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yells for the people in the back

“season 2” of the seven deadly sins on netflix is NOT season 2….it’s just a little special thing. yes, there will indeed be a real season 2 but we don’t know when…that being said, please still watch the new episodes. they’re super cute and set up some of the exposition for the next story arc


James/Thomas Appreciation Week

Day 3Favourite episode -> XIII 

Men like Thomas need men like you. To protect them from the world.

100 followers gift part 1!!!

First of all, thank you all so much. It means a lot that you downloaded my custom content. So i made this little thing. Nothing special but i like it. It’s a crop top with a shiny bra type thing underneath. 

  • Base game compatible 
  • Comes in 16 swatches (1 cow plant swatch :) )
  • Disabled for random
  • Looks nice with a lot of things :) (i personally love them with high shorts)
  • (do you see the double bunny swatch?!)
  • credits to gimp, ea (for the mesh).

tag me if you use my cc (i would love to see that)

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again until someone asks: if you ever want one of my sims they are waiting for you to use them :)


Little Autism things:
If I let you into the inner circle (and I don’t mean friendship, I mean the inner circle of Big Ideas), know that this is an honored invitation. If you say that you are in for the Big Idea, know that if you aren’t in 100%, or treat it like some insignificant trifle, or then back out because you are too busy with other things, this will hurt me deeply, to the core.
Also: Each time a Big Idea is trampled on, it will make it that much more difficult for me to trust you again and, inadvertently, the next person who comes into my life.

Easter Eggs

A conversation with the girls about Easter traditions leads to Patsy making an admission…

Five women all squashed into one room across two beds gave Delia a good excuse to sit as close as humanly possible to Patsy without any eyebrows being raised. Patsy was rested against the headboard of Trixie’s bed whom was currently out with Christopher, with Delia sat beside her, legs bent so her feet rested just against Patsy’s calf. Val was sat cross legged on her own bed as Barbara and Phyllis perched on the end. All five were giggling when Trixie entered, a Smarties Easter Egg tucked under her arm.

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how to delete someone else’s news article

Languages of Love- Minghao Fluff

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Request: Hiii can i request an imagine where minghao has a crush on reader aaaanndd junhao is talking abt reader in chinese while reader is in front of them, but turns out reader understood chinese perfectly aaannddd after that reader and minghao started talking and bonding hehe

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1113

Member/Group: Minghao of SEVENTEEN

 Sometimes, people that speak multiple languages can get a bit mixed up between the two or end up saying something they don’t know that others can understand. You, being someone who originally spoke English and a few other languages, knew this well. Ever since you were young, you had loved the idea of being able to communicate with everybody you came across. By the time you were only 9, you had learned Spanish and German fluently. The only language you had never been able to master was Korean, which of course made living there much harder. As you were good friends with the up-and-coming members of the group SEVENTEEN, you preferred to speak to them in Japanese and English instead of Korean, because at least then you knew that they would be able to get the main idea you were attempting to get across. 

 Your lack in stability in Korean had caused the Chinese members of SEVENTEEN to take quite a liking to you. They perfectly understood the struggle of being in a country where you had to try ten times as hard to understand anything, and this had only encouraged the three of you to begin a study group. Three times a week, you would all meet at a local cafe and practice communicating in Korean, but it usually would end up you attempting to teach them bits and pieces of English and them trying to teach you Chinese. What they didn’t know was that you had actually become quite fluent in Chinese over the past few years, but you just couldn’t help but enjoy watching the two boys get so excited over ‘teaching’ you a new language. Not only had they managed to make you laugh as they did so, they had also made you realize that you were quite in love with your paddle haired friend, Minghao. 

 The only person you had told was Joshua, mostly because he spoke English and it was easier to vent that way, but also because you knew that he would never think about telling anybody your well kept secret. He also had become a good friend on your travels across the globe, and he was also one of the only people you could trust to talk about anything and everything. (cough cough priest Joshua coming through cough cough.)

 Your eyes shot open as the blaring alarm finally caught you from the deep sleep you had been immersed in. Peering over your mountain of sheets, you were able to see the time. 10:27 am.

 “Oh shit! I’m going to be late!” You ran around your small apartment like a lunatic, trying your best to piece together a decent outfit while simultaneously completing your morning routine. By the time you had actually managed to slip on your sneakers and get out the door, your phone had rang with several alarms to remind you to leave so you wouldn’t miss your bus. 11:05 am.

