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Some people may still a bit confused about what the connection to Episode 8 was

We know that episode 8 saw Akko pretty much change how Sucy’s mind works and we did get to see Sucy act more appreciative and she’s letting her expressions have more variety.

Being more open to things outside of what she’s used to.

Showing genuine initial shock at the moss covered victims.

Showing appreciation despite it not being a proper time to do so, as Lotte pointed out. She’s slowly letting her personality develop outside of the usual shifts between bored/uninterested and creepily sadistic.

So it’s nice to see subtle continuity, but most likely there’s probably something else that went over my head.

For @cavenbitch / @ohnamine

It’s super belated I know! I’m so sorry. I still need to color it but I hope you enjoy this sketch until then. ❤️🌹

Re: Croix being Italian but having a French name

There is a region in northwestern Italy called Aosta Valley where the French language is commonly spoken and along with Italian has status as one of the official languages of the region. I have no idea if Trigger actually intended her to be from there, but I figured it would be worth mentioning.