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Oh so question: is there no offsides during a power play? Also, why are some offsides waved off. I'm so confused.

Hmm anon do you mean offsides or icing?

Offsides is when a player entering the offensive zone (crosses the blue line and leaves the neutral zone) before the puck. Icing is when the puck is shot into the offensive zone and crosses both the center red line and the goal line without being touched by an attacking player.

Offsides is rarely waved off. Sometimes the linesmen miss it until a goal challenge, but if the play is offside, then play is stopped immediately. There’s also delayed offside. If an attacking player is not playing the puck and they’re in the offensive zone before the puck, then they can get back onside and then reenter the offensive zone and the offside is waved off. I don’t see that happen a lot though.

I think you might’ve meant icing, because there is no icing during a penalty kill. If your team is on the power play, you can’t ice the puck. (That almost never happens anyway.) But if your team is on the penalty kill, i.e. you’re short-handed, then you can clear the puck down the ice without it being icing. The one time you can’t do that while short-handed is during a 6-on-5, when the other team pulls their goalie for an extra attacker.

Sometimes icing is waved off because an attacking player gets to it before a defending player. You sometimes see two players racing for the puck; the first one to get to it determines whether there will be icing or not. Say the puck crosses the goal line and the team that iced it gets there first. The linesman will lower their arm and wave off the pending icing call. But if that team dumps the puck and fails to retrieve it before a defending player on the other team gets to it, that’s icing. In the NHL, they don’t always wait for the players to actually touch the puck; if it’s clear which team will get to it first, the call is made earlier. (This is so players don’t go crashing into the boards while racing for the puck.)

Hide - do not try to fight.

See, I like to imagine AUs where Miles and Waylon stumbled upon each other earlier during the game and have to hide together. Well, try, at least.
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Terrible lighting but entirely too excited that we all got to take home an IUD demo (this one is Kyleena which is new!) and uterus disk to practice IUD insertion (after the IUD insertion workshop we hosted!) Above technique is mine alone and not 100% accurate, do not try this at home, consult your doctor, etc. But this is vaguely what an IUD insertion looks like :)

Spanish word’s gender can be a little tricky, and for that reason we need some tips to remember.  Probably you’ve learned that the words ending in “a” are feminine, and this is true most of the times. But we also have some important exceptions, and if you learn them well your Spanish will be so much natural and accurate. (:

Masculine words ending in -a:

Some words that end in -ma:

el problema - problem
el tema - subject
el idioma - language
el sistema - system
el programa - program / TV show
el fantasma - ghost
el drama - drama
el poema - poem
el dilema - dilemma
el panorama - panorama / overview

*Remember this is not a rule. Most of the words that end in -ma are feminine, but these are the most common words ending in -ma that are masculine. Actually these are the words that come from Greek.

Example sentences:

  • No hay ningún problema. - There’s no problem at all.
  • ¿Cuál es el tema de su investigación? - What’s the subject of your investigation?
  • Me gustaría aprender muchos idiomas. - I would like to learn many languages.
  • Somos parte de un mismo sistema. - We’re part of the same system.
  • No me gusta ese programa. - I don’t like that program (TV show).
  • Dicen que hay un fantasma en esta casa. - They say there’s a ghost in this house.
  • No hagas tanto drama. - Don’t make such a drama.
  • Te escribí un poema. - I wrote a poem to you.
  • No encuentro la solución a este dilema. - I can’t find a solution to this dilemma.
  • Ese es el panorama principal de este proyecto. - That is the main overview of this project.

Professions ending in -a that are done by a man:

el poeta - poet
el atleta - athlete
el guía - guide
el florista - florist
el espía - spy
el cura - priest

*If the job is done by a woman we just add the feminine article la(s) or una(s) before the noun, except for ‘cura’. La poeta, la atleta, la guía, la florista, la espía.

Example sentences:

  • Quevedo es uno de los poetas españoles más importantes. - Quevedo is one of the most important Spanish poets.
  • Los atletas llevan una dieta muy estricta. - Athletes have a very strict diet.
  • Preferimos viajar con un guía que nos muestre la ciudad. - We prefer to travel with a guide who can show us the city.
  • Don Francisco es el mejor florista del pueblo. - Mr. Francisco is the best florist in town.
  • La gente está un poco preocupada por los espías enemigos. - People are a little worried about the enemy spies.
  • El cura conoce muy bien la Biblia. - The priest knows the Bible very well.


el día - day
el planeta - planet
el cometa - comet / kite
el mapa - map
el tequila - tequila

Example sentences:

  • He estado estudiando todo el día. - I’ve been studying the whole day.
  • Me gustaría viajar a otro planeta. - I would like to travel to another planet.
  • El cometa se podrá ver desde la Tierra. - The comet will be visible from Earth. (You’ll be able to see the comet from Earth)
  • Creo que estás viendo el mapa al revés. - I think you’re looking at the map upside down.
  • Un tequila, por favor. - A tequila, please.