 “Aha! Just in time to catch the bus!” You waved happily to your neighbor as you skipped out of the apartment building. The streets of Seoul were not yet even close to being busy, so could actually take your time to look at the freshly  bloomed flowers on your way to the bus stop. 

 The entrance to the cafe was not difficult to find, but before you decided to walk up the the aged mahogany door, you looked through the window. Minghao and Jun were sitting at your usual booth, both drinking what looked to be tea. The expressions on their faces seemed to be more serious than you expected, and Minghao looked more concerned than ever before. You decided not to draw attention to yourself as you walked into the warm room that smelled of ground coffee and cakes. You slipped down against the large wall the was the backing of the booth, and you were about to leap up and surprise them when you heard your name leave Minghao’s mouth.

(Special little thing here- just pretend they are speaking chinese so that nobody in the room can understand what they are saying… or so they think)

 “Yes, Jun. I am one hundred percent sure that I am in love with (Y/N). Overtime I look at her, I just feel so… warm. Like I am at home with my family. She just makes me so comfortable.” Jun nodded and tilted his head.

 “Well, I don’t blame you for having a crush on her. She is very pretty, and just your type. You should tell her how you feel instead of just worrying about whether or not she is going to reciprocate your feelings. I bet you she feels the same way.” As he finished his sentence, you quietly slipped into the booth and made sure that they were unaware of your eaves dropping.

 “Hey, if you guys need to finish your conversation you can go ahead. I won’t mind.” The perfect plan to show him you felt the same way popped into your head.

 Once again, they began to speak to each other in Chinese, completely unaware that you understood every single word that you were saying.

 “I don’t know Jun, I just don’t think that she loves me like I love her. I don’t want to ruin the friendship we have!” You saw your chance, and you took it.

 “Minghao, maybe if you had just decided to ask me you would know that I happen to feel the same way towards you, idiot!” His eyes grew large when he heard you speak his native tongue, and Jun had to bite down on his hand to keep himself from laughing at his friend’s misfortune.

 “You know what, I am just gonna go back to the dorms. Why don’t you two lovebirds just stay here and get to know each other a little better?” Minghao’s face was beat red, and you just giggled and nodded at Jun. He walked off, and you returned your gaze to the boy sitting across from you.

  Shakily, he scratched the back of his neck and let out an awkward laugh. “So you knew how to speak Chinese the whole time?”

 “Hao, I’ve spoken it since I entered Junior High. I just never told you because it was so cute to see how excited you got when you thought that you were teaching me something I had never learned before.” He nodded at your words and took another sip of his beverage.

 “How about we get out of here, and we can go on a real date?”

 “I’d like that very much, Minghao.”

          little reminder that;

  • talon was established, years before overwatch. thus they have been active, and advancing for more than about 50 years.
  • talon has control over the media. examples being during the train heist. talon was far from discrete from their appearance and actions upon their advances, coming in with multiple choppers, agents that made themselves perfectly out in the open to witnesses, and showing no remorse to killing innocent passengers. however, the blame still managed to be put on jessee mccree, who was at first, discrete of his own appearance as a stow away passenger until he intervened. after the whole event, mccree was reported as the one responsible for the train heist, thus putting the blame on him over talon. another example being, is during the assassination on mondatta. instead of there coming to blame of a unknown sniper, the suspicions came to lay upon tracer.
  • talon may also have control over world leaders. there has been no implication thus far that world leaders have spoken out about talon, or demand for their down fall. they rather seem silent over the organization, which could be understandable due to fear that they may be the next to be assassinated. talon was also able to fly one of their airships, within the heart of london, and a high regarded facility within russia, without any sort of detection from the military nor any sort of guard. once more world leaders seem to be silent over such happenings.
  • talon has stolen powerful artifacts; thus implying that they are after power. something big, to their ultimate end.
  • talon seems to want disruption between humans and omnics to continue to be shaken, judging by the assassination of mondatta, who was one of the figures for human and omnic spiritual equality.
  • talon has the ability to build empires. upon interactive voice lines between widowmaker and hanzo, she says that “talon can restore your family’s empire.” so not only are they able to do such, but the have the resources to do so, such as legions, weaponry, and connections.
  • talon is organized and structured powerfully. this is not only implied by them being able to advance and survive for more than about 50 years, but they have the technique, planning, and ability to heist a train going at fast speed, invading ancient ruins within greece that are surly highly guarded; considering there is something there worth talon to make an appearance, and able to cause an assassination of a omnic to was highly guarded from blocks around.
  • talon has the ability to completely shape a person to their design. this given the fact that they were able to brainwash amélie, wife to an overwatch agent, into a killer to which murdered her own husband.
if it’s you

