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Steve's puppy is in love with his shield. She insists on sleeping in it, eating out of it, and is not impressed when Steve tries to swap in a replica to fool her.

Tabitha was tiny and black and white with a little black spot around one eye and Sam took one look at her and joked that she had the same worried crease between her eyes that Steve did.

He’d adopted her from down South, a pit mix of some kind that was attentive and sweet.  And curious. Snuffling around his gear and when she tipped his shield over on accident she went scurrying away, only to creep back when it didn’t chase her and nose at it until she realized it was perfect for a rocking-bed.   

Steve took approximately 300 pictures and decided there was no harm in letting her doze in his shield while he set up her bed and bowls and toys and made sure he’d puppy-proofed everything.


Only that wasn’t the end of it.  A week later, and she was still nudging it with her nose until it tipped over and snuggled in for the night every night.  He’d given her a meat bone earlier in the day and she’d trotted off with it, tail high, to curl up in his shield and chew on it.

It was on his next mission he decided things had to change.  The fur could be easily brushed away and the bone bits washed off, but the leather straps had little teeth marks in them that would soon be big teeth marks and Steve realized he might have encouraged a bad habit without meaning to because it happened to be cute.

So he bought her one of the plastic replicas he found on Amazon and set it on the floor for her.  She was interested at first but had barely gotten a paw in it before she pulled back and left it for his actual shield.  He put treats in it and tried redirection and she kept stubbornly (like you, Sam smirked as he filmed some of Steve’s unsuccessful retraining) refusing to use the plastic shield.  

He went on Etsy and bought a cosplay replica that was an impressive facsimile.  So good, Tabitha laid down in it.  

For five minutes.  

It was Clint who finally fixed everything, sending T’Challa a series of photos and a note that simply read “a little help?”.

A week after that, a package arrived from Wakanda.  Inside, a perfect replica of Steve’s shield in pink, white, and blue with “Tabitha America” painted on it and half-dozen leather straps for her to chew.


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“Thank you for coming mom!” you gave her a hug, feeling the warmth of her faux fur coat on your exposed arms. ‘If only the pitch was inside instead of outside.’ you thought to yourself, goosebumps starting to appear on your body causing you to start shivering. Why the school thought it was a good idea to have a football game in the middle of cold season was unknown to you and the rest of the squad.

Negan made his way over to you, car keys in hand with his black, smooth leather jacket on. He tucked his blood red scarf into the top of his zipped-up jacket, a white and tight t-shirt peaking out from underneath. He looked delicious, a hand resting in his jean pocket as he grew ever closer to you and your mum.

He gave your mum a kiss on the cheek, and turned to you, giving a tight hug. “Hey doll. Good luck for tonight.” he spoke, your mum pulling him along to their seats. You huffed, knowing your mum was unintentionally pulling him away from you. You still couldn’t believe that she didn’t know what you and Negan were doing, you didn’t feel guilty at all. You waited on the sidelines for the first whistle to go.

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Summary: At nine months old, Gideon seems to favor Belle in looks, interests, and mannerisms, and Papa Rumple is jealous.
Rating: G  Word Count: 1200 
A/N: A little family fluff fic, based on the contents of this post about Rumbelle parenting headcanons.

Also on AO3

“Say ‘Pa-pa,’” Rumple coaxed. He crouched on the living room floor and dangled a whittled wand in front of nine-month old Gideon.

Gripping the edge of the coffee table with one hand, Gideon sidestepped toward his papa with one arm outstretched. Their little man was growing fast, and in a matter of weeks, he would be walking unassisted.

His eyes widened in delight when Rumple rotated the wand in a small, teasing circle.

“Come on…just two little syllables.” He paused until Gideon’ gaze was focused on his mouth, then enunciated the oh-so-important word slowly: “‘Pa-pa.’”

“Mama!” Gideon chortled and snatched the wand from Rumple’s grip, waving it over his head.

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(First of all, sorry for the inactivity.  I’m back in training at work which means I don’t have my phone to type on and then Pokemon came out.  Have a Faust fic as an apology)

Faust lay curled up on the pillow, her nose hidden underneath her coils.   She was exhausted after a full day of looking for answers with Asra.  After a morning spent at the palace, attempting to help the doctor (attempting being the key word), she’d followed after Asra as he went down to the strange caves.  The magic in them made her scales tingle, much to her dislike, but Asra thought they might find something there at least.

Anything to help out.

She wiggled farther down into the pillow, Asra’s scent washing over her from where he lay a few inches away.  It always made her feel safe.  Asra meant home.

