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Markiplier Ego Imagines (pt. 6)

(I’m really excited about this one, cuties. I’m pretty sure this is the best, most important thing I’ve ever written…)

The Egos (and Anti—can’t leave the green bean out of this one) when presented with a kitten:

Imagine Wilford Warfstache going absolutely nuts because—OMG IT’S A TINY, BUZZING BALL OF FLUFF! “Why does it make that noise? Is it going to explode? That would be awesome!” He’d make it a tiny top hat to match his own and a tiny bowtie, too. He would name it Warfstache Junior and carry it around with him everywhere. Dark has no idea how he manages to sneak it into every single meeting, but the kitten always ends up running across the table, knocking over cups and scattering papers everywhere. It truly is a tiny, furry Wilford.

Imagine Silver Shephard being terrified of it. Google would find him on top of a filing cabinet in one of the offices, and Silver is screeching at the top of his lungs, “IT’S GOING TO EAT ME!” Google rolls his eyes and keeps going. He’s got business to attend to, but Silver would eventually be brave enough to get down off the cabinet and find that the harmless little bean has fallen asleep.

Imagine Anti getting on the ground and playing with the kitten. He’s covered in tiny scratches and cat hair, but he’s a happy glitch. If anyone were to so much as look at the kitten with ill intent, Anti would be at their throat with a knife in the blink of an eye. One day, Sean finds a laser pointer around the house, and lo and behold, not only will the kitten chase it but Anti will as well.

Imagine Ed not knowing what on Earth to do with it. “Do you eat ‘em?” And all the other Egos have a heart attack trying to explain that, no, kittens are pets, not food. Ed would shrug, and they think that that’s the end of it. But a week later, they’re all sitting in the Board Room, and—did Ed’s hair just meow?

Imagine Google having a sneezing fit because who knew that the droid was allergic to cats? He doesn’t see the point in keeping pets. It’s a very human concept, anyway, and such frivolous animals are a complete waste of time. Oliver just about dies. Literally—his allergic reactions to the cat nearly cause his systems to shut down, but, “Guys, it’s so cute! Look at the little pink beans on the bottom of its feet! Pleeeeease can we keep him?”

Imagine Dr. Iplier giddily trying to be a vet. He’d check the cat’s eyes and ears and teeth, all the little spaces between each tiny toe. His cat would be in perfect health. When no one is looking, the Doctor sneaks Nurse, the kitten, scraps of food left in the kitchen. It starts to get out of hand when Dr. Iplier’s kitten becomes obese, and the Doctor has to go through the torment of trying to put his beloved cat on a diet.

Imagine the Host ignoring the little beasty at first. He’s far too busy writing for a—until it rubs against his leg, purring happily. The Host immediately falls in love. He carries the kitten around in the pocket of his trench coat, its little head poking out and mewing at passersby, everywhere he goes. He names it Fitzgerald, Fitz for short, and it’s his baby and DO NOT TOUCH THE SMOL BEAN. It becomes his constant companion, and he dedicates many books to the tiny fur ball.

Imagine Dark raising one terrifying eyebrow at the smol cat as it paws innocently at his finger. He’s somewhat entranced until it nicks him with one of its tiny claws and draws blood. Everyone winces, afraid that the kitten is going to be incinerated, but Dark looks mildly impressed. The Host overhears him having a conversation with the cat one day, trying to convince it to join his side in taking over the channel.

Imagine Bim Trimmer passing out from overexposure to pure cuteness radiation. The kitten pads over and starts licking his face, and Bim’s soul leaves his body.

No props, no photoshop, no fancy outfits or blankets. Just natural light and a supermodel newborn!

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It's alright, take your time on it. An s/o who's stressed out because of a mission, coming up, so Lance, Shiro and Allura (separate) just spend an entire day with them, just cuddling them and giving words of encouragement? If that makes sense.

I gotchu fam! I know school can be terrifying (Yay, anxiety!) so I hope this helps!


