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How would you like to sleep under the stars with nothing between you and the night sky? Sounds like a wonderful idea until reality sets in. You might get drenched by rain. The bugs might get a little more friendly with you than you might like. Or the night might be too chilly to spend right out in the open. For an unusual and totally unique experience under the stars without worrying about these problems, you may want to spend the night in the Inflatable Clear Bubble Tent.

With the Inflatable Clear Bubble Tent, there is absolutely nothing between you and the stars except for a clear sheet of plastic. This huge spherical tent that can fit 3 to 4 occupants is made from clear plastic. The whole structure keeps its shape with the help of an electric fan that keeps the inside of the tent slightly pressurized. An airlock at the entrance of the tent helps to maintain the pressure inside.

Besides the romantic experience of sleeping under the stars, the Inflatable Clear Bubble Tent provides spectacular views of sunsets and sunrises right from the comfort of your bed. This is a unique experience that no camper van or ordinary tent can offer. Also think of all the other possibilities. Setting this tent up at the beach right next to the waves. Or spend a winter night with the snow slowly falling down all around you. And it is not just for camping. Imagine using this as a wedding party tent.

The bubble tent also has sound proofing that keeps out most sounds but because of its shape, inside sounds gets magnified. So you might have to remember to whisper when you are inside the tent. All that whispering does add to the romantic mood and intimacy though.

If you are the modest type and worry about the lack of privacy, the Inflatable Clear Bubble Tent is also available with an opaque lower half but leaving the upper dome clear.

Sleep under the Stars with the Inflatable Clear Bubble Tent How would you like to sleep under the stars with nothing between you and the night sky?
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fignan replied to your post:lmao i have literally seen people saying they hate…


ALSO LIKE 1) she has literally attempted to kill him + the crystal gems more than once, OF FUCKING COURSE he’s going to be aggressive towards her!!! she’s attempted to hurt him many times & now she’s threatening to hurt his friend!!! what is he supposed to do, calmly sit her down and have a friendly little chat?????

and 2) steven is literally a child lmao

and I can’t wait until I can stop living in temporary spaces and get an apartment of my own. after studying abroad for 2 months and living out of my suitcase I’m craving a place I can call home.

that’s what’s funny about going to college, once you leave home and come back things aren’t the same. family is a little less happier, people seem a little less friendly. things seem a little off.

I’m tired of being forced into stressful environments, tired of being in dirty houses, tired of feeling like I’m not being listened to. yelled at.

once I get my apartment in Atlanta I can control who comes in and out of my space. I can fly my friends out and let them stay with me! I can host little kickbacks and parties and let my friends stay the night if they’re having a shitty day or something. I can be hospitable. I can decorate with white and grey colors and have little plants. <b> I can smoke whenever I want! <b>
I’m very excited to actually be an adult and live like one.

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Send a ✿ if you want a playful starter

       ‘you did say you wanted a DATE, right?’ as if searching through gotham to find any BATARANGS that could be ‘recycled’ wasn’t romantic enough. it was an important job and it helped cut down on COSTS a little, but most of all it encouraged a little friendly COMPETITION.

        ‘we can make a BET. whoever gets the most gets… something. deal?’

Who the hell writes characters with no conflict 

(looks at bright neon sign of lair that says ‘Suffering Promotes Growth’) 

Ok but in all due honesty if your character has no conflict…what do they do? You run the inevitable risk of having absolutely no development whatsoever, because you want to avoid conflict: conflict is what builds relationships and creates growth from character to character. It’s like…almost fundamental to have some form of conflict somewhere, and either shutting it down before it happens or simply refusing to acknowledge it is a sure fire way to create flat and uninteresting backdrops. 

I once participated in what I like to call a dystopia that was like that- a sanctuary where the villagers simply sat around, chatted, ate and wrestled a little in friendly matches. This is deceptively misleading (and lemme tell you why I label it a dystopia) because they had several, overpowered ‘guards’ that went all out of their way to either powerplay ‘mean’ characters or even murder them in an attempt to ‘keep peace’. One of my friend’s characters who came in to steal something from the village got nearly murdered by their powerplays upwards of six times because surely that’s punishable by death. 

