Rachel Mason and the Use, and Little Band of Sailors at the RH Gallery 12/18/12

Last week was a pretty busy week as I had covered several shows that week, including an interesting little event at the RH Gallery down in SoHo – Rachel Mason performing material with electronic artist the Use, and with her bassist from Little Band of Sailors. As a musician whose sound is heavily inspired by the prog rock of Rush and others – with a similar complex mythology behind the songs – it wasn’t too surprising that there would be some kind of experimentation with electronica and pop music. In some way, it’s been done before. Peter Gabriel did something similar when he left Genesis. 

Although, I could tell that there was some initial rawness in the live performance, the material Mason had with the Use was pretty interesting. Sonically, it reminded me quite a bit of Kid A-era Radiohead – having an icy sheen, the music came at weird angles. All in all in was a pretty interesting night. Check out the photos below.

This piece was by an artist by the name of Matthew Stone. 

For these photos and the rest of the photos from this evening, check out the Flickr set here: