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Xanxus, Squalo and Bel falling in love with a civillian S/O? (Don't answer if you don't want to/don't have the time) love the blog btw


  • wrong place, wrong time
  • you were one of the very unlucky few that was taken hostage ( gagged, bound by the wrists ) by a group of people within the allied families that wanted to disrupt the order, disrupt the peaceful rule of the new Vongola Decimo
  • the vongola have their hands tied since they’re not sure who exactly they can trust, and they’re not too keen on starting a witch hunt
  • so they send out the only people they can trust – the varia ( since they operate outside of vongola decimo’s rule. plus, it’s an added bonus that xanxus is feeling a little itchy-fingered since no one is allowed to challenge the decimo’s throne but him )
  • they find you in a matter of days, blowing up the entrance to the warehouse and almost collapsing the place ( if it hadn’t been for a certain loud swordsman telling their boss to calm the shit down )
  • one of the men grab you, snarling about their plans before strapping a vest onto you. you already know it’s more than just a fashion accessory before you look down, despising the clunkiness of it
  • tears are blurring your vision and you rapidly blink them away, needing to see their faces because if you’re going to go down then you’re going to tell someone what their shit mugs look like
  • the other hostages inch away slowly, relieved when a blond man with knives cut their ropes. they flee into the vongola issued ambulances
  • “uh oh,” bel says, eyeing the vest. “squalo! we have a problem.”
  • the swordsman, absolutely pissed because a certain boss is getting a little too trigger happy, doesn’t like the situation either. he recognises the bombs – created by the bovino family. it works with a motion sensor but the problem is they don’t know where it is. they assume it’s anywhere in the vest so if they try to remove it they’re all goners
  • squalo has to call xanxus because they’re not sure how to deal with this
  • and xanxus, once he sees you, he has to admit he’s intrigued. you’re wearing a puzzle that he’s going to solve but the way that you’ve composed yourself, even with tear tracks on your cheeks your eyes are defiant
  • he takes the gag off of you with surprising care ( for someone so big he has a lot of grace ) and you recount the men. high nose, low cheekbones, brown eyes, blue eyes. xanxus is a tiny bit surprised that that’s the first thing that comes out of your mouth, but his lips twitch upwards, calling for mammon. he respects that resolve, the fight in you
  • mammon works with you to cast the illusion of the men and when you’ve got them all down, xanxus sends them all off to get those fuckers
  • you tell him it’s okay to leave you but he only snorts – “bullshit i’m going to let you die.”
  • he walks you through his thoughts, for both your sakes really, because it’s too damn quiet and he hasn’t done this before. though, his talks about flames and box animals confuse you since you’re not familiar with the mafia lingo
  • when he takes out a box and injects flames from his ring into it, calling out a liger, you take it into stride, never questioning his intention because for some reason, you trust him
  • he manages to petrify the suit after finding out where exactly the sensor is ( it involved a few handsy moments ) and disintegrates it before it can explode
  • “thank you,” you breathe out. in your moment of relief, you hug him and he doesn’t exactly return it, but he doesn’t shrug you off of him either. he replies with a grunt which you assume is his own version of ‘you’re welcome’
  • you’re taken to vongola’s HQ where you’re checked out by the nurses and doctors along with the other hostages. they make you stay a few nights longer to give you counselling which you wave off
  • the traitors have long been taken care off ( none of the guardians are happy that they’ve been sitting idle for the duration of this )
  • xanxus doesn’t visit you but the liger sits in the hospital room, eyeing every doctor and nurse when they come in to check on you



  • it starts off with infatuation, watching you perform at a high-end party that you had no idea was a mafia function
  • ( they were paying big sums and you were struggling to make ends meets. you had been recommended for the entertainment, letting your fingers roam the keys of the piano, fleshing out a tune these classy people in suits never heard of – it was hard. and nerve-wracking but they seemed to be wrapped up in their own word so they didn’t pay much heed to you )
  • he’s about to introduce himself to you, charm you out of that pretty dress and right into his bed
  • bel gets through the first step – you smile up at him, a sincere one that he rarely sees since he’s made an offhand comment about your talent – before he’s whisked away, called by that shitty shark
  • so he leaves you, but you don’t quite leave him. all throughout his mission, all he can think about is that pretty face and those eyes ( innocence, faith – a little broken inside but who wasn’t? )
  • he gets ahold of your contact details, finding your address. he doesn’t visit you ( a prince would never be seen in a neighbourhood like this ) but he watches, follows
  • he patronises the shop you at during the day, follows you into the different pubs and bars you play at during the night
  • before anyone can even think of putting their hands on you, approaching you up on stage, or even buying you a drink, he’s got his knives out. a simple flick of his wrist sends them cowering back in their seats as he lounges in the back
  • bel buys you drinks at first, and you accept them since you assume they’re a courtesy of the venue you’re playing at. then you start to get roses too and that’s when you realise it’s probably from an admirer
  • you’re flattered, flustered too since you didn’t think anyone would care enough to pay attention to you, much less enjoy your music
  • you want to meet the person but it seems like every face is a new face, no matter how many times you search the crowd for someone you might have seen in a previous bar
  • it takes him a long time before he steps up from roses ( mammon questions him about the never-ending purchases of roses but never gets a straight answer ). he attaches a note to it, a smirk on his face when he sees the way you bite down a smile
  • bel’s not sure if he’s falling in love with you or the music – he doesn’t really care because if he has you he’s pretty sure he has both
  • you’re recommended ( again ) at another high-end party – not with vongola but an enemy family. you don’t really care ( you just want to get paid and it happens that these formal parties are very generous ) and you don’t really know who they are. you pin a rose on your dress
  • the varia are out for blood – out on a mission to take down the host but bel freezes when he sees you because you’re not supposed to be there
  • the boss places you too close to his booth, gets a little too chummy with you, stands around the piano too much and bel realises how much he’s fucked up
  • he must’ve gotten careless somewhere along the line and someone saw him attending every small performance of yours
  • squalo’s about to call the hit but bel interferes. the rain’s not too happy and bel won’t explain himself ( because he doesn’t know what to call this emotion )
  • mammon, though, notices you at the piano. “the roses,” he says, piecing the two together
  • squalo doesn’t quite understand what roses have to do with bel’s sudden desire to protect the civilians until he sees you, sees the rose, sees the strange layout of the stage
  • and he curses the brat for falling in love
  • “it’s not love,” bel says.
  • “whatever it is, it’s making you weak.” exasperated and tired of his fellow guardians, squalo tries to devise a new plan ( it involves some illusions and squalo’s making bel pay for the whole night )
  • mammon conjures up a rose, giving bel and squalo new faces so they can get to you and to the enemy boss, respectively
  • bel hands you to rose, and his heart almost skips with the way you’re studying him so intently ( as if you can see through these illusions ). you don’t know his face but you can feel his presence ( somehow assuring ) so you don’t complain when he asks you to follow him – squalo’s pretending to fill in the boss with some new information
  • you both make your way out of the hall before the illusion drops. he gets you to safety and before you can stop yourself, you ask if you’ll ever see him again. he smirks, says “maybe,” and calls you a cab
  • you still get roses when you perform

i have the strangest urge to draw molting process for the little bird au

unfortunately i am also fond of sadness and hurt/comfort and also body horror so there would probably be blood

@hraap help. i know bird molts aren’t actually bloody?? but maybe multi-winger molts/first molts in general are.. worse? itchy scratching and feather pulling. and 6 wings worth of molt-itching!!  (tsuna is so tired and snappy afterward)

basically i just want him disappearing with reborn for a while because it’s gonna be messy and when he comes back BAM giant wings that keep making him tip backwards

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How can one gain the affections of both the Vongola and Varia?

i return

TSUNA: Be compassionate towards others. Be open and understanding, even towards those you might not get along with. Tsuna would probably fall for someone extremely kind and accepting, someone who would try and understand him and encourage him along the way.

GOKUDERA: Be stubborn, challenge him, push him to his limits. Gokudera would probably pretend to hate you and argue with you every step of the way, but deep down he loves the challenge you provide. It makes him think harder and fall faster.

YAMAMOTO: Be spontaneous, be loving, be carefree. I can’t imagine Yamamoto would fall for someone who’s too uptight or strict. With the way Yama lives life, he’ll need you to be able to go with the flow and accept all the little bumps along the way without too much fuss.

RYOHEI: Be passionate and confident in what you love to do. Maybe your interests don’t overlap with Ryohei’s, but that won’t matter because he’ll encourage you to try your best in the hopes that you’ll do the same for him. Be supportive of the things he loves and don’t try to steer him on a different path.

TYL! LAMBO: Be loving and honest. If you express your feelings and stay open with Lambo, he’ll most likely fall for you. It’s hard for him to read people when they bottle up emotions so sharing your thoughts with him will help him a lot.

HIBARI: Be persistent, be determined. Hibari may be hard to woo at first, but if you give up so easily, he’ll lose interest. He’s looking for the fight inside of you. Be brave, but also cautious. A fighter would catch his attention, but a reckless one would have him turn his cheek.

MUKURO: Be teasing, be cocky. Challenge Mukuro and his damn ego. Make him question himself, make him ask himself “how in the world did I fall for you?” I honestly can’t see Mukuro’s perfect match, but I can imagine it’s someone who he never expected himself to get along with.

CHROME: Be mindful and gentle. Let Chrome take things at her own pace. I can see her falling for someone who carefully leads her into a relationship, not someone who dashes right into a relationship too soon. Be patient and caring.

