little things like this make me ship them so hard

To anyone that’s ever felt insecure about themselves and self-shipping: I got something for you! It’s a little trick I use when I get upset or self-concious about my self-ships or whether my f/os would like me.

Think of what you like about your f/o. Anything and everything works for this. Make a whole list if you want.

Now do the same, but from them to you. Start it out with just one thing they would like about you. Just one isn’t so hard. Now work on another. Keep it going. Make a list from them about you, like you did about them.

Because the truth is? Your f/o would love you. The things you dislike about yourself, they would love. Because those things are apart of you, and you are the person they’ve fallen in love with. They see you as the beautiful person you are and few people could ever get close to measuring up to you.

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001: jake and Amy! :)

  • When I started shipping it if I did: in season 1, because when I first started watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I would go to IMDb and specifically watch the episodes that might have something w/ them in it before I’d watch the rest. I think I started seriously shipping it after “The Bet”
  • My thoughts: they are 110/100 perfect need more content
  • What makes me happy about them: they just vibe so well with each other. they have issues sometimes but they talk about them and solve them. they recognize the little things about each other that they cannot find in themselves (like Amy’s binders and Jake re: Die Hard) but they express interest in those subjects anyway because they love the person who loves those things so why ridicule them for it? nah, go along with it because seeing the other happy makes themselves feel so happy. the math is so easy?? and they do it constantly like dang. hit me with dat ish constantly please
  • What makes me sad about them: that sometimes Jake feels a little insecure :(
  • Things done in fanfic that annoys me: whenever people write Amy as some sort of killjoy and Jake as a manchild
  • Things I look for in fanfic: AUs and Jake meeting Amy’s family. I’m a huge sucker for those
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: look man,
  • My happily ever after for them: they get married and have kids and Amy becomes Captain and Jake is the immensely proud husband who has a little bit more time to spend with the kids but knows them well enough to see whenever they need to be with their mother- and they communicate well enough that he can pass this on to Amy, who immediately figures out how to go about that because work is important to her but family even more so
  • Who is the big spoon/little spoon: they both like to be the little spoon so they switch it around frequently but Amy is Good and she knows how much it means to him (and thinks to herself that maybe he needs it just a little bit more than she does) so she often offers to be the big spoon before he even needs to say anything to her. she can read the response in his face, meaning that it completely lights up knowing that he can spend the night lying in the arms of the person he loves most
  • What is their favorite non-sexual activity: spooning
Sick of haters of Mon-El

I’m so tired of seeing people hating on Mon-El and Kara with him. Like.. he is learning, he is growing as an individual and as a person in a relationship

He knows that Kara disliked the fact he didn’t listen to her, and in the latest episodes he tried to listen as a way to apologize. In a relationship you don’t know a person 100% in the beggining (or ever), he is constantly learning things about her, and vice-versa and how to make it work between them, who are from two different worlds (imagine how hard it can be, how does it feel like to date a person with a different culture?). 

There are mistakes, but aren’t we all full of flaws? Flaws that destroy our relationship if we let them. Mon-El is not letting them getting in the way in is relationship with Kara. Honestly feels like it’s the most pure relationship right now on tv, those cuddles, those smiles and those kisses, it’s the little things that made me ship them. I have never seen a couple so affectionate towards each other on tv (and they aren’t even my otp!) .They are growing, they are learning how to be happy together - well, were since Mon-El left earth, but you know what I mean.  

Mon-El is getting back soon I hope, and when he does he will make some mistakes probably, he can’t be a flawless person since it’s not reality, right?

You picture an ideal relationship, but you forget that inside those relationships there will always be arguments and someone losing their heads sometimes and say things we don’t mean. So please, if you want to hate me for destroying your idea of perfect relationship go ahead, but don’t hate on the rest of shippers and fans of Mon-El. You, the one who sits at home hating on us and actors, probably like worst characters than Mon-El, right?

