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Imagine a busy street filled with snow and people looking for gifts. Lights are making everything cosier and prove the world it is christmas time. Somewhere in this mess Harry is walking with a toddler by his hand. The toddler was dressed up to beat the cold eventhough he claimed he didn’t need the sweater with a black dog or the beanie with wolfears. As Harry was about to walk into a shop he heard a familiar voice a few inches from him. Together with that voice he heard the beginning of a song on a guitar. As Harry turned around he saw a blonde covering Demons by Imagine Dragons with a passionate look in his eyes. Harry just stood there and listened to the angelic voice. A voice that went from ‘Demons’ to ‘I See Fire’, from ‘Say Something’ to ‘Happier’, from ‘Rather Be’ to ‘Royals’. 
Some people threw money in the cover of the guitar, but Harry had a better idea. He placed a simple note down.

Here is my number. Text me. 
♥ Your favorite seeker

Teddy crossed his arms. “Why no giving money, Hawwy?” Harry walked into the shop and looked down into a pair of wonderful and lifeful eyes. “Because, my little bear, love is worth more than a thousand of galleons.” Teddy seemed to think about that. “Hawwy? You awe wowth mowe than thousand gals.” 

(I might write more about this later on) 

Little Dragon’s Twice is a song that I love very dearly. Thoroughly melancholic and magical, the song is one of Little Dragon’s early break out songs, and it’s very different from the Swedish electropop and neo-soul band’s later tunes. I’ve heard several covers of Twice in my life, as the influential song is esteemed by many . To date, Waterstrider’s cover is one of the best, but now, I have to add Australian electronic act Tora’s version to the top of that list, too. It’s a creative, jazz tinged, future soul heavy meandering rendition that necessitates some dreamy swaying.

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Dark Lip Aesthetic
A playlist full of badass girls killin' it. Listen while you get ready and feel like you rule the world. Inspired by dark lipstick and bluish lighting and girls who are too self-confident and self-determined to smile on command while walking down city streets.

1. “Is There Somewhere” – Halsey

2. “Wanna Have Fun” – Lolawolf

3. “Haunted (Michael Diamond Remix)” – Beyoncé

4. “California Nights” – Best Coast

5. “The Sea (Night Version)” - MØ

6. “Buzzcut Season” – Lorde

7. “Oil and Water” – LIGHTS

8. “Partners in Crime” – The Internet

9. “Cat Rider” – Little Dragon

10. “Guns and Synths” – Kelela

11. “My Song 5” – HAIM

12. “Twice (Little Dragon Cover) – Lianne La Havas

13. "Million Dollar Man” – Lana Del Rey

14. “Trouble” – Halsey

15. “Swingin’ Party” – Lorde

16. “What You Need (The Weeknd Cover)” – BANKS

17. “Body Electric” – Lana Del Rey

18. “Everybody Wants To Rule the World” - Lorde

19. “Superpower” – Beyoncé ft. Frank Ocean


Ben Howard - Live Lounge Special BBC Radio 1 (audio)

Esmerelda / Only Love / Keep Your Head Up / Oats In The Water / Figure 8 + Twice (Ellie Goulding /Little Dragon Cover)

lbeartakestheworld  asked:

I'm getting started early with prompts, but you knew this was coming. Klaroweek prompt: something with dragons. I don’t care what, but dragons need to be involved.

There is a tiny dragon but its also kittens because Kittens+Dragons just equals you! :)

Klaus had required only one thing for enduring Rebekah’s Halloween party and that had been having decent costumes. If he had to be around countless people that he wasn’t ever in the mood to see nor was allowed to eat he at least wanted to be able to not look like a complete and utter fool. Caroline had agreed to that and everything should have been fine, the costumes she had chosen for them easily meeting his criteria and Klaus hadn’t given it a single thought since she had shown him them in the middle of October.

And then she had gotten the damn kitten who apparently had to come with them and had to be in costume as well. He already despised the tiny little monster who was taking up more of her attention than he liked but now its presence had vetoed the costumes that he had approved and he was currently looking down at the kitten that Caroline had somehow wrangled into a dragon costume.

It meowed pitifully at him before trying to lick its covered leg and shook its head instead, no doubt attempting to remove the tiny little dragon hood that covered it. The thing wouldn’t budge and Klaus glared at it, not bothering to touch the costume that had been laid out for him beside it.

“It’s a viking costume, Klaus!” Caroline sighed from the doorway, rolling her eyes over the fact that he wasn’t even dressed yet.

