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“You’re a bastard,” she spat, without thinking. “Just like your f a t h e r.”  

Draco stiffened. A brief flicker of emotion darkened his eyes: it could have been hurt or rage, or simple surprise. Then it was gone. “Actually,” he said, and his voice was bitter, “I’m a bastard in a way that’s entirely my own.”

yells for the people in the back

“season 2” of the seven deadly sins on netflix is NOT season 2….it’s just a little special thing. yes, there will indeed be a real season 2 but we don’t know when…that being said, please still watch the new episodes. they’re super cute and set up some of the exposition for the next story arc

          little reminder that;

  • talon was established, years before overwatch. thus they have been active, and advancing for more than about 50 years.
  • talon has control over the media. examples being during the train heist. talon was far from discrete from their appearance and actions upon their advances, coming in with multiple choppers, agents that made themselves perfectly out in the open to witnesses, and showing no remorse to killing innocent passengers. however, the blame still managed to be put on jessee mccree, who was at first, discrete of his own appearance as a stow away passenger until he intervened. after the whole event, mccree was reported as the one responsible for the train heist, thus putting the blame on him over talon. another example being, is during the assassination on mondatta. instead of there coming to blame of a unknown sniper, the suspicions came to lay upon tracer.
  • talon may also have control over world leaders. there has been no implication thus far that world leaders have spoken out about talon, or demand for their down fall. they rather seem silent over the organization, which could be understandable due to fear that they may be the next to be assassinated. talon was also able to fly one of their airships, within the heart of london, and a high regarded facility within russia, without any sort of detection from the military nor any sort of guard. once more world leaders seem to be silent over such happenings.
  • talon has stolen powerful artifacts; thus implying that they are after power. something big, to their ultimate end.
  • talon seems to want disruption between humans and omnics to continue to be shaken, judging by the assassination of mondatta, who was one of the figures for human and omnic spiritual equality.
  • talon has the ability to build empires. upon interactive voice lines between widowmaker and hanzo, she says that “talon can restore your family’s empire.” so not only are they able to do such, but the have the resources to do so, such as legions, weaponry, and connections.
  • talon is organized and structured powerfully. this is not only implied by them being able to advance and survive for more than about 50 years, but they have the technique, planning, and ability to heist a train going at fast speed, invading ancient ruins within greece that are surly highly guarded; considering there is something there worth talon to make an appearance, and able to cause an assassination of a omnic to was highly guarded from blocks around.
  • talon has the ability to completely shape a person to their design. this given the fact that they were able to brainwash amélie, wife to an overwatch agent, into a killer to which murdered her own husband.

I am really curious about the kind of concept nct dream is gonna comeback with


James/Thomas Appreciation Week

Day 3Favourite episode -> XIII 

Men like Thomas need men like you. To protect them from the world.


how to delete someone else’s news article


Favorite wardrobe moments from Depressing News -

  1.  Margaret’s ducky underpants
  2.  BJ’s Chucks + Hawk’s suspiciously 80′s tennies
  3. - 5. Klinger’s many hats + Potter’s painting outfit

100 followers gift part 1!!!

First of all, thank you all so much. It means a lot that you downloaded my custom content. So i made this little thing. Nothing special but i like it. It’s a crop top with a shiny bra type thing underneath. 

  • Base game compatible 
  • Comes in 16 swatches (1 cow plant swatch :) )
  • Disabled for random
  • Looks nice with a lot of things :) (i personally love them with high shorts)
  • (do you see the double bunny swatch?!)
  • credits to gimp, ea (for the mesh).

tag me if you use my cc (i would love to see that)

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again until someone asks: if you ever want one of my sims they are waiting for you to use them :)


SO, I reached 300+ followers a time ago and I was shook ( did you all come through my mirror when I wasn’t looking or? ).  I can’t believe it but to be honest, this is not about how many followers I have but about saying “THANK YOU”  to some people that make writing here one of the most amazing experiences ever and are basically the reason why I am here, my true motivation besides my everlasting love for this Soprano that conquered my life completely and this story that breaks my heart in the best way possible. Great blogs that I simply love having on my dash, people that are so talented that make me speechless every time I read anything they write, and those who I consider now my friends, some all of those things combined because you are all so amazing that I can’t put into words. People that I love talking to and annoying the hell out ( sorry not sorry ). So yes, this is a thank you. A very sappy thank you by the way but it is not my fault that you all make me so damn emotional. I wish I could tag and write about every single one of you, but that would be the longest (ye boi) crying text ever.

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You know what I love about life?  

I love seeing the beauty in the little things.  The overlooked and unnoticed.  The little things, like the way plants grow in the cracks in pavement.  The fallen leaves in fall that crunch and crumple when you step on them.  The twinkle in someones eye when they get happy or excited about something they love.  The feeling of the sun on my face.  Sand beneath my toes.  Unedited thoughts.  Poetry.  A birds feather blowing in the wind.

Don’t waste your time worrying about things you can’t change.  Pay attention to the little things and notice how special life is.

"There are better places to take a nap than on the ground, you know." version Morgan
"There are better places to take a nap than on the ground, you know." version Morgan

Owain: Lucina, we have to do something.

Lucina: Well, what do you propose we do?

Owain: I…I dunno….

Lucina: I see you’re awake now.

Owain: Hoy there!

Lucina: There are better places to take a nap than on the ground, you know. Here, give me your hand.

…Welcome back, Morgan.

Everyone: Morgan! Welcome back!

(a note about the translation)

End of the year books from daycare included self portraits. Buddha’s not much of an artist (yet). So, a sweet little girl in his class wanted to make one for him and I think she captured him perfectly 👦🏼 (note the transition lenses 😉).

I will forever be grateful for this daycare which has not only taught acceptance/tolerance to all of the kids and fostered relationships between Buddha and the typical kids, but has wonderful teachers who have accepted, loved, and helped him grow over the last year 💙