I know you won’t care about my text, but I had to get this off my chest

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Hello! Can you ship me pleaseee? I'm 1,6m tall, has long wavy black hair. I'm a little chubby. I'm friendly to everyone but has a hard time trusting people. I show my affection through sarcasm and by acting nice and caring. I love listening to people's problems and giving them solutions, and would like the same in return. Oh, and I also like listening more than talking

-Jimin vibes-
I ship you with Mochi!

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His ideal girl is someone who’s smaller than him, your both friendly and care a lot about people.

He’d understand your trust issues so he’d never push things to make you uncomfortable.

He’d love to mess up your hair, especially after you just got it looking nice. He’d love to tease you and flash that big, squishy smile of his.

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He wouldn’t mind at all that you’re a little chubby and he’d love to give back hugs whenever possible.
Jimin’s also the type of guy who you could just talk all your feelings away to and he’d 100% listen, always giving you the best advice.

He’s really compassionate and would feel relaxed enough to open up about his problems so he’d love that you’re a great listener.

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There's a lot of good Sterek out there, but I've also discovered that there is much better Steter. More fun, more interesting, less time digging through it to find good fics. It feels like a more mature ship. So much sass. I'm all about that sass.

Oh, I think maybe that’s a fandom size thing? Like there are a lot of fantastic Sterek fics out there, but sometimes you have to read a lot of “meh” fics to find them. Whereas the Steter pool is much, much smaller? 

We’ve got some of the best writers in Steter though…but that’s probably my hugely biased opinion, lol, since I tend to love a well-written Steter even better than a well-written Sterek. And that’s so hard to even admit, because I love STerek! I just love Steter a little more? :) 



Here’s some additions and good points everyone has pointed out! here’s pt.1


  • Don’t talk/ask about the old members. It’s fine to support them and still love them but it might cause the members to become uncomfortable so please don’t shout things about the old members even if you think they won’t understand it.
  • Don’t make nasty posters saying stuff like “$uho be my sugar daddy” or “pLEASE SPIT ON ME JONGIN” or any other really disturbing signs/posters. 
  • Don’t shout those things either. JUST DON’T. 
  • DON’T PUSH YOUR SHIPS ON THEM, your ships may be real in your head but they aren’t in real life. 
  • Don’t make fun of their english !!! They try their best to learn phrases and words to communicate with you guys and show you their appreciation so don’t reward their hard-work by making fun of them. 
  • YOU ARE THERE FOR THEIR MUSIC, NOT THEIR BODIES. DO NOT BE A LITTLE PISS BUCKET IF THEY DON’T SHOW YOU THEIR ABS AND DON’T GO YELLING “tAKE IT OFF” bc that’s not what you’re there for and that’s not what they’re there for. just enjoy the music. 
  • don’t throw food/water bottles/anything at all at them.
  • don’t start shit about OT8/OT9/OT12 or call any of the members traitors or bash certain members. for once in your life chill and go have fun and let everyone else enjoy their time without pushing your opinion down everyone’s throats. leave yixing alone btw. i feel like this exact point needs it’s own post tbh. 
  • this was mentioned in pt.1 but dON’T STALK THEM BEFORE OR AFTER THE CONCERT AND GIVE THEM THEIR SPACE AT THE AIRPORT. don’t go after them even if it’s just to say hi.
  • BE NICE TO EVERYONE IN THE PIT AND EVERYONE NEXT TO YOU. We don’t want the boys to hate us and never want to come back because we can’t behave ourselves. 
  • just don’t be assholes in general. please. 
  • there have been a disturbing amount of fans sending idols letters written using their blood (two american fans sent GD and Taeyang letters written using their blood. One cut her neck and the other her wrist. Taecyeon also once received a letter written in period blood and littered with pubic hair.) PLEASE DON’T LET THESE EVENTS REPEAT, I BEG YOU JUST USE A PEN OR A PENCIL AND DON’T WRITE ANYTHING INAPPROPRIATE 
  • don’t throw your fanfiction at them???? don’t throw anything at them once again. 

i think that’s it?? once again feel free to add anything i missed! ^^

» On why I ship or don't ship certain ships with Elsa (this is mostly about Helsa)

I promised I would write this down, so I did. Under the cut you can find my reasons for shipping or not shipping certain characters with Elsa. Everything is obviously very subjective, but this was mostly written so that I could just reply with it to the haters in the comments of my vids or just to those occasionally wondering “why?”
Some headcanons are included.
Sorry in advance for any grammar mistakes you might stumble upon, English is not my mother-tongue.
Four and a half pages of word ahead, two of them are about Helsa, so you’ve been warned. 

