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Hercules (in Latin)

“I’ve defeated every single monster I’ve come up against. I’m the most famous person in all of Greece!”

“I’m…I’m an action figure!”

Note: I’ve created the term ‘pupus vividus’ to mean 'action figure’ (Couldn’t find any other attempts to come up with a term after searching a bit). 'Pupus, -i m. - little boy, puppet’ (masculine form of 'pupa, -ae f. - little girl, doll, puppet’), used with the adjective 'vividus, -a, -um - lively, animated, true to life’.

Gif Credit: Oxnam (I added the Latin text)


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Bucky x Reader


There was something cathartic about crying. Not quiet tears that were easily wiped away but loud, uncontrollable sobbing, hitting the walls, falling onto the ground and screaming until your lungs hurt and there was nothing left. It left you utterly exhausted afterwards but pleasantly numb. He had done it himself on occasion out of anger, frustration, sadness and just about every feeling there was.

So when he heard the tell tale gasp of someone holding in a sob he didn’t hesitate to drop his bag and knock on the bathroom door, ‘Bad day, doll?’ A mumbled, stuffy sounding denial came from the other side of the door and he gave a half smile, leaning against the doorframe, 'You wanna talk about it?’ There wasn’t a reply this time but a stuttered sob that made him sigh in sympathy. 'Come on…I don’t care if your nose is running or that your face is all red and blotchy. You can go all out – Not like I could judge you if I even wanted to.’

Slowly the door opened and he looked down at his girlfriend with a gentle smile, 'Don’t look at me… I’m really ugly right now…’ Y/N walked into him and wrapped her arms around the man’s middle, nestling her head under his chin with a defiant sniffle. She had had her cry and now she needed to get over it.

'You’re not ugly.’ His lips pressed on top of her head, 'You’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen and no amount of snot or puffy eyes is gonna make me think different.’ When he realised she wasn’t going to cry in front of him he did something he hated, the one thing that could break down the strongest walls and it took only three words, 'Are you okay?’

Her fist hit his chest and he sighed, 'You bastard! Why…Why w-would you… Dam it, Bucky!’ Her voice cracked and he felt her shake, felt her take in a loud gasp and let out a miserable sound followed by tears and nails in his back. She felt him grip the backs of her thighs and lift her, he carried her to the sofa and sat down with her on his lap, never once breaking their embrace. He rearranged her legs so that she wouldn’t get cramp and pulled her shoes off before rubbing his palms up and down her back.

'Is that all you got?’ He asked in a tone that seemed uninterested, 'You just gonna have this little whine – doesn’t seem worth it…’

Y/N pushed back from his chest and sent his a watery glare, 'Well excuse me for not being worth it! I’m sorry if I’m spoiling your day and you got better stuff today but maybe I had a really shit week! Maybe I’m allowed to be a little bit fucking selfish and have a cry! I just…It’s…Why can’t I just…I’m trying so damn hard!’ This time she let out an angry little scream and thumped his metal shoulder in frustration, sobbing loudly into his chest to muffle the heart wrenching sound.

Bucky continued to rub her back and comb his fingers through her hair, 'Good girl, there we go.’ He didn’t like that she was so upset but he understood that people just had to cry sometimes, 'I know you got more than that…let it out.’ The brunette squeezed her a little tighter, huddling her against him as if sheltering her from everything else, 'Gonna look after you.’
He kept hold of her even when she seemed to calm, her head turned and she rested her cheek against his now damp chest, wobbly sounding whimpers escaping her as she tried to reign it in, the fingers of her right hand were hooked into his shirt and all she wanted was to simply lay there, possibly forever to wallow in her misery. The tears were drying on her cheeks but her eyes were still wet, vision still blurred, she could have fallen asleep against him there and then. Bucky made her sit up and gently wiped her face with his flesh hand, 'Want me to kill someone?’

A bitter laugh escaped her, her face scrunching up as another hiccup of sadness bubbled up, 'No…maybe? Would you get in trouble?’

