here’s a list of “unproblematic” people yall can stan INSTEAD of Logan & Jake paul:

-ariana grande

-dan and phil

-it cast

-liza koshy

-Benedict Cumberbatch

-Little Mix

-david dobrik

-mo mo O’Brien

-John boyega

-dua lipa

-Christina perri

-stranger things cast

-sam smith


-any of the Kardashians


-Taylor Swift

-Steve Harrington


-Anyone else

-fuck even stan my dumb ass just not those twats

Feel free to add to my list

May 2018 bring us:

Dua Lipa’s confidence

Ariana Grande’s kindness

Zara Larsson’s self-esteem

Camila Cabello’s sweetness

Selena Gomez’s strength

Lorde’s influence 

Taylor Swift’s fearless

Beyoncé boldness

Alessia Cara’s self-love and body positive

Rihanna’s style

Little Mix’s power

All this beautiful, independent and talented women made my 2017, so I just want to thank them for all their lessons. Also, this year made me realize how important friendship is, I would be nothing without my friends. 

Happy International Women’s Day

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Stay Strong Playlist

Hey everyone.

Needed now or whenever - I wrote down some songs that help me when I’m having a hard time.

The list goes on and on, but these are songs that came into my mind right now.

Feel free to save, share, whatever.

Please add songs in the comments that helped you / that you recommend.

Believe in ther power of music, it can save you when nothing else can. Music makes us one, music makes us strong.

Stay strong. I believe in you.

Stay Strong - Jooheon feat. FLOWSIK

Change - RM feat. Wale


Fighter - Monsta X

Little Me - Little Mix

Carry On Wayward Son - Kansas

Walking The Wire - Imagine Dragons

OKAY - Jackson Wang

Catch Me If I Fall - Lu Han

Borders - AMBER (Amber Liu)

Saturn - Sleeping At Last

Sign Of The Times - Harry Styles

Strong - One Direction

Don’t Forget Where You Belong - One Direction

Miracles In December (Classic Orchestra Ver) - EXO

Fire - SHINee

Polemonium - Fewjar

Risen To A Flood - Fewjar

Lennon 2 - DAT ADAM

Not Today - Twenty One Pilots

Hey Jude (Beatles Cover) - Day6

Fix You - Coldplay

Astronaut - Simple Plan

I refuse - Simple Plan

It’s My Life / unplugged - Bon Jovi

Wake Me Up - B.A.P

Just Hold On - Louis Tomlinson feat. Steve Aoki

if you like;

-Declan Mckenna

-Lana Del Rey


-Fall Out Boy

-Tyler The Creator

-The 1975

-Marina And The Diamonds

-Fionn Whitehead (shut up he counts, he has songs)


-Little Mix


-One Direction (and their solo careers)

-The Weeknd

-Post Malone

-The Academic


-All time low

-Arctic Monkeys



-Rat Boy


-Neck Deep

please reblog/like this so i can check out your blog. I need some new mutuals aaand maybe some new friends (?) x