Sometimes no conflict is disturbing, and absolutely not a great way to tell any story- all you do is skeeve out and alienate your readers. 

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Kogasa for the kin asks

AAA THANKS!!! thank u…. ty.. im still a little nervous abt just kind of saying that its kin but… aaaaah maybe ill get used to it!! srry if i took a while my computer isnt recognizing my headset

My favorite person from my canon: uh!! well i was close(st?) with nazrin! but i was also good friends with nue and murasa! and i think i was a little friendly with rinnosuke?
My least favorite person from my canon:
i dont remember having a least favorite person…? i mean i was kind of.. on friendly but at the same time not on the friendliest terms with yoshika??
How tall I was:
pretty tall??
Some of my physical traits:
pretty tall and i remember being like.. skinny as a stick (kind of like now tbh aha…)
Some of my personality traits:
well!!! i was kind of.. like how i type i guess? veeeery “!!!!!!!” but if someone was mean or i wasnt able to surprise someone i got upset quickly
The phrase/word/sound I said the most:
i said stuff like “surprise!” p often but whatever to surprise em, yknow??
My crush/partner (if I had one):
i MIGHTVE had a crush on nazrin…?? but idk
My best friend (if I had one):
probably nazrin!!!
The most attractive person/people from my canon:
girls are so cute
The cutest possible ship from my canon:
tbh i never paid attention to stuff like that so i didnt know who was with who if anyone was ;v;
The worst possible ship from my canon:
same as before,,, but tbh a side note im cool with most ships with me?? just as long as its not abusive (like some stuff with sanae ive seen…….)
Who I’ve found so far:
well!! idk if like… from the exact same canon but! i found murasa and byakuren! and a lot others that would be a pretty long list….
Who I really want to find:
Who I really don’t want to find:
idk there isnt really anyone i DONT want to find…?
skipped the who i wish died and didnt die bc!! i wouldnt have an answer for either

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Hi! You were the first larry/1D related blog i ever followed and i've only been around a few months but im glad i followed you and not a nasty person! Anyway what i wanted to ask was has anyone noticed that harry and louis dont follow each other on insta? I dont know if its been mentioned or talked about but have they ever followed each other/why wouldnt they even if they werent in a relationship?? Theyre bandmates! It makes sense to follow each other doesnt it? I just dont get it

hi babe, thank you!!! well i mean they’re supposed to “hate” each other so i guess following on ig would be a little too friendly lmao. also louis’s insta is stunt city so i can’t imagine harry really wanting to follow it anyway

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I know that most of my loathsome coworkers have something against Fleur and his happiness and family, but I do not. I think it's very nice and considerate of you to look after him as your own. He deserves the stability, the family... the happiness. So I want to thank you. For making my little brother happy. -- a friendly angel.

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Theoinos wants to fuck you.

          A shocked gasp. “Mind your tongue!” Margarethe is smiling, smiling, the outrage all false, hiding it with her back toward the other. Of course Theoinos wants to sleep with her. He’s not after a little friendly banter at parties, a little company to lessen the dullness of dinners with esteemed guests and conversations with high lords. He wants more, doesn’t he? Her teeth sink for a moment into her lower lip, as if to suppress her smile, or her question: the next thing she says is, “Has he spoken of it to you?”

see if your muse can make my muse blush in less than 5 words.

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Flower symbol for kisses! (Harry/claire)

kiss me!! @clairexnovak - i fucked up and accidently published this before i was ready so take two!!
4: cheek kiss

            it seems impossible to be an adult who’s never mastered something as simple as a chaste kiss. even something as simple as lips pressed to claire’s cheek is done with intention and something undeniably more. something a little less than friendly, but nonetheless affectionate. fingers curl in the fabric of claire’s shirt, pulling her closer though the soft breath of her kiss just brushes the skin of her cheek.  lips curl shamelessly into a smile, fingers finding skin to stroke softly, just invading the blonde’s space.