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Imagine you’re in Raph’s room playing with Spike, Raph was training so he had no idea you were in there. He would only let you play with Spike, you thought it was a bit weird that he wouldn’t trust his brothers with the little tortoise but you never asked him about it.

You were sprawled out on the floor with Raph’s blanket wrapped around you tightly, Spike was in front of you with his eyes closed as you stroked his shell and his tiny head. He let out a small noise possibly telling you he liked it, your hand was starting to get tired so you stopped as soon as you did, the little tortoise stood up and laid his head against your nose. You giggled.

“Cute.” You heard a familiar voice speak.You turned and found Raph at the door.

“What?” You asked.

NOTHING! NOTHING!” He yelled angrily and stomped away, though you could’ve sworn you saw a small blush on his face. 

anonymous asked:

what are your fur babies like? I am very invested in how cute they are!!!!

I’m SO glad you asked this because I can’t talk about my fur babies enough!

Daenerys (aka Dani) is the first born, she’s a little tortoise cat that I got my fourth year of vet school - she came in with an injured leg second to nerve damage (brachial plexus avulsion). She was my first cat ever and takes all the credit for making me a crazy cat lady.

I got Penny when I moved to Arizona, she is a rescue from Tijuana. She was abandoned in a house fire and her eyes were matted shut, we thought she was blind originally. Turns out she just needed some TLC and was as good as new! She’s a huge mama’s girl.

I got Charlie a few months into my internship. He came into work as a stray, with a ruptured eye. He was too small for the animal shelter to take, and there are so many cats that most will euthanize injured strays. So it was either euthanize or find him a home. He purred in my lap all night while I did records, he was too sweet to give up on. I took him home with the intention of finding him a home… he lasted at my house for one week as a “foster” before I named him. His eye has scarred over. He is a huge sweetie and wrestles with penny like he is a dog.

Then there are my step kids… Leo and Lennon. They’re both real adorable. Leo brought an awful case of ringworm to my house and infected all the kids (and me and Kaelyn 🙄). Lennon has so much energy she drives me crazy sometimes but is starting to grow on me.


Tortoises Try Tiny Pancakes (x)


Farm Adventure, Part 2
(Parts 1345, and 6)

My new farm friends volunteered to let me ride in their wheelbarrow.  Mommy, I demand you do the same for me!  I have to spend all my energy on being cute, none of this walking nonsense!