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I can see a couple of these guys going way too rough on their s/o in bed. I think we know who ;D [Admin E]


Squalo gripped your hips even tighter as you both let out moans of pleasure and rode out your orgasms. You gasped for breath, hips slowing down. You moved off of Squalo, laying down on your back. Squalo sat up, running a hand through his disheveled hair.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to move.” You muttered, feeling your womanhood still throbbing from the violent orgasm. Squalo smirked when he heard that, looking over at your body. He glanced at the red marks on your hips and abdomen that were from his nails.

“Was that rough for you?” Squalo leaned over and placed a kiss on the hickey on your neck. You groaned.

“Yeah.  .  . you were rough.” You murmured, groaning from how sore your body was. Squalo got up and went to the bathroom, running some hot water. He came back and pulled you up. You wrapped your arms around his neck, letting Squalo pick you up.

“You didn’t have to run a bath.” You muttered. Squalo sat down in the large tub, letting you reposition yourself in his lap.

“Why not? It’ll wash the sweat off.” Squalo shrugged, running his fingers through your hair. You laid your head back, letting it rest on his shoulder. He cupped some water, pouring it over your chest, making you sigh.

“I should be washing your hair or something.” You murmured, feeling tired in the warmth.

“I’m not the one who just got fucked into immobility.” Squalo said, a curve to his lips. You closed your eyes, resting back against Squalo.

“I might fall asleep.” You warned him, feeling more warm water against your body. Squalo picked you up again and wrapped a towel around your body. He laid you back in bed, running his fingers through your now-wet hair. Squalo kissed your forehead, laying down with his arms behind his head. He still felt proud that you literally could not walk.


Xanxus was a man of few words and very brash actions. The lack of gentleness in your sex life did not bother you in the least because you knew there was no point in asking. This time, Xanxus had been having a terrible day. Lussuria spilled coffee on his desk. Squalo had wrecked his favorite wall piece. Bel and Levi had been arguing all day. Xanxus was stressed out for 10 hours and he needed the best way to let out that stress.

You were pressed into his bed sheets for a good forty minutes, letting him ravage your body anyway he wanted to. He was rough, pulling your hair, gripping your thighs and biting your neck and shoulders. When he came for the last time, he pulled away, lying down on his bed. You laid in your spot, trying to catch your breath. Xanxus looked over, seeing the scratches and bruises over your body. Your ass was red from how hard he had hit it. Xanxus got up from his spot and walked out of the room.

“Xanxus? Where are you going?” You asked, trying to sit up. You failed, flopping back down in bed. He grunted, walking out of the room in the nude. He came back a second later with a hot rag and another pillow that he took from Lussuria’s room. He put the rag on your back, rubbing it up and down your back. You moaned happily, looking back at Xanxus. He sat back down in his spot, letting your muscles relax from the almost hour of intense sex. You sighed, turning your head to look at him.

“You’re being so nice.” You smiled a little, moving over to rest your head on Xanxus’s chest.

“I’m always nice.” Xanxus grunted. You laughed a little, letting Xanxus run his fingers through your hair.

“I know.” You were in complete bliss.


Your eyes opened when you heard Takeshi walk in the door. He had a towel over his shoulders and his briefs back on.

“Hey, are you awake now? I can make us some breakfast.” Takeshi offered, walking over to the bed. You rubbed your eyes, realizing you were still naked.

“I don’t think I can get up.” You muttered, tiredly.

“Oh, are you still tired?” Takeshi asked, totally dense.

“No, no. You gave it to me really hard last night, which I don’t really mind. But I’m still sore.  .  .” You admitted, lying on your stomach. You hugged a pillow, burying your face in it.

“Really?! I can make you breakfast in bed. Do you need anything? Water?” Takeshi asked, wanting to make you feel better. You smiled at how sweet he was being.

“Breakfast sounds nice right now.” You told him. Takeshi hurried downstairs and started making something for breakfast. You waited upstairs, grabbing the glass by your bed and taking a drink. Takeshi clumsily came back up with a tray of different breakfast items. There was a torn bagel, some toast, fruit and a piece of muffin on the tray. You looked at the selection with a raised brow, but shrugged and started to eat the food.

“This is really nice. Thank you.” You said with your mouth full of food. Takeshi laughed a little, kissing your forehead.

“I didn’t mean to be so rough on you last night.  I just hadn’t seen you for a few weeks.” Takeshi moved your hair out of your face. You leaned forward and kissed him.

“Trust me, it was fun. I just hate the morning after soreness.” You shrugged. “But you kicking it up a few notches is really hot.” You smirked.

“You wanna go ag-“

“Absolutely no.”

“Oh, ok.”


Your head was still tilted back, trying to catch your breath. “Can you.  .  . can you untie me now? I think my wrists are bit chaffed.” You said. Mukuro was leaning back on the bed, sitting up when he heard you.

“Untie you? But you always look good when you’re tied up like that. Vulnerable.” Mukuro’s eyes ran over your naked body.  You whined, picking at the ties with your nails.

“Pleeeease, Mukuro?” You asked, feeling how sore your body was. Mukuro sighed, leaning over you and untying the blue ribbon on your wrists. You rubbed your wrists, seeing the red marks on them.

“Looks like you were pulling too hard.” Mukuro mused, holding your hand and looking at where your skin was irritated. “Don’t you remember our safeword?”

“Of course I do. It’s pineapple. It was just.  .  . it hurt, but felt good at the same time.” You muttered, looking away with a blush on your cheeks. Mukuro laughed to himself, leaning over you.

“That’s kinda hot.” Mukuro smirked, taking your hands into his. He grabbed some gel off the edge of his bed stand and started rubbing it gently on the red areas that had been rubbed too hard. Mukuro wrapped bandages on your wrists, placing a polite kiss on them.

“You know, you’re actually pretty sweet.” You smiled, your hands still in Mukuro’s. He scoffed, acting like he was not. You leaned forward and kissed his cheek.

“I’m not sweet.” Mukuro said.

“Mukuro, you turn into a snuggle bug after we have sex.” You deadpanned.

“Shut up and come here.” Mukuro rolled his eyes. He wrapped his arms around your body and held your hand, rubbing his thumb over the top of yours.

“Next time say something before your wrists actually get hurt.” Mukuro muttered. You smiled, knowing that he cared.


You laid back on the bed, closing your eyes to catch your breath. You put your hands on your breasts and groaned from how sore they were.

“You really did a number on the girls today.” You muttered, seeing Gokudera by your window. He had lit a cigarette already, taking a puff. He looked back at you.

“Are they sore?” Gokudera asked. “Was I being too rough?” He went from being really cool to worried in just a second.

“I mean.  .  . you were more rough than normal.” You said, laying on the bed, completely naked.

“Do I grab an icepack? A heat pack? Water? A smoke?” Gokudera started listing off all sorts of things he could get you. You just shook your head.

“Hayato.  .  . could you rub my back?” You asked, turning on to your stomach. Gokudera sat back on the bed, having his underwear on again. His hands started to massage your back gently. He rubbed at a few knots in your shoulders, making you groan in thanks.

“You’re the best. You know that?” You asked, taking a deep breath. Gokudera started on your mid back, stopping a minute to take a drag. Gokudera blushed a little, running his hand through his hair.

“I really love you.” You murmured, feeling his hands work magic on your back. He stopped for a moment, running his hand down the length of your spine.

“You, too.” Gokudera said, his hands still on your back. You had a goofy smile on your face and buried it into the pillow.

“Do you think you get me an extra pillow for my boobs?” You asked. Gokudera quickly grabbed his own pillow and helped you put it underneath your chest.

“Next time I won’t be as rough with them.” Gokudera said, rubbing your back.

“Thank you.” You smiled.

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hey, may i request Xanxus scenario where he can't help but think of one certain prostitute where he is engaged to another cool assassin? thx. i've loved your blogs for months <3

thanks for the love boo///

Lounging in his chair while you walked around, talking to someone on the phone, Xanxus’s eyes were glued to the large ring on your finger.  He hated political marriages and never wanted to be involved in one.  Yet here he is.

It wasn’t that he hated you.  You were useful enough, not too shabby with a gun, but you didn’t have a high enough sex drive for him.  Your words droned out as he closed his eyes, taking a sip of his drink as his mind drifted.

“Thinking of that prostitute again?” you asked, poking Xanxus in his sides to draw him out of his little world.

“Hmm?” Xanxus asked, being woken up from his nap.  “Why?”

“Do you love her or just wish she was more available to fuck?” you asked, continuing.  

“What the hell is this about?” Xanxus asked, sitting up with a growl.

“If you love her, marry her,” you said, taking the ring off your finger and handing it to him.  “Our engagement is off, just got off the phone with my father.  He and the ninth spoke, saying that this marriage wont do anything to help so it’s off,” you grinned.

“Now go fuck your prostitute,” you said, turning away.  “I’m gonna go find my old boy toy have some fun myself.”

Xanxus huffed at your behavior, but stuffed the ring in his jacket pocket before heading off.

angst prompt: Xanxus’ s/o learning he doesn’t love their child as much as he loves them, and would sacrifice their kid in an instant to save his wife. He is completely unapologetic about it

It had happened too fast for you to fight back. You weren’t used to dealing with cowards that skulked in the shadows, so when you turned a corner and the hand came over your mouth there wasn’t much you could do. You struggled, but nothing was getting you out of that monster grip. You wouldn’t have been so angry, if they hadn’t brought your son into this.