  • a good bean. He’s got a big family, so he knows when someone is feeling down
    • especially you because he’s like perfectly in tune with every little body gesture and facial expression
    • you may think you can hide it, but Lancey-Lance is on it!
  • he’s already hunted down your favorite movies and a billion extra blankets and he’s currently in the process of making comfort food
  • the one to cover your eyes while saying, “I’ve got a present for you~” in a sing song voice
    • he brings you to your room where he has everything set up to lounge around all day (he’s also got video games for after movies have been exhausted)
    • you gotta switch into pj’s
  • spends most of the day with you sitting between his legs, leaning up against his chest so he can keep his arms wrapped around you
    • kisses your ears and cheeks whenever he feels like it, which is a lot
  • but there’s one memorable moment where he starts singing to you in this really dramatic and exaggerated, what is probably, Shakira song while he’s pulling you up to dance with him
    • really dramatic dips while he’s belting out off-key
    • twirls you until you’re laughing
    • even tries to pick you up and spin you but that’s really hard when you’re singing as badly as you can and end up falling over in a pile
  • you’re both panting and out of breath from singing and laughing so Lance just holds you to him, squeezing tight
    • “Hey, babe. I know you probably don’t want to talk about it, but I want you to know that I’m here for you. Okay? Like, always. So uh, don’t feel like you need to hide anything from me. Or something.” He finishes lamely, but he’s blushing and it’s really cute and you can’t help but mutter thank you and bury your head in his shoulder
    • and he sits you both back up to cup your face in his hands, “I’m serious, Y/n. You’re like, the best person I know and I just want you to know that you’re never alone. I’m here.”
    • this boy. this sweet, sweet boy.


  • also picks up on your feelings immediately but he’s much more straight forward that Lance is
    • notices the way you hold your arms to your body more, like you’re trying to protect yourself. and they way your smile doesn’t quite reach your eyes.
  • pulls you to the side for a long, tender hug where he just sorta rocks back and forth while petting your hair
    • “Hey, do you want me to stay with you today?”
    • “No, it’s ok Shiro. You’ve got other impo–”
    • “Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important that you. Do you. Want me to stay with you?”
    • ah fuck, he’s so concerned already so you just nod and Shiro gives you another tight squeeze before going to his favorite chill spot
  • which happens to be a large glass atrium in the Castleship where you can watch the stars outside or play a program what displays galaxies, and nebulas, and all sorts of neat-o things
    • but he’s not really paying attention because he’s got your head resting against his chest, watching your face relax as he starts running his hand through your hair and slowly transitions to rubbing your neck and shoulders
  • he won’t push you to tell him what’s wrong but he’s probably really good at guessing. or at least knows how to be vague enough to still be comforting
    • “You know I think you’re the strongest person in the universe, right?”
    • “What? Oh my god Shiro, shut up!”, you lightly smack his arm and bury your face in his chest.
    • He chuckles and you can feel it reverberate underneath you, “I’m serious. You’re so strong, you take care of people, us. You’re the best person I know Y/n. And whatever is bothering you, you can handle it.” He gives you another tight squeeze, “And if you feel like you can’t; I’m right here for you.”
    • You sniffle and wrap your arms around his waist, “Thanks Shiro.”
    • He nods, humming his approval as he rubs his cheek against your hair


  • human facial expressions are probably a little harder for her to get, also she seems like she would take a long time to notice something is off. she’s just so busy!
    • you’d probably have to approach her yourself but of course, she’s drop everything to comfort you
  • “Well, I don’t know what you do on Earth but I do know what I used to do on Altea when I felt anxious!”
    • it’s a girls spa day essentially
    • there’s some sort of movie or tv show going in the background, Allura’s got space tea and tasty little snackies to keep you guys full (made by Coran. She’s a princess, she don’t cook)
    • offers to paint your fingers and toes and she’s just cooing over how tiny your little toes are
      • “They’re so adorable! Look at it! They fit you so well.” 
      • might enjoy tickling your feet, just so she can see you laught rather than pout
    • totally paints a face mask on you herself and hums happy tunes while she does you hair
  • lots of hugs! and face snuggles!
    • Allura is a nuzzler and just loves rubbing her face against yours and planting kisses everywhere
    • with random compliments
      • “I love your cute cheeks, I just wanna kiss them all day!”
      • “Look at you, my brave little defender! I love you!”
  • Afterwards, you two just cuddle in bed, barely watching tv as Allura traces your facial features with a gentle hand
    • “My sweet one. I don’t know what is bothering you, but I am always here for you. I want to be your support. The one you go to when you need to feel better. Together, we can defeat anything.” She gently kisses you on the nose.
    • “And if you feel like you can’t defeat it, well I’ll just borrow Lance’s bayard and handle it myself.” That’s not romantic Allura, but ok.
    • you have a feisty princess

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Look at this tiny green tree frog. I almost stepped on him but when i saw him i knew i had to move him so it would not get squished. I love these little babies.