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in which you’re the only person that matters.

genre: fluff 

― prince!seokjin x peasant!reader

a/n: this is absolutely horrible but i kept having prince!jin stuck in my head and i really needed to get it out so enjoy my word vomit

     THERE WERE MANY REASONS AS TO WHY YOU ARE NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE IN SEOKJIN’S PRESENCE. The main one being that he was the Crown Prince and you were just the royal florist (yes, such a job did exist). Yet in what seemed like anomalous, almost cruel coincidences, you were constantly having to interact with him. Prince Seokjin, dubbed lovingly as ‘Jin’ by the kingdom, wasn’t difficult to be around by any means. In fact, it was the opposite. He was really quite charming. It was the fact that he was a little too charming. His interest in you far exceeded the royal prince and his subject type of relationship and ventured into a territory known as flirtation.

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How could got7 react when you are just his type?? Don't know if u are taking it .... Hope u take

Im Jae Bum/JB:

His leader skill would turn on as he confidently walked towards you, looking good and a white smile. He was still nervous though, his hands would be shaking as came closer, he would cough to get your attention and when you noticed him he would approach you and ask what you were reading.  He knew he had to be closer to you, he needed you no matter what. He smiled at you and asked you with a calm voice if you wanted to grab some coffee with him sometime, of course you said yes and he would smile even more at you.

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Mark Tuan/Mark:

Mark isn’t that talkative unless he knew you very well, the only problem was he wanted to talk to you about everything and anything. He felt you would be amazing to talk, someone with a lot of ideas and exciting new thoughts he would love to hear all about. He knew he had to talk to you at least once, he walked over and pricked you shoulder and said with a shy yet cool smile who he was. He was happy he had no choice and did the unthinkable and impossible, he asked you out and his smile became bugger when you said yes.

Originally posted by ceohan

Jackson Wang/Jackson:

Jackson would be a firework of charms, muscles and shyness. He would be a mess when he had to talk to you, of course he would try to play it off cooly but laugh it off at once you started giggle that sweet giggle of yours. He would try to make some jokes and ask you questions and just make you laugh, when some time had gone he would carefully ask you with a shy smile as he scratched the back of his head if you wanted to go out with him or just go somewhere to hang. When you said yes he would smile for himself all day.

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Park Jin Young/Jinyoung:

He had noticed you before, he knew you liked to go there every Sunday and have your favorite ice cream. He knew. He had told some of his hyungs about you, about this person he wanted so badly to get to know better. He would start of by pretending he bumped into you, spoiling some of the ice cream on your clothes. Of course that was an excuse to talk to you, he would smile and be a true gentleman towards you, he would offer to buy you another ice cream or he could make up with taking you out for dinner one time, all just to know you.

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Choi Young Jae/Youngjae:

He was just enjoying a free day when he first saw you, it was love at first sight if you believe in those type of things. He was shocked and his heart kept beating faster and faster like it tried to jump out and run towards you. He studied the way you moved and for each little special thing he would smile. He had fallen but he needed more information about you. He would search on how you talk cool to a girl and also might even call Jackson for advice, once he gathered his courage and asked he was happier than he ever was, this was special.

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Kunpimook Bhuwakul/Bambam:

Bambam would be surprised and so nervous if you came close to them. He would play and bother his hyungs to try and get his attention away from you, but your beauty was just too strong for him to look away. As soon as his other hyungs noticed that he seemed not completely there and as soon they saw what he was staring at they would start teasing him and push him to ask you our or at least talk to you. As nervous as he was he tried his very best to talk to you and when you smiled at him, he knew he had to have you.

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Kim Yu Gyeom/Yugyeom:

“Oh is that…” his eyes would be locked on you as he saw you wander from shop to shop. He would follow you around just so he could get a better look at you, he snuck behind a bookshelf in the library, pretending to read through a book as he tried to snuck glances of you from time to time. When you captured him, he would simply try to laugh the awkwardness off and maybe, if brave enough ask you out. He would be very nervous but when you said yes to get to know him his heart would skip a beat in the heat.

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Not my gifs! Credits to all gif owners!!!