They dragged you out of your house and to some shitty warehouse in the middle of fuck all and you had no idea where you were or what they wanted. They hadn’t said anything as they threw you pretty rudely into this empty, dank room and locked the door. But the worst part of picking yourself up off the cold stone floor was seeing your eight year old son run over to you and hug you. What was he doing here? What did they want with him? They could take you, kill you, rape you, you didn’t care, but he had done nothing wrong! He shouldn’t be here! He was your precious beautiful son and why him too? You wanted to cry, could feel the tears budding at the corners of your eyes, but you couldn’t. You had to remain strong for him. He couldn’t see you break down.

You held him in your lap while you sat and waited. There was nothing you could do but bide your time and wait for the perfect chance to escape. You knew Xanxus would be doing everything he could to find the two of you, but you weren’t going to hold out hope. You trusted him and his strength but you needed to think only of yourself and your son now. You needed to be ready to fight if you necessary.

You knew if you were smart you’d wait, you’d learn more about the situation and who the enemies were, but you were panicked. You could think of nothing but getting out of here. So when you heard footsteps in the corridor you didn’t decide to sit and see what they wanted. If you had been alone you would have let them come in, say what they needed, do what they wanted (to a degree) and then when the moment was perfect, strike. But no. You couldn’t do that.

So you motioned for your son to be quiet and stood beside the door, pressed tight against the wall. And when you heard the click of the lock and the slow slide of the door, you pounced. A split second to look over your opponent and you were grabbing the knife from his belt and aiming the blade for his throat. He was too surprised. He wasn’t expecting a stupid woman to fight back, and it slid easily into his throat. Feeling the blade skid against his spine made you cringe a bit, but it didn’t matter.

The man grasped at his throat, feebly trying to stanch the flow of blood, to no avail. He couldn’t even cry out for help when he collapsed to the floor in a heap. You didn’t even wait for him to die before you started rifling through his pockets. It doesn’t take long for that kind of wound to bleed out, so he was dead by the time you came up empty. So you had a knife, and the pistol he had been holding. Believe it or not, the stupid fuck only had one clip of ammo too, so all you had to work with was eight bullets.

You called out to your son, sitting with his eyes squeezed shut. He slowly opened them, pointedly not looking at the body at your feet. “Come on,” you said, “and stay quiet.”

It was probably the first time he’d seen a dead body. He knew who his parents were, knew what Xanxus did, and he understood he was apart of the mafia, but he’d never seen it up close. You’d tried to shield him from the real aspect of death and killing as much as you could, though he’d had a bit of combat training already. It probably hadn’t clicked in his mind yet exactly what it all meant. You hadn’t wanted to expose him to it so young, but you weren’t going to sit like a damsel and wait for your husband to come get you.

You kept low, kept your ears open as you tried to find your way out of this shithole. You kept your son close, and though you knew you shouldn’t divide your attention you kept glancing back to make sure he was still there. You almost sighed with relief every time he grabbed onto your sleeve. It was surprisingly very easy to navigate. This place didn’t seem to be very well defended, with only two people crossing your path over ten minutes of sneaking around. And you’d been able to hide and wait for them to pass. Whoever these people were, you assumed they were little guys trying to make a name for themselves by fucking around with the big guys. And kidnapping and threatening the lives of the leader of the Varia’s wife and son, that was pretty big news.

When you opened that last door and were met with the outdoors, you felt your heart hammering so loud you could practically hear it. But that shout made it all come crashing down.

“Move another fucking step and I’ll blow your brains out.”

You pushed your son behind you, with the big world at your back, and found four guns pointed at your head. You didn’t hesitate. With one rough shove you pushed your kid back. “Go.”

“No mom, I can’t leave you!”

“Don’t argue with me. Get out of here. Now.”

You knew you were going to die. No chance for any different. You wouldn’t flee with him. If you did they’d shoot at your backs and they might hit your son. And he was a good kid. He didn’t argue anymore. He turned and ran, and one of the guys scowled and moved to chase. You closed the door and drew your own stolen gun, and he stopped and backed up.

“Dumb bitch. Waste her and get the kid,” were the orders.

You shot first, hoping to get one at least, but before their bullets could find their marks you felt someone shove you hard to the floor. It knocked your breath away, and you struggled to get the air back into your lungs. When you looked up they were already all dead, more bullet wounds in their steaming corpses than you remembered ever hearing.

When you looked up you saw Xanxus scowling down at the bodies. You pushed yourself back to your feet, wobbling a bit as you stood. When he turned to you you could see how furious he was by the fire in his eyes. You didn’t know that that anger was partially directed at you till he stomped over, voice echoing off the walls as he shouted, “What the fuck were you thinking?”

“I don’t know,” you murmured, looking down at your feet. You knew it was stupid, being so ready to die like that, but you would do it again. You needed to protect your son. His safety always came first.

“You should’ve waited for me!” he growled, his shoes coming into view as he stopped directly in front of you. You could almost feel his breath on your hair from how close he was standing.

“I wanted to get (son’s name) out of there as soon as possible,” you responded, finally looking up at him. He was closer than you’d thought, and you found yourself practically nose to nose with him.

“Who fucking cares? You should be putting yourself first anyway! What do you think I’d do without you?”

You didn’t really know how to respond to that, so you didn’t, averting your eyes instead. You were about to ask if your guys’ kid was okay, if he’d seen them before charging in here, but before you could Xanxus tilted your head up and kissed you hard, an arm wrapping around your waist and pulling you even closer. Usually you’d lose yourself in him, let him throw you against the wall in this shitty, corpse filled warehouse and fuck you right then. But you couldn’t, you needed to make sure your son was okay. If you just knew that he was safe, that Xanxus or another of the Varia had found him and taken him to safety, you’d be fine. But you had to know.

You pressed your hands against his chest, leaning away as far as you could while still trapped in his tight embrace. He tried to follow your lips but you tilted your head away, and you could hear the edge in his voice when he said, “What?”

“Is (son’s name) okay? Did you see him? Is he safe?”

“He’s fucking fine. The idiot shark’s got him. _________, do you even understand what you did? You were planning to die. And for fucking what? If I hadn’t showed up right then you’d be lying dead. You’re more important to me than anything, and you’d have left me all alone with that stupid fucking kid with the same eyes as you and reminding me every fucking day you’re not here anymore!”

“Xanxus, what are you saying? Our son always comes first. He should always come first.”

“If we want another kid, we can have one. You’re the only _________ there is.”

It was like thorns squeezing your chest, almost like panic spreading through your veins. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing, didn’t understand that it could possibly be real. How could he not care for their son more than anything? The son they’d raised for eight years, that they’d loved and cared for, how could Xanxus possibly feel like he was expendable? There would never be another like him. He was the only one in the world, their first child together. How could he care so little?

“Xanxus, do you care for (son’s name) at all?” you asked, incredulous.

“Of course I do. But I care about you more. What’s so fucking wrong with that? You make me happier than anyone ever has, so of course I’ll pick you over my stupid kid.”

“He’s supposed to come first! Eight years of raising and you’d throw it all away? He’s your heir, at the least, shouldn’t he be more important?”

“Oi, why are you so adamant about this? I don’t fucking care if he’s my heir or not. I don’t care if you’d hate me for choosing you over him, I love you more and that’s the end of it, so shut up about it.”

Before you could answer he finally managed to find your lips again, pushing you back up against the wall as his hands came to unbutton your jeans. You weren’t aroused in the slightest, and you pulled away again, placing your hands on his forearms to stop him. “Xanxus, can we go home first? I… want a shower.”

You could see the frown on his face, but he pulled his hands away regardless. He took a half step back, and you thought he was gonna walk away but instead his hand slammed against the wall beside your head, and he leaned in till his breath was hot against your cheek. “If you think you’re gonna take that kid and run away from me, don’t. You’re mine. I’ll protect that cunt kid of ours just like I always have. But if you get yourself into this situation again, I will sacrifice anything to make sure you’re safe.”

It Takes a Village (Part 2)

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Check It Takes a Village AU tag for more of this universe 

This got even more requests for expansion. Ahaha. So yeah have some headcanons regarding this universe. I may write a sequel, but not today and not soon. 