“This was not what I approved the other week,” Klaus pointed out, trying to remember where he had seen the combination of the little black dragon and that particular costume before.

“Aren’t you of viking descent? Or like a viking or whatever? Like before the whole fangs and thousand years of terror part?” Caroline asked, working to fix her hair into a long braid.

He turned back to look at her, ready to comment when he took note of her costume, enjoying the skulls that decorated the leather skirt before he finally knew precisely where he had seen this combination before. “Tell me that you are not trying to dress me like a Disney character.”

Because that was something that would not be happening. Klaus Mikaelson did not do Disney. “I am not trying to dress you like a Disney character. I promise,” Caroline told him and moved toward him so she could press a soft kiss to his cheek.

She scooped up the kitten before Klaus had time to wrap his arms around her to return the favor. “But isn’t he the cutest little fiercest dragon ever?” She held the annoying creature out for him to see and the thing gave off another piteous meow. “Now get dressed. We’re already running late and the sooner we get there the sooner we can leave and you can help me get out of this outfit for our own Halloween fun.”

“Or we could bypass the party completely and start our own fun now.” There was no way that would fly with Caroline but he’d never stop trying for it every time they had an activity to go to. Especially ones that involved his siblings and their current lovers or any of her Mystic Falls friends.

Caroline simply arched a brow and walked out of the room with the kitten in tow and Klaus resigned himself to a few hours of annoyance as he dressed. Perhaps he could eat one of the servers while no one was looking. And once they were home Klaus would definitely be putting the kitten out of the room so that he could finally enjoy the night with Caroline.

They arrived fashionably late to the party and Klaus shook his head as everyone cooed over the damn little ‘dragon’ in Caroline’s arms. He was more than ready to head further inside and find something to drink when Kol slid into place beside him. His brother looked entirely too pleased with himself and Klaus wanted nothing more than to ignore him until he finally had some alcohol.

“I can’t believe how whipped you are that she talked you into dressing like characters from a children’s movie,” Kol commented and Klaus narrowed his eyes. He KNEW he had seen this damn outfit before, the combination with Caroline’s and the little black dragon one that he should have known.

“Caroline,” Klaus hissed, tugging her to the side and the little kitten hissed right on back at him, tiny paw batting at his hand.

“It’s not Disney,” Caroline told him, clearly already knowing what his problem was. “It’s Dreamworks. There’s a difference.”

His eyes narrowed further and he was ready to go into an entire tirade about how it was a children’s movie and that was the whole damn point but she did that whole biting her bottom lip as she looked at him through her lashes. “I’ll make it up to you later.”

“Oh, sweetheart, you better believe that you will be,” Klaus replied with a smirk as he thought of all the ways she would be making it up to him later on in their bedroom. “Starting with a kitten free bedroom.”

She opened her mouth to protest but quickly closed it when Damon yelled out a sarcastic, “Nice costume, Klaus!”

“Deal,” Caroline told him, placing the tiny kitten into his arms before he could head after the annoying vampire to rip out his spine. “But we need to stick together for photo opportunities all night and you need to hold him because technically Toothless is your dragon, not mine if we’re true to the movie. Oh! Let me get your sister.”

She was gone before Klaus could get a word and Klaus stared at the spot Caroline had been before looking down at the dragon in his arms. At least the tiny thing looked about as miserable as he felt in that moment.

“Look how big he’s getting!” cooed Elena as she headed toward the two of them, reaching out to touch the kitten.

It hissed at her and batted at her hand, tiny claws out and cutting her skin. “That wasn’t very nice,” Elena tsked the dragon and Klaus shifted it closer to his body.

“Can’t fault him for having standards,” Klaus replied with a nasty grin, thankful when the doppelganger stepped back, fear coming off of her in waves as she seemed to realize that he was the one holding the kitten. “Run along and I’m sure you’ll find something that doesn’t despise your presence.”

The ‘dragon’ bared his teeth at her and Klaus rubbed a finger along the kitten’s head, amused as Elena headed off muttering about ‘how he corrupted everything’. “Let’s go see who else you can show your ferociousness at,” Klaus told the ‘dragon’, quite amused by the kitten’s dislike of most of the others in the house. Perhaps the thing wasn’t as horrible to have around as he’d first thought.

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‘Twice’ (Little Dragon Cover) - Lianne La Havas


‘Twice’ (Little Dragon Cover) - Lianne La Havas 


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