Right as she finally startled to slip into sleep, a change in Asra’s scent jerked her awake.  She poked her eyes out from under her coils in confusion.  Concern washed over her when she saw his still sleeping face contorted in fear.


The magician stirred, shaking his as he frowned in his sleep.  “No.  Don’t.”


Unwinding quickly, Faust shot over to her friend.  She had to dodge his arms as he tossed and turned.  Now the scent of fear was stronger, the terrible nightmare surrounding her friend.


She hit his nose with her tail, then ducked as his hand came up abruptly.  He groaned and she cautiously poked her head up again.


“Please, come back….”

She let out an annoyed hiss, how could he sleep so deep?  They were supposed to be partners.  What good was that if she couldn’t reach him?

Not him too.

Making up her mind, she slithered down the bed.  One of his arms was now tossed to the side, the other covering his eyes.  She hated how his face was twisted as the nightmare trapped him in his fear.

She rose up over his arm, glancing back briefly at him.


She struck.

Asra shot up with a yelp, breathing hard.  Sweat plastered his hair to his forehead and for a second he looked around the room with wild eyes.  It took him a moment to even figure out where he was, fear still controlling his thoughts.


Blinking, he glanced down, then raised an eyebrow at Faust.  “Really?”

Realizing she still had a hold on his arm, she slowly opened her mouth.



He ran an unsteady hand over his arm, easily healing the small little teeth marks.  “Yeah… I dreamed–”

His voice broke off as his eyes drifted over to the empty bed space beside him.  “Oh, it wasn’t just a dream.”

Faust left out a soft, sad noise.  She slithered over to the empty pillow, tongue flicking out as she tried to catch the last hints of their scent.


“I miss them too Faust.”  Asra reached out to comfort her.  “Don’t worry, we’ll get them back.  I promise.”


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▪ Delta wolf
▪ In charge when Taeil is away
▪ Takes shit off of no one
▪ Was that guy in high school
▪ Notorious player
▪ He just randomly got the title tbh
▪ He just smirked at a few girls
▪ Flirted here and there
▪ Next thing he knew he was hearing how he slept with everyone
▪ Didn’t really care
▪ Gentle soul tbh
▪ Killer smile
▪ No one can resist it
▪ Really does not care for what you have to say
▪ Quick to anger
▪ Likes to hunt
▪ Slightly uncontrollable
▪ Aggressive
▪ Possessive
▪ But really don’t piss him off
▪ Mistaken for the Alpha because of his aura
▪ Border patrols with Hansol
▪ He saw you one night
▪ On his way for snacks at 2 am
▪ Like always cause he’s a little piggy
▪ You were working a late shift
▪ Needless to say you needed to find a new job after meeting him
▪ Long story short
▪ You locked eyes
▪ Ended up making out in the back room
▪ Been his ever since
▪ No one touches you
▪ Literally no one
▪ The second most protective of his lover
▪ Bite marks
▪ Not just little red teeth marks
▪ Deep, scaring bite marks
▪ ‘Y-Yuta! What the hell!?’ - You
▪ ‘What? No one will mess with you.’ - Him, smugly
▪ ‘Unless they think I got attacked by a wild animal!’ - You
▪ ‘Oh no- would you like me to show you how you’d look if you were attacked by an animal?’ - Him, smirking
▪ You just kind of stop talking
▪ Walking away to clean the wound
▪ He’s a smug little shit
▪ Secretly just wants to be touched
▪ Pet
▪ Held
▪ Adored like a little prince
▪ Your fingers in his hair
▪ Kissing all over him
▪ Pampering him
▪ Showing him you love him
▪ Never
▪ Ever
▪ Shows a weak side to the pack
▪ Puts up a front that no one has broken through
▪ You are the only person who really knows Nakamoto Yuta
▪ His tail is sensitive
▪ Likes to run
▪ Swerving passed trees
▪ You are literally waiting for his cocky ass to slam right into one
▪ Always pacing in wolf form
▪ Curls around you at night meetings
▪ Keeps you warm
▪ Lets you sleep against him
▪ Though in human form
▪ You are the big spoon
▪ Is more like a cat in human form tbh
▪ He likes to cook for you
▪ Matching tattoos
▪ If you steal his shirt he will most likely steal yours
▪ Dumbass

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Eyy could I get some headcanons for the gible line? With their trainer, or maybe a garchomp who was raised by their trainer from an egg? I love my land sharks and this blog is a blessing

Land sharks are cute sharks, my dude.