  • Tsuna is five when he wanders off one day and comes back home with Hayato.
  • Iemitsu of course has no problem letting Hayato stay. He doesn’t even question where Hayato had came from. (Everyone else is properly horrified). 
  • Lal still isn’t paid enough to deal with this.
  • Out of necessity, Lal and Reborn band together as the only sane people who, despite being ASSASSINS with little knowledge about children, they are apparently the only sane people when it comes to dealing with Tsunayoshi. 
  • Telling Iemitsu no is a trial. 
  • Making sure he listens is another.
  • Iemitsu may have rented out an amusement park for Tsunayoshi’s sixth birthday. 
  • He may have hired Super Sentai actors to come to Italy to put on a private show. 
  • Lal turned to Viper in desperation to keep the CEDEF’s budget balanced and alive. 
  • Viper was originally going to charge an arm and leg for their services. After awhile though, it became a challenge, then an insult to their skills. They do it for free while trying to find loopholes over Iemitsu’s silly spending. 
  • Dino is instantly smitten by Tsuna and proclaims Tsuna to be his little bro. Xanxus is jealous. (Totally absolutely jealous.) 
  • All the games Reborn plays with Tsunayoshi are laying down the foundation of future training. 
  • Nono always treats Tsunayoshi for his favorites desserts. 
  • Federico is a bad influence and the reason why Tsunayoshi masters sneaking away from his babysitters/bodyguards. 
  • Verde fell under Tsuna’s spell and Natsu may have been created earlier than expected
  • That made Verde Tsuna’s favorite for months. 
  • He lorded it over Reborn and Xanxus in particular. 
  • It’s the first time Reborn and Xanxus agreed to set aside their differences and work on taking Verde down. 
  • One day, Tsuna latches on the Vongola Sky Ring and out pops out Giotto, stunned that he had been summoned. 
  • Everyone else is too busy panicking that somehow Tsunayoshi managed to summon Primo from the ring. 
  • Enrico doesn’t know how to feel. On one hand it’s always been expected that he would inherit from his father. On the other hand, Tsunayoshi summoned Primo. 
  • Lal wonders when it’s going to occur to Reborn that he is for all intents and purposes apart of Vongola now. His constant returns to ‘play’ with Tsunayoshi all but ensures his alliance. 
  • Reborn totally knows he’s wrapped around Tsuna’s little fingers. 
  • He should be annoyed by it, but watching the chaos Tsuna causes as it unfolds is kinda amazing. 
The Pride of Namimori

A.N - For the Fandom Bingo card spot 3-2; ‘Xanxus’. 

Xanxus knows when his mother calls the old man that he isn’t the man’s son. He knows before even. His mother has had many johns over the years, some better than others, but none of them looked like the old man, either younger or in his current state.

The old man, Xanxus sees, knows it too. But he’s humoring them, right up until Xanxus shows him his Flames. And then it isn’t humor that guides him, but interest.

The man wraps his scarf (warm, smelling of cologne and burning wood) around Xanxus. “Yes,” he murmurs, a lie to comfort a dying woman even as his eyes examine Xanxus like a horse at market, “Yes, he is my son.”


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Little Tsuna Makes Friends with Scary People AU

AU where Arco curse doesn’t happen and a year before the Cradle Affair Iemitsu loses Tsuna in Italy thus leading to Tsuna finding the Arcobaleno and Varia. He bonds with both groups and shenanigans ensue (Nono doesn’t know whether to despair or be happy that his son no longer hates him)

If there was no curse, the Arcobaleno would be pretty old. Plus, I don’t really know how you’d get them all together. Maybe it’s best to just stick with the Varia for this one? .-.

Just imagine little Tsuna’s adventures with the Varia, though…

Little Tsuna calling Bel ‘Hime-sama’, and Bel being super frustrated because on one hand, he’s a prince, but on the other, someone’s finally taking him seriously. Lussuria trying to convince the others to adopt little Tsuna. Little Tsuna comforting Levi about his status as a butt-monkey. Little Tsuna offering to braid Squalo’s hair, which Squalo turns out to adore, but no one’s offered to do it since his mother and older sisters passed away/were killed/something and he felt awkward about asking. Little Tsuna giving Xanxus a warm, friendly hug, because he felt he really needed one, and Xanxus just not computing and eventually maybe crying a little because no one should be deprived of hugs for a long time ok. Mammon watching from the sidelines, totally resigned. The Varia actually trying to adopt little Tsuna.

i have a lot of feelings about Varia-Tsuna interactions ok

i need a minute

-Admin Lazy

Fon, Xanxus and Dino falling in Love with their kidnap victims headcanons


  • ·         You start getting his attention with your quiet dignity in the face of danger. He has been a hitman for a long time and was used to fear, anger and attempts at manipulation from people he had been assigned to kidnap but you were different.When he made you come with him there was surprise on your face, disbelief in your eyes and a calm that belied your wariness.
  • ·         He bows to you politely with his ever gentle smile and apologizes for the danger he is putting you through and you didn’t scream or cry like his other victims. He swears your life will not be endangered after he kidnapped you right from your supposedly safe and secure home and you didn’t even ask why he would do such an evil thing. Instead you just stared back at him with disbelief, sadness and then quiet surrender. It made looking away from you difficult for him.
  • ·         Fon takes you to a small safe house out in the woods and tells you this was where the two of you will stay until your father pays the ransom. He usually asked the Clan to swiftly provide him with another team who will keep the victim until their demands were met but the thought of someone else watching you made him restless. The thought of his Clansmen touching you was unbearable. Something in the sturdy set of your shoulders made him want to protect you.  He made sure he was the only one who knew where the safe house was.
  • ·         He watches your reaction to the safe house. Usually, women of your caliber and rank sneered in disdain and discomfort at the sight of such simple accommodations but you merely looked around and went straight to the fireplace, hands still bound behind you, eyes silently asking him to light the fire. It was the middle of November, after all. His relief was reflected by his smile.
  • ·         He surprises you by cooking for you and you surprise him by liking his cooking and love of eating. It was the first time he had seen another emotion on your face other than your neutral mask. It made him swallow hard with emotion.
  • ·         Confident in his ability to capture you should you try to escape, Fon allows you to walk around the little safe house freely. You didn’t try to escape feeling that Fon was the safest thing around for miles on end and his gentle smile drops a moment when you admit that to him. The thought of you needing him made him feel… torn. Torn because he may be your protector now but he could also be your executioner any time later if the Clan’s demands were not met.
  • ·         He had only been associated with fear for as long as he could remember. It had been so long since another human being had trusted him this much. Living in close quarters and seeing how easy it was for you to live in such simplicity made him curious as to how you were so different from other ladies of your rank. You had become so comfortable around him you tell him that you were nothing but your father’s illegitimate daughter from a woman in the countryside. How your father only acknowledged you as his child when his only legitimate heir died of sickness. About how you wished you could go back to living in the country where life was free and simple.
  • ·         He couldn’t stop staring at your hands. At your face. The way you walk. He couldn’t stop wanting to hear your voice. Before long he was traipsing behind you on your romps around the house and the forest in the backyard. It was as if you had made an invisible leash that bound him to you. It was the first time he had ever felt so powerless.
  • ·         You try but it was so hard not to start adoring that smile of his. Or be bothered by his sculpted, sweaty body after he’s done with his katas while you watched. It was wrong but he was so kind. With him you felt so safe. With him you felt no judgment. Was it so very wrong to want him?
  • ·         Fon was obsessed. He had never known anyone quite like you. Living with you for over a month welded your presence in his soul and even as he received news of details regarding your ransom and knowing that his feelings for you was a betrayal to his Clan he found parting from you becoming an increasingly difficult thought. Thinking about your loss is becoming a torment.
  • ·         Then the fateful day arrived. Your father has failed to meet the demands for your return. You need to die.
  • ·         You disappear and Fon presents himself to the Clan to report your death. He had been known for his quick, clean kills and his considerate disposal of past victims so no one doubted him.
  • ·         And then he returns back into your arms as soon as he could. Back to the safe house where he claims you as his.


  • ·         It was Bel who took you to the fortress. The Prince had knocked you unconscious, tied a foul smelling sack around your head and plucked you from your bed. The moment you wake up you realize exactly what happened and brace yourself. The moment they took off your blindfold you strike out by kicking the first person you see in the nads. Which was Levi. This amused Xanxus.
  • ·         You fought like a wild cat. Spitting and hissing and biting any skin that dared try and restrain you. Xanxus, silently sitting back and watching the show; waiting for you to be presented to him, was fascinated by the wild glow of desperation and indignation in your eyes. You were nothing but the daughter of a traitor who had foolishly thought he could get away with betraying the Vongola. Even if you were innocent you were still blood. And blood was the Mafia’s currency. Still, he had never thought such traitorous blood could produce such a spirited offspring.
  • ·         In the end the one who restrained you was Xanxus himself. You bit his forearm hard enough to draw blood but he didn’t even flinch. Instead he stares back at you with unnerving intensity. Enough to make you draw back and bare your teeth at him, ordering him to just kill you and get it over with.
  • ·         Levi suggested beating you up and chaining you in the dungeons but Xanxus had other plans. He ordered you chained in his bedroom.
  • ·         You were scared you were about to get raped but you hid it well by glaring hellfire and damnation at the scarred man. But the Varia Boss just smirked at you, took a bath in his bathroom and then went to bed naked making sure you saw every single inch of him leaving you blushing in your little corner of the room, your chains only long enough to reach a small couch you decide to sleep in, silently consigning the well-made Varia Boss to hell and back.
  • ·         In the morning Xanxus waits for you to wake up. The moment you open your eyes you see him sitting on his bed facing you still naked as the day he was born. He reads you your family’s crimes and you made no move to defend them. Xanxus then tells you that your ransom would be the first of many tortures they have planned for your family.
  • ·         You surprise him by laughing bitterly and told him your family would never ransom you. You were worth only as a bargaining chip to make an alliance with another rich family, after all. You tell Xanxus that you had tried to prevent the whole mess from happening but your father never listened to you.  He thought women were inferior and should keep their mouths shut.
  • ·         Not everyone believes your claims. After Xanxus dressed up and dragged you to his office by your chain he told his squad about what you said. Levi even suggests they cut off your little finger and send it to your father as a message to hurry up and retrieve you. You correctly think he was still keeping a grudge and you say it out loud offending the Lightning user even more. Xanxus had to admire your boldness and your guts. It was pure, Varia Quality. He could see even Squalo agrees.
  • ·         Little by little you were allowed out of your chains and roam free in the fortress under the watchful eye of the Varia Boss himself as they ascertain what to do now that they knew kidnapping you was a waste of time. Little by little, Xanxus’ continued ritual of chaining you in his bedroom and exhibiting his naked self to your incredulous eyes was starting to take its toll on you. And the knowing smirk Xanxus threw at you every night let you know he knew it too. He was going to drive you crazy. Push you to the very edge until you begged him to just take you. But you stubbornly purse your lips and try to set him on fire with your glare. He would chuckle roughly at the futility of your actions as he lay in bed.
  • ·         In the end when your father suddenly had a surprising change of heart and decided to enter negotiations to get you back you found Xanxus was not very willing to let you go. He finally came to you that night still reeking of your family’s blood as he took you for himself roughly on the carpeted floor.
  • ·         He’s made you want him so much all you can do is moan out his name as he thrust himself between your legs possessively.


