little tikes basketball hoop

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So Niall riding in the little kid car with Roman is giving me all of the feels. Imagine your kids getting one from Santa and Niall is putting it out, but he can't stop driving it around the house to help you with anything else.

“They see me rollin’…they hatin’….”

You took a deep breath and pinched the bridge of your nose.  Your husband was testing every limit of patience you possessed and having him belt out Chamillionaire lyrics was about to push you over the edge.

“Niall, I swear to God.”

You slumped down on the stack of boxes you were trying to sort through and pulled your hair off your sweaty neck.  Cleaning the garage had been Niall’s idea and yet he seemed more interested in goofing around with the kids’ toys than actually doing work.  So far in the hour since you’d put your son down for a nap Niall had only managed to have a slam dunk contest with himself on the Little Tikes basketball hoop and work on his chipping with a plastic golf club. Niall came around the corner cackling with glee, the motor in the mini Range Rover toy struggling under his weight. He smacked his gum loudly and waggled his eyebrows at you.  “Wanna fool around in me Range Rover petal?”

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