His smug little smirk made her smile a little more, 'Doll… I used to be an assassin. Before that I was a damn good sniper – I can have them dead and not even be in the country. Steve would probably help me get rid of the body if I told him it was to stop you crying.’ Leaning forward Bucky kissed her forehead and gave her bottom a tap, 'Go wash your face, get in that ugly sweater of yours and I’ll make you a toasted sandwich or something.’
She had her favourite sweater, it was knitted and full of holes she didn’t know how to fix but it was comfortable and warm and she loved it too much to ever throw out. Bucky sat beside her, raising his left arm for her to nestle under and later likely fall asleep half way across his chest, for now he flicked on one of the movies in their queue and held the plate whilst she nibbled on the corner of her sandwich, he’d even cut it into triangles for her – every now and then she would brush the crumbs off him – Occasionally she would sniffle and Bucky would turn his head and kiss her temple.


Hey fellow giants!

When you’re kind of just hanging around, and want to idly cuddle a tiny, what do you use to pretend? I usually use my phone, because I’m often imagining whoever I’m texting as a tiny. But I sometimes feel like it’s too hard or I can’t help but notice it doesn’t have the right dimensions?

For instance, I know that @tiny-taker uses a little cowboy doll, but I’m really curious to see how other giants like to make themselves feel giant! Feel free to add to this post.


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Have Funko dolls, Will travel(s).

One year.

She’d been in this sick, twisted hell for exactly one year, doing his housework, enduring his unthinkable experiments, and acting as his perfect little doll to use as he pleased.

With no family or friends to save her, Christine had been an easy target. The first three weeks were the worst. She’d cried, begged, screamed, tried to run, all of it ending in painful failure. After that, she slowly became impassive, silently catering to his wishes, never putting up a fight. Instead, she chose to cry alone at night, after he’d locked her in her little room.

Her captor, whom she only knew as “Master,” was of average height, with bright blue eyes, sandy hair, and a blindingly white smile; undeniably handsome. The type who looked absolutely harmless, whom her high school self would have drooled over. Now, however, the very sight of him made her ill. Knowing his twisted ways, his cold, calculating heart and mind, she knew that he was far from what his pretty boy looks suggested.

On that particular day, Christine was carefully hanging up her master’s freshly ironed dress shirts when she felt a hand on the small of her back.

“That’s enough for today,” he purred to her, lips mere inches from her ear. She fought off the perturbed shiver that threatened to run down her spine. “I have another job for you, pet.”

Christine simply nodded following him down the steps to his basement. His “lab,” or torture chamber, rather, was dark and dank and smelled of rotting hope. She’d spent her first few days here chained to the wall, and still did sometimes when he decided that she’d “misbehaved.” It looked like something out of a horror film or dystopian video game, with a metal operating table, sharp tools, whips, chains, dangerous, foul smelling chemicals, and just about anything else one could imagine belonging in such a place.

When the door opened, the first thing that reached Christine’s ears was the sound of whimpering; a child’s whimpering. She felt her insides clench in dread and despair. ‘No,’ she thought. He couldn’t have brought an innocent child to this foul place. As she reached the bottom of the steps, however, her horrors were confirmed.

Nothing could have prepared Christine for the sight before her. There, bound and chained to the wall, sat a a bruised, battered, quivering little girl, no older than five. She was tiny and frail, with big, green eyes, soft, ivory colored skin, and blonde curls that were just as wild as Christine’s chocolate ones. Angry cuts, bruises, and jagged stitches littered her little body, causing Christine to let out a whispered, “No.”


christine daae tag dump !

Many of you may have seen Kae’s post about what she made Angie and I, but seriously, this is too amazing to not talk about. So the incredible @arianahenriesdecided to bless us with her sweetness and generosity and made us these little dolls of Portia and Ariana. She also decided to take time out of her day to write us lil handwritten letters and I simply cannot handle the cuteness. I was completely amazed when Sarah ( @sometimesawesome) told us that we had mail from a fan of the series, and most definitely did not expect something this amazing! The first thing I happened to pull out of the package sent to me was a little Spiderman and like come on, we all know how much I love Spiderman, so I squealed and thought that was it. BUT NO, no, then I pulled out this incredible Portia doll and it was at that moment that I began to cry a lil bit. My smol bear Kae, you are an incredible human, thank you so so so much for thinking of us and sending these to us. You made my day!

