Day 7: Free Day

Thank you everyone for this week ! (I’m late for the last one sorry haha)

It was really fun to do it (I’m also super tired) ! I’ll probably be here next year haha…maybe.

Thank you again for all the likes ! It gave me so much energy to drawing for you guys ! Sorry again for my bad english lol

See you next year ! (…or maybe before haha)

Sounds of bourgeoisie

I lost my whole damn afternoon watching Sony vegas tutorials. So I really hope you guys appreciate it *Latin Grunts*

I saw the video and had the urge to do it. I mean, that’s very Diakko (the airplane is probably a Hideki’s toy. Akko regrets nothing)

Look at her. so elegant, so pretty, that’s a real Cavendish-

Anyway, this one is for you, sister! @kayr0ss

Espero les guste chicos, enserio. Se me fue el día con la edición de esto…

¡Los amo mucho!