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Im just happy it wasnt towards me lmao youre super pretty btw!!

Omg!! Thank you xD
Sorry for not asnwer before, I didn’t see it :x
You are so damn nice, I think if we ever get a little more friendly we would get along nicely XD
Have a great day !

Class Clowns

What happens when two high school seniors become a little too friendly with their new teachers? And worse, what happens when two teachers fall for the same student?

Chapter 28: He Doesn’t Belong There

Harry’s POV:“I’m going to ask you one last time, Mr. Malik. Did you or did you not have a relationship with your art student, Claire Saint John?!” A policeman slams his hands down on a conference…

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OOC: Just a friendly little note to anyone and everyone I message or reach out to about starting an exchange, I NEVER go seeking an exchange with the intention of shipping our muses together romantically.

Please don’t ever feel like there’s pressure to pair off our muses – I either reach out to you because you play your muse so well and/or your muse interests me and I’d like to see how ours could interact in a setting, canon or AU. If our muses get along like peas and carrots, great. If they end up being mortal enemies, that’s great too.

Plain and simple, I just want to interact with different characters and various muns.

  • Bernie Sanders looks like someones uncle who got lost on the way to the restroom, and he also suffers from some old man piss problems like with his prostate.
  • Elizabeth Warren looks like some unholy cross between a woman who ought to be asking the real presidential candidates some stupid question during the presidential debate but got way too into it, and that distant relative that people have who gets a little too friendly with you, but you get the feeling also disapproves of your life choices. 
  • Rick Santorum looks like some religious younger brother who went on a mission trip to some country where they were actually even more religious already so instead of converting them, they converted him and he got all fucked up, and also he came back wearing a sweater. 
  • Ted Cruz looks like he should be the brother of the actual presidential candidate, but for some odd reason I can’t tell if he would be the younger brother or the older brother. Also I have no idea what his age is.
  • Jeb Bush: (See Ted Cruz)
  • Rand Paul is legit af but I feel like he bought whatever tool he now uses to cut his hair from some Kentuckian at a flea market who was missing a couple fingers. Also I get the strong vibe that he gets his hand stuck in jars much more often than normal people
The Light at the End of the Tunnel.

I haven’t posted anything in a long time. I promise that will change over the course of this summer and the next years and I will slowly but surely post all of my drawn out notes as I learn how to organize and make this blog a little more user friendly…i’m still learning. lol. 

This year has been a huge transition for me. I didn’t do well during my second block and therefore have to retake biochem and physio this summer as of right now. So as we are entering into finals week of MS1, everything for me is riding on these last exams. If i don’t do well on these, then I’ll have to repeat the year. 

However, I have learned that I learn differently than most of the other students here. When you first get to med school and you are asking students how they study and they give you the cliche answer “Everyone learns differently. You have to find what works for you.” It is SO true. I’ve learned that I am a complete mixture of all three and therefore I have to hear it, write & draw it out (& color code), talk about it, and do practice questions. My retention of info is essentially null if I skip these things. So, it took me a little longer and some more struggle to find what works for me & I hoping that I can get through these summer courses and put the failing in my past. We’ll see how it goes. I will keep you all updated. 

I am very grateful for all of the medblrs out there who draw things and have made charts and diagrams, because they have saved me & taught me that you may not learn how everyone else does…& that’s okay. You have to just do what works for you & if that means drawing everything out…then by all means..DRAW. 

Anyways, study break over. Back to the grind. 

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I really hope your talkin like a little friendly nudge, and not an actual physical hit holy shit, fuck everyone guy if u start getting a little pissy at me about that shit ima do it more. I hope you got him back for it.

Hands | Cain & Eleanor


What a mess. She was definitely far too many drinks in. Eleanor had just finished an atrocious amount of drinks and should have gone home a long time ago. No one had bothered to cut her off though, she wasn’t a bothersome drunk. All she did was giggle and act a little more friendly than usual. What had prompted her drink-a-thon? Even she didn’t really know what it was, maybe it was just a lot of little things. Thoughts of her sister, the fact that she was nearing Thirty and had yet to come close to settling down, all the work she had to do for school– all these things weighed on her and she was over due for a little cutting loose.

This was definitely worse than she meant to let it get, though. With a hiccup, she got off her bar-stool and stumbled less than gracefully in her heels. “I’ll be right back.” She told no one in particular as she headed to the bathrooms. It was just as she came out that a man cornered her in the dim hallway. “How about you come home with me?” He suggested, breath reeking of cigarettes and liquor much stronger than what she could handle. “No fanks.” She tried to back away but he only moved closer. His hands wrapped around her small arms. “Hey! Lemme– don’t– lemme go!” Eleanor tried pulling away, with little success.


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Being a trainer is my life. It’s what I enjoy and I love helping people online and around the world. Depending on your needs, I hope I can offer things that will help you at a price you can afford.  I’m an ACE Certified Trainer and I’ve spent the majority of my life experimenting and challenging myself with many different kinds of fitness programs and training methods. I’ve been writing about fitness for over 8 years and I’m happy to keep going and teaching and learning. I look forward to working with you.

Good luck and train hard!

Totally possible! Glad for a Hide request, he needs some love.

Hide: He’s not the type of person who’s going to freak out if he sees his s/o talking to someone else. That being said, he doesn’t exactly get thrilled when they get too friendly with his s/o. He won’t step in and do something unless it becomes blatant sexual harassment, but it does bother him if they start touching his s/o in ways that can be deemed a little ‘too friendly’.  He’ll bring it up to his s/o in a light-hearted manner, smiling at them  and keeping his tone even and friendly. He knows that his s/o would never overtly flirt with someone in front of his face or behind his back, so his worries are a little irrational, but the fear is still there. His s/o will tell him that they were simply giving the person directions. Hide will remark, with a little bit of acidity, that they didn’t need to touch his s/o to get those directions. His s/o will be a little confused, mostly because they’ve never seen this side of Hide before. He’ll tell them to forget about it and take them in his arms, kissing them with such a passion that he pulls her off the ground. His smile will melt their heart, and when he kisses them again and bites their bottom lip, directions guy is completely gone from their mind.

like even if your dog is super friendly and loves other dogs, that does not mean that every dog they try to approach does, that doesnt mean your friendly little beagle wont come up to meet my dog, as im pulling her away, and try to sniff her and make her upset so she attacks. keep your dog leashed at all fucking times its really that simple

Vernissage Update

So I’ve taken the past 2-3 days to redesign my cards and make them a little more.. user friendly. I’ve also sent in the order to get them printed and hopefully they arrive next week sometime. Pretty happy to say, the skills i gained during the digital collage and moving image projects both came in handy here. I used photoshop for the redesign and boy it’s an upgrade from MS paint xD

I’ve found that a big struggle im currently facing is splitting my work between programming and working on this vernissage. I was having problems prioritizing which project to work on and when. In the end, I thought if I could take as long as I need and work on the cards for now, in the time it takes for them to be delivered, I could work fully on my programming and get that over and done with. So far this is my game plan, so i’ll see how this turns out. 

As for my plans on furthering my card project, I think I want to make a GIF of an app related to my card game. Yeah that sounds complicated but Stefan prodded me in this direction and I think with the resources I have now, I can make something interesting pop out. I’m currently looking into this and researching possibly ways of presenting and editing this GIF to make it seem good quality.