* They remember how warm they felt when their trainer held them as an egg, so anytime they’re feeling cold they’ll huddle against their trainer for warmth.

* Gibles are in that constant stage of teething so make sure it has safe things to chew on around. Sometimes they’ll  start chewing on things like boulders or building and this can chip a tooth sometimes. 

* Sometimes they’ll gently bite their trainers to show affection. They try not to bite too hard but will leave little teeth marks where they bit and can bite through clothes.


* Don’t be surprised if any of your jewelry goes missing. Gabites love hoarding anything shiny and will keep their stash hidden well.

* They’ll give you a little nudge with their heads as their way of saying thanks for caring for them. They’ll also do this whenever they need something, such as food or play time with their trainer.

* They’re pretty hyper and will jump around from spot to spot, especially when they’re excited about something. 


* Sometimes they’ll pick up their trainer and hug them to show their love for them. They’re always careful to not hurt their trainers when they do this.

* They’re fiercely protective of their trainer. They’ll show off their strength make loud noises at whoever dares to bother their trainer.

* They don’t like to be in their poke balls, they’ll want to stay by their trainer at all times. Garchomps only behave like this when they’ve been with a trainer for a long time.

AOS Fic - In Darkness, Part VIII

For @gracieminabox

In Darkness chapter index.


Y’all know the warnings by now.

McKirk, ‘cause it’s always McKirk.

But often faltering feet
Come surest to the goal;
And they who walk in darkness meet
The sunrise of the soul

~ Henry Van Dyke

They isolate the pathogen the very next day.

An undocumented, encapsulated protist, Jim learns from Dr. M’Benga. Infecting the erythrocytes and inducing massive hemolytic anemia.

Jim understands less than half of that, but Dr. M’Benga’s words send a shiver of dread down his spine all the same. “When can I see him again?” he asks through dry lips.

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Are You A Good Boy? // Choi Youngjae

Pairing: Youngjae x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary; Submissive Youngjae, need I say more?

Authors Note: This scenario includes female dom, orgasm denial, light bondage ;) Enjoy! <3

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How about "Stop filming me, Moron." For Prince and Anxiety? (( Lmao I'm so perverted I immediately thought of something super NSFW, save me. I need Jesus.))

Honestly? We need jesus! I really hope you like it.

Warning: Mention NSFW

It was not a secret that Roman was obsessed with taking selfies and pretty much record everything that happened in his life. His Snapchat was always full with something and even if sometimes it was annoying most of the time it was almost cute.

Except right now.

Anxiety was laying next to him, little hickies around his pale neck with little teeth marks. Only wearing his hoodie.

Prince was caressing his hair, kissing him from time to time.

“Hey Anxy,“ the young one turned around only to find his boyfriend’s phone in front of him. “You’re so gorgeous.” Anxiety rolled his eyes and put his hand in front of the camera.

The_Royal_S: [Image description: A fast video of Anxiety smiling and rolling his eyes before it went black. Caption read «Morning with bæ» ]

“Anx.” Anxiety opened his eyes slightly when he heard his name.


“I love you.”

“Me too.”

He turned around just to see his boyfriend recording it.


The_Royal_S: [Image description: Anxiety with the bunny filter saying ‘me too’. Caption read: «I’m in love 😍» ]


“Stop filming me, Moron.” He hissed and covered his face with his hoodie.

The_Royal_S: [Image description. Anxiety saying that, with the bitmoji surrounded by hearts. No captions]

“If you don’t stop I’ll go.”

“You can barely walk, Sunshine.” He winked enjoying the colors in the face of his Anxiety.

“Last one, I promise.”


The_Royal_S: [Image description: Anxiety and Prince kissing. No caption.]

Hope you like it:)♥️♥️

proper clothing etiquette

yoongi would be lying if he said that it didn’t affect him at all how jimin had been prancing about all of thailand with an unnecessarily excess amount of skin showing. the little brat doesn’t seem to understand the concept of dress code etiquette and how to properly utilize clothing.

clothes are meant to cover, not use as means to enhance pretty clavicles and defined shoulder muscles.

clothes are meant to…

what was that again?

oh look, jimin is in the pool with no shirt on at all.

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i wish you would write a fic in which there are Dragons. And the Losers, but definitely dragons

I’m so terribly sorry! I totally missed this in the mess that is my inbox.


Jensen knows ALL about them. Kinda like Fishlegs, you know? Has all the stats and stuff, but has never seen one, which only makes him fanboy so much more.