There are feminine words that begin in “a” or “ha” but we have to write “el“ or “un” before them. This doesn’t turn them into masculine words, this is just to avoid a hiatus. 

For example:

el agua - water // but the plural is: las aguas
el alma - soul // plural: las almas
el ala - wing // plural: las alas
el hacha - axe // plural: las hachas
el hada - fairy // plural: las hadas

Example sentences:

  • Cuida el agua. - Take care of water.
  • ¿A dónde se va el alma cuando morimos? - Where does the soul go when we die?
  • Este pájaro tiene un ala rota. - This bird has a broken wing.
  • Cortaron el árbol con un hacha. - They cut the tree with an axe.
  • Anoche vino el hada de los dientes. - Last night the tooth fairy came.

Espero que esto haya sido de ayuda. ¡Hasta luego!
I hope this was useful. See you!


a series of unlikely crossovers:  Klaus gatecrashes a Caroline Forbes soirée

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126. "I’m a lucky girl. I’ll admit that." For the drabble challenge! If you want. :)

She’s still wrestling with the tricky little catch on her new grey pencil skirt, feeling slightly claustrophobic in the stall closest to the far wall in the fifth-floor ladies’ room, when the outside door swings open and three or four pairs of heels go clacking across the tile.

“God, I thought they were NEVER gonna let us take a break. I didn’t go through the fucking Academy and bust my ass in the field for five years just to sit through an entire day’s worth of slides on how not to sexually harass myself.”

A derisive snort. “We’re the least of the Bureau’s goddamn problems — six women in that room, I counted —”

“I bet every last one of us’s had to nut-punch at least one of the fifty-three men in there. Counted them, too.”

The sounds of several of the stalls being occupied, a little cross-chatter about who’s had to nut-punch whom (and who might actually have requested that act — peals of laughter echo off the walls).

Wardrobe finally in order, she’s reaching for the latch when she hears something from the direction of the sinks that makes her curious; she stops, listening with wide eyes.

“Spooky Mulder’s the only one I wouldn’t have minded getting inappropriately touched by —”

Bawdy cackling. How irritating — grown women, FBI agents, for god’s sake. Her pulse begins to pound.

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Some of my favorites. See if you can guess/know em all 💛

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Happy Valentine’s Day @crystalizedbraids!! I hope you have a lovely weekend and have a great Valentines ( ´ ▽ ` )♡

Summary: Kageyama has been acting strange all day and Hinata wonders why. That isn’t like him! Just before they were about to leave the clubhouse for the evening, Kageyama gives Hinata gives him the reason why.

This was also the perfect opportunity to write a new pairing I haven’t written for yet and that would be KageHina ♡

Enjoy and Happy Valentines!


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Harm To None So let It Be

Most of us know that the whole ‘by the law of three’ and 'harm none’ and all the other Glinda The Good Witch sayings are usually used in spells by Wiccans because of their three fold law and karma thing.

And of course I know not all witches are Wiccan, I myself, am not. But I was thinking could saying 'harm to none’ in spells be that bad for witches who aren’t Wiccan?

Anyone who is fairly experienced in magick can agree that it’s a tricky little heffer. It’s there to help you, yeah, but jt can also find loopholes in your spells and things that you didn’t mean to happen happen. Now I’m gonna be a bit of a nerd here and say if anyone has ever watched Black Butler then you know Sebastian. He’s a demon butler who apparently never lies to his master and while it’s true that he doesn’t lie he likes to provoke Ciel by withholding the full truth or making it vague. Magick is basically Sebastian.

Now for example, say you did a spell to idk prevent you from being in car accidents, and then your driving but OH NO an oncoming truck is coming for you and because you did that little protection spell, youre spared but some other poor soul gets hit instead. Or how about you do a spell to get a job but when you get the job it’s horrible or somebody else who really needed that job lost their spot because youre coming in. Get what I’m saying? Well try to, cuz idk what I’m even saying.

So basically saying harm to none isn’t some kind of disgraceful thing if your not Wiccan. It just means you want​ your goal without having to interfere with other lives or having negative effects take place. Unless youre cursing a bitch then go all out but other than that harm none isn’t such a bad thing to include in your spell and saying it doesn’t make you Wiccan, just a good enough person to care about others when making your own personal affairs.

Gone with the wind,

Based on the ages. I would say it’s obvious the guy is a grown up Henry.

The little girl though is tricky. She’s ten years old. So that already negates any character that is born right now on the show. So it can’t be Robyn. Because Henry is not eighteen right now. 

