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If all this was a work of fiction… the guys who go to nationals would be the protagonists, and the rest of us would just be extras. But, regardless… we got to play… volleyball.

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ok but what kind of shenanigans do the samwell women's hockey team get into ??? do they also live in a swanky (yet in better repair) frat house??? does bitty bake them good luck pies prior to games?? do they even associate with the men's team since everybody hates them??? i need answers this is very important to me

honestly the fact that the SWH doesn’t exist is a shame and it’s why I’ve got plenty of headcanons for u

  • they do live in a sorority house and it’s a fucking mess
  • sports bras  e v e r y w h e r e
  • you wouldn’t believe the number of fights started over accidental bra theft. because in a team where most people have boobs ?? sports bras are a religion
  • however the building is kept mostly clean and it’s also extremely homey because every generation leaves tons of pictures tacked in the hallways
  • (also there’s a senior called Debs, she’s a bit of a freak clean, but she’s also like half the reason they didn’t die of food poisoning yet)
  • they do have a bit of a competition going on with the men’s team though
  • and by “a bit” I actually mean a good-natured but completely ruthless competition that goes from “who’s gonna get the more newbies this year” to “ahahahah no we didn’t come to the Haus during the night just to leave crude drawings on the fridge that’s called breaking and entering Shitty, and here I was thinking you wanted to be a lawyer tsk tsk”
  • (Liv is their captain. She studies business and she has absolutely no chill when it comes to competition.)
  • when Farmer and Chowder started dating there even was talks of an alliance with the women’s tennis team because obviously the men’s hockey and volleyball teams were planning something
  • then a tennis player pointed out that half the hockey and tennis team were already dating so technically they were the one who started it
  • (Snarker is one of the forward. Snarker is also in the debate team, and they’re the only one who can keep up with Shitty when the inter-team chirping begins. Hence the nickname.)
  • the team members all call each other “sis” (except for Elizabeth, the goalie. Elizabeth is “babe”. She loves it.)
  • if you’re not in the hockey team and they call you sis, you gotta wear it like a badge of honor.
  • Lardo is definitely sis-worthy.
  • (Clarke is a d-woman, and also a drama student. She’s dating a tennis player and sings a lot. Swift, the other d-woman, studies physics, and got her nickname because she’s a damn fast player who listens a lot to Taylor Swift.)
  • the SWH is mostly known on campus for that one time there was a brawl in a bar. they weren’t involved. they won.
  • also there was this scandal a few years ago when outraged parents took their daughter out of Samwell because the “hockey team made her gay”
  • she got married to her girlfriend last year and the whole hockey team was invited to the party
Let me introduce you to the Haikyuu knitting club

Suga loves knitting. He loves to knit scarfs, socks or sweaters for his friends in the winter, and he can do it really well.

Somewhere along the line, he teaches daichi how to knit, and they often knit together. Daichi can’t really do anything fancy, but his work is pretty neat.

They find out that Asahi also knits because it helps him calm down in stressful situations. They end up spending saterday mornings knitting in daichi’s house, and so the haikyuu knitting club is born!

For a long time it’s only the three of them. Tanaka excitingly tries to join in, only to find out that he is absolutely terrible at it. Suga finds out that Tsukishima can knit REALLY WELL, but he has no interest in actually joining.

Eventually they get members from other schools though! Kuroo joins them first, blowing everyone away with his how fast he can knit. Later Akaashi joins, showing of his arsenal of different patterns and tricks. At meetings, you can also find Bokuto quietly sitting in the back of the room, playing with a ball of yarn. He sometimes talks to Aone, who joined around the same time and mostly just sits in the back of the room, observing the others and effortlessly knitting a sweater. Bokuto loves to talk to Aone, even though he doesn’t really respond, and Aone finds the ungoing chatter from Bokuto quite calming.

The true knitting king though, is Ushijima. Even veteran Suga is impressed. Ushijima isn’t only fast and accurate, he can knit almost everything you can possibly think of, including difficult patterns.

Every once in a while they get together in Daichi’s house to discuss knitting patterns, show of their work and teach each other new skills. This always goes hand in hand with snacks and tea, and sometimes they even play a little volleyball in between.

One thing is certain, no volleyball player will have to be cold this winter (because we all know that all these sweet hearts will knit scarfs for their ENTIRE team.)

hq rarepair week day seven: free prompt / graduation
title: break a leg
pairing: hanamaki takahiro/matsukawa issei
summary: in which hanamaki thinks he might have a thing for legs (for a certain middle blocker’s legs, apparently).
warning for swearing.

AO3 link.

“You know, Oikawa.”

“What is it, Makki?”

“I think I might have a leg fetish.”

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