Out of the Losers Clay and Pooch are the only ones who have actually seen a Dragon, and it’s not something they want to experience again. The Dragons aren’t evil exactly, but fucking scary. They can be tamed though, but it’s kinda like a cat can be tamed, you know? They decide that they want to stick around, but the moment you fuck it up they’ll leave again. Dragons choose companions, in other words, and sometimes it doesn’t last more than a couple of days, but other times it’s for years.

Humanity knows better than to try and forcibly domesticate them (and killing them is too difficult) so most of the time they just try to accomodate the Dragons when they get attached to a human. It can get complicated when it concerns the skyscraper-sized Dragons, but for the sake of avoiding extinction, humanity has learned to adapt.

The Dragons come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and personalities, and tend to find humans who match their own temperament if they want a companion. Dragons and humans can’t verbally speak to each other, so they have to rely on body language, facial expressions, and gestures instead. But, once again: if a Dragon takes a shine to you, you’ll probably find a way to make it work.

Then again, when Cougar finds a Dragon curled up in his hat on one of their missions, his first thought isn’t whether or not they’ll be able to communicate. The Dragon is sleek and black, with yellow details, about the size of a teacup pomeranian, and spits small bursts of fire when Cougar tries to reclaim his hat.

In lack of better options Cougar asks Jensen for assistance, since he’s their self-proclaimed expert on Dragons. Which, in hindsight, was probably a bad idea since it means that Jensen ends up with singed fingers and a neat little row of teeth marks on his thumb. Not that Jensen cares because HOLY SHIT A REAL LIFE DRAGON.

It’s a joint effort but they eventually manage to retrieve Cougar’s hat, only to have the Dragon relocate to Cougar’s shoulder — which Jensen is a lot more excited about than Cougar. Because HOLY SHIT COUGAR HAS A DRAGON COMPANION.

Cougar — and the Dragon — both give Jensen deadpan looks of exasperation.

But fact remains: the little girl has taken a liking to Cougar. 

Because it’s a girl, Jensen explains, otherwise she would have red details. He names her Kitten — because of course he does — after Cougar refuses to come up with any better suggestions.

Clay is wary, but since Kitten doesn’t actually disturb their missions or cause them any harm (well, except Jensen’s singed fingers and the bite mark, but he totally deserved it) he just rolls with it.

Most of the time Kitten wraps herself around the back of Cougar’s neck, shielded both under his hair and the brim of his hat, and the only way you’ll notice her is the yellow glint of her eyes. She’s not very talkative and Cougar doesn’t mind.

She tolerates Clay, snarls at Roque, purrs when Pooch rubs her head, and Jensen?


Cougar tries not to think too much about the implications when she disappears every night, to curl up on Jensen’s pillow. Cougar knows about the theories involving Dragons and their chosen companions — how they share temperament and personalities — but that doesn’t mean anything, does it?

Neither does the fact that he’s actually jealous at where she gets to sleep every night. Or how she’s perching on Jensen’s bare shoulder in the mornings, tail flicking like a smug cat.

Cougar doesn’t care about that at all.

Only he totally does.

So the time he finds Kitten curled up at the small of Jensen’s bare back, both of them sleeping despite it being noon already, Cougar can’t help that he stops in the doorway to Jensen’s room, staring. Jensen is sprawled faced-down on his bed, one arm flung over the edge and sheets sliding obscenely low, and Cougar’s only thought is that he wants to join them.

Before he has time to turn and slink away, Jensen cracks open an eye. The look he gives Cougar is vaguely disoriented — possibly a little sleep-drunk — but he smiles. When he raises his hand in obvious invitation Cougar isn’t quite sure whether Jensen is fully coherent or not, but the tug of longing Cougar feels urges him to move. And he does just that, before he allows himself the time to start doubting

Cougar isn’t surprised when it turns out that he likes sleeping in Jensen’s bed just as much as Kitten does.

In the Most Unimaginable Way

This one was requested and for sighthefeels :)

“What do you mean I’m staying here? I feel fine!”  Harry was barricaded at the door by the other three boys, insisting that he should stay in the hotel and just rest for the day.  Last week in Switzerland they were performing their last show before they had  a two month break and then headed into the American leg of the tour.  It had started pouring, and the rest the of the boys were quick to put on rain jackets, but Harry continued on singing and dancing like he didn’t even notice the rain. However he did the next day. He was meant to go golfing with Niall, but with a splitting headache and not being able to breathe out of his nose he had to cancel.  

This morning he felt a lot better, minus a bit of a scratchy throat, and after a week of lying in bed he was ready to get back to rehearsing.