My running theory is the little girl is the CS child. The reason why she came from a broken home is because CS died or something tragic happened.

Grown up Henry and the CS daughter take a portal from the future to SB to make sure everything goes right this time. 

That’s my theory.

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hi im a beginner violinist and i was wondering if you had any tips for doing vibrato?

-it’s a side to side movement, not up and down
-start in third position. it’s easier
-don’t bother with fourth finger. first can also be a little tricky
-keep trying. it’ll click eventually

Bellarke Handwriting Analysis

Okay so a bunch of studies have been done to analyze whether handwriting can be indicative of personality traits, and a lot of studies seem to support the idea. True or not, I thought it would be a good way to procrastinate on studying for exams fun to do a handwriting analysis on the handwriting we see from Bellamy and Clarke in 4x03. I’ll come out and say now that I am in no way a professional on this (obviously), but I figure it’ll be a good way to kill time.

Obviously this is going to be a little tricky since we only have a small amount of writing on screen (especially from Bellamy), but we’ll do the best we can with what we have. All information on handwriting that will be used in this post is coming from this article.

In the words of Abby Griffin, let’s “start with Bellamy Blake”: 

Gif Credit: @fyeahbellarke 

We only see a quick snippet here because I can’t for the life of me find a photo of Clarke’s full name (if anyone knows where that is, please message me with it and I’ll edit this post). Since Clarke’s writing is the only thing on the page that gives us an idea of size besides Bellamy’s massive hands, we’ll use her as a reference

In comparison to Clarke’s writing, Bellamy writes in somewhat large letters, which supposedly indicates that he is outgoing and people-oriented. I think this can be seen especially in season 1 at the dropship, when Bellamy takes charge and unites the group (if not always in the best way at first).

Note how Bellamy’s letters slant slightly to the left (even if you straighten the photo). This article states that a slant to the left means the person generally keeps to themselves and prefers to work behind the scenes. In right-handed people, it may be an expression of rebellion. How fitting for our Rebel King.

One thing that struck me about his handwriting was the sharp angles present. This is said to mean that the person is aggressive, intense, and very intelligent. During the first scene in which see Bellamy in the season 3 premiere, Lincoln tells him that he lost a fight because his technique was, “too aggressive.” Interesting.

Notice how all of the loops of each letter is closed, the next part of the letter joining to connect it completely (seen in the A and R). This may mean that the person is very private, preferring to keep their personal thoughts and emotions to themselves. We see Bellamy having to be goaded into expressing his feelings, though his face sometimes gives him away.

Because we don’t have a lot of handwriting to work with for Bellamy, that’s about all we can look at for now.

Let’s move on to Clarke Griffin:

Photo cred: @aarya

Right off the bat, we can see that Clarke’s letters are significantly smaller than Bellamy’s. Tiny letters are said to be indicative of a personality that is, “studious, concentrated, and meticulous.” So basically ‘Clarke, Clarke, and Clarke.’

One of the first things I notice about Clarke’s handwriting is that she spaces her letters out very broadly. This may mean that she likes her freedom and doesn’t like to be crowded. I think this is seen explicitly in her personality at the end of season 2 when she leaves to deal with the consequences of Mount Weather on her own. She ultimately knows when she needs her space and time to breathe.

Unlike Bellamy’s handwriting, Clarke’s has no slant at all. The author of the article says that a person with straight letters is a person that doesn’t let their emotions get the best of them. They are logical and practical, despite what their heart is telling them. Gee, when have we seen Clarke do that recently? Oh, I don’t know, maybe on this exact damn list (except Bellamy, but Clarke can’t be logical when it comes to him).

Her letters have a round shape, which may express her artistic side, but the fact that she connects them (very visible between the ‘ake’) focuses back on her logical and systematic nature, and the fact that she makes decisions carefully. I think it’s really cool to see how her precise nature can combine with her creative traits here, as well. 

The loops of her Es are particularly narrow, meaning that she can at times be skeptical of others and doesn’t like to allow their feelings and opinions to influence her judgment.

Honestly, at this point I’m wondering if the actors put more thought into their characters’ handwriting than we realize.

Though I’m certainly no handwriting expert, I think the aspects we see in the ink of the infamous List are extraordinarily reflective of both Eliza and Bob’s characters. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Let me know what you think.

Art theft

I just stumbled onto someone posting my (and tons of others’) art on instagram without credit or permission. This is the first time that’s happened to me, so I felt kind of… weird about it? Their bio stated that they didn’t claim ownership of the images which is nice I guess but doesn’t help the artists one bit. (Honestly that’s like robbing a bank and running out with your arms full of cash yelling ‘this money isn’t mine or anything!’). So I messaged the person explaining why this is still harmful to artists, and they apologised and took my work down. So I’m glad I got to resolve this issue in a polite, calm manner. 