  • ·         It was the usual protection scam, really. Kidnap, ransom, offer security. Lather, rinse and repeat. If only you weren’t so… you. Indifferent to the point of cold but spoke so kindly to your kidnappers Dino couldn’t help but notice you and want to know more. He loved his Famiglia. And anyone who treated them with dignity and respect almost always immediately got his approval.
  • ·         They find out who you were from one of the maids. A niece adopted by the family when you were very young. Functioning more as a caretaker rather than a pampered member of the household because you took care of everything from the servants to the account books. While the banker’s daughter was happily having the time of her life, you were here working till late at night. You get Dino’s sympathy but a job was a job and the Family came first. So he kidnaps you instead deciding he could get to know you as well and find out why you seemed so… oddly attractive.
  • ·         His charming, golden smile did not have an effect on you and neither were you afraid of him or his subordinates. They had promised you that you would not be harmed in their care until the ransom had been paid. You responded with a respectful nod of your head and a rather indifferent expression on your face, already thinking of this kidnapping thing as an unexpected vacation.
  • ·         Dino was left frozen in shock that you had not swooned over his charm like other women did. He stood there staring blankly at you as you were ushered away in his mansion. For a full five minutes Romario stood beside him waiting for the Cavallone don to snap out of it. Inconsolably desolate at your indifference to a face well known in and out of the Mafia world as one of the most irresistible countenances out there. Women treated him like a prince because of his smile. This smile always got him what he wanted. And yet you merely treated him with casual acceptance.
  • ·         A week into your stay, an incident happened. You had been reading all day and was craving sweets so you decide to bake some. The baking had smelled so good everyone in the mansion stomped into the kitchen catching you by surprise and you end up offering everyone your chocolate chip cookies and cooking up a whole new batch when they finished and still wanted more. Dino took the sight of his Famiglia devouring your treats like children with a fond exasperation, smiling at you full force to try and share the humor. Your nod was still polite and still a little bit aloof.
  • ·         Taking it as a challenge Dino unleashes the full force of his attention on you. Often looking in on you and making sure you had everything you need. You seriously felt odd that you felt more like a mistress here than a kidnap victim. Even his men were treating you with respect and good humor. You tell him once over tea that his mansion felt more like a home than your uncle’s mansion ever did to which he promptly spilled his tea all over his lap in surprise.
  • ·         Dino felt a little scared the first time he saw you smile. He had been walking toward you while you were in the garden and introducing Oregano as your lady bodyguard as he came closer. His thoughtfulness moved you and made you thank him with a smile that warmed both your face and your eyes. Despite having Romario and your two initial male guards around him, Dino still took a face dive on the walkway. The sight of your warmth made his knees suddenly go weak.
  • ·         Dino had allowed you to roam the Cavallone mansion at will as long as you had two guards with you at all times. Dino borrowed Oregano from CEDEF because he didn’t have female subordinates who were trained to protect you or follow you to the restroom. His planning around your captivity without making you feel like a prisoner impressed you. You start thinking he was more than just a Mafioso with a beautiful but pretentious smile.
  • ·         One day you ask for more books. Your guards (both CEDEF agents and unaware of the Cavallone mansion’s lay out) lead you to the library and left you there where you were surprised by the crippling amount of paperwork on Dino’s table. Without conscious thought you begin going through them and organizing the files. It told you a lot about how the Mafia worked and what kind of Famiglia Dino ran.
  • ·         At first Dino was furious. His charm, his smile, the golden boy image melted into the cold, furious face of the Mafia Boss he was.
  • ·         You surprise him by telling him he didn’t need to be ashamed or be afraid. You knew how to read paperwork and told him that compared to other Mafia Bosses you have known, Dino was by far the kindest by banning child trafficking and white slavery in his territory.
  • ·         At first Dino didn’t understand. But then you advise him to not only demand money from your uncle in exchange for your return but also to include the Cavallone in your uncle’s investments so he would be safe from the man’s ploys to bankrupt Mafiosi who annoyed him. It was then that Dino realized what you were to your uncle. A goose that laid golden eggs through your vast knowledge of accounting and economics. No wonder you made easy work of his files. Once he understood just what kind of man your uncle was he began developing a dark hate for the man.
  • ·         Dino felt odd but freed that you weren’t like other women who expected him to charm them and shower them with praises. At night he visits you in your rooms telling himself he just wanted to see that you are safe. But really he liked being around you. Around you, he didn’t need to pretend to be strong all the time.
  • ·         You kept your interactions with him gentle yet distant, fearing that you were growing too attached to his presence. You have always been a practical person and you knew harboring feelings for someone who will just return you to a life of eternal drudgery after he got his money was just utter stupidity. But your heart wanted to take all your memories of him and keep them in a bottle so you can take it out when your uncle again tramples your sense of worth out of you. So you could at least keep something that still managed to make you happy.
  • ·         Dino found himself going utterly insane that you seemed so out of his reach. The faint but firm wall you built to push him away was anything but invisible to him. He wanted to tear it down piece by piece and make you trust him. He wanted you to allow him to get close and hold your goddamned hand. He knew you were fully expecting him to hand you over to your uncle once the ransom was met. It was a matter of honor, after all. But he wished he could make you understand that he would never let you go.
  • ·         Your uncle turned over the full ransom demand. You were promptly returned as promised.
  • ·         But Dino kidnapped you again anonymously to save you from your uncle.
  • ·         It took him several months before he was able to scrounge up the courage to ask for your hand in marriage.
  • ·         You said yes when he finally did.

“ Fave way to cuddle their s/o, with the Varia + Gokudera? (So happy you started this blog!) ” - Anonymous

I’m glad that you are, dear~


[ For those that don’t really understand it, this nickname is actually from Avatar: The Last Airbender. o: ]

Gokudera: The Heartfelt Headlock

Gokudera isn’t really the type to cuddle because he finds all the positions to be very uncomfortable. But that doesn’t mean that he’s against the idea of cuddling entirely. The only time you’ll ever get to cuddle with him is when you’re about to go to sleep, when you’re severely upset about something and he doesn’t know what to do to calm you down, or when you’re sick or injured. Other than that, cuddling is out of the question. Although, Gokudera’s favorite cuddling position would be the ‘Heartfelt Headlock’. This position usually requires the two of you to lie on your stomachs while facing each other, with your head buried into the crook of Gokudera’s arm, or vice versa. It provides a sense of security and comfort for the Hurricane Bomb. This position also allows him to look at your face whenever he wakes up before you, and sometimes prevent you from getting out of bed; it also allows the two of you to share body heat in the middle of winter.

Xanxus: The Big Spoon

Xanxus also isn’t very big on cuddling. There is only one position he likes to cuddle in, and that would be the 'Big Spoon’, in which the two of you lie on your sides while facing the same direction, curled up into the contours of each others’ bodies as if two spoons have been placed together. Of course, Xanxus prefers to be the big spoon, and will not tolerate being the little spoon. Ever. This position is his favorite one because he’s a very hot natured person, and, you guessed it, gets extremely hot, extremely fast; being the big spoon allows him to throw the comforter off him without waking you up, and thus remain cool during the night as well as sleep with his arms around you. The Varia boss is also a very physical type of man, so whenever you go to sleep in that position, be prepared to wake up with something hard pressing against your lower back or buttox. It also puts the two of you in the perfect position for a little morning sex, since Xanxus prefers to sleep in the nude (he claims that clothes are too restricting to sleep in) and practically forces you to sleep naked as well.

Squalo: The Lap Pillow

Squalo’s favorite cuddling position would be the 'Lap Pillow’, in which you sit on the far right side or the far left side of the couch (or sometimes, the bed) and he stretches out across the whole thing with his head placed in your lap. Sometimes, he’ll wrap his arms around your thighs or hold one of your hands while you use your other hand to run your fingers through his long, silver hair. Squalo finds you raking your fingers through his hair to be extremely relaxing; especially since the scalp is jam packed with pleasure sensing nerves, and you playing with his hair stimulates these specific nerves. Also, it has been scientifically proven that men’s ears are extremely sensitive to the touch, which adds to the pleasurable and relaxing sensation. Usually when his fingers are intertwined with yours, he’ll bring your hand to his lips and kiss the back of it and then each of your fingers, before leaning up just enough to place a chaste kiss on your lips. Squalo loves to cuddle in this position whenever the two of you are binge watching television series or movies, and on occasion will switch it up so that you are the one lying your head in his lap. 