Hello Little Tiny Green Friend! 🐸

Toes sends many Green Frog Greetings and a friendly lick!

Little Tiny Green Friend is wearing his lovely long jumping legs today and Toes especially likes his gorgeous side-stripe! 😊🐸

The first installment in a new project I have begun, which picks up with Jamie and Claire back in Lallybroch instead of travelling to France. It begins with the miscarriage of the child that is canonically known as Faith. A bit short for part one, just to get us started.

Feedback is welcomed, encouraged, and appreciated!

Part One

Lallybroch, Summer 1744

His feet were leaden. With every step they seemed to get heavier, and even though he was running, he felt stuck in quicksand. It was as if the earth had reached up and wrapped itself around his ankles, threatening to swallow him whole. In the distance, the roof of his childhood home was silhouetted against the sky. It was just over the ridge now, up over the next hill, yet he might as well have been miles away.  

The rocks underfoot were loose, and his feet slid on the gravel, his footing momentarily lost. His hands hit the dirt first, and he felt the shock of it jar up his arms. When he pushed himself back to his feet, there were little bits of rock clinging to his palms, but he stumbled into action once more, fighting towards the house with the stable hand’s breathless voice screaming in his head.

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HEY - GOT7 x Reader

Originally posted by yugyeomism

Title: HEY
GOT7 x Reader
Genre: idk man, once again. I think fluff???

“Why are they together again?” Mark asked, peering over his shoulder to a table that was two down from theirs at a boy who had his arm swung over their best friend’s shoulders while talking to a bunch of boys, not even paying her a fraction of their time. “I mean, I didn’t think she was into boys like that.”

“According to her friends,” YoungJae poked at his food with his fork, not liking the cafeteria food he was given for lunch. His face squished into a disgusted face as the meat in front of him wiggled from the slight poke. “She’s not, but she’s into him for reasons that are quite stupid…”

“He doesn’t even treat her nicely.” Added Yugyeom, glaring holes into the male’s head. If looks could kill, that boy would be a pile of dust on the floor. He was about to get up and do something, but Jinyoung grabbed his arm and pulled him back down. “We did say that we respect her choices,” The calmer one out of all of them tried to reason the other six, even though he was agrivated himself. “Even though the choice she made is a walking peice of–”

“I know I’d treat her nicely.” Jackson spoke up, getting up from his part of the bench and sat on the table, his body facing their best friend’s table while his head was turned to talk to the rest of the members. “She deserves to be loved, from her pretty little head to her tiny toes.”

“Wouldn’t we all?” Jaebum replied, looking up from the novel he was reading at the members in front of him, not wanting to spare a glance at the way his best friend was being treated from her so-called boyfriend. He then put his book down and took his postition as the leader of the group. “As much as we all want to–”

“Kill him? Murder him?” BamBam interjected, cutting off Jaebum, making the leader clear his throat and continue his thought. “– Speak our mind about their relationship, she’s our friend–”

“And our crush–”

“BamBam, shut up!” Jinyoung huffed and slapped Bam’s shoulder. “Let Jaebum speak!”

“– We want to support their relationship 100%,” Before BamBam could speak up Jaebum glared at him and picked up his coke bottle and shook it hard before handing it over to the younger boy. “Open it.” He demanded, a small smirk appearing on his face.

“I’m okay. I’ll just let you speak.” Satisfied with his answer, Jaebum retracted his hand holding the (Jung)shook bottle of coke. “Good, now. Continuing,” The leader once again cleared his throat and looked at the rest of the members before talking. “– Because we want her to be happy.” That caused the boys to interject - aside from Jinyoung - and start putting their input and complaining about the boy once again, earning a sigh from both the Mom and Dad of the group.

Once lunch had ended, the 7 boys watched as the pair of supposed lovers parted ways. The boy seemed to smirk as he watched his ‘girlfriend’ for a second before walking over to his group and doing some overrated handshake. “She is so whipped for you, bro,” One of the other guys he was hanging around spoke. “She’s so easy.”

“I got her wrapped around my little finger.” The boy replied, lifting his pinkie finger in the air for emphasis before laughing and walking away from the cafeteria, passing GOT7.  Once the boy was out of earshot Yugyeom glared and whispered, BamBam holding him back so that nothing brash happened. “If you so say that again, I will kick your a–”

“Yugyeom!” Jinyoung cried and pushed the boy, clearly not impressed with his vocabulary.

