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Miraculous AU Idea: “Little Witch Academia”

So, one of my favorite animes is one that just started premiering in Japan, this past January called, “Little Witch Academia.” There have been 8 episodes so far, with the 9th episode coming out later tonight.

I think it would be a GREAT AU for Miraculous, BUT with Bridgette and Félix INSTEAD OF Marinette and Adrien.

Here’s my cast:

Now, when it came to casting Diana, Akko’s rival, I couldn’t decide whether or not to pick Lila or Chloé. So, I asked my friend, Speedy, and she said that Lila should be Diana.
1) Because she thinks that Chloé and Sabrina seem more like followers
2) MY REASON: Diana’s not really a “Mean Girl,” and neither is Lila

As for Constanze…. I couldn’t really think of anyone, so I just went with Mirelle because she also has blue hair XDD

Oh, and if you’re wondering who the Earl of Hanbridge is, he’s Andrew’s father. 

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New PV for “Little Witch Academia - Time Magic and the Seven Wonders”

I did a quick translation! Please excuse any errors (I’ll mark parts I’m unsure about with three asterisks like this ***)

Lotte: Akko, were you sleeping all this time?
Akko: Um… I was doing a bit of organizing and I got sleepy. Heh!? What time is it?
Sucy: You didn’t even finish either.
Akko: Huh? Did I leave my book over here?***

Akko: Summer vacation finally starts today! Or it’s supposed to, but even though morning comes, “tomorrow” doesn’t. In other words, we can’t go anywhere to play! That means we have to repeat this day over and over and unravel this maze.
First, we’ll search every nook and cranny of the school.
I wonder if the teachers and other students know anything.
Many different things can happen in different places at the same time, so use the repeating time well and collect information!

Whoa! We got a key! If you have a key, you can go into dungeons from the Horologium Room. Create a party of 3 of your favorite members, and after preparations, set off on an adventure!

I won’t give up! Take that!
Lotte: I can help too!
Sucy: I guess I’ll give it a try.
Amanda: How could you keep such an interesting thing from us?
Jasminka: Searching for people and collecting gold*** are both important!
Akko: With the power of all six of us, we’ll get past anything!***

Don’t ever tell anyone else! Especially not the teachers!
Diana: My, do you know of something that would get you in trouble if they found out?
Akko: Gck! Aah it’s over. Why did Diana have to come of all things. Don’t tell me… Amanda?
Amanda: Haah? It’s your fault isn’t it?
Jasminka: Want some? It’s fluffy flavor.

Little Witch Academia - Time Magic and the Seven Wonders! On sale November 30th!

Also included with the game will be:

  • Illustrations from Trigger
  • Blu-ray with special contents
  • Drama CD with Night Fall in it
  • An artbook
  • Game-original Chariot card

Finally, it was said before in an earlier PV, but Ohara Yuiko, artist of both the EDs of the TV series, will also be releasing a new song tied to the game, titled 「時のミラージュ」 (Toki no Mirage) “Mirage of Time”. I want to give this reminder because I’ve become a big fan of hers, haha!


Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time new PV ft. animated cutscenes by Trigger (PS4, PC)




LWA ep 8 PV