little toews things


11.14.2015 - Patrick Kane, instigator of scrums, and Jonathan Toews, notorious enforcer. Starring Brent Seabrook and Artem Anisimov, defenders of the small and precious.


10.26.2015 - Blackhawks vs Ducks

Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane combine to set up a beautiful goal for Artemi Panarin; Tazer tries to argue with the referee after the goal is disallowed; 51 seconds into OT Tazer scores his second OTGWG in two games; Tazer receiving his first star of the game; celly with teammates and clutching Kaner to his belly


I’m the kind of person who saw the first gif and immediately thought of the second gif. I know that the second appears to be in slow motion, plus they’re probably drunk after winning the Cup. However Patrick still seems more comfortable with maintaining skin-to-skin contact with Jonny, whereas with Shaw it’s a quick slap and then he pulls his hand away.