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do you any headcanon about vincent & francies childhood?

Hello! Sure Anon, here you go for some:

  • They always called each other “Vinnie and Frannie”, though starting from a certain age, the use of these nicknames was slightly more mocking than affectionate. Vincent did go back to calling his sister “Frannie” while being older only as a sign of pure affection though. 
  • They both learnt how to lie from very early on, Vincent because he was a very mischievous boy, Frances because she would cover for him whenever he wanted to do something silly.
  • One day, when he was 7, Vincent decided to run away for a reason no one bothered to remember after the event. He managed to talk Frances into coming along and stealing Claudia’s shoes so that she wouldn’t be able to go after them, however Tanaka found them before the end of the day and they were punished, mostly because they lost some of Claudia’s shoes on the way back home. 
  • The older they got during childhood, the more competitive with each other they became and at some point they’d constantly end up physically fighting whenever they’d disagree: Vincent would pull his sister’s hair while Frances punched or slapped him and, most of the time, it would end with them mud wrestling and then in tears whenever Claudia witnessed the event.  
  • Some time when he was 8, Vincent’s greatest hobby was to learn how to say “idiot” in as many languages as possible, in order to constantly call out his sister with no one supposedly being able to understand. 
    Once she realized what he was doing though, Frances reiterated by throwing Vincent’s personal chessboard out of the window and hiding all the pieces across the house.
    • Vincent was so pissed afterwards that he planned to cut some of his sister’s hair as revenge, but the massacre was stopped right on time by Claudia and Cedric when Tanaka reported to them that Frances had asked him to force Vincent to commit seppuku if he were to touch one strand of her hair.
  • At some point Claudia got so tired of her children arguing all the time about literally everything that she decided to force them to kiss each other on the cheek whenever they had to mutually apologize after a fight.
    Horrified, they calmed down for a little while until they found out that they could use their dad as a proxy instead of directly kissing each other’s cheek and the constant fighting resumed. 
    • it was around that time that Cedric told Claudia that he wouldn’t mind having another child. However, just as he brought up the topic, Vincent threw mud at Frances’ hair who shrieked very loudly and Claudia glared at her husband before answering “over my dead body”.
  • One day when she was 7 or 8, Frances decided to cut her hair alone (”to look older”) and the result was terrible. Though a maid managed to rectify the disaster by cutting it way shorter than she initially wanted, Vincent, seeing how sad and ashamed his sister was, promised her that he would humiliate anyone who’d dare call her “a boy wearing a dress”.
    • it’s around this time that Vincent got a growing interest in studying all the many hairstyles that existed and he and Frances would often spend time laughing at haircuts with ridiculously long bangs. 
    • Cedric also bought his daughter shoes with very sharp little heels so that she could innocently hurt the feet of people who would dare mock her haircut.
    • Honestly, Claudia found all of this very cute, fancy and amusing.
  • One day, Vincent and Frances were playing ‘hide and seek’ with their parents, but something (Watchdog related) came up and Claudia and Cedric forgot that they were supposed to be looking for their children, which is why Vincent and Frances ended up falling asleep in their mom’s closet, surrounded by her dresses. 
    • It took a few hours for Claudia to realize that she hadn’t seen her children in a while and she totally freaked out when she couldn’t find them anywhere because they were asleep in her closet.
    • In the end, it seems one of the children woke up and was hungry so they got out of the closet and didn’t understand why everyone seemed so relieved to see them.
    • Claudia forbade ‘hide and seek’ games from that point on, even more so when Frances wouldn’t shut up about how they had “won”.
  • The children once begged Tanaka to teach them Japanese and they started after Claudia gave her approval. However, the more they learnt, the more the siblings would often “discuss” in Japanese during meals with the sole purpose of pissing off their parents who didn’t understand the language. 
    • Cedric and Claudia reiterated by speaking a language that the children didn’t understand. It went on like that until Vincent called his mom “baka” and he was severely punished because she at least understood this word. From that point onward, anyone who didn’t speak English during meals wouldn’t be allowed to eat. 

I had fun so I hope you found them enjoyable. :D Have a nice day Anon!


As it descended, it opened it’s maw wide and screamed at Ronan. It wasn’t the sound Ronan had heard before. It was the roaring hiss of a fire dampened with water. Sparks rained onto Ronan’s shoulders.

He could feel how it hated him. How it hated Kavinsky, too. How it hated the world.

It was so hungry.

Kavinsky looked at Ronan, his eyes dead. “Try to keep up, Lynch.”


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