things i love 👻

🎀 animals,

🎀 cuddles and hugs,

🎀 cartoons,

🎀 halloween,

🎀 winter and chilly weather,

🎀 being told that i’ve done good,

🎀 stuffies (especially doofy),

🎀 the irish accent,

🎀 christmas,

🎀 scary movies,

🎀 ice cream,

🎀 the feeling after i come out of the shower,

🎀 being called ‘little one’,

🎀 chocolate,

🎀 shameless (a show),

🎀 my beautiful daddy,

🎀 my dads cooking,

🎀 my cat, prince,

🎀 this account,

🎀 when i regress,

🎀 when my daddy calls me cute pet names,

🎀 the thought of living with daddy,

🎀 compliments!!

🎀 the smell of clean hair,

🎀 curling up in a warm blanket while watching a movie,

🎀 candles.

this is more of a personal post so you can find out a lil about me. 🍒


Me and Daddy in the supermarket

Daddy: So if we buy two packs

Daddy: We’ll have 44 bucks left

Daddy: Right?



Me: Dada I can’t count

Daddy: *embraces me*

Daddy: You can count on me, sweetie

Daddy: And that’s enough

Me *smiling at him brightly*

How to help an anxious or sad little

It can sometimes be a challenge to help sad or anxious littles, and while not everyone copes in the same ways, these are a few things that help me feel better.

🌜 Put on a movie we like to watch, turn down the volume so the sound isn’t overwhelming 

💜get some blankets for us to snuggle in, throw one in the dryer if you’re feeling extra nice

🌜 make me something easy to eat like mac & cheese or fruit

💜 give me some water in a sippy or cup with a straw

🌜 If sounds are too overwhelming try to snuggle me or pet my hair

💜 give me my favorite stuffies to cuddle with

🌜 talk me down from what’s making me sad or anxious, sometimes small things get big in my head

💜 talk to me about a funny story

🌜 make fun plans with me for later so I have something to be excited for

💜 rub some of my favorite lotion on me to calm me down

🌜 give me something to fidget with

💜 take me somewhere quiet and secluded where I can scream my lungs out

🌜 push me on a swing 

💜 play rain sounds 

🌜 let me know you’re there for me

things most littles loove 🎀

🍼 “you’re too little to do that, let mommy/daddy/me do that for you”,

🍼 being held,

🍼 !!cookies!!

🍼 cuddles with our favourite stuffies!!

🍼 watching little movies or shows,

🍼 being praised,

🍼 cuddles!!

🍼 cut up food because we’re too smol to eat big food,

🍼 blanket burrito!!

🍼 pacis and sippy cups!!

🍼 “i’m so proud of you”,

🍼 long naps,

🍼 toys and colouring books,

🍼 when someone reads a bedtime story to us,

🍼 being told we’re adorable and cute,

🍼 pet names!!

🍼 cute fluffy socks,

🍼 disney movies,

🍼 being able to be ourselves,

🍼 when we get rewarded,

🍼 more stuffies!!

we’re just needy, and thas okay.

Why I needs a little best friend;

  • Someone to talk to about little things and share excitement over cute stuffies, shows, pacis etc
  • Skype calls, texts, swapping letters in the mail with adorable stickers and care packages
  • Playdates of course!! In person or Skype if far away
  • Having somebody I can trust besides my cg
  • Being little with someone else besides daddy and not be scared of annoying them
  • Video games are more fun wiff two players!
  • Watching scary movies together on the phone In case of emergencies cause I’m a scaredy 🐱

reasons littles love Halloween!

🎃 cute costumes!

🎃 candy!

🎃 Halloween specials!

🎃 spooky time all the time!

🎃 staying up late!

🎃 pumpkin carving!

🎃 baking!

🎃 dressing in cozy clothes cause its crisp out!

🎃 Halloween décor!


🍼🎀 some baby regression things 🍼🎀

- eye rubs and grabby hands

- sleeping on your back or tummy

- drinking from a bottle!

- +2 points if your caregiver holds it for you!

-!!!being!! held!!!


-whiny baby noises!

-happy baby noises!

-being fed!

- not using your words

- being the sweetest little one ever!! 💕

💙🍼 things little boys melt for 🍼💙

⭐ kisses on the cheek, forehead, top of the head, shoulder, anywhere!

⭐ being held and reassured

⭐ having toys or other little stuff brought to us by surprise

⭐ hearing our CG say something very caregiver-like out of nowhere

⭐ being called pet names and terms of affection

⭐ playing! cuddling! any physical attention and interaction is so nice!

⭐ having food made for us (I’ll admit it, I become the most bashful thing when food is made for me… ❤)

⭐ being surprised with any gesture of affection or sudden coddling

⭐ holding our hands when we cross the street

⭐ ordering food or talking for us in general if we’re shy or scared

⭐ singing with us

⭐ loving us! that will always make us happy!

Morning with Daddy

Me *slowly waking up*

Daddy: *lying next to me* Good morning, princess

Me: Good morning, Daddy

Daddy: *smiles brightly*

Daddy: I was watching you sleep

Daddy: I fell in love with it

Daddy: All I thought was

Daddy: „How beautiful she is”

Me: *blushing*

Me: *speechless*

Me: *the happiest being in the Galaxy*

how to get little on your own 🍒

🎀 surround yourself with your stuffies,

🎀 watch a disney movie/cartoon,

🎀 get a pacifier and/or sippy cup, (if you like that and have them)

🎀 get cute little snacks on a plastic plate,

🎀 play soft music,

🎀 try and avoid distractions,

🎀 get a colouring book out and some crayons/pencils/markers,

🎀 cuddle your favourite stuffie,

🎀 surround yourself with things that help you regress,

🎀 build a blanket fort,

🎀 play games on your phone that are aimed at kids,

🎀 talk to your stuffies as if they were real,

🎀 get your toys out if you have them,

🎀 get a cute fluffy blanket,

🎀 wear cute clothes that help you regress,

🎀 make sure you’re in a safe place,

🎀 draw/colour cute pictures,

🎀 watch your favourite little movie.