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It’s not stupid. I promise. It’s not stupid to turn into your 5 year old self and get happy beyond measure for the little things. It’s not stupid to be proud of yourself for completing a load of laundry and washing the dishes. You aren’t lame for patting yourself on the back when you chose a salad over a burger. You’re taking care of yourself and each victory - no matter how small - is worth celebrating. 

To people who are chronically ill: Recovery doesn’t always have to equal overcoming your illness. Recovery can be learning to manage symptoms- or starting therapy and medication. The little victories are still things to celebrate. Even if there’s no real “recovering” for you, you can heal yourself in other ways and life will get better


Watercolor action! Yay loose marks!! Lately I’ve been receiving questions about my style and how goes the change ☺️Thought I would take a moment to give an update!! I’m having lots of fun simply exploring. I’m not focusing much on finding a style, but more developing my skill sets and getting better at watercolors. I strongly believe “art style ” is not the end goal, it’s an added bonus. My love for art has always been rooted in the discovery process, constantly chasing those little moments of victory when things click. Overall, I feel relaxed and free 💖✨ About YouTube videos, between cons and needing a new harddrive, it’s been placed on the back burner :( I miss making videos. For more in depth Tori thoughts, check out my Patreon, lots of hideous drawings this month in the sketchbook PDF - which maybe be my largest so far!? About 50 pages?

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Something I’ve found kind interesting is the general fandom opinion (as in, what’s the popular interpretation) regarding Blue Pearl and Yellow Pearl. In general, folks like both of them but view them very differently. The average opinion toward Blue Pearl is sympathetic, people feel sorry for her, want to rescue her, view her as someone who desperately wants to get out of the situation she’s in. By contrast, the average opinion of Yellow Pearl is that she’s smug, superior, content and proud to be working for Yellow Diamond. There’s comparatively few people who feel Yellow Pearl needs to be rescued from the situation she’s in than those who feel Blue Pearl needs(or needed) to be rescued.

But, objectively speaking, we have more evidence that Yellow Pearl is in an abusive situation than Blue Pearl. We’ve only seen a little of both of them, but with Yellow Pearl we have several instances of flinching and cowering, something we don’t get with Blue Pearl. Mind you, they’re both in abusive situations and I’m in no way suggesting that one ‘has it better’ or worse than the other. I just find it interesting that despite Yellow Pearl displaying some of the more classic signs of abuse, most people more readily read Blue Pearl as an abuse victim than Yellow Pearl, due to the perceived personalities of the two characters

I think certain types of behaviors reduce our inclination to be compassionate towards a person. We have a model of what a sympathetic person is in our heads, its generally someone quiet, meek, sad, subdued. We have an expectation for what a person who has had a trauma, has been abused, is like. When people deviate from that, our ability to sympathize with them reduces. More than anything, people cannot stand aloofness or an air of superiority or smugness. We feel compelled to want people who exhibit these traits to ‘be taken down a peg’, because we hate the idea they think they’re better than us (a really disturbing amount of kids movies support this, I mean how many school-centered stories have a popular kid who eventually gets dragged through the mud by the end?). We tend to not view people like that as people with any sort of bad things going on with them and we think that no one in a bad situation could be smug or act like they’re superior

and its unfortunate, because that sort of behavior is a pretty common response to anxiety and trauma. Aloofness is a very common response to anxiety, smugness/superiority is often a result of feeling inferior in certain parts of our life. People respond to trauma in different ways. We respond and adapt to the situation we’re in, and we can take pride in the little victories or things that make us feel like we’re not the most worthless/disliked person in the room. It might not be a sympathetic trauma response, but it is one. There’s a lot of behaviors like that, that deviate from the sympathetic model of a victim people have in their heads. And its unfortunate, since it causes a lot of people to write off people who exhibit these traits as ‘not a victim’ and in some cases actively punish them for these behaviors.

