little to hex her

Worst Memory

Alice played by @youvegotenoughnerve, Remus played by @lifeasamarauder, Severus played by @dobbyisafreeblog, James played by @hogwarts-tower

Emmeline: Lily?

Lily: I mean…

Emmeline: Oh, Lily.

Earlier that day…

*they hear shouting in the distance

Severus: You–wait. You–wait.
Sirius: Wait for what?

Severus: I don’t need help from filthy, little mudbloods like her.

Lily: Walking down the corridors and hexing anyone who annoys you just because you can–

Flashback ends

*The door slowly opens and Alice steps through

Lily: Hi, Alice.
Alice: Mary says Snape’s outside. He wants to talk to you.

Lily: Thank you, Em. Thanks Alice.



“You see here, nobody gave you permission to date, Y/N,” James began, staring down the boy in front of the Marauders.

“If you hurt her, even a little bit, you’ll be hexed so bad your grandchildren will be able to feel it.”

“Not to mention the fact that we’re masters in pranking.”

“You won’t get away from our wrath, you’ve made us mad just for dating her.”


From light to dark and back

Closed starter for jolierougethecaptain

Everyone here was unique, had their own fucked up way of thinking and teasing others. They dressed uniquely and all played their parts for him. Dear Lucifer, he who had so graciously given Wick a second chance where that swine upstairs had not. Ungrateful. Wick scoffed as she shrank into the size of a small black panther. Everyone had little things they could do and with the Magician having hexed her more than enough times, she was keen on strutting around like this.

Around her front legs she still wore the familiar striped gloves, that was how everyone knew it was her. Yet, there was a stranger, weirder looking person ahead, a sinner perhaps? Yes, definitely. Wick pranced up closer to the sinner, she was asleep. The girl was wearing a plain white Victorian dress including a tightly laced corset, no doubt that Doll had say in that matter. Her hair was short and very dark black, she had a braid that varied in color, going from red to brown to blonde and then black again… She also wore a big hat, resembling a pirate’s hat. Curious…

Wick the panther lay down beside the Mattress the girl lay on and looked over to the envelope. Jolie Rogue… That sounded interesting.