Belphegor: The Backwards Hug

Bel’s favorite position would be the 'Backwards Hug’, in which he sits down and has you sit down in between his legs with his arms wrapped around either your shoulders or your waist. He usually rests his chin on the top of your head whenever the two of you are in this position, and sometimes whispers things in your ear whenever he’s feeling up to doing the do. This position gives him perfect access to your entire body if positioned right. He has a habit of holding you tightly so that you can’t move or get up, and refuses to let you go even when you have to go to the bathroom. Usually you have to force him to let go, but it’s no easy task since he’ll sometimes wrap his legs around your hips to prevent you from standing up. This position gives you a sense of security and allows Bel to breathe a sigh of relief, because during the time he is holding you in his arms, he knows for certain that you are safe. Another reason that Bel likes this position is because he loves the smell of the shampoo / conditioner / body wash that you use.

Levi: The Sitting Cuddle

Levi too is not a big fan of cuddling, especially when he’s trying to sleep. Usually, the only position he feels comfortable with is the 'Sitting Cuddle’, in which you sit on his lap or straddle his waist, with both his arms wrapped tightly around your mid-section while yours are wrapped around his neck or your hands placed on his shoulders / chest. When the two of you aren’t facing each other in this position, you usually grab hold of his hands / wrists while pressing your back against his chest. There have been a few occasions where your 'roles’ in this position have changed, in which Levi is the one sitting on your lap, although this only ever happens whenever he’s had a couple of drinks. Levi likes this position mainly because it seems to send a message to others that you two are happy together, and that you belong to him. 

Lussuria: The Honeymoon Hug

The flamboyant Varia officer enjoys every single cuddling position known to man, so long as it allows him to hold you and press you against his chest. His absolute favorite position would be the 'Honeymoon Hug’, in which the two of you are lying down and face each other while on your sides. Lussuria wraps his arms around you as if he is hugging you and pulls you close to his body, pressing your head against his chest while placing his chin on the top of your head. You usually do the same, but there have been a few occasions where you have had to actually push him away because it was too damn hot to cuddle. This position gives both Lussuria and you a sense of peace and tranquility, as if all is right in the world and all your worries just melted away. Sometimes, the two of you switch so that Lussuria is the one with his face pressed against your chest, but this only happens whenever he’s upset about something and needs to be comforted by someone he cares about - you.

Adult!Mammon / Adult!Viper: The Sweetheart’s Cradle

While cursed, Mammon greatly enjoys the cuddling position, the 'Sweetheart’s Cradle’. This position is where you basically hold his tiny body against your chest with both arms wrapped around him, the way someone would hold a baby or a toddler. He usually likes to cuddle like this when the two of you decide to go to sleep. Mammon has you lie on your back while he lies on your chest, with one of your hands on his back to make sure he doesn’t accidentally fall off or you don’t roll over and accidentally crush his small body. In his uncursed form, the position remains the same. This position gives him perfect access to some of your most sensitive areas (nipples), although now it wouldn’t be as awkward for him to make a move whenever he’s in the mood. Whenever he does make a move, Mammon has a habit of lightly biting the side of your breast or nipple. 

Fran: The Nuzzle Cuddle

Fran doesn’t really like, or dislike cuddling. He doesn’t care whether or not the two of you cuddle, but when you do, his favorite position would be the 'Nuzzle Cuddle’. This position is when one of you lies on top of the other with your legs intertwined, hands placed on top of the others’ chest in between your two bodies, and your face pressed into the nook of the others’ neck. Usually, you are the one on top, but sometimes Fran will switch it up if he’s feeling a little frisky; this position gives him perfect access to your neck, and it allows him to easily hold you down whenever he decides to tickle the fuck out of you just for the hell of it. This position also provides both you and Fran with the awareness of mutual love. 

“Stop laughing…”

“Oh, is Mini-Ricardo ordering us? You’re not the boss yet little brother!”


“Xanxus…? H-Hey…”

“What are you-? Put those flames away-!”


“Die, trash.”

And from that day onward, Enrico, Massimo, and Federico learned Xanxus’s tiny wrath was not something to mess with.

Also property damage caused by a small child was nothing to laugh at. Bless Nono’s soul.

My lame attempt at a family fluff moment

An idea inspired by an ask from @nsfwreborn

(Also I heard you were stressed so please take my lil’ doot of Xanxus as something that’ll hopefully help)

anonymous asked:

If prompts are still open could you please write the aftermath of the sky battle of the sense8xKHR universe? Like how do Dino and Tsuna explain? Will Xanxus just laugh in the background or make things harder for Tsuna for his amusement? Did the Varia already know? Does someone guess?

Tsuna’s jog slows to a walk as he approaches where his Guardians and the Varia are waiting.

Reborn already looks murderous, probably because he’s confused, and the Varia are all wound tight as watchsprings.

You should tell your Captains to stand down, because I’m feeling a little bit like I might be murdered in the next ten minutes, Tsuna tells Xanxus, coming to a halt outside of easy stabbing distance.

That depends, did the useless one finally get Superbi over here?

Dino’s offense is palpable.

Like I was going to let your Second die? I’m still hoping that one day the two of you will fuck and your sexual frustration will stop interfering with my sleep,

“That’s it,” comes the low rumble from behind Tsuna. “He’s getting maimed.”

Tsuna can’t help grinning, even as the lazy shot of Wrath flame screams past his ear. From where he’s standing with the other spectators, Dino yelps and dodges as best he can.

Sorry, Jesus! he says. Don’t kill me for being honest!

Tsuna laughs, and Xanxus’ amused snort is all the proof he needs that his eldest brother is smiling.

Still, now they have to explain.

All on you, Xanxus says cheerily, like the humongous asshole he is. 

I’m blaming you for no one telling! Tsuna says, and then squares his shoulders and goes to meet his fate.

Reborn blinks slowly at his student, who’s approaching with the air of someone headed to the gallows.

As he should. Reborn has several burning questions, and no desire to be redirected about them.

“So I guess I’m supposed to explain?” Tsuna asks, sounding more nervous than Reborn has ever heard him.

“ ‘Lei pronto, marmocchio?’ “ Reborn quotes, and takes in the wince with a more clinical eye than he’s used to using on his students.

“It’s…complicated, okay? And you’re going to think I’m crazy. We can prove it, I promise. So just….bear with me?”

Reborn clicks the safety off of his pistol. Second only to idiots, he abhors babbling.

Tsuna winces. “Yeah, we thought you’d react like that. Um. Simplest way to put it? Xanxus, Dino, Bianchi and I are in each other’s heads. Have been since I can remember. There are eight of us, but you’ve only met the four of us officially.”

“Bianchi’s on her way,” Dino says from behind Reborn, and Reborn knows that his last student doesn’t have Bianchi’s number. There’s no way for him to know what she’s doing.

Tsuna’s shoulders relax slightly at that. “Is she going to help though?” he asks, a little wry. “Xanxus is just here to laugh at me.”

I heard that, Xanxus sends back to Tsunayoshi, before turning back to his Varia and yawning like an asshole.

“We’re done here,” he tells them, daring them to argue.

Levi opens his mouth.

“Running the Vongola would be boring anyway. Can’t kill anyone.”

Levi shuts his mouth.

“Ngh. Going to explain what all that was about, stupid Boss?”

Xanxus just arches an eyebrow at his second. Squalo will be able to figure it out, if he actually thinks about it. It’s actually kind of incredible that he hasn’t called Xanxus on about it already.

How many drugs is Superbi on? he asks Dino, idly.

More than he thinks he is, Bianchi replies instead. Romario slipped it to him in his food. Watch him, there wasn’t much time to calculate dosages.

Xanxus nods to himself. How’s the explanation going?

The response is pure exasperation from three different sources.

Chiara took this better! Tsuna complains. And it was just Dino there!

Someone else could take over?

A sigh. I don’t want to interrupt Spanner, Tsuna says. He’s working. And Byakuran’s just a creep.

Rude! comes the absent response.

Speak of the devil, Bianchi says wryly. I’d like to keep Suzuki out of Vongola politics until we’ve figured out what’s up with the Iemitsu story.

A sense of wry gratitude from Suzuki comes in reply. It’s probably bad form, how hard they’re working on keeping the Shimon a secret, but there are good reasons too.

What if I showed up? Fran asks.

Well, someone might stab you, Dino says, lightly.

No skin off my nose, their illusionist says, easily.

Yeah, but it’s a lot off mine, Tsuna says, before sighing. Come on over then. Let’s get this over with. At least the hospital’s probably still prepped.

“You’re distracted, Boss,” Mammon says, and Xanxus shrugs.

“You know why,” he says.

Mammon makes a thoughtful noise, before they jump up on top of Belphegor’s head.

“Reborn will ask me for details,” the Arcobaleno says.

Xanxus can’t help but smile at the underlying question. “Make him pay for them,” he suggests.

anonymous asked:

Varia hires a young secretary who is being a little nervous especially when Xanxus is around. And like he starts to like her because she actually can stand his awful personality and even jokes around and makes him laugh and she deals with all this mafia work perfectly (it can be nsfwish or not – you decide)

“Is there something you want to tell me, Boss?” you asked, looking up from the mass amount of paperwork that you were doing. Xanxus had been staring at you pointedly for a few seconds and he was heavily drunk, even by his standards. 

“You are not trash,” Xanxus finally said before emptying the contents of the bottle. 

“Well, considering the fact that I have to do all the paperwork you guys cause due to extensive property damage..” You smiled at him, giving him an amused look. “I’m definitely not trash. I’m promoting myself to a trashcan, Boss.”

Xanxus smirked at that but it turned to a frown. You were funny and your presence almost seemed to quell his anger but you were always a little nervous around him. 

“You can call me Xanxus,” Xanxus finally said and he enjoyed the way your face turned red.