As class started, which GOT7 shared with both (Y/N) and the boyfriend - which didn’t even deserve that title. “So, did you guys do the homework last night?” The female who sat in the middle of their group - BamBam and Yugyeom at her left, YoungJae, Jackson and Mark behind her, and Jaebum and Jinyoung on her right - asked as she took out her binder from her backpack which was hanging by the straps behind her chair. “And, before you ask if there was homework last night,” She paused and glanced at the two youngest of the boys on her left, with a small smile. “I texted you all last night on the group chat.”
“Oh c'mon, you know Jaebum took our phones for two weeks because of that prank we pulled on Jinyoung a week ago!” BamBam whined as he looked at his best friend beside him with a small pout. “Let us copy your homework!”

“It wasn’t my fault that you guys got in trouble!” She teased and giggled before facing the front of the class, taking down notes that were on the board. “Mark-hyung, did you do the homework?” Asked Yugyeom, earning a nod from the eldest, holding up his notebook that had all the answers to the homework. “I may not check my phone as often as you guys, but I listen to the teacher when he assigns homework.”

“If you listened and didn’t think about other things.” Jinyoung added, looking over at BamBam, making the girl stifle a laugh. Jackson then poked the girl with the eraser nub of his pencil, making her turn towards him. “You should smile more,” He complimented, shooting a small wink. “It looks nice on you, jagiya.”

“Psh,” She turned around again and opened her pencil case, taking out a highlighter to underline the important information. “I do smile often.”

“Around us you do,” Younjae corrected, adding into the conversation as he leaned forward, swiping a glance over her shoulder at the girl’s notes to see if he was doing it correctly. “Because we make you the happiest, right?”

“Of course you do, guys!” The boys felt quite accomplished - as if their whole world was complete - as she said that, each of their hearts beating erradically in their chests. “But, I also have another reason, my boyfriend, remember?” The boys, looked over at the other corner of the room, where the alleged boyfriend sat, watching him fool around with another girl infront of him. They all quickly glanced back at her, forcing a small smile on their faces. “Right…”
GOT7, once again, watched from the sidelines after school as the pair met up briefly, probably saying their farewells before parting ways. As she left the school premisis, the boy then met up with another girl. “He has another one?!” Jackson whisper-yelled, his hands balling into fists, which made Mark hug him to stop him. Jaebum’s calm and collected composure was slowly starting to fade, as he kept staring at the boy and the other (side-hoe) girl. “So, do you want to do anything?” Jinyoung asked, peering at Jaebum’s face, knowing the answer already by the look on his face. “Speak some sense into him.” The boys all followed as Jaebum started to walk over to him.

“I didn’t want to do this, I wished for your happiness, but this isn’t right.
Hey you, be careful, be careful, cherish her by your side.
Hey you, be anxious, be anxious, I might steal her from you.
Hey she’s too good for you, hey, this is just a warning.
Hey if you make a mistake again, hey! Be a man!”

A/N: So, I managed to pop out a (horrible) songfic based off the song HEY by GOT7. If you can plainly see, they are one of the four groups I stan the most. Anyways, it’s an amazing song that I recommend!! ^^


Grin and Bear It

SummaryIt’s nice to see that she’s gotten over her infatuation with you.” “This isn’t funny.” In which Karin is over-protective, Sakura is amused and Sasuke broods. [SasuSaku Festival 2017 – Day 8 – Prompt: “Protective of Us”]

Disclaimer: This story utilizes characters, situations and premises that are copyright Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, Shonen Jump and Viz Media. No infringement on their respective copyrights pertaining to episodes, novelizations, comics or short stories is intended by the author in any way, shape or form. This fan oriented story is written solely for the author’s own amusement and the entertainment of the readers. It is not for profit. Any resemblance to real organizations, institutions, products or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All fiction, plot and Original Characters with the exception of those introduced in the books, manga, video games, novelizations and anime, are the sole creation of KuriQuinn and using them without permission is considered rude, in bad-taste and will reflect seriously on your credibility as a writer. You will have your arm broken by a pregnant goddess should you be found plagiarizing.

Warning:Spoilerfor pretty much everything up to Naruto Gaiden.

Canon-Compliance: As close to canon as fanfiction can possibly be. With a few personal additions :P Takes place during the Blank Period.

Fanon-Compliance: Takes place several years before An Inch of Gold and Unplanned.