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Why do I ship Hans and Elsa?
Wow. I think I’ve only ever shipped ArMor and Souffez as hard as I ship them…
Yes, I know very well how fucked up this ship is, thank you very much. The truth is, that wrongness was precisely what drew me to them in the first place. I love angsty and complex ships. I love the idea that anyone who’s considered a villain (see, not evil, but a villain) can be redeemed or forgiven. So in my little shipping world, for one half of the ship to try and kill the other is like the best thing he/she can do.
Then I started making Helsa vids and writing Helsa fanfiction (it’s 35 pages long now, but no one would ever see it, because it’s in Russian and it probably sucks), so… I basically did this to myself. I grew to love both characters so very much and in my head they are actually as close to the perfect match as two characters can be.
Why are they perfectly compatible?
Because Hans and Elsa are pretty similar when you think of it. I do believe that ultimately they have the same goals but very different ways of achieving them.
Hans is pretty much what Elsa could have been if she didn’t have people who really cared about her in her life (she voluntarily pushed them away, but she still knew they were there). For all we know, Hans had countless siblings who even pretended he didn’t exist at some point in his life. That IS extremely traumatizing to a child and I cannot begin to imagine how alone and unwanted he must have felt (now you can say he had parents as well, but frankly I don’t think they gave a damn, they had 12 other sons who were probably more important to them than him, because they were closer to inheriting their kingdom).
Now we saw how kind Hans was to the people of Arendelle, so no matter how power-hungry and sociopathic he was, he probably could have become a good king who would have acted in the best interest of his people. My headcanon is that back home he did try to take part in politics but all his ideas were disregarded and he himself was looked down on. So according to this headcanon, Hans’ lifetime goal was to become the king somewhere and prove all the people who belittled him over the years wrong. Show them he was perfectly capable and worthy of running the kingdom. However, even without this particular headcanon we have a very traumatized person who probably has trust issues and has suffered greatly when he was a child (and maybe later), and in your childhood you’re starting to shape into a person you’re gonna be. So at some point Hans must have said “enough is enough” and stopped trying to get to others. So he’s used to rely solely on himself.
Enter Elsa. She’s her own worst enemy. She’s been a poster child her whole life (Anna’s More than just the spare, “She’s the scholar, athlete, poet”). She’s very traumatized, too, I hope I don’t have to explain why. And essentially she puts herself under this pressure of living up to her own high expectations of herself. That includes ruling. Seriously, I don’t think Elsa doesn’t want to rule. As much as she wants to be free, she just strikes me as a person who would never give up on those who rely on her unless she is forced to (which she kind of was by her fear and powers). And she’s a damn good queen.
Thing is, Hans overcame his fears a long time ago. Elsa didn’t. For Elsa, even post-Frozen, it’s all new, and she’s been feeding those fears her whole life, so no, she can’t just let go of them in a matter of seconds. It takes time to stop thinking… Well, things like, “But what if I accidentally hurt Anna?” Yes, she knows now an act of true love can help with almost everything, but the most irritating thing about fear is it’s never rational. So even for Elsa, who is not that hot-tempered (unless she’s afraid), it’s not that easy to let go of her inner demons.
We also know Hans is the mirror and he mirrors everyone, and with Elsa he’s THE HERO, mind you. Not my words, but the words of the very director of Frozen.
You will never ever ever EVER convince me there wasn’t a connection between them during the scene of her capture. Yes, he tried to kill her with the candelabra in the matter of minutes, but he addressed her fears and he stopped her from doing something she would have regretted for the rest of her life. Could a random person she wouldn’t give a flying fuck about have done it? Hell no. When Elsa turned around, there was that connection between them. For a brief moment they both saw how deep down, beneath all her fears and his agenda, they were just the same – two desperately lonely, extremely damaged people who refused to just give up and let others drag them down. I do believe that in that moment Hans saw in Elsa the same fire that was always burning inside him (even fire!Hans fanon aside). The fire that he didn’t dare hope he’d ever see in anyone else, because he’s oh so used to being alone, to not having anyone who could understand him and his desires, see him for who he really was – someone striving to achieve greatness, to be worthy. But he shakes off this feeling, the feeling that he might have found a kindred spirit, because he can’t take that chance of trusting her. Plus, he’s already kind of royally screwed things up and asked her little sister to marry him, so… So Hans does what he does best – relies on himself.
Then we have Elsa in the cell… and look, she’s got a blanket! I wonder how it got there, must have been an accident, huh?
Like… Guys, Hans has already established his image of the “good guy”. People believe him and in him. Covering Elsa seems like an unnecessary precaution at this point if he doesn’t care at all. But he does it. Because he does care.
Yes, Hans is a monster, but he’s not a self-made monster. His life made him this way. Because people aren’t born evil and eventually even the villains can see where they went wrong.
In her way, Elsa is a monster, too. She learnt to control her powers, but, I repeat, because I cannot stress it enough, fear just doesn’t go away that easily. When you’ve spent your whole life being afraid of something, it would probably haunt you forever. Hans knows everything there is to know about fear and thus he can help her overcome it.
What’s also great is that neither Hans nor Elsa are who they appear to be which makes the two of them one of the most believable and human characters in Disney’s history to me. I might be stretching it here, but the theme of men’s duality was a big theme in Frozen, and I’m like… Obsessed with it (huge Jekyll and Hyde fan here, if you haven’t read the book or seen the musical, you should, and don’t trust the movies, they don’t do the story justice at all). Ahem, what I’m getting at is that Hans and Elsa are potentially the only people who, once they overcome their past, can really see through façades of one another. Because even people closest to us keep secrets and sometimes pretend to be someone they’re not, but with Hans and Elsa, who have seen each other at their worst and who have similar personalities, there’s little to no possibility for secrets and pretence in the future.
I’m just gonna leave a piece of lyrics from JaH here because I think it describes Hans at the end of Frozen to a T:

