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- Demi Lovato

- 5 Seconds Of Summer

- One Direction (or the boys solo)

- Little Mix

- Selena Gomez

- Austin Mahone

- Zayn

- Fifth Harmony (and the girls solo)

- literally any pop artist

Gated LA is looking for new roleplayers to join as members of Little Mix

Ocean Ridge Estates is the latest protected gated community found near Topanga State Park, it covers the Topanga beach and lagoon giving members the perfect views whilst also operating the safety area. Each member who moves into the private gated community gains their own home with pool giving a sense of privacy whilst being in a community environment to call upon friends and neighbors. The area of Topanga means easy access to the teeming city,meaning work is within driving distance. Surely it’s the best of both worlds.

..But what happens when the drama and gossip doesn’t stay within the city limits and somehow surpasses the high gated walls of the community? Will feuds rise? Is real love possible? Can the residents handle it?

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The best photos I take of my dogs will forever be the off center snippets that might not be picture perfect, but they perfectly capture our life

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Aaaah its all good, dont worry about it! Now lets doooo, If you could be in any girl group, which one would you pick?? -sketchbook anon

i’ve always said i’d love to be the 5th member of little mix tbh but recently tehir style has changed a lot so im less into it?? i guess if i could wake up tomorrow fluent in korean and good at dance i’d join…. mamamoo <3 

Okay, like picture Oreius deciding that the boys need cross training. Not just swordplay, battle tactics, and cardio, but legit military-style, crawl-around-in-the-mud-and-filth cross training.

Of course he makes them run up the east turret when they’re late for training (one level for each minute past sixth hour), and strength training is an integral part of any well-rounded fitness regimen, but what about environmental conditioning? Imagine Oreius dragging Peter and Ed out in the middle of a storm so that they can adjust to the rain in their eyes and the slippery terrain beneath their feet. Imagine a steeple chase course and breath-holding exercises. Imagine 2 am wake-up calls for an elaborately planned combat simulation. 

Imagine Oreius making the boys carry each other up the southern shoreline.

The boys grumble and moan and whine. They are tired, they are sore, and sometimes, they are frustrated. Oreius pushes them just past that point when they believe they have nothing left, so that when they are on the field of battle, they know how to dig deep, to find strength where there is none and to give their all for Narnia and for Aslan. 

It’s a hard lesson, but it’s worth it. 


Went to Tony’s Pizza Napoletana in North Beach. If ever I was going to take a gluten hit this was the time. Any amount of suffering well worth it. Meatballs (not pictured because we were hungry and not fucking around) taste like my Italian grandparent’s homemade. And the bottle of chili pepper olive cracked me up because my grandfather always had his homegrown and home-steeped jar of the stuff on the kitchen table.