AN: This scene pretty much jumped into my head when reading the prompt. I wanted an example of Karin being awesome in a SasuSaku fic for once. And yay, more dialogue!

AN2: Also, for those of you waiting for my Day 7 Prompt, it’s still coming. It’s just taking me a little longer than expected to work out the final kinks, but if I can’t at least finish the whole thing by tomorrow, I’ll probably upload the first part of it, as the first part still fits the prompt, and then just continue it after the festival. It’s mostly written, so it won’t be a drawn out thing like IOG.

Beta Reader: Sakura’s Unicorn

“Karin –”


“Now, Karin.”


“If you don’t let me hold my child, I swear I’ll –”

“What? You'll what?! Stab me in the chest again?”


“Besides, you can’t hold her – you’ll drop her.”

“I will not drop her.”

“Your hand and forearm are broken, you big idiot. Never mind the fact that you’ve only got the one, so excuse me if I’m not going to take that chance! You can hold her when Sakura’s well enough to heal you.”

“If you would just –”

“No. Not gonna happen. Nuh-uh. I’ve healed your ungrateful ass for the last time!”

“Karin, I think –”

Shh, Sakura. You should be resting. Your healing abilities aren’t going to kick in again if you don’t get some sleep.”

“She’s right. You should be sleeping.”

“Well, I would be if you two weren’t so loud. I’m surprised you haven’t woken the baby.”

“Yeah, Sasuke. Shut up.”


“You can glare at me all you want. I’m not changing my mind.”

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Music Series: Watermark by Sleeping At Last

A sweet song/story about Harry having a special moment with his infant son. The song is “Watermark” by Sleeping At Last. Here is the link to the song on my Spotify playlist called ‘Rainy Saturday Morning’.

I’ve been having a bit of writer’s block or something with these stories, finding the right songs and listening in my head for a story to come, so I hope you like it.




You were carved out of the sea, watermarked by your ancestry

In a tug of war between the tide and me

What felt like loss was a victory

Cause you were swept ashore like bottles holding prayers

“Hello, my sweet angel,” Harry said softly as he picked up his baby boy from his crib. “Can’t sleep?”

Harry heard his son stirring over the baby monitor, looking at you and seeing you were finally getting a good night’s rest, then getting out of bed in an effort to keep the child from waking you. To say he was proud to be a father was an incredible understatement.

Harry carried his son into the living room and sat on the sofa, propping his feet up on the edge of the coffee table, and laying his son against his legs to face him.

“How is Daddy’s little man? Hm? Don’t ya know it’s three in the morning?” he asked his son, who was looking at him with wide eyes, chewing on his fingers while drool leaked around them. The boy cooed loudly and Harry smiled. “Let’s not wake your mumma, alright? She works hard taking care of us, doesn’t she? Deserves a good night’s sleep.” His baby smiled at him, making Harry giggle. “You look a lot like your mummy, you know. Like your ol’ dad, too, but glad you got your mum’s looks too, because I find her quite beautiful.” Harry kissed the bottoms of his son’s feet. “Got your mummy’s soft skin, that’s for sure. And you always smell so good, just like her.”

You were carved out of the earth

Safe and sound in your second birth

Gravity has tied your ankle to the shore

As a lighthouse tamed the endless ocean war

Your little boy grabbed his daddy’s fingers and gripped tightly. “You’re so strong!” Harry cheered. “Gonna be…what? A boxer someday? MMA fighter? Personal trainer?” He looked at his son thoughtfully. “You be whatever the fuck you want to be, son,” Harry said, quickly realizing his slip. “Oops! Don’t be telling your mum I said fuck in front of you now, alright? Fuck, I did it again.” Harry shook his head, staring in awe at his child. “Maybe you’ll be just like your dad someday, yeah? Not so bad, is it? Think I’m doing alright. Have the two most important things in the world, your mumma and you. I’d say that’s doing alright.”

He saw his son yawn a big yawn and it made Harry yawn. “Now, cut that out, little one. That’s contagious.” Your child began fussing a bit, getting sleepy again, and Harry lifted him to his face and kissed him sweetly, placing kisses on his little cheeks, then laying him chest against chest to try to get him back to sleep again.

“Are you getting sleepy again, little bug?” Harry asked as if the child could answer with words. “Let Daddy get you back to sleep again. You’re laying on m’ butterfly.” Harry thought for a minute then smiled. “Almost like butterflies in your stomach, isn’t it?” He laughed quietly at his joke, patting his baby gently on his back and kissing the top of his head.