One thing is certain - the evil is stronger.
Good fights a hopeless and desperate fight.
Why does a wise man take leave of his senses?
Where is that fine line where sanity melts?
When does intelligence give way to madness?
A moment comes when a man becomes something else… (x)

And if you think Hans can’t change, think again. Because the very idea of duality relies on the fact that we are not 100% good or evil (unless you’re a total nutcase which I don’t believe Hans is, he strikes me more as an intelligent sociopath like Sherlock, because if he’d been a psycho there’s no way he could have held it in for so long).
Both Hans and Elsa are obviously very strong and opinionated, too, which actually makes for a great dynamic because Hans and Elsa are doomed to push each other to their limits if their paths ever cross again. Anna can’t do that for Elsa. Anna is this funny and sort of fluffy adorable girl whose importance to Elsa can’t be overstated, and she’s strong, sure, but… idk how to explain it better, so I’ll just say it’s a very different dynamic, but I feel like Anna has already done everything she could to help Elsa grow as a person and now it’s time for someone else to help her discover other sides of her persona.
So ultimately Helsa that started as just one of those many ships on my list of highly dysfunctional ones became one of those rare ships I’m willing to call soulmates (and I’m not even into the whole concept of soulmates). I think Hans is perfectly capable of understanding how wrong he was and Elsa… Well, Anna gave her so many second chances it just doesn’t seem likely she’d turn away someone who shows repentance for his actions.

