im honestly so hyped for the olympics but at the same time i literally dont know what im gonna do once they’re over because ive been thinking about the olympics nonstop since like…. 2014 worlds and i feel like after the closing ceremonies we’re all just gonna be like that last scene from finding nemo where all the fish are in their little fish baggies floating in the ocean and they just look at each other and go “now what?”

Underrated Voltron Dynamics: Everyone and the Mice
  • Everyone loves these mice. They’re weird, but they love them. It’s like living in Cinderella. 
  • Hunk makes them tiny mouse sized toys and eventually a tiny mouse sized house. His sister had a hamster, he knows how rodents work. 
  • Everyone else joins in. Coran walks into the common room one day and discovers that there’s now a mouse playground made out of spare piping and taped to one of the walls. It even has a little mouse wheel. 
  • Pidge employs her experience with dog training to teach them tricks, always gets annoyed when Allura is better at getting them to do what she wants. 
  • They hang out with Pidge and Hunk while they’re inventing and carry screwdrivers back and forth. Also Hunk sometimes asks them to run into the ship if he’s working on engineering. They’re life savers. 
  • Keith is always feeding the mice food he doesn’t want to eat, and sometimes food he does want to eat. Eventually he starts carrying around a little baggy of designated mouse treats. It gets to the point Allura has to ask him to stop because they’re overeating. 
  • Shiro has perfect military posture and the mice have figured out they can ride on his head and not fall off. It’s not uncommon to see a little face peeking over his tuft of white hair. 
  • Lance keeps taking them flying with him, if he doesn’t expect trouble. Sometimes even when he expects trouble. He claims the mice like seeing the sky, and they’re surprisingly stoic in the face of a fire fight. 
  • Because they’re mind melded with Allura they usually share her opinions. Lance often claims he can see them making fun of him. If you slack off training the mice will find you and tattle.
  • Fortunately they’re also bribeable. Hunk makes emergency mouse diversion treats. 
  • Steal hair from people’s hair brushes to line their hideaways. No one’s sure if it’s sweet of a little weird. 
  • Keep trying to cuddle with Shiro. Usually they succeed and he’ll end up sitting on the couch with an armful of mice cradled to his chest. 
  • Always finding things that have gone missing in the Castle of Lions over the years. Every discovery is a reminder of home for Coran and Allura. Allura’s old hair ribbons, some spoons someone left in their room ten thousand years ago, a lost stylus. Little remnants of a time when the castle was very different. 

I’ve made Team Valor, Mystic and Instinct badges!

I have them for sale on my Etsy! Clicky! $2 each and I provide discounts!

I think I may invert them and paint them sometime later this week. They’re definitely going to be at the cons with the rest of my stuff! 

I’ve also put them in little individual baggies, and when I go out tonight/later this week I’m going to give them out to fellow Pokemon Go players. I see them everywhere out on the island and I’m really hoping they’re still there when I get time to head out!

Text:: O + H
  • H:someone pissed in my potted plants outside
  • H:what the actual fuck
  • H:I'm cleaning up some spilled beers rn but can you pls go make sure the little white baggy I passed in the hallway from kitchen to lounge isn't a used condom pls
  • H:Where's Micah?

@ssklaroline told me I should post my black hole of a purse, so here it is. I had to prop a tripod on a stool, but I got the full shot!

What’s actually in it? Well…

- 2 sunglass cases
- cleaning cloth
- 5 bags of teddy grahams
- makeup remover q tips
- 2 pencils
- 5 pens, only one blue
- 2 hair ties, one small and one regular
- a quarter for bubblegum machines
- toothpaste
- bubble yum gum
- floss
- inhaler
- rewetting drops
- lip gloss, lip stick, and 3 different chapsticks
- Excedrine and Advil in little baggies
- peppermints
- lotta jolly ranchers
- turtle mirror
- extra car key
- contacts lenses
- little green army man
- spork (the green one)
- 2 plastic forks
- 2 bottles of lotion
- some t-pons and tiny pads
- safety pins
- extra key ring
- mace
- got dead? sticker
- tiny notepad
- sketchbook
- wallet, also stuffed with stuff
- small pile of receipts
- napkins
- 2 pairs of sunnies (in love with the RB2180s!!)
- Her-mergency kit
- cat pouch
- ear buds
- inspection and registration (oops)
- book (it’s really good!)
- extra sweater

And there’s still room. Madewell’s Transport Tote is magical.

goodbyenorthernlights replied to your post “somebody ask me my opinion on different overwatch characters its so…”

talk 2 us about widowmaker maybe?

This is Sylvanas Windrunner Sarah Kerrigan Widowmaker,

and she was originally good, but now she is very evil, and very blue like Dr. Drakken. Blue is correlated with evil or something.

she obviously is the Sniper character so everybody wants to play her and one-shot people from thousands of miles away outside of direct danger.

she needs to go to the doctor

She takes herself very seriously and Isn’t Like Other Girls. She doesn’t know how to spend her money and buys extremely expensive accessories but ends up eating only breakfast cereal for months at a time.

she carries cheerios with her in little baggies and has no friends, but these two things aren’t related.


