little things like this make me ship them so hard

Can we just talk about how beautiful self ships are? Like really,

You find this character(s) and you get to imagine them with you, so much love. Love in both a platonic, romantic, sibling, etc sense. You’re able to create your own little dreamland that you’re able to run to when times get hard or when times are good. These ships aren’t based around what occurs in reality’s take on love, but actual love the way you want it. There’s no rules, no right and wrong, no end; there’s how you want it. Everyone is good enough and worthy to be loved and that doesn’t change in self ships, sometimes that feeling of being enough and worthy is more found in these ships.

Every self ships I’ve ever heard of and seen are always so lovely bc even if there are 1,000+ who love that same person, there’s always something unique and loveable in each ship that makes that character(s) perfect for you. Especially when you have a hard time seeing what is good about you, having others tell you “hey (insert whoever) would just love that and (goes on)” allows you to stop and think and maybe even start thinking of that “bad thing” about you as something loveable.

I was just randomly thinking about self ships and all the ones I’ve heard of and everytime I get so happy they’re just a true beauty each one makes me smile thinking of the shipper and character(s) together. I hope y'all know you never have to feel bad about a self ship of yours and that you’d be so loved by the one(s) you ship yourself with its truly a beautiful thing.

Just a random thought :3