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Happy #Toonsday everyone! Here’s a fun little treat for you Tex Avery, Joe Murray, and John R. Dilworth fans out there!

Sarah takes this funny business thing very seriously. Here she is warming up for an important shoot. She makes sure to stretch (and squash) before every session so she’s ready for anything the cartoon calls for! It takes hard work and practice to make this look good!


During the Manson Trial (1970-71) Part II

The fat Skunk

Summary:  A frazzled freshman student meets a conspicuously convivial skunk

I thought a bit of humor might be warranted between all the high stakes stories going around.  Enjoy!

Tex sat alone on one of the picnic tables, meditating.  His name wasn’t Tex obviously, but for the purposes of Elsewhere U it had to be.  The spring sunlight drifted down through the branches of the large oak trees, reminding the freshman of his southern home.  It was nice to be able to comfortably wear jeans outside of December, though that was hardly the most notable thing about attending Elsewhere.  It was an interesting transition to say the least, but after saving a rattled statistics teacher from a confused cat-thing the free ride scholarship was too good to pass up.  Not to mention the 15 gallons of ice cream.   Tex’s stomach rumbled as his mind came to the thought of food, a reminding him as to why he had come to this table in the first place.  The freshman untangled his legs and reached behind him for a small cooler.  Half way through retrieving a delicious turkey-swiss sandwich he realized he was not alone.  

He took a bite of his sandwich.  It was delicious.  Swiss cheese went really well with turkey and mayo.  Also it was really good on eggs.  Tex let his mind wander through the various uses of swiss cheese as he scanned the picnic area.  He wasn’t particularly worried about anything.  Fey got curious all the time, usually the smaller ones like pixies.  He’d traded bits of his lunch a few times for future favors or bits of information.    One of the bushes over to his left rustled slightly.  Tex ignored it, left hand idly checking the pouch on his hip that held a mess of salt packets and a box of iron nails.  It was probably just a cat, attracted by the scent of his lunch.  Or a dog.  Another pang of nostalgia hit him as the Texan thought of his dog back home.  He scratched at the ragged scar on the back of his hand.  Dogs at Elsewhere couldn’t be trusted.  

Suddenly a tiny black face poked out of the bush.  It stared right at Tex, looking into his eyes, into his soul, into his very being.  Which was made slightly less ominous by the fact is was stuck.  The tiny black form struggled, managing to get a single paw out from the thick brush.  Tex looked on, more concerned than afraid, as the furry creature attempted to free itself from its perennial prison.  It glanced up for a moment at him as if to say “Give me a second I got this”  before continuing to writhe against the Brush’s stubborn grasp.  A crow landed a few tables away and cawed, seemingly amused by the struggle of its landlocked counterpart.  Finally the creature pulled itself from the brush, landing in an undignified pile.  It picked itself up and glared at the crow as if to say, “So there”  before sauntering over to Tex.  The creature was a skunk.  A absurdly fat skunk.  In fact if it wasn’t for the signature white stripe and midnight black fur Tex would have said it was a different animal entirely.  Maybe a very small bear.   Its abdomen jiggled from side to side as it approached the picnic table.  It stopped in front of the bench and reared up on its hind legs, taking a moment to prepare itself before jumping onto the wooden platform.  The corpulent mephitis managed to get its fore legs onto the bench and began to struggle its wiggling way onto the seat.

Tex now stared at the skunk, half eaten sandwich forgotten in his hands.  The fat skunk continued to shimmy its way onto the picnic bench, its little feet dangling in the air as its fore claws scrabbled for purchase on the wooden bench.  Tex set down his sandwich.  His RA had persistently impressed upon him the importance of helping those in need while at Elsewhere, but really he just felt sorry for the poor struggling creature.  Besides, it was a Tuesday.  

Tex shifted to give the struggling stripe back a hand but the stoic stink cat held up a forestalling paw.  He glance at Tex, panting as he took a break from his wiggly climbing.  His expression seemed almost to say “just give me a minute, I got this.”  

Tex sat back down and waited patiently.  The skunk continued to wiggle its flabby torso onto the bench until its feet got purchase and then jumped onto the table itself.  It managed to hook a back leg this time and it rolled exhaustedly onto the table.  The two sat there like that for a moment, Tex openly staring at the skunk at it wheezed from the apparent exertion.  

Finally the skunk sat up and looked to Tex expectantly, his flab falling down to his sides adorably.  Tex stared at him and then, very slowly, reached into his lunch cooler and handed the skunk a green apple.  Green apples were the best.  They were sour.  And crunchy.

“You’ve earned it little buddy”  Tex said as the skunk graciously accepted the fruit.

Tex picked up his own sandwich and continued eating as the fat skunk bit into his apple.  They sat there for awhile.  Eating.  Both of them enjoyed the spring sunlight as the great day star reached its zenith, rays of gold filtering through the oak leaves far above and dappling the ground in bright shadows.

The skunk finished his apple.  Tex finished his sandwich.

They both sat there for awhile.  Relaxing.

“Nice weather we’re having”  the skunk said.


in case you guys ever need reassurance that i am, in fact, a loser:

  • my macbook’s name is carolina. she runs my life. she is also getting kind of old.
  • my 4 tb hard drive is named epsilon, but that seemed kind of pushing it since church fucking deletes himself. the drive’s official name is just baby. it is a good baby. i still call it epsilon though
  • my 1 tb backup drive is iota, because by that point i gave no shits.
  • my kindle is eta, because it is smaller than…
  • theta, my 8 inch nextbook tablet! theta was actually named after a different theta, but i consistently forget this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • i named my mini-stick pc north, which cracks me up, because the computer itself fits in your palm. when i was first setting up windows 10, the colors were fucking BLINDING, and the only thing i could stand to look at for the home screen was a purple on the cooler side. so when windows asked for a name, i said north, duh. and thus the gargantuan become the smol.
  • my essential oil diffuser just happens to light up into all of the AI colors. it’s also my first diffuser, so naturally, i named it alpha.
  • my drawing tablet is sigma. 
  • this month i finally got another desktop pc! it’s the second one i’ve owned in about a decade, and it’s badass, so naturally it is beta tex.
  • and yes, she makes carolina look bad but it’s not a fair comparison so shhhh.

and there you have it. proof red is a fucking nerd.

my only worry is that i am running out of names that won’t make me cringe.