer was Tony Bramwell, a childhood friend of John, Paul and George, who became Brian Epstein’s right-hand man, and later joint head of Apple Records.
He told us, “Yes, I produced Strawberry and Penny, as I did all the little Beatles films.  The piano was bought in a junk shop for £5.00 and smashed up…. just basic (equipment) …film, foldback speaker …the timpani just hired for the day, as were the horses!”.