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“We are so happy to have Leonore in our life. She is a little angel and like her name, she brings sunlight even on cloudy days.”- Princess Madeleine 

Born on February 20th, 2014 at 10:41 pm at Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City weighing 6.95 lbs, HRH Princess Leonore Lilian Maria, Duchess of Gotland, is currently seventh in line to the Swedish throne. The Little Princess has proven to be quite the little wild child in her three years with her mother describing her to be “everywhere” and her father nicknaming her “a little monkey”. 

At nearly four months old, Leonore was christened on her parents’ first wedding anniversary in a beautiful church service. And though she may be little, Leonore has already undertaken her first engagement by visiting her duchy of Gotland in June 2016, accompanied by her parents. 

Leonore is known to steal the show whenever attending events with the Royal Family. Whether it’s falling out of a chair at her little cousin’s christening or running wild at a photocall, we can always count on Leonore to make an event interesting. She’s said to be a helpful big sister to little brother Prince Nicolas and is very close to her elder cousin, Princess Estelle, many describe their relationship to be sisterly. According to her parents, Leonore is very attached to her kaninen (stuffed rabbit) and as of recent, enjoys reading books. 

Here’s wishing Little Leonore the very best 3rd birthday! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for her, may she only get wilder. 

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I know you're done with the hp discourse thing but I'm dying to hear more about dragon trainer Phichit and his romance with magical creature loving professor seung gil

THIS IS the only kind of HP discourse I’m gonna be part of from now on. 

Phichit was homeschooled for a lot of his career, because Thailand doesn’t have its own dedicated wizarding school. There are a lot of regional schools with the biggest being in Bangkok, but otherwise there is a lot of homegrown magic there. So that’s why he’s always been a little bit of a wild child—he knows a lot of earthier magic, and has a good feel for magical creatures because of it. 

He grew up near the Mekong River, so he’s always been aware of dragons and has seen a couple of himself. However, over the last couple of years they’ve been getting rarer and rarer due to habitat destruction and poaching—especially for fashion and protective wear, since dragonhide is the most durable kind. When he graduated from Mahoutokoro (where he got sent when he was a little bit older than usual once his parents couldn’t keep up with his training), Phichit vowed to start the first Dragon Reserve in Thailand to preserve them and educate the public on proper care of magical creature ecosystems. 

Seung-gil teaches CoMC at a school in Pyeongchang. He fell into the career because he hates people and he loves animals, so in school he’d spend a lot of time roaming the mountainside where his school is. That’s where he found his pet—a three headed dog, not native to the region so he couldn’t leave it in case it became an invasive species or something. He calls each head Sun, Moon, and Eclipse after the Bul-Gae. He still has a bad fashion sense even in this AU, so when he dresses up it is almost always in ugly protective gear like the kind beekeepers wear lmao.

They meet at a conference for people who work with Magical Creatures. Seung-gil brings his dog with him because he didn’t trust anyone to care for her while he was off for two weeks in Japan. He was set to give a lecture on planting the right mix of of native plants in order to bolster fragile ecosystems to make them healthier for magical animals, because he just created a new formula that calculate the right ratios and he was asked to give the keynote. Phichit was attending his lecture and took a selfie with his dog, only to realize!!!! The very smart babe who owns the cute dog(s) is actually the one speaking next wow. 

They work together to start Phichit’s dream of creating a dragon reserve in Thailand and bringing back the dragons to the Mekong River. :’)

@sleepyfortress thought u would be interested in more dragon tamer Phichit and his boyfriend Prof. Lee Seung-gil


If you guys notice the B team as much as I do then you must of seen this scene where Mikey thought Donnie was gonna smack him for making him explain, but to his and probably the fans surprise he didnt, instead he just patted or rubbed Mikey’s head.

The brotherly affection between these two I need so much in my life bro.

I tried my best at the animation, so forgive if its at amature level! Im still learning ^^

please reblog the cute! i spent most of the day on this, and im quite proud of it! Cause i colored! thats right I actually colored something ;)

I do what I want
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Btw they where talking about how Wild shouldn’t just go running around, especially with how fast he goes hahah

“She remembered….the sound of her brother’s laughter as he chases her through piles of damp leaves. She remembered making mud pies with Lysa, the weight of them, the mud slick and brown between her fingers. They had served them to Littlefinger, giggling”

Some people too quickly forget that even though Catelyn took on the role of Lady of Riverrun after her Mother’s death, and possibly some of her joy in the same way her Father did, and was very dutiful, that she did play like a wild little child, that the Tullys are by no means the calmest family in the world. 

I mean Little Cat swam in rivers, and ran through wet leaves, and used to laugh and hide in the castle, and her brother used to chase her and she and Lysa would make mud pies. A lot of this would be very messy and very loud, and this again supports my belief it is Arya which takes after Catelyn, not Sansa, because these sort of games seem more of Arya’s ilk than her sister’s. 

And just as Arya knows every servant, so does Catelyn, as she instantly knows the attacker is not from the stables when he comes for Bran because ‘Catelyn knew every single man who worked in the stables’, which I think must come from her Father’s teachings that being a Lady is duty not a right, and their duty is to their people, so she always knows the people of the castle (just as Ned does because he feasts with them). 

But I just feel you would never get Sansa playing with mudpies, or getting wet (I mean Catelyn when leaving King’s Landing is getting soaked and her dress is muddy and her hair is flat and sticking to her forehead, but while Ser Roderick cares, Catelyn just says ‘It’s only water’ and doesn’t care for how ‘ragged and wild’ she must appear) and I sort of theorise that Sansa actually takes after Minisa, who, from the few mentions of her, we know was delicate and gentle and warm and soft, and sounds the epitome of the delicate, perfect lady. And Catelyn has her Mother’s look, which means Sansa has Minisa’s look as well. 

I don’t know, I just love the idea alongside Catelyn actually being more like Arya as a child (absent of the wild wolf’s blood of course, because Cat ‘has no love for swords’ etc), that Sansa takes after the Grandmother that meant so much to every Tully.