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the paladins reaction to an gendefluid s/o ??

yeah dude

Shiro is wholeheartedly and absolutely supportive of them. He believes that they’re amazing whether they’re genderfluid or not. It’s something he doesn’t take into account when determining why he loves them so much; in reality, Shiro cares more about personality than anything else, so they shouldn’t have any worry with whether or not he stops loving them because of their genderfluidity. Newsflash: he’ll love them no matter what, so they should keep being themselves!

Keith is new to the concept of gender identities, in all honesty. They might have to explain to him what genderfluid means a few times just so he can understand the idea of what it means. When he finally gets a grasp of what it does entail, he’s supportive of them. I mean, he loves them, why should their gender identity change the way he feels about them? He’s going to adore them no matter what.

Hunk thinks it’s the coolest thing. He respects them for coming to him with this because it shows how comfortable they are with him. He takes note of when to use which pronouns and how to figure out when they’re feeling one way or another. He’s aware of the discourse surrounding gender identity back on Earth, so he’s always there to validate them when they need that extra boost of confidence. Nevertheless, Hunk is the best boyfriend who accepts and loves them for who they are, genderfluidity and all.

Lance, while being rather new to the concept (and still dying over Pidge being a girl), is totally accepting as well. He learns pretty quickly about genderfluidity and how it affects his s/o’s day to day lifestyle. Like everyone else on the team, he sees this as just another little thing about them that’s special and in no way changes how he feels about them.

Pidge is totally excited about it. They are so proud of their s/o for coming out to them about that and makes sure they’re aware of it. Won’t tell anyone else unless the s/o tells them that they can because they don’t want to out them. Genuinely thinks it’s something that makes them special and they love it so much. tl;dr: Pidge is a good datemate who is there to support and love every inch of their s/o no matter what.

Role Reversal

(Headcanon that Lewis was smaller than Arthur when they were kids. And Arthur looked out for him. So here’s a drabble with that in mind. Special thanks to Kirby for reading through it first. ^_^)

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First time with Dan Howell

A/N: Today is the day of first times. It’s my first 3rd person perspective imagine posted on here. This is about teenager Dan’s first time and I got a new little special thing to make this more personal. I added a thing that changes Y/N to your actual name but it won’t work of you are reading this from your dashboard/feed/mobile app. 

Summary: teenage Dan! and teenage Y/N! have their first time together.  

Warnings: Smut 


Your name: submit What is this?

Her skin was soft and pure under his touch. Their lips crashed together again and again. Her hands were tangled in his brown hair. She was pulling on the locks above his neck. He gently bit down on her bottom lip, earning a shy moan. Dan’s large hands roamed her clothed body, he wished he could get rid of all the fabric. His hands skilfully slipped underneath her t-shirt. Goosebumps started to appear on her skin as soon as Dan caressed her hips and belly. She connected their heads again, so she could feel his wet lips on hers. Y/N left sweet kisses on Dan’s sharp jawline while he sucked love bites onto her shoulder. At one point Dan needily tugged on her t-shirt that he had previously pushed up to her waist, indirectly asking for her to take it off. She pulled the fabric over her head quickly and tossed it somewhere next to the bed. Dan swallowed hard as he saw his girlfriend laying underneath him just wearing a pink lace bra. It was the first time that they had gotten this far. Normally they’d just make out for forever. He had slipped his hands under her top before but never had she taken it off completely. His eyes hungrily gazed over her chest. Her hard nipples were visible though the fabric. Suddenly the tightness in his black skinny jeans was unbearable. Y/N ’s cheeks grew a pretty shade of red as she noticed her boyfriends boner and she couldn’t help but to stare at the bulge in his pants.

“Can we take that off ?” Dan asked, fascinated by her perfectly round boobs.

She shyly nodded her head. Y/N lifted her body off the bed, gesturing for him to do as he pleased.

Dan’s fingers were shaky as he reached behind her back and unclasped her pink bra. She pulled the straps off her shoulders and fully revealed her bare chest, her heart racing underneath her skin. Dan’s brown eyes grew wide.

“Beautiful” he stuttered and hastily cupped them with his hands. 