Feeling Pink today! Going to go to the seafood market and get some cooking supplies. Also wanted to show off the tmnt bag decorations I got. I’ve gotten so many compliments about them!

I mostly hide candy in their heads. Raphs got a little baggy of gummy bears in his. Cx

god curie is child-like adorable

i killed some ghouls in a park and she said “I believe we are supposed to file a police report, yes? And all the little things go in baggies for evidence.” like ok sure curie. i’ll go find a skeleton dressed up as a police man and we can just scoop ghoul giblets into plastic bags

I just walked around the Egret Tours Marina and she as like “Oh! Can we take the [boat] tour?” like so help me god I will pull a 200 year old boat out of this water and give you a goddamn tour if that’s what you want curie

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OH OH OH, I REQUEST a bossy Hanzo Shimada au, where you work for him and lets say you trip and you spill coffee on his pants and you're on your knees and such or you suggest to help him blow off some steam? (Nsfw; 3)

“Sorry,” you muttered, as you felt Hanzo’s piercing gaze on you. Hanzo sneered down the length of his tiny, perfectly shaped nose as you dabbed away the green tea you had spilled on his pants. The clear fluid was barely visible across the dark pinstripe material, but it clung uncomfortably to the yakuza boss’ skin, leaving little to the imagination. Hanzo’s pants were usually extremely well tailored, if not a little baggy, and you guessed easily the reason why, the faint outline of something more immoral catching your eye. For an Asian man, Hanzo was certainly well endowed. You swallowed the words that threatened to bubble to the surface, as his gaze continued to bore eyes into you. You were but a lowly servant in the house of Shimada, just lucky, or unlucky enough that you would be the personal servant today to the bossy head of the household, instead of the happy go lucky slime colored shock of hair of a brother. You shivered as his hand clamped down on your shoulder, stopping you dead in your tracks, as you realized your hand hovering dangerously close to his length. His eyes were clouded, a mixture of impatience, annoyance, with a twinge of being simply frustrated, and a certain other emotion that you utterly could not place.

“とまれ。” he quietly intones, taking the washcloth from your hands and wiping himself down, before handing it back to you and pointing to the door. Out, it said. You duly nodded, bowing as you closed the door behind you, leaving him seated alone behind that black mahogany desk.


Hanzo sat and stared at the door for long after it had closed, the stain on his pants quickly drying. He hoped that the servant girl wouldn’t be back any time soon, and also, he certainly had to order a new set of undergarments and servant’s outfit for her, at least. She must be new, he thought to himself. He remembered as how her hands, cotton candy soft like they had not done a day of work felt against the clothed fabric of his thighs, and the way the uniform was ill fitting against her curves, leaving barely anything to the imagination as the wrappings she had donned fell forward and exposed her, making a slight flush creep over his cheeks. Out of propriety’s sake for himself and her, he had ordered her to leave. He now rose to lock the door, a yanking the handle twice to make sure that it was inaccessible to anyone without the key, then adjourned himself to the bedroom adjoining his study, and proceeded to lock it as well. Alone, he easily shedded the business suit he had donned for the day, the meetings were over but work had to be done, even as a yakuza boss. But now it didn’t matter, to finally give in to his sexual desires. He reclined on the bed, the silk cool to the touch, covering his supple form with the material. His hands gripped hard on his length, stroking first with slow, sensual touches, as he let out a low groan.

it was her hands that gripped his length, and it was her warmth that he felt

His mind rallied against such thoughts, he had an entire harem to himself and a woman engaged to him, his playmate since young, so why did he have such immoral thoughts about a lowly servant girl? Nevertheless, he continued his dark descent into fulfilling his desires.

red ropes were a string of fate that bound them, red was also the color of her wrists tied up against her will that was what shibari was anyway

Hanzo was a man of intricate patterns. He craved it. His tattoo had been his own art, translated into his body by a skilled artist. Hands now gripped his length harder, stroking furiously as the imaginary visage of her firm breasts came into view, bouncing and emphasized by the red rope binding it.

you thirst for the darkness, dragon

His bow curved lips parted seductively as he wet and rewet them, imagining another pair of sweet, pink lips on his cock instead, thirsting for the forbidden juices between her nether lips. He bucked against the air, motions growing ever faster as his thoughts blurred into fantasy after fantasy, her body covered in cum and for his use. With a loud groan, he screams his release, as a loud rapping snaps him out of his delirious haze and he quickly slips on a robe and yanks open the door.


(Guess what happened at the end? ;3)

This is what 2.5 gallons (9.5 liters) of salvaged from the trash packets of decaf coffee look like.

I can’t believe they would just toss them in their plastic bags like this. As they are un-brewed they should have full acid content also. Not that it would have done the county landfill any good in the little orange baggies.

I had thought afterward that I could have taken them to the shelter in town, I felt a little guilty after I had opened them all, but they will serve a purpose and make the world a little better in this way too.

“This is stupid. You’re preaching to the choir. Except this choir is someone that’s not a total stooge. Look. It’s not even mine. I’m holding it. For a friend. You a cop or something?” He should probably feel a little more ashamed of the little baggie of weed that had dropped from his pocket. Especially when seemingly accosted by some stranger but whatever. He’s not in the mood.

🔊 Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High)

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