little witches academia

Hi so I just finished Little Witch Academia

And I’m Queer This is QUEER I’ve only seen this big a collection of QueersTM twice before in my entire life I can’t fucking believe this  G o d  look at them What a hot disaster 7 queer infants and their 2 Gay Catastrophe moms who the hell signed those adoption papers?  Infants, I tell you, INFANTS.  AND THEN THERE’S THEESE ASSHOLES

And I, for one, am offended.

Coming Home to You

Sooo work has been pretty tiring and has been draining my time and is giving me the worst case of writer’s block.

So then I thought, Diana probably has days like that too? And well…


Oh right, I’ve also eagerly accepted Diana and Akko using the Japanese phrases for them leaving (though in this case, coming back) home from Ticcy’s Dianakko week comic for the Domestic AU. 

Dianakko fluff, of course. link:

Summary: Diana comes home after a long day as Luna Nova’s youngest professor. Luckily, today, just like every day, she has someone waiting for her back at home.

Word Count: ~3124 words

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Did someone say, shitpost?

Woodward: What do you call a newborn Cavendish?

Diana: *sighs* Enlighten me.

Woodward: Banana Bread! Because she’s no longer a bun in the oven!

Akko: *snickering* Woods, that was awful, even by my standards!

Diana: By the Nine, I need to keep Bernadette safe from you two.

Amanda: Why is your family tree like a goddamn breakfast menu?

Sucy: Seriously, we all have diabetes now from the sheer amount of sugar related nicknames being thrown around.

Hannah: Pray for Diana. We all know Akko is going to teach Bernadette how to drive Diana crazy.

Akko: Of course, right baby?

Bernadette: *happy gibberish*

Diana: ….

Diana: You never call me ‘baby’.

Lotte: You two are…something else.

But at least their happy. Mostly.