“Wha..” You couldn’t stop blushing. 

“Cat got your tongue?” Xanxus smirked. He approached you with the grace of a predator. “(Name)?”

The way he said your name sent shivers down your spine.The good kind. You had never thought that you would hear Xanxus say someone’s name, much less yours.

Soon his face was just a few inches away. He was sexy and powerful and strong and confident and ambitious… but you didn’t want to be just another pretty face he fucked. Hell, as his secretary, you had to escort all the women he slept with and take them home. 

You were sure he was about to kiss you. You could feel his hot breathe against your cheek… but nothing happened.

“I’m taking you out. Wear something fancy. You seem like the kind who wants to take it slow,” Xanxus said. 

You blinked and then broke into a smile. 

“I don’t know,” you said teasingly. “My boss gave me a lot of paperwork. His minions keep breaking things. I’m super-busy.” You gave him a fake haughty look.

“Fuck paperwork,” Xanxus smirked. “I’m sure he’ll understand.”

But Darling Can’t You See I’m Laughing? by @aekyon


(Hey it’s me again!

I wanted to try something different and here’s the result. I like Tsuna and all but the others characters deserve love too! Today’s treat lover is Xanxus! It’s two pages longer than Tsuna wow.

This time the reader is kind of… peculiar. Don’t be fooled by her nonchalance, she’s a weird psychotic. Also I can see the Varia being huge dorks around each other but when it’s time to work, save your jokes for later.

Idk if I should put warning in there since most scenarios are dark but just in case: strong language, sexual innuendo and violence which somewhat goes a little graphic at the end.

Yes the flying pony is Dino.

Enjoy :D)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Gosh your Boss is so hawt Little (Name) you’re oh so lucky to see such a handsome creature every day… Say  will you hate me if I slept with him~??”

You said nothing. The woman in front of you puffed her cheeks, arranging her hair and make-up before turning to you.

“How boring! You could at least pretend to be angry or shocked instead of remaining emotionless, you remind me of that mint-haired cutie behaving like that,” she grabbed your face, her perfectly manicured nails slowly digging into your skin, “then again that’s an assassin for you! So calm and collected! Do you ever feel anything?”

The brown-haired woman added no more and finally let you go. She offered a sympathetic smile, the kind reserved for small, pitiful animals.

“A n y w ay, that’s it for today. You may go now. My own bodyguards will handle the rest.”

“I teased you enough for today now get out.”

You nodded not bothering to wait for any further indication as you knew the only thing in her mind right now was Xanxus.

A sigh escaped your lips as you let yourself fall on the ground, your back pressed against the door.

“Why do I have to take care of such a brat.”

The woman’s name… What was it again? You sighed once again, vaguely remembering it ended with an a.

Anyway, that woman was the precious daughter of the only heir of a powerful and resourceful family.

That’s what they claimed at least. Reborn didn’t seem convinced but until their investigations proved anything, the Varia was to take care of the negotiations, something you found pretty weird since said Varia which you were part of was composed of assassins and hardly any diplomats.

Honestly though, none among you could handle negotiation.  Could you picture Squalo or Bel at the job? No way.

“It’s as if Reborn is dumping her on us so we can take care of this family as soon as they’re proved to be useless.”

You still had to wait for Sawada Tsunayoshi’s approval though.

Now, why were you the one in charge of this annoying princess?

Despite the doubts clouding on everyone’s minds, she still was a potential soon-to-be ally. Her safety was to be guaranteed especially since her family has been the target of countless rivals. She obviously had her own bodyguards but since you all had to treat her… decently, it was decided that a notorious assassin of the Vongola would take care of her.

This is where the fun began.

When she arrived, that woman had absolutely refused to be seen with both Levi and Lussuria, claiming they were creepy and gross.

You swore Lussuria cried and Levi plotted murder.

Xanxus didn’t even pop up as a potential candidate. He still had to go through her visits on a daily basis though.

Squalo couldn’t because of his numerous tasks but you were pretty sure he wouldn’t have taken care of her anyway.

Bel had mysteriously vanished that day and only came back three days later.

As for Fran, well…

That woman found him cute and pinched his cheeks.

Fran avoided her ever since.

“It’s been three days already give me a break.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

One of the perks of the Varia headquarters? You had a huge, magnificent bathroom connected to your own huge, magnificent room.

When you stepped out of the shower with your (h/c) hair still wet and opened the door to your room, you weren’t surprised to see the squad had once again gathered.

You knew buying a sofa for your room was a good idea.

It was also a good thing you already changed in your nightgown.

“(Name)-senpai is completely wet~”

“Fran… stop it.”

The illusionist apologised in his usual monotonous tone. Bel who sat next to him catcalled but was soon reprimanded by Lussuria. Levi was once again completely absorbed by the content of your magazines, especially the parts about love.

It was as lively as always.

“Come here (Name) I’ll blow your hair dry,” Lussuria offered, hair dryer and comb already in hands.

“Ushishi I’ll let you blow something else Princess—“


Cue Lussuria smacking Bel with your comb and the Prince seemingly fainting.

“… well thanks Luss,” you sat in front of him and shivered a bit as you felt the fresh air on the back of your neck.

“How is (Name)-senpai doing? Isn’t she mad at the woman for throwing herself at the Boss? Even though (Name)-senpai and Boss had a huge fight and Boss could cheat on (Name)-senpai at any time? Or maybe he already did. Ooops.“

Lussuria gasped, “Fran I told you not to mention that!”

“It’s fine Luss,” despite the statement you still pouted and pinched Fran’s cheeks, “I’m doing fine. Also, this is punishment for my little Fran who doesn’t like having his cheeks pinched~”

“I don’t mind if it’s (Name)-senpai~”

“Aw aren’t you two precious?,” Lussuria cooed, “It would look cuter if both of you actually smiled though.”

“We’re cute but (Name)-senpai is pretending she’s not worried so she’s cuter. Or dumber. Say, are you cute or dumb senpai?”

You pinched his cheeks harder.

“Alright, maybe I am a little worried. He could cheat on me at any given moment… but I feel like he won’t. Even though he as the worst temper ever, get mad whenever Decimo is close—“

“Or us, the flying pony, the bomber, the cow, Master, and—” Fran counted.

“… yeah he’s a little possessive isn’t he? Still, my point is—“


Fran hid behind Lussuria. Levi jumped. And Bel came back from the death.

At least that’s how it looked like.

Squalo looked beyond pissed. It’s been almost one hour since he sent someone to fetch you all but he couldn’t find any of you.

He should have known they would be in you room.

“You guys are ALL coming with me RIGHT NOW,” he screamed, leaving no room for argument. The swordsman then turned to you, “As for you, someone’s here to see you. DON’T MAKE THEM WAIT.”

“Wow must be someone important then,” you thanked Lussuria again for you hair and put on a cardigan, “Where are you all going? I feel like I’m always missing the fun…”

“Showing some hospitality to our guests.”

You looked up and your eyes instantly met the others’.

So this family was useless in the end.

The atmosphere quickly changed; if you and the others had been carelessly playing around minutes ago, right now, everyone was silently fighting over who will get the heir’s and his daughter’s heads.

Only you was pouting.

“It’s unfair… I’ve been taking care of that woman since the beginning, surely I ought to give her a proper goodbye too!”

“Ushishi~ (Nickname) is angry; her mist is showing~”

You blinked and looked at your hand. Indeed your ring was glowing.

“Well she was the original replacement,” Levi scoffed, ready to head out, “Rest reassured there will be nothing left. I’ll start with her guards.”

“It sounds booooring but I’ll do it instead of (Name)-senpaaai,” Fran added, soon followed by Bel.

“Maybe I’ll find some cuties to add to my collection~,” Lussuria sing-sang, “Should I keep that brat’s body somewhere for you should I get her first?”

You scoffed, “Nah it would be a bother. She would be a waste of space in your room. However,” a grin soon appeared on your face, “Could you get her nails?”

The Sun Guardian gasped, “So she really did SRATCH you cute little face, I thought it was the result of a mission.”

“They were annoying,” you pouted once again and surely, Lussuria squealed then gasped again.

 “Anything for my little (Name)!”


“Yes yes…”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“… how rare.”

The man in front of you smiled. His sweet brown eyes could have melted your heart hadn’t someone else already took care of it. He softly took your hand and placed a soft kissed on top of it.

You stared.

“Aaah why did you do that Decimo? Now your secret fans are going to kill me~”

“They couldn’t even if they tried”, Tsuna added, obviously amused, “I wouldn’t let you get hurt anyway my dear (Name).”

You hid your face behind your hands in false embarrassment which made Tsuna chuckle again.

“I wish you would take me seriously though,” he sighed, closing the distance between you two.

“Alright, back to business,” the girly tone you had used was replaced by your usual nonchalance, “As much as Decimo likes me, he didn’t come here just to see me in my nightgown right?”

“And what if I did?”

“That’s problematic Decimo,” you crossed your arms, “You see, my Boss is a rather possessive man.”

“As expected of Xanxus’ little shadow… or should I say fiancée?”

You blinked and actually blushed at the statement.

Tsuna was quite pleased to see your flushed face for a change. You weren’t as emotionless as Fran but you seemed to keep those adorable faces for Xanxus only.

That just couldn’t do with him.

“I’m used to your flame already, there’s no need hiding it, though for the sake of this mission maybe it was a good idea.”