Niall crossed his arms and glared at him. “You sound like a twelve year old boy hitting puberty.  I wouldn’t qualify that as feeling fine.”

Harry threw his head back, tugging a hand through his hair, laughing.

“Guys, honestly I’m fine.  This is the best I’ve felt all week.”

Louis leaned against the doorframe, his eyes sweeping across Harry. “Well you’re looking a bit crummy, mate.”

Harry cocked his head towards Louis and rolled his eyes. “Thanks Lou.”

“Look, what if I just hung out with you guys today.  I promise not to sing or do anything.”  

Harry looked at the boys expectantly before letting out loud sneeze.

Liam shoved his hands in his front pockets, rolling back on his heals. “Look, mate. Why don’t you take it easy today.  We’re gonna start recording for the new album in about a week and you won’t want to be poorly for that.”

Harry nodded reluctantly, knowing Liam was right.

He groaned, “Alright, I’ll get back in bed.”

Niall and louis patted him on the shoulders before turning and leaving.  Liam  

looked at him again, pursing his lips and pointing a finger at him “Drink lots of fluids, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” Liam patted him on the back before following after the other boys.”

When they were around the corner Harry muttered under his breath, “Oh, I won’t.”

He turned back into the room and shut the door behind him, making his way back to the bed.  He sat down patting his hands against his thighs, deciding what to do next.  He picked up his journal that was sitting on the nightstand and flipped it open.  He thought he could maybe write for a bit, but he really hadn’t done anything lately worth reporting.  He closed it and tossed it back onto the nightstand, before scooting further up on the bed and resting against the pillows.

For the next hour or so he alternated between flipping through channels on the t.v. and messing around on his phone, both of which soon lost their appeal.  He sighed, turning off the t.v. thinking maybe he’ll just take a nap.  Turning his head to look at the clock and see what time it was, he saw his juice from earlier, sitting on the table and remembered Liam told him to be drinking fluids. As he picked it up and took a sip he started thinking of things he could do to keep himself from going crazy.  Liam had told him not to do anything he wouldn’t do.  What would Liam do?  

He sat the glass back down and saw out of the corner of his eye his laptop, sitting on a chair, near the end of the bed.

An idea popped into his head, but it was absolutely mental.  He chewed on his bottom lip for a moment, rationalizing why he shouldn’t do what he was thinking.

“Screw it.” He shot out  of bed and strided across the room, picking up his laptop.  

Taking it back to the bed he powered it up, logging on.  

The boys all knew Liam had secret fan accounts, and he would always joke with them about the stuff he would find.  

Harry decided to log on to tumblr, because Liam said it was always good for a laugh.  He quickly made an account, making his username, Packers194.  He knew it was stupid but he couldn’t think of anything else.

After the account was set up he pursed his lips, thrumming his fingers against the keyboard, not sure where to go next.  

He adjusted himself on the pillows, typing ‘one direction’ into the search box, just to see what it would bring up.   

He started scrolling through pictures of himself and the boys, and came across a picture of Niall that was captioned,

Giving Harry a run for his money?

Harry leaned in closer to the screen to get a better look.  Niall was wearing a white button down( most of the buttons opens), black jeans, and…. Harry squinted his eyes, leaning in a bit closer.  Harry scoffed, smiling in disbelief. “He stole my boots.”

He hit reply on the picture and started typing, being careful with his wording so he didn’t give himself away.

Not a chance. Looks like he broke into Harry’s closet.  Those shoes are obviously too big for him.  

He hit send and made a mental note to get after Niall.  After another minute of scrolling, he saw his blue message box lighting up.

The girl who had posted that picture had replied to his comment.

Maybe, but he’s rocking those jeans better than Styles.

Harry scoffed, furrowing his eyebrows and quickly typing back a response.

Absolutely not. Besides he’s angled weird in the picture making it look more perky. Who are you to be judging anyways?

I’m only joking.  Although it wouldn’t kill Harry to do a few more squats. :)

Harry snorted and rolled his eyes. After another few minutes of talking back and forth he found out her name is Katie, she’s 19 years old, and she lives in Washington.  When she asked about him he told her he was from England, but said he wanted to keep his name anonymous.

Well Katie from Washington, besides being an expert of their bums in jeans,, what do you think about the band?

Oh I love one direction! How about you?

Harry laughed to himself, deciding which way to go with this.  He decided to be a fan.

Oh ya, they’re amazing! Especially that Harry bloke.  He’s definitely the fittest one.

He waited, smirking to himself, expecting a very forward answer either agreeing or disagreeing, but what he got was not what he had anticipated.

