unintentional little things

❯ snapchat filters (✿ヘᴥヘ)

❯ wearing oversized clothes

❯ writing/drawing with your opposite hand

❯ being taken care of when sick (◕‸ ◕✿)

❯ singing loudly in the car (^3^)~♪

❯ chairs where your feet don’t touch the floor

❯ eating sugary cereal (✪‿✪)ノ

❯ taking bubble baths ԅ( ˘ω˘ԅ)

❯ hair bows & pigtails

❯ being smaller than your s/o (人◕ω◕)

❯ baby talking around young children

❯ sucking on lollipops/suckers ٩(⁎❛ᴗ❛⁎)۶

❯ standing on tippy-toes to reach high things

🌠Horoscope Little Things 🍼


Sneaking another cookie after your cg said no

Get whatever they want/ spoiled by cg

Has a stuffie with them at all times


Full of energy constantly/ needs to hold cgs hand

Tries to help their cg with ‘big’ tasks

Doesn’t pick up their toys 


Either falling asleep or full of energy, no in between

Has/needs a sticker reward system

Picky eater


Very silly

Loves coloring/ making something for their cg

Requires lots of cuddles or will be fussy


Clings to cg

Loves pretend/ dress up

Very sensitive little baby


Tries to do ‘big’ things by themselves

Loves blocks/ legos/ puzzles

Needs lots of attention from cg


Will only eats mac n cheese

Has/ needs a schedule sticker chart and chores

Loves coloring 


Pillow forts every night

Loves playing outside

Very fussy w/o a nap


Hide and seek champion

Little bit of a rule breaker/bratty

Takes like 3 naps a day


A part of the clean plate club

Fussy if doesnt get what they want

Loves cartoons


Has/ wants lots of little friends

Not good at following rules

Loves coloring books and finger painting


Sensitive little baby/ clings to cg

Needs cuddles 24/7 or will cry

Silly and bubbly little baby

💕LITTLE things i like but never say i like💕

💕being told when it’s bedtime


💕being called “baby” or being told that i’m “just a baby”

💕when random people tell me i’m adorable and act like a kid

💕when rULES ARE ENFORCED! even when i’m whining and being a brat!

💕when mommy says my name. ever. in any context! i just love her voice gah!!

💕the phrase “don’t make me punish you” mygoodness! that makes me feel so smal !!

💕naps. naps are good.

💕being told i’m “being fussy”

Small things that please littles

  • Spoil her with things like hugs, cuddles, stuffies, etc.
  • Good morning and good night texts
  • Asking your Little how their day was, or telling them about your day
  • Letting your Little vent about someone, about their day, etc as an adult and listen. Then putting them back into littlespace after they vent. It helps with their emotional distress
  • Being emotionally around your little is nice too. Littles, as smol as they are, can certainly help
  • “Babygirl/Babyboy… I need you here with me. I miss and love you.” Something along those lines will make ANY Little melt. Unexpected acts of love are nice!

When I Want Something:

Me: *screams* DADDY!! Looooooook!

Daddy: What is it baby girl?

Me: Giant bunny stuffies! Daddy please???

Daddy: Hmmm. How much are they?

Me: Um. $15!!

Daddy: Hmmmm. Have you been good today?

Me: *shocked* I’m always good!

Daddy: No, sometimes you can be a little brat, but you’re my little brat.

Me: *gets all blushy*

Daddy: Pick out a bunny baby.

Me: *squeals and grabs the fluffiest bunny I can find* Thank you so much Daddy!! I loves you!!


Easter themed little outfits! 🎀🐇🌸🌷

Mint green little🎀🌿
Cherry themed little🍒🎀
Easter bunny little🐇🎀