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whispers sirius/james for the ask thing

than K Y OU 

  • Which one sexts like a straight white boy? james oh my godddd james potter and he also texts like one like literally every time sirius gets a text from him he has to prepare himself
  • Which one cried during a fucking disney movie? neither of them will admit to it but they both have. james is the one like “i’m not crying” as tears are staining his cheeks and he’s lifting his glasses to rub at his eyes. 
  • Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave? are you kidding they both did on purpose to see what would happen and like in canonverse they were so confused by this muggle thing and just started putting random shit in it and one just so happened to be a fork
  • Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing? sirius probably
  • Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner? sirius black holy shit oh my god he’s always freezing and james complains SO MUCH about it which just leads to sirius refusing to let go
  • Who had that embarrassing Reality TV marathon? sirius unashamedly watches reality tv so it’s not embarrassing. but james had that embarrassing marathon and they don’t talk about it and he won’t admit it happened
  • Who laughs more during sex? they make it a competition to make each other laugh as much as they can and more than once things have stopped all together bc one of them is wheezing so hard his stomach hurts
  • WHO IS THE LITTLE SPOON? sirius probably but there’s a lot of times where james is super demanding about it and just grabs sirius’ arm and wraps it around himself and scoots back and sirius is like weLL THEN but he’ll cuddle him. he’ll cuddle him.

send me a ship and i’ll tell you…

Opinion on Bellarke/Clexa.

I’m really so tired of reading bullshit so I want to explain my point of view in regard to both Bellarke and Clexa. If you don’t like my opinion and want to say awful things to me then great because I’m really bored and I wouldn’t reject a little bit of action. Okay, so first of all I’ll try to explain as briefly as possible why I hate not only Clexa but also Lexa herself sooo badly. I think we can all agree Clexa makes no sense at all, like it literally came out of nowhere. The kiss was totally random and besides, what’s the reason for shipping them so hard? Lexa made Clarke feel terrible when she practically made her “kill” everyone in TONDC, because not warning them was indirectly killing them. She also wanted to murder Octavia, FUCKING OCTAVIA BLAKE, no one messes with the baby. She betrayed Clarke and it was her fault that the 100 almost died, Bellamy, Jasper, Monty, Miller, Harper included. If she wouldn’t have betrayed them, probably even Maya would still be alive. There wasn’t even time for so much trust, so much love. The story was ill-conceived and there is no basis to ship them. Bellarke, on the other hand, might not be canon but it would make a lot more sense because they have history together, and that’s undeniable. The development in Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship is so important, one of the the best things of the show itself. They went from being fighting all day, never agreeing, to respect, trust, admire and appreciate each other a lot. And who says they don’t appreciate each other is absolutely blind, because Bellarke’s hug on the ep 2x05 (and on ep 2x16) makes clear how much they do. They DO worry about each other and it makes sensethey have motives to worry. They made all their way since the very beginning together, and they learnt to lead everyone together. Bellamy took care of Clarke from the very first start. When he was torturing Lincoln, he didn’t have to push her away so she won’t see and however he did it because he worries about her. I mean, his sister was also there but he knew that could affect Clarke so he talked to her, offered her to leave. He always seeks her consent, and Clarke is the one who brings him back to Earth. Bellarke, without being canon, is the most real relationship of the whole The 100 show. While Lexa delegated all the blame on Clarke, Bellamy told him that they did what they did together, that she didn’t had to face it on her own. Lexa told Clarke she was weak and tried to change her, while Bellamy learnt to accept her as she was and he started respecting and looking up to her without trying to make her more like him. He made her feel like she was a strong leader meanwhile Lexa made her feel weak and naive. Bellamy always looks after Clarke, he said it himself: “he’d do anything for her, to protect her”. He even risked his life, standing between Clarke and a knife. Lexa made a deal with the mountain people and left Clarke to die, but we all know Clarke would never do that to Bellamy, nor Bellamy would do that to Clarke. Lexa didn’t have to leave her at Mt. Weather. Trikru and skaikru together against the mountain people on their own, was a 10000000% win situation and still Lexa did the trade. She basically traded Clarke and you still ship them!! You say Lexa had her reasons to do what she did but I can’t see them, so I’ll be glad if you illuminate me although I know you can’t because that’s all shit, there’s no justification for what Lexa did and there’s no way she can redeem herself! Bellarke is endgame bitchessssssss!