I’m not chastising anyone who viewed the characters this way, I totally get it, and Yellow Pearl was definitely acting smug. We’re meant to notice and respond to this aspect of her character. There’s a lot of neat art and interpretations of her as having genuine pride in her job, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I just think about it a lot whenever I see fandom stuff about her. I feel like this is what the show is going for, to present the character in a way that’s unsympathetic (her being combative with and smug toward Peridot, a character we know better and thus are more likely to sympathize with in general) and then have us learn more about her to demonstrate that first impressions can be deceiving. They very deliberately paid attention to showing her fear of Yellow Diamond, so it really does seem like something they’re going to expand upon in the future. Perhaps it might even help some folks realize there are other, less sympathetic responses to trauma (maybe just wishful thinking there, though)

hi i’m very emotional about tango looking up to chowder as a role model??? like??? tango’s look of adoration in that extra??? chowder’s friendly dad-hand on his back??? chowder showing the tadpoles the ropes of the smh and helping them adjust and encouraging them and them being super comfortable talking to chowder about everything, their problems but also their little victories and things they’re happy about??? i have Emotions

Unexpected Encounter (Dean Winchester x Male!Reader)

Request! Yay! Keep them coming guys.
So I decided to do the Dean one, because I unfortunately know nothing about MacGyver! I hope you enjoy it :)

Disclaimer: I used a few dialogues like they were in the show, but also needed to change some scenes (basically I was too lazy to look them up).

Wordcount: 2,500+
Warnings: none, Jess’ death maybe

“That. That is the single most disappointing Halloween costume I’ve ever seen.”

Sam rolled his eyes, “Hello to you, too, (M/N).”

It was Halloween and a big group of students had decided to throw a party in the nearest bar. One of them was (M/N) (M/L/N), 23 years old, who was more than excited about the nightly event. He met up with his friends, a big guy with a keen dislike for Halloween, Sam Winchester, and his stunning girlfriend, Jess. She was dressed as a nurse, which (M/N) approved of, seeing as Sam didn’t dress up at all.

“At least I’m not wearing a potato sack,” Sam shot back at his friend and chuckled at his offended gaze.

“This is a poncho, thank you very much, as I am representing the old western. And I’ll have you know that half of the people I met told me that I look ‘as handsome as ever’ while you look ‘as Sam as ever’.”

Jess laughed, “I told him to dress up, but he wasn’t having it. You do look good, (M/N).”

“Thanks, right back at’cha,” (M/N) flung his arm around Sam’s shoulder and the three of them entered the bar, “Luis already saved seats and he already started drinking, so… y’know, be prepared.”

And sure enough, when they found the seats there was already a drunken guy launching over the table and waving at them.

“Hey Luis,” Sam greeted and winced as the strong smell of Luis’ breath hit him.

“Sam! (M/N) told me all about your little victory… thing-y!” Luis hollered and gave them all shot glasses.

Jess smirked proudly, “Here’s to Sam and his awesome LSAT victory!”

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spookydefendordreamer  asked:

I when to the doctors and mentioned my anxiety and now I'm on medication for it. I finally got some help for my problems. only down side is my mums being a bit of a bitch about it

Omg honey! That’s amazing!! I hope the medicine doesn’t have a long adjustment period for you cause that bit sucks.

Booo for your mum being shitty about it but you should still call this a victory. Cause that’s what it is. I’m so happy for you xx

Nalu Week Day1: Gifts

‘Really? Something this big as a cupcake?’

'I wouldn’t call it a 'cup'cake anymore!’

Sorta like a birthday giftie to Lucy since people are saying that her birthday is today?

Some traditional work. Scanner wire is missing so had to take it with my phone and fix the colours in PS. Looks better irl. It’s something really quick I wiped up since I have no motivation nor ideas but I have to stay loyal to my ship ,right? hahah

Happy Nalu week everyone!

Hello!) I want to tell you a story!

This summer I was at hospital for a several weeks. There I met a lot of children who watch “Wander over Yonder”! I drew WoY on the road before hospital, told them about 2nd season and cancelling.

One girl really fell in love with this cartoon after I show it to her) We sang songs, drew and role played! It was so interesting))

Few days ago her mother send me this picture. It maybe worse then margo-sama or tnilnil arts, but for me it’s more then piece of paper! It’s a little victory c:
Little victory like all our things that we make for saving WoY! Because she still remember this cartoon, she loves it! And she’ll teach a lot of lessons from it! And even if she’ll not, she’ll spend time watching really good show!

This is a little victory, but I believe that all these lil victories will lead us to the big victory!) And some day there will be third season of Wander over Yonder!
Because I believe in it…

“Wander and Sylvia” by Nastya Martyunkevich (Настя Мартынкевич), 6 years old.
I know, I know. I need some guy who will check my posts before sending them :)
But it’s better than in russian))
Happy Holidays everyone :3