He’s definitely gorgeous and there’s no denying that! He’s my favorite too.  But there’s so much more to him than just his looks that makes him a beautiful person.

Harry smiled softly to himself before responding.

What’s your favorite thing about him?

He suddenly got nervous flutters in his stomach, waiting for the response.  He didn’t even know this girl, but he’s always cared about what people think of him.  He was at the point now where he was comfortable being completely himself, and he always encouraged others to as well.   But as much as he tried not everybody liked what was put right in front of them.  

The message box lit up again and he quickly opened it.  

Where to even begin, haha.  I know my response is the same for a lot of people, but he is incomparable.  He is kind and generous, and accepting and loving of everyone he comes in contact with.  whenever he performs he gives nothing less than 100%, but he’s always aware of everyone around him, making sure they’re ok.  I love how giving he is and how passionate he is for the things he believes in.  I love how he’s completely himself, and inspires myself and so many other people to love who they are.  I know my knowledge of him doesn’t scratch the surface of the man he is, but I do know he is a beautiful person inside and out. Just everything about him makes me smile.  And lets face it, he’s not bad looking. :)

Harry chuckled and sat silent for a moment.  After feeling poorly for a week this is just what he needed. He’s used to seeing negative things about himself, so he wasn’t sure how to respond to something like this.  He didn’t know where it was coming from, but his eyes were suddenly starting to water.  He tried to convince himself it was because he was about to sneeze, but he knew it was because of what he had just read.  The hardest part about fame is dealing with the people alway trying to put you down, and make you seem terrible just to get a good story.  But he knew he had something special.  Him and the others boys knew how amazing and unique there fans were, and how lucky they were to be supported and loved through everything they did.  

He sat, chewing on his bottom lip trying to think of how to respond, when his phone suddenly buzzed.  He looked down, reading a text from Niall saying they were back and to meet them downstairs to go out for dinner.  

Before closing his laptop he wrote back quickly.

He definitely loves being able to express himself and share his music with others.  I’m sure the fans have inspired him just as much as he’s inspired them.  

He nodded, shutting his laptop before getting up to join the boys.  

They went to a restaurant/bar across from their hotel since they were all too tired to go anywhere further.  After they had all sat down and gotten their food they filled Harry in on what he had missed during the day.   Apparently during rehearsal, it had gotten hot inside studio so they went outside cool down.  Liam splashed some water on Louis’s shoulder and it all went downhill from there.  Louis turned around and grabbed a water bottle, opening it and getting ready to throw it on Liam.  However, Louis did not look where he was aiming and splashed it all over a girl who was walking by.  Louis apologized and the girl said it was fine, but the chiwawa she was walking felt differently.  It barked and nipped at Louis ankles leaving little teeth marks all over the place.

Liam and Niall were cackling hysterically and Louis was glaring at both of them. “I don’t know what you’re laughing at.  Bloody thing could have killed me!”

Niall laughed again, wiping his eyes.  He nudged Harry’s foot under the table. “Oh c’mon Harry, that was funny.”

Harry, who had been previously been staring distractedly at his plate, looked up and knuckled his eyes. He had been in and out of the dinner conversation, nodding occasionally and pushing his food around his plate.  
“Sorry guys, I’m just a bit tired.”

Louis drug a fry through some ketchup and popped it in his mouth. “What do you mean you’re tired?  Haven’t you been lying in bed all day?”

Harry nodded, stifling a yawn. “Yeah, but I wasn’t exactly sleeping.”

“Mmm, find yourself a lady friend to invite upstairs, Styles?” Liam teased, taking a sip of his drink.

Harry choked on the bite of food he had taken. “What? No…no there was no one else in my room.”

Niall rolled his eyes.  “Cut if off, Harry.  I can see you blushing.  Just tell us her name.”

Harry dropped his fork, making it clank against his plate, ‘“Guys, I promise you there was no girl in my room.”

Louis pointed his finger at Harry, smirking. “But there is a girl.”

“Bloody hell.” Harry muttered under his breath, taking another bite of food.  

Louis laughed. “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about Harry.  If I was bored, and stuck in a room all day I’d definitely make a point to–”
“Ok! Enough talk about what I did or did not do today.  The point is I am feeling much better and am good to start rehearsing.”

Harry didn’t know why he was getting all defensive.  He really didn’t have any feelings for the girl, but he didn’t like the boys insinuating things.

Liam chuckled, rubbing Harry’s shoulder. “Alright mate, we were only joking with you.  Besides I told Harry not to do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“Oh ya.  I bet he’s got himself a fan account by now.” Niall quipped.

