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Love Love Peace Peace: Vulcan Edition! (With an IDIC mirror ball)
Based on this post (and requested by @aceofwands)! 

@meettheghost requested i know there are still people out there who are opposed to the “garak has a tail” headcanon, BUT if you’re interested: garak wrapping his tail around julian while they cuddle <3

Ummmm, so I kind of got carried away, and this got less ”cuddly” than, well.  Sorry. /o\

petition for the fourth AOS Star Trek to be about going back in time to save the whales.


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Vulcans 𝓃𝑒𝓋𝑒𝓇 bluff.

I think in the next Star Trek movie they should have John De Lancie somewhere in the background just randomly watching. He’s deciding if he should make official contact yet or wait a few more generations. He never says anything about the Q or anything at all but we’ll know

we’ll know


Star Trek: TNG - Time’s Arrow Part 1 

Same, Guinan…Same.

So I’ve been sitting on this thought for a while and I just need to get it out there. 

So those ships in Beyond, the one that Bones drives? I’m sure everyone noticed that the steering mechanism is remarkably like a motorcycle, and Bones just jumps onto the thing and starts to drive, doesn’t give Spock even a chance, and the guy must be inwardly freaking out.

So imagine this: 

Imagine shore leave, and Jim is back planet side and he misses his old bike, so he buys a new one, because he can. And he takes Bones out on rides, just like his dad used to do with his mom. And Bones is just screaming in his ear, and holding on so tight, because Jim is a freaking MANIAC when it comes to driving, and he’s convinced he’s going to fall off, or Jim is going to take a turn too sharply and they’re going to end up road kill - he’s seen the results of motorcycle crashes in the ER far too often. 

Imagine Jim stopping in the middle of nowhere, laughing and grinning at Bones, and insisting that if he’s going to complain so much, he should just drive. And Leonard of course thinks Jim is INSANE! Because he’s a doctor, Jim, not a stunt driver. But Jim eventually wears him down, and then every time they go on shore leave after that they take turns riding around the motorcycle (because Jim totally manages to store it somewhere on the Enterprise). 

Imagine Bone just automatically swinging up onto the controls of this alien ship, and all the while he’s focusing not on space and the very real possibility of his imminent death, he’s remembering Jim’s smiling face, the feel of his arms wrapped tight around Bones’ waist as they drive around on some alien planet, or on Earth. He remembers those lessons, and he’s so fucking glad that Jim taught him how to drive a death machine because now it’s saved his life and means that he can get back to Jim and hold him again.

Pretty Little Thing - Star Trek

“Ok I’ve never requested before but since you need more mybe you could do a Captain Kirk one where the reader thinks he’s cheated on them?”

James Kirk waved a hand over the door sensor and stepped forward, expecting to enter your quarters but bumping into the still closed door instead. He took a step back, confusion spreading across his face.

“Computer, open the door.” He commanded the door pad.

“Access to this area by Kirk, James T, has been revoked.” The mechanical voice sounded.

‘Revoked? Shit’ He thought, stepping closer to the door pad. He pressed the intercom button and spoke in a strained whisper so no one walking down the hallway would be able to hear.

“Come on Y/N. Let me in.”

Nothing happened.

“Please! I can explain.”

A brief second passed before the door slid open. Kirk stepped in quickly, where he was immediately hit by a flying boot.

“EXPLAIN!?” You shouted. “I don’t want your damn explanations you ASS”

He ducked as another boot flew towards him. He straightened and looked over at you. ‘Shit’ he thought again. You stood a few short feet from him, breathing heavily. Your hands were clenched into fists and shaking at your side. Your face, and eyes were red and streaked with tears. Through your puffy lids, he saw burning anger that both terrified him and made his heart sink.

“Listen I—“ He started.

“Did it not occur to you that as I security officer I do in fact actually WATCH THE SECURITY TAPES!” You moved to throw one of your pillows at him.

He caught it and lurched forward, grabbing your arm.

“Y/N PLEASE! Calm down” He begged

“I cannot believe you threw everything we have away for an alien trollop you met YESTERDAY!” You hissed, yanking your arm away

“I didn’t throw anything away Y/N! She kissed ME!”

“Oh please Jim. Everyone in Starfleet knows Captain Kirk can’t keep his hands off pretty little alien ambassadors.” You stepped back and sank to edge of your bed. Anger fading to sadness.

He cautiously sat next to you. He clasped his hands together and rested his elbows on his knees, dropping his head to look at the floor.

“Y/N you know the Akitei. They don’t have the restraint we do. You didn’t finish the tape did you?”

“If I saw anymore I would have had a heart attack in front of everyone in security.” You mumbled.

“Then you missed the part where I pushed her away and told her I was taken didn’t you? I think…I think she was trying to seduce me to gain my support for their request to join the Federation. They’re desperate.” He unclasped his hands and moved one to your knee. “I promise you Y/N. You are the only pretty little thing I can’t keep my hands off of.”

You lifted you head and looked at him. Puppy dog blues gazed at you through his stupidly long lashes. A half grin tugged at the corner of his mouth as he raised an eyebrow at you questioningly.

“I hate you.” You mumbled, rolling your eyes. His grin widened and he bent forward to plant a quick peck on your forehead.

“I love you too.” He said, thumbs moving to wipe away the tears lingering on your cheeks.

“And I will be reviewing the rest of that tape Kirk.” You stated, as he began to pepper your jawline with nibbles.

“Mmmmhmm.” He mumbled, dragging his mouth over yours. You could feel his shit eating grin through your lips and shook your head as you moved to wrap your arms around his neck.


all of star trek: the original series - s.1 ep. 1 The Man Trap

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. It’s five year mission: to explore strange new words, to seek out new life, and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.