However, all the other artwork is still up, and now I’m not sure what to do about it. I’m hesitant to publish their username because I’ve seen things like this get way out of hand with people massively going over to yell at someone and that doesn’t help either. I recognised a lot of the art from people I’ve been following for a while, should I just message them privately to alert them? What do you think?

The Bestiary: The Best Starfish In All Of The Sea

So the 4th of July is almost here, and I’m already planning to write about the most American sea beastie I can think of, but we still have one or two days until that, depending on which timezone you’re reading this from. In the meantime, I will talk about the second most American sea beastie I can think of:


Just think about it. There is a reason the American flag is called the Stars and Stripes. Just like the Great Seal belies the Illuminati’s ever-tightening grip over you yankees, the fifty stars on the flag belie the fact that at the top level, the USA is controlled by a coalition of fifty starfish who decide about the lives of you sheeple. Today I will showcase some of these secretive leaders of America. Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Slime Star

Our first entry is the wonderfully alien Pteraster tesselatus, also known as the slime star.

For starters, it looks more like an inflated pillow than the ultimate puppetmaster of the modern world. The truth is that it’s actually two starfish in one - the actual, rather thin body is protected by a bloated membrane on the top that gives the entire thing the appearance of Cthulhu’s anus with that hole in the middle (which actually regulates water flow, but I digress). If it’s in danger, the star can even inflate itself by pumping water between its inner body and outer membrane, turning itself even pudgier and evading whatever asshole predator attempts on its life. But its true magic is the slime, which it can generate until the entire ocean praises the name of Hedorah, and uses to get away from a ravening fuck-you predator also mentioned on this list. Unlike the hagfish, though, this mucus is actually toxic and can kill smaller invertebrates where they stand. It can quite literally turn a small portion of the ocean into a dead wasteland.

Does this look like the face of mercy to you?

2. Ambush Star

Suppose for a moment that you are a tiny-ass fish who just swims around minding its own business. Suddenly something with much more teeth than it has any right to be attacks you. You manage to get away from it just in the nick of time, and make a run for the first crevice you see. And then, just as you hide under it, BLAM, the entrance snaps shut, a horrifying slimy thing barfs acid all over you, and you fuckin’ die. Game over, motherfucker.

What you just encountered is the ambush star (Stegnaster inflatus), and it’s a crafty little shit.

This guy is basically the Mimic of the sea. It lies in wait, disguising itself as a hiding place by stick m legy out real far standing up straight on its feet and raising the rims of its membranous body, and when small fish do attempt to hide inside it, it slams down its body against the seafloor, locking its prey into a slimy pentagonal death trap. After enjoying the preys terror for a while, it does what most starfish do when they are hungry: regurgitates its own fucking stomach, floods the space underneath it with digestive enzymes, then slurps up the stuff like milkshake. No table manners on these guys.

3. Morning Sun Star

Fucking RUN.

The wrath of the ocean has grown stubby little legs and it’s currently waddling in your general direction to devour you skin and bones, body and soul. And it has chosen the name of morning sun star (Solaster dawsoni).

This guy is a voracious predator, who prefers eating fellow starfish as its primary food source. It’s reknownedly aggressive, to the point where its prey items bail out immediately if they’re as much as touched by one, since not doing that usually spells gory destruction as the sun star slowly maims and digests them.


If it doesnt find another kind of starfish to messily devour, it will direct its wrath against its own kin, engaging in something like Azathoth and Yog-Sothoth having a drunken bar fight, after which the victor proceeds to eat the loser.

They are so notorious that several starfish have evolved various strategies with the express purpose of countering its onslaught. Most notable is the…

4. Velcro Star

which doesn’t fuck around in the least. Stylasterias forreri is a completely unique starfish that’s strategy against the morning sun starfish is brutal yet effective.

Look closer. You’ll see what I mean.

The entire thing is completely fucking covered in spikes. Completely.

Actually, what you see as spikes are actually its pedicellariae, tiny bionic beartraps covering its surface, and specialized into huge-ass blunt spikes that turn this thing into a being of barbed wire. That said, these spikes are still capable of opening up into pincers and tearing into your flesh. Yikes.

And when the sun starfish attempts attacking it, the shit really hits the fan.

What’s happening right here is that when the sun star jumps the velcro, it simply activates the literal tens of thousands of bionic scissors it is covered in, and more or less attempts to gut its attacker with a continous barrage of cuts and tears.

If the sun star knows what’s good for it, it fucks off immediately, and thus ensures the velcro’s victory.

I’m pretty sure that if the velcro star had vocal chords, it would be yelling “ORAORAORAORAORA” while doing this.