the second the summer heat broke and gentle breezes over the browning grass became an every day occurrence, luke’s diving head first into the very depths of his end of the closest to drag out his various black and grey sweaters in which the hem threads around his wrists are broken and the sleeves are stretched enough to lay limply across his fingertips and he’s happily pulling his grey beanie with the little fuzzy pom on the end over the messy bits of blonde. decked from head to toe in fall gear (little socked feet, baggy sweatpants low on his pale hips with bits of the drawstring peeking out), luke would just happily giggle when you secure your arms around his cushioned waist and bury your face into his chest, his socked feet bumping into yours and his sweater paw palms settling against your cheeks as he pulls your lips to his, the bitter cold of his piercing sliding softly across your damp lips a grim reminder of the winter season looming not months in the future, but luke’s nose is just scrunching as he pulls away and brushes it against the dip in your cheekbone, his gentle blue eyes hidden from view as his eyelashes flutter shut and he murmurs into your now cooled skin, “can we cuddle, sweetheart?”

made three simple natural history inspired shadow boxes last night, went through the endless amount of craft supplies and put tons of trinkets and beads into little baggies, did a special photo shoot for a custom wolftea poster and manifested some new jewelry… all ( aside from the poster) will be posted up to the shop tonight!
morning etsy photo-shoot with, coffee, bach and a sleepy face.

Late morning cheers to you<3

Another day of hungover fucks trying to annoy me. Of course, the day of a party his father and stepmother had to come up and take him out to dinner. So instead of watching the ultimate fight of fights happen at the roller skating rink, Matt had to sit one out and force feed himself “at the only decent restaurant in this dump” while partly listening to his father spit out pure disappointment and disgust and suffer through his stepmother’s disapproving half-glances. His only redeeming quality to this weekend was the little baggie of rectangular pills he scored from some sketchy chick in the parking lot of McDonald’s - lifting up to eye-level, he counted the number of pills in the bag when he heard someone’s shoes slapping on the concrete. “Shit,” he muttered, stuffing the baggie into his backpack. 

reminder to all vagina owners for the upcoming school year, remember to keep a period pack in your backpack or locker!! they come in handy if you forget and there is always gonna be someone in class or in the bathroom asking for a tampon/pad/liner/etc. what i do is i put one pad with wings, one pad without, 2 light tampons, 2 regular tampons, 2 super tampons, 5 liners, 20 ibuprofens, 5 vitamin c pills (they also help w cramps!), 5 one dollar bills for water, some hersheys kisses, 3 little hotties hand warmers (they can be tucked in the front of your pants, or just held there during class), and just a little baggie of almonds. its helped me a lot in school, and people are always very appreciative!!

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so how bout that horrible day at work

They tricked me into eating a raw anchovy. And I hate seafood when it’s been cooked! The two people I had been working with that day said they ate it and it wasn’t that bad, and that if I should totally try it! I had told them that I never had tried one, and they said it was better raw, because when it’s cooked it gets all crispy and nasty.

And I believed them!

So I just ate a raw fish. I nearly threw up.

But don’t worry, I have a plan for revenge.

You see this bad boy? These are wasabi covered slices of roasted seaweed. Not only is it super nasty, but it’s also super hot. I’ll be bringing these to work in a little baggie, and offer it up to them, saying it’s a type of Japanese candy. 

I’ll update you guys as to what happens then.


$40 for whole set Attack on Titan starter cosplay bundle|| Comes with- ☆Full harness set || Size: Medium/Large (Bought on Amazon for $40, worn once for 3 hours. Still like new.) I’m around 35 something in the waist, but can be tightened or loosened. (I’m a big dude lmao) ☆Scouting Legion cape || Size: Medium/Large (Bought for $15 via Ebay. Worn once for 3 hours, still like new.) ☆White Pants || Size: Women’s 10 standard fit, Old Navy. (Note: These were a little baggy on me but they fit. Worn once for 3 hours. They do have small rips on the pant leg, but that’s just the style they came in.) ☆AOT Shirt || Size: XL Women’s fit. (Worn a few times, but in good condition. It is tight around the waist to give a girly fit.) ☆Already boxed up and ready to be shipped. Everything has been washed and cleaned! Shipping is free within the Wisconsin area, but there will be a $5 shipping fee elsewhere. ☆Reason for selling: AOT doesn’t spark to me as it did back then. Profits are going towards my faun legs. Need this gone ASAP! Willing to haggle if you’re a serious buyer. Just been taking up closet space. Please help me sell this! I’m desperate to order my faun legs for my birthday (September 12th.) Spread the word! Perfect set for someone wanting cheap cosplay all together! Send me an Ask and make sure to leave your username if interested. PLEASE REBLOG!!!

{{ ;; While in the temples, the monasteries, Arita was given clothes most fit for a little boy. Often baggy pants and shirts that would fit around their limbs. While robes were also apart of their apparel Arita sometimes longed to wear the garb usually worn during festivals. They thought of them pretty and they wanted to feel pretty too. They also liked dresses quite a bit. So I thought a nice sun dress and floppy hat would fit them nicely~ But Arita feel comfortable in all clothing really. 


  he looks like a child that’s been caught digging their hand in
  the cookie jar. a frown tugs down both ends of his lips as he
  fiddles absentmindedly with his hands. uneasy is just the tip
  of the iceberg of emotions he’s feeling right now. connie 
  found his little baggie filled with .. what one could assume 
  be white flour ( when they both know it clearly ISN’T ).

   s’ .. n-nnn…not mine.

i put sandwiches in a little baggie to go to the uni library with and work on assessments tonight but it’s too cold so i’m going to work in my room but i felt real cute packing food does anyone want to have a picnic with me when the weather warms up

The Junkie Houses were always an abominable sight, and  15 year old girls had no business hanging around their shambles, regardless of how many ‘older kids’ they were with. They were full of twitching spasmodics draped over destroyed furniture and jagged edged blankets, their hollow, hungry eyes staring out from the darkness and their shaggy, stringy hair laid out piece by piece over their skulls by God himself. Then, of course, you had the dealers, eyes just as hungry as the spasmodics, but their poison was less powdery and more metallic; their fingers closing around rolled up dollar bills the way the others closed their fingers around needles and pipes and lighters and spoons and little baggies full of cut up aspirations. They were always propped up on couches, their feet up on coffee tables while their mountains of product stacked up around them. It certainly gave them an air of power and intimidation, and most of the time, those 15 year old girls believed it. They believed that these men propped up on couches with their product piled around them had power, real power, because that was what the guns told them to believe, that was what their own poisons told them to believe. The light from a television set or a street lamp flashing off of passed dirty needles would fill any normal person with a sense of dread, but if it was good enough to shoot, 15 year old girls would gladly take it up their noses if it meant escape. Escape from what, I’m still not sure, but at least for me, it was escape from the life I had made for myself, my own decisions that I knew were absolute shit.
—  A 15 year old girl