little tiny peridot being dipped by tall ballerina pearl teaching her how to dance

vuullet-deactivated  asked:

Favorite screencap you have of each gem? Also, favorite fusion?

Each gem? Hooooo boy, alright, prepare for a long-ish post. (I’m not going to include fusions in the screencaps because they’re not in many episodes)

I’ll do Crystal Gems first and I’ll start with Pearl cuz she’s my favorite out of them (I also have the most screenshots of her other than Peridot). Idk if i need to explain why this screenshot is so great haha

Now Garnet :D so badass (I know she’s a fusion but she’s a main character who’s amazing)

Cute smol Amethyst, omg, also running on all fours

And Steven of course! 

Suppose I should include Rose Quartz as well then…

Have this one too just because I love it

Oh, and can’t forget this one… (I have more but this will already be super long)

Ehehehe time for the Homeworld gems now *evil grin*

My favorite picture of Peridot right now, I even made it the icon for my main blog, just because… look, she’s chewing on her finger, oh my gosh. She’s an anxious wreck, like I am most of the time. I chew my fingernails to death, I connected to this scene so much.

but if you want a cute tiny Peri to brighten your day, here you go! :)

My favorite for Lapis Lazuli, I mean look at that determination in her eyes. Smol cinnamon roll finding her strength.

For Jasper, it’s gotta be the “Wtf why are you singing at me” face. It made me laugh when I first watched Jailbreak. 

Oh man, it’s… it’s just so difficult for me to decide on a favorite picture of Yellow Diamond. I mean… there are just so many, I couldn’t decide for so long (I didn’t need to include her, I guess I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be sarcastic).

And now, finally, favorite fusion… I think I’m going to have to go with Opal. I’m sad that we haven’t seen a lot of her (or any fusion I suppose…) but I seriously love her weapon. And the gem itself in real life. And she’s so powerful and cool. I like Sardonyx a lot too, but I think Opal wins. If Peridot ever fuses, this answer will probably change.