They were soft and squishy,he could have massaged them all day. Y/N let a silent whimper escape her lips as Dan started to suck on her boobs. The left one first while he continued squeezing the right one. As she felt his tongue swirl around her hard nipple she could feel her wetness grow between her folds. It was now her turn to explore Dan’s body.  She teasingly slow stroke over his happy trail with her finger and wandered up to his sternum and collarbones. Dan finally got rid of his shirt and freed himself from his skinny jeans,leaving him in his boxers. His erect penis was pushing against the thin material. They hadn’t planned to go all the way tonight but they knew it was going to happen today, since both were too turned on to stop. Y/N could literally see that Dan was about to explode and she was desperate to feel him inside of her. He kissed down the valley between her breasts all the way down to her lower stomach. He stopped right at the start of her shorts. She wanted him to do more, go further. He hooked his fingers under her trousers and pulled them down to her knees. Her wetness had stained her panties and Dan got even more excited at the thought. His hard on was nearly painful now.

“Can I ?” Dan asked, gesturing to the only piece of clothing she still had on.

“Please.” she moaned eagerly.

In one swift motion he pulled her underpants to her ankles, she shook them off by wiggling her legs and they landed on the floor. She was now completely naked in front of somebody for the first time. Dan had only seen a naked girl on TV or on his laptop but nobody he had ever seen could be compared to her. The view in front of him was absolutely breathtaking and he was nearly shaking with horniness.

“Fucking perfect.” Dan gulped and Y/N couldn’t help but giggle at his comment.

“Your turn.” she then shyly said.

He eagerly stepped out of his tight boxers and freed his rock hard erection. She tightly pressed her thighs together at the achy, throbbing desire for pleasure. She licked her lips while staring at her boyfriends hard on. The boner she created gave her a feeling of pride. Dan got a condom from the pocket of his black jeans and ripped it open with his teeth. He rolled it on while Y/N curiously watched every step of his with excitement. She was laying on the sheets, totally ready for him as he neared the bed again. They hungrily kissed as he rested his tall body on top of hers, supporting his own weight with his elbow. The air around them was made of fire, the adrenalin was pumping through their bodies.

The hand he guided his penis with was shaking as he neared her wet entrance.

“Are you sure ?” he asked, looking deep into her eyes, the tip of his penis pressing against her folds.

“I want you to be my first, Dan.” she assured him, not being able to wait any longer.

Then finally he pushed into her, slow and gentle, to make sure he wouldn’t hurt her. She squeezed her eyes together tightly as his erection stretched her vagina. As soon as he was fully inside of her he stopped, giving her time to adjust. It was a completely new feeling. She had no idea how she could live without the sensation of Dan inside of her.

“You can move now.” she breathed overwhelmed by the feeling of being completely filled up.

Dan was relieved to be able to move, it had cost him a lot of willpower to not release already.

“I won’t last long.” He admitted, his voice shaking of pleasure.

“Me neither.” Y/N moaned, as Dan pushed in and out of her.

She looked down to where his penis disappeared in her vagina again and again. Grunts and moans fell from both of their mouths paired with a few profanities. They were right when they said they wouldn’t last long. After a few thrusts they were already on the edge. Their bodies were tingling and going crazy.

Dan was the first one to come.

“Y/N” he shouted in pure bliss and dug his nails into her hips. He had pressed his eyes together and his mouth hung open. It was a breathtaking to look at. Dan sloppily continued to push into her until she’d release as well. An intense orgasm washed over her seconds later. It made her arch her back and curl her toes in pleasure.

“Oh my god, Dan.” she repeated over and over again in complete ecstasy.

Both of them were still out of breath when Dan fell into the bed next to her. He wrapped his large arms around her fragile body and nuzzled his head into the crook of her neck.

“Thank you for being my first.” He whispered against her hot skin.

A huge smile spread across her face. They had both finally lost their virginities to each other.

“I love you.”  she tiredly smiled before she fell asleep in Dan’s arms.

Little Autism Things #79

Trying to justify your special interest to NTs.

[gifset of Daniel Radcliffe saying “If you’re going to be obsessed with something, being obsessed with a series of books or films is pretty good. Some people are obsessed with heroin.”]

Well aren’t we a special little thing, leaving bite marks on skin we swore never to touch again, drowning in the spaces our bodies make when they’re wide open and begging. Tell me how we became so hollow we had to swallow each other whole to feel something, tell me how it doesn’t mean anything anymore. Pretend we aren’t choking on the aftermath of each other, pretend you don’t taste me in your cavities when I leave. When your mother asks why your teeth ache, smile and tell her you’ve never tasted anything so bittersweet.
—  Reena B.| So bittersweet.