Also, a big thank you to the #A4O fandom for making things like this happen. I can’t believe how many of my dreams are coming true because of your support and love of our show. Y’all are incredible. I feel so damn blessed. Much love to all. (and especially Kae) xoxoxoxox


Mommy and Me 

Princess Charlotte is attending her very first garden party today at Buckingham Palace. With her is her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge. The little princess has just recently turned three, and her parents have started to increase her time in the public eye, starting with Trooping the Colour last month. Her time at the garden party was cut short however, before nanny Maria took her inside for lunch. Such short appearances are expected for the upcoming years, until she is more settled with the public eye. Charlotte is wearing a neat little blue sun dress with floral print, made by an independent dress maker, and has a blue bow in her hair. Kate decided to keep it cool and simple, wearing a pale blue chiffon dress by Buelah London and a Lock & Co. hat, with her nude pumps.

If the girls are like dolls

…and little traumatized kids use dolls to tell their story of abuse, as they can’t do it using words…
Has anyone ever thought about the girls being “dolls” not because A hates them but he/she uses them to tell his/her story to us? Their story of abuse?

It’s also the only logical reason to connect the girls to all of what is going on. They are being used to tell someone else’s story. Maybe even one of the girls is doing that.

For example: If Alison was abused as a kid (maybe even sexually), and we are now closer to the end of Alison’s story, then we would now be at the part to figuring out why and how Alison became A. This is the part of the story that traumatized her, scarred her for life. It’s the WHY.

She would want to detach herself for that part of the story, so Mona has to replace her and play Alison’s part. Maybe that’s why “Charles” didn’t take the real Alison and is using a fake “Ali doll.”

The Lolita theme
Most pedophiles use reversed psychology on kids, telling them it is their fault and what would their parents think if they were gonna find out? But it’s all good because if they don’t tell, he won’t tell either… “It’s gonna be our secret.”
Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead…
Funny how most of the NAT club members are now dead, isn’t it?

The one eye clues:
Did someone peek and see what happened and didn’t do anything? Or is that why someone died? Because they knew too much?

The great Charlemagne in Ravenswood:

A pantomime is mute. Kids who are abused are silent too…usually out of fear.

“You know why I picked you, right?” Alison to Aria
If we forget about why she picked her and just use this quote and connect it to a visual scene… (how appropriate that it is a scene with a pantomime)….then we can connect Alison to the great Charlemagne.
The great Charlemagne picked Aria as well…

Also this brilliant plan of A to fake Mona’s murder and to kidnap the girls…only for Alison to go free in the end. What’s the point of that if Alison didn’t plan this? She needs her dolls in the doll house to finish her story before they go off to college.
Didn’t she write something like this in her diary? How she is gonna be the only one who tells this part of the story?
Plus, out of all the characters, Alison seems to be the one who is really confused and has gaps in her memory… if anyone has shown true signs of mental illness then it is her.

All of those mixed messages the writers and actors give make sense too if you think of it that way:
Charles is obsessed with Alison but is protecting her. (Is Charles an alter ego or the one who hurt Ali?)
Charles is A but is more about the why.
A has a soul.
I am 8, I am A.

You might see double, but Alison does not have a twin.
According to Keegan we all apparently know who A is already…(well if we already know, then all that is left is the why).
It’s heartbreaking…

Is Alison telling us what happened to her when she was 8? Did it start then?
It’s sorta a morbid idea, but so is the show itself.
And at the moment Alison would be the only character who has the potential to redeem herself. Some already feel sorry for her, the rest might follow.
A has a soul.
This late in the game, I don’t see anyone else pulling this off but Alison DiLaurentis herself.
The whole show is about her story anyway, if we think about it.
And it is easy to follow her story from beginning to end, even for a casual viewer. The show starts and ends with her.
She’s the alpha and the omega. lol

Big A is a vigilante
Uber A = NAT
And there is one last one left… the one she fears the most?



This is my little Medusa doll made by Barbara (feelthisrevenge). She’s making dolls because her family need money and she’s putting her talent to use! My little doll is awesome, Barbara chatted with me through the whole process so we pretty much made the doll together. And its so detailed, all the little snakes have eyes and everything! She makes literally anything that can be made into a doll (she’s made little gerard and frank before) and it only cost £9 ($7) including shipping it all the way from Chile to England to get to me, which is amazing value for her talent. I absolutely love my Medusa, and I totally think you guys should check out her dolls and get one as well! CLICK HERE!