Harry chuckled nervously, sipping on his drink.


Over the next month, Harry continued talking to Katie and became pretty good friends with her, although he never shared much information about himself.  He now knew that she had three other sisters, a dog named Raven, and she wanted to go to school to become a social worker.  

They were currently in rehearsal now, taking a short break, so Harry pulled out his phone.  He got onto tumblr and opened the message, laughing the post she sent and started to reply.  He suddenly felt three pairs of eyes on him.

Harry looked up sheepishly and stopped typing. “Can I help you boys?”

Niall leaned against his mic stand and grinned, shaking his head. “Harry, enough’s enough.  You’ve been completely distracted during rehearsal the last few weeks, and you’re always pulling out your phone every two minutes.  You’re not foolin’ anyone Harry.  Who’s the girl?”

Harry knew he hadn’t exactly been sneaky about it, but he had hoped the boys would just ignore it.

He blew out a breath and stood up, tucking his phone away in his jeans.

“Alright, so…there might be a girl.  But before you guys get all excited, we’re just friends.”

They all whispered excited ‘I knew it’s’ and Liam frowned, handing louis a 20 dollar bill, for winning the bet that it really was a girl.  

Liam shoved Louis’s shoulder and smiled at Harry.  “Well whoever this secret friend is she must be pretty special.”

Harry nodded, smiling down at the floor. “Ya, she’s pretty something.”


They had a show that night is Santa Clara, and as soon as it was over and he was back in his hotel room he pulled out his laptop, logging onto tumblr.  

Anything exciting happen today?

A few seconds late there was a reply

Nothing really special today, but GUESS WHAT?!


My concerts in two days!!  I’m going to the one in Seattle :)

Harry Laughed to himself

No way! I’ll be in Seattle that week too.

Are you going to the concert?

Oh I’ll definitely be there.

What!? Shut up no way! We’ll we have to meet up then.

Harry grinned, running a hand through his hair.

Where are your seats?

I’m front row! Right next to the catwalk, nine rows back on the left side.

Sounds good.  See you there.


“Alright boys, ready for a great show?”  Liam fixed his in-ears, looking back at the other boys.  

They were backstage in Seattle, minutes from going on stage.  They all nodded and smiled back at Liam as the intro video finished and the door to the stage slid open.  They all ran on, pumping up the crowd and belting out their opening song.  

Their show went on and it was going amazing.  It was during ‘Little Black Dress’ when Harry was on the other of the stage, that he finally spotted her.  He was dancing and running down the catwalk, waving to the fans, before she stopped in front of the ninth row. There she was, right in front.  Wearing a tour shirt and singing at the top of her lungs.  He laughed, catching her attention and blew her kiss.  She laughed and blew one back.  Harry caught it and smushed it to his cheek before continuing down the runway.   

The show continued on and Harry glanced and waved at her a few more times, before it was his turn to talk.

“We would just like to say a massive thank you to any parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, aunts, anyone, who brought someone to the show tonight.  We hope you had a fantastic time.” Harry caught Katie’s eye before continuing on.

“Thank you to all of our amazing fans who have loved us and supported us throughout these last five years.  We truly couldn’t have done it without you. “

There was suddenly and eruption of screaming coming from some girls a few rows down from Katie.

Harry shuffled closer to them, squinting and trying to make out what they were saying.  He laughed, ruffling his hand through his hair. “I don’t know what you’re saying!”

Liam came up next to him and looked down at the girls, “Styles, I think they want you to take your clothes off.

The entire stadium roared as Harry covered his face with his hands, shaking his head. “Nooo. This is not that kind of show! You all need to calm down!”

He laughed at the girls before catching Katie’s stare again, winking.  “Besides, It wouldn’t kill me to do a few more squats.”

Katie beamed up at him before catching on to his joke. Her eyes widened and her hands flew up, covering her mouth.  

Harry blew her multiple kisses before announcing “This is Best Song Ever!”

As they performed the last song Katie was in too much of shock to do anything but stand with her hands over her mouth, trying not to hyperventilate.  

There was no way.  No way she had spent the last couple of months talking to Harry Styles over tumblr.  What he said just had to be a coincidence.  But the way he had been interacting with her all night made her think otherwise.  

She remembered back to all the things they had talked and joked about.  How she had told him everything she loved about him.  Her emotions were all over the place as her eyes started to well up, tears leaking down her cheeks.  Her friend she had come with shook her shoulder, asking if she was alright.  She nodded and slowly lowered  her hands, smiling so big her cheeks hurt.  She watched in awe as Harry danced across the stage, singing and waving to all the fans.  