Against the calming light our silhouettes are changing shape

The stories you’ve been told have made you brave

“You don’t let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn’t be in life, son,” Harry told him. “You be whatever you want to be.” Harry thought for a second before adding, “You could be a baker!” He laughed again, thinking he was finding himself a bit too funny and must need more sleep. “If that’s what you want to be.”

Harry sang quietly to his child, patting his diapered bottom in rhythm, coaxing him to try and sleep once again. He looked at him, every aspect of him. His tiny little fingers and toes…healthy cheeks, slightly pink and chunky…bright pink lips and green eyes like his daddy, with his mums hair color and nose. Harry was so proud of what he procreated with you.

“Lots of things in this world that are scary,” Harry told his son. “I’m sorry you’ll have to deal with that someday. If I could change it for you, and all the brothers and sisters your mumma and I will give you someday,” he said with a smirk, “I promise I would. But your mum and I will do everything we can to keep you safe, and healthy, and happy. Nothing to be afraid of as long as we’re around, alright? Your mummy and I love you very much, and I love you and your mummy very much and will always protect you the best I can. She’s a brave one, too. 27 hours in labor with you after carrying you all those months, and she was happy to do it all, because she loves you, and she loves me.”

After several minutes of humming to him, not because the child wasn’t asleep, but because Harry was enjoying the moment too much to let it go, he finally decided he should put the sleeping boy back in his crib and try to sneak in a few more hours himself before morning would undoubtedly hit. He stood, carefully so as not to wake his baby boy, and walked to the nursery, laying the baby carefully down in his crib and patting him lightly for a moment to keep him asleep. He walked to the door, looking back at his child, grinning, and closing the door.

As he stepped back into the bedroom, Harry looked at you lying in the bed and smiled. He laid back down beside you, gently pulling you closely to him, kissing your shoulder lightly. He was so happy to have you, and your child, in his life. He buried his face in your neck, kissing you lightly, before drifting back to sleep.

Such inheritance was formed within the sand

Like the shells you gather in the safety of your hands

Dive in with your eyes closed

For the life you were born to claim

And the water will be paralyzed

By the courage you contain

And the flutter of your earnest heart

It will fill the silent seas

And all will be restored in your memory

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Stop making everything about gender ffs. You SJW's are so emotional

Stop making everything about lgbt+ people? What would you rather have it? All about cishets? ‘Cause last I checked it already was like that.

Honestly, the people who are actually ‘so emotional’ aren’t people who want social justice, it’s you poor narrow-minded people who want the world to fit into the tiny box you’ve made. Every single time anything doesn’t fit perfectly into that restrictive mold, one of y’all inevitably throws a temper tantrum. 

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yo what about jimin trying to paint his toenails and is having a hard time,,, i either imagine kook's snatched ass helping him out backstage a lot (unzipping costumes, "removing" makeup) OR jin trying to help get the paint on the tiny little pinky toe but messing up really bad and now i'm soft fuck send hel p


Sudden Longing

I go into the bathroom at work and suddenly I’m choking and can’t breathe because I’m supposed to be 20 weeks on Saturday - half done with my pregnancy - and there’s my plain unpregnant body in the mirror staring back at me. I’ve been doing ‘so well’ lately. Which I guess means not feeling desperately sad and crying all the time. But right now I am hit with the FACT that I will not have tiny little toes and fingers to count in twenty weeks. I will not be grossed out by meconium poopy diapers and I will not have to go through 17 hours of labor. I don’t have morning sickness anymore because there’s nothing to be sick over except my broken heart. I will not have to figure out how to control my daughter’s unruly curly red hair as she gets older. I will not have to make room in our too-small house for a second child. I will not get to post four billion different-but-same pictures of my newborn on facebook and annoy half the world. I will never get to smell her baby breath or rub my cheek on her soft baby head. I will never see her look back at me with wonder in her eyes.

She isn’t here, but I am. Standing in the bathroom, staring at myself, wondering when the fuck my period is ever going to come back. And today I suddenly just can’t bear it.

Some scientists have speculated that snakes first evolved in water and that their long, slithery bodies were streamlined for swimming. But a new analysis of a several fossils discovered in the last decade suggests that the most recent common ancestor of all snakes actually lived on land. It also had tiny little ankles and toes, leftover from its days as tetrapod.

Artist rendering: Julius Csotonyi/BMC Evolutionary Biology