A purple mist circled around your finger, slowly vanishing and allowing anyone to see your engagement ring. Ring which, contrary to many people’s belief, wasn’t thrown at you out of nowhere.

Xanxus had actually put in on your hand after making a mess of you.

“I wish I did this because it was necessary,” you sighed, “Actually I had a fight with him before we got this mission which is why I covered the ring. It’s a punishment.”

“I see… then maybe I should comfort you since you’re sad?”

You hadn’t replied that the both of you heard high-pitched screams and gunshots from the mansion.

“… That was my fiancé telling you to back off Decimo.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You figured Tsuna dropped by only to mess with Xanxus. And give Squalo more tasks regarding the remaining of the useless family.

You and the Decimo had a peculiar relationship, playing house when it obvious that each of you only felt platonic love for the other. Tsuna may have been a flirt, you knew he wouldn’t desperately run after your just for the sake of winning you over.

Especially if tensions within the family could arise because of that.

The hall you reached was already spotless. Judging by the sounds from earlier, you knew Xanxus was in the room at the end.

“They cleaned everything quickly.”

You softly knocked on the door and went inside right away. Had Xanxus not wanted anyone in, he would have shot. Or thrown something. Or both.

You were greeted by the smashed face of the brown-haired woman on the ground. Truth to be told, the only reason why you recognised her was because of her hair which was the only thing left intact did you not count the fact it was burnt.

Her face had been completely destroyed. There was nothing on this bloody smashed flesh that could have been linked to her.

As for the rest of her body, you could see the burnt didn’t only apply to her hair though her lower body was replaced by a pile of dust.

When you looked up, you saw your fiancé enjoying a glass of wine as usual. As he put down his glass, he throw a small glass-like box at you.

You could easily recognised those bloody painted nails.

“… is it your way of apologising?”

Xanxus merely grunted. He motioned for you to come over, which you happily did so and comfortably lay on his lap.

Completely mewling under your fiancé’s touch, you took a look at the nails once again.

“Did Luss tell you about the nails?”

“… trash touched what’s mine.”

You actually squealed.

“Oh by the way,” you looked up to him, your hands resting on his torso, “Thanks for earlier. Decimo was getting a little close.”

Xanxus’ grip on your waist became firmer, “Then fucking stay away from him.”

“I can’t just do that, he’s still the Decimo,” you pouted, taking off your cardigan, “But I can’t forgive him for messing with us either!”

You blinked, a grin soon stretching on your face.

Xanxus could recognise that look anytime.

You had an idea.

A brilliant one judging by your face.

“… wanna make a mess in his office next time?”

Xanxus threw you on the ground, your nightgown already torn.

“Haven’t we done that already?”

Giotto is Decimo AU

This is an AU where Giotto is Nono’s son (he takes Federico’s place)

Enrico and Massimo die as in canon and Giotto is made Vongola Decimo when he’s 20, their father retiring in his grief.

Xanxus is still adopted but he and Giotto actually get along fairly well, even if Giotto is a bit overprotective at times.

Iemitsu is their Japanese cousin and when Giotto goes to Japan to inspect Vongola business he meets Nana (Iemitsu’s girlfriend) and her older sister Naomi. Naomi is basically a more mature, snarkier version of Nana. (I only created her because I really can’t see Nana and Giotto together)

Giotto and Naomi fall in love, get married and have Tsunayoshi.

Except, Naomi is killed while pregnant with Tsuna, Elena, who became good friends with her, throws herself in front of Naomi and manages to save little Tsuna by covering Naomi’s middle section with her body. Elena becomes incapacitated from the waist down because of this but doesn’t die.

Tsuna is born via C-section when he was only seven months in. So he must stay in the hospital in incubation for a while. Giotto calls him Tsunayoshi in honor of his mother and so that he doesn’t forget his heritage and pretty much lives in the hospital until Tsuna is strong enough to leave.

Giotto is eternally grateful to Elena, who risked her life and lost the use of her lower body completely, including her ability to have children. Elena is made Tsuna’s godmother with G as his godfather. Elena and Daemon are married by the way.

Of course, the family that killed Naomi is destroyed afterwards.

A couple of years later, G receives a call from a hospital in northern Italy, because he’s listed as next-of-kin for Lavina Gokudera, his younger sister. When he arrives she has already died from the wounds received in the car crash she was in, her young son Hayato is left an orphan and no one knows who the father is. G hadn’t even known she had a son, but as his only known relative G has to take Hayato in. (Btw G’s name is Giovanni Gokudera but he hates it so G it is)

So Hayato and Tsuna grow up more or less as brothers.

Then the Vongola move in to take out the Estraneo famiglia, eventually finding Mukuro, Chikusa and Ken. This was after they were experimented on, but before Mukuro goes on a rampage. So, as the resident Mist, Daemon has to train Mukuro in controlling his abilities, that was supposed to be it, but Elena decides to adopt the three of them instead and since Daemon can’t say no to her, that’s what happens.

A few years later, Daemon goes to Japan on a mission and Mukuro tags along. They return with a wisp of a girl clutching onto Mukuro’s hand for dear life and Elena cheerfully adopts her too, so Chrome joins the family.

Ugetsu has a brother named Tsuyoshi, who retired from mafia life, married, changed his name to Yamamoto and opened his own restaurant. Tsuyoshi has a son, Takeshi, who loves baseball. But, at one point Takeshi attempts suicide and almost succeeds, so Tsuyoshi sends Takeshi to his uncle in Italy, with the hope that a new environment will help him out.

This Takeshi is a little darker than canon, at least at first, but eventually Tsuna drags him into his orbit and Takeshi ends up becoming more or less like canon, though a little more ruthless and likely to fall into “natural-born-assassin” mode.

At some point, Alaude’s Chinese cousin calls in a favor, because her Cloud-aligned son is out of control and needs someone he can respect in his life, and Fon is really not helping so please come? Which leads to Alaude taking trips to Japan to deal with his little cousin, Hibari Kyouya and in the summer Hibari comes to the mansion to spar with Alaude, Giotto and basically anyone that he thinks is strong and who don’t mind indulging him. He still hasn’t managed to get Xanxus to take him seriously and he hates it.

Tsuna somehow drags him into his orbit as well.

While all this is happening, Knuckle, who in this AU is a doctor and not a priest because it makes more sense for this time period, is working with Doctors without Borders and coming in and out of the Vongola mansion at all times. He fell in love and married a cute Japanese doctor and they have two children, Ryohei and Kyoko, who spend half their time in Japan with their mother’s family and half their time in Italy with the Vongola.

Ryohei was in Tsuna’s orbit before there was an orbit to be in. He’s Tsuna’s and Hayato’s slightly annoying older brother figure. Tsuna doesn’t have a crush in Kyoko because she’s more of a sister figure than anything else.

As for Lambo, basically Lampo couldn’t keep it in his pants and the mother had better things to do than raise a child so she dumped him on his father and disappeared. This Lambo is less annoying than canon because he grew up loved, cherished and given good discipline. Though since he’s the baby of the family more than a few people tend to spoil him when no one is looking. And the little brat knows exactly who can be convinced into giving him what he wants with a well-placed word and a puppy look.

The Varia are pretty much the same as canon, with Xanxus at the head and Squalo as his second. There was no cradle affair, because even though Xanxus is still adopted, Giotto is a respectable boss and he treats Xanxus as his adorable grumpy little brother even when Xanxus doesn’t want him to. Xanxus is still angry with his father though and everyone is careful not to leave them alone in the same room.

Changing the Mafia is Giotto’s dream, though Tsuna is eager to continue the work once he ascends as Undicesimo.

This is a happy AU so there’s no Arcobaleno curse. Reborn, Fon and company are all adults around Giotto’s age.

Reborn is still the greatest hitman in the world, and while he thinks Giotto’s dream is nice and all, he’s not really holding his breath for it. Though he is contracted to tutor Tsuna and his friends at some point.

Fon is still part of the triads but is trying his best to get out so that his daughter I-pin doesn’t have to suffer the same fate as him. His sister is Hibari’s mother.

Aria is the head of the Giglio Nero family and recently gave birth to Uni. Luce has retired from running the family, though she still attends social events and gossips like no one’s business. (sorry I just like Aria more than I like Luce so Aria gets to share generation with Giotto and co)

Skull is a famous stuntman and never even heard of the mafia.

Lal and Collonello are still in the military, and not involved with the mafia in any way.

Verde is researching flames because they are fascinating, so he has some contact with the mafia though he is not part of it.

Mammon/Viper is in the Varia and since Xanxus pays well, will be there for the foreseeable future.

Other details:

Bianchi runs away from home and starts her life as freelance hitman under Reborn’s tutelage. When she meets the Vongola, G has to make a double take because she shares a lot of similarities with Hayato. This makes him start to suspect who Hayato’s father is, though since he doesn’t care for the DiCastello boss, he does nothing and pretends that Bianchi and Hayato don’t look a thing like each other.

Knuckle deeply dislikes Shamal, since he sees the use of the mosquitoes and his work as an assassin as the worse kind of violation of the Hippocratic Oath.

Fuuta still runs away towards Tsuna, who is still the “number one incapable of refusing a request” person in the mafia, and becomes a ward of the Vongola.

Dino worships the ground Giotto walks in and wants to be just like him so badly. Giotto is equal parts confused, flattered and horrified by this. Dino sort of gets over it after Reborn’s training but he still has his moments of… well, fangirling over Giotto and how awesome a boss he is.

So yeah… that’s all I have for now.