The song was coming to an end and she joined in at the chorus, singing at the top of her lungs.  She watched as the boys ran down the stage, waving goodbye to all the fans.  As they were coming back up Harry passed her, running backwards and yelled into the mic.  “Bye Katie!”

They took a final bow and ran through the doors as the fireworks went off.  

Katie was crying and laughing, still trying to process what just happened.  

The final notes of the song drug out as she smiled, memorializing her friendship with, Packers194.

Thanks for the request! Hope you like it :)

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Prompt: Possessive w/ Steve

Very Important A/N: So I was going through my old work, and I think I’m going to start combining some of my old stuff with my new stuff.  I’ve been wanting to go through and edit all of my old works, so this seems like a great option. I’ll be reading through my old stuff and seeing how it fits with new prompts. I’m not going to be reusing anything, per se, but I am going to use bits and pieces of my old works in newer ones. I’ll make a new masterlist so the old stuff will still be available!  Honestly, this seems like the best way for me to work on continuity in my writing, which will bring me one step closer to writing a full novel!

So, this piece is going to be combined with an old prompt called “Come Home with Me.”

Warnings: This isn’t as smutty as I would’ve liked. It’s more angst than anything. Also, it doesn’t get “smut adjacent” until after the first section, so you can skip ahead if you’d like.

You settled down on a bus stop bench and pressed your forehead into the divots of your palms, shivering when a cool gust of wind blew through the strands of your hair and chilled you to the bone. Your head throbbed and your frostbitten fingers burned, and when the tears poured from your eyes and pooled into your cupped hands, you realized just how badly you overreacted.

Steve was so calm, though, and always the voice of reason. He let you yell and cry, scream and kick, but his kindness just made you angrier. You stormed out of his apartment like a hurricane, drowning him in your hallow words and empty rage.

He was a good man and you knew Sharon wasn’t a threat. He was just having coffee with a woman he loved like a niece, but you were foolish and selfish. You were a little girl who didn’t want other children playing with her toys.

Stubbornness never helped you, but it did give you a set of frozen fingers, rain-soaked hair, and ruined shoes.

You scrolled through your messages for the tenth time, hoping you missed a phone call or text from Steve saying that he was sorry- even though he did nothing wrong- or that he missed you. Nothing, again. The phone buzzed after you clicked the display off, prompting you to scramble through your messages once again. It was an email advertising couples counseling. “Very funny, universe…

The bench shifted with new weight while your sore eyes bored holes into the screen of your phone. You didn’t bother looking up until you felt a strong hand squeeze your shoulder.

“I’ve been looking for you all night.” Steve draped his jacket around your damp, shivering arms and let his blue eyes, deep with concern, meet yours. The heady scent of his cologne intermingled with the smell of rain and, as you inhaled it, you felt warmth for the first time in hours. “I know you’re mad, sweetheart-”

“I want to go home,” you cried, tears stinging your burning eyes. Your voice was scratchy from the cold and desperate from regret. “I love you, and I want to go home.”

He brushed strands of wet hair from your face and pulled you under his umbrella, cradling your head against his chest while you sobbed. He took your trembling hand in his and smiled. “I love you, too.”

A Month Later

You were selfish, but Steve was possessive.

Steve pressed his fingers into the curves of your waist and pinned you to his body, pushing you back against the kitchen counter. “Up,” he growled, lips vibrating in the bend between your jaw and neck. You whimpered at the command and instinctively hoisted your legs around his hips. He bucked into you and devoured your neck with rough, feverish kisses and nips, pushing you further up the wall.

His hands roamed your thighs and forced the hem of your dress up, hooking his fingers under the straps of your panties and snapping them. “Jesus, Cap,” you mewled and he growled at the name, “What’s all this about?”

His mouth broke away from sucking and licking at your collar bone, leaving little purple teeth marks on your supple skin. “I saw you with bookstore guy again,” his voice was rough and raw to your ears.

“Oh? I like it when you get jealous,” you grinned and he laughed.

“I’m nor jealous, I’m territorial. If I was jealous I would want what I don’t have.” His fingers ripped your underwear off and spanked your ass, “This belongs to me.”


Stay High // Sam and Dean Winchester One Shot

-Warnings: Smut, profanity, drug use, threesome, unprotected sex, sex while high-


Your name: submit What is this?

Whenever the three of them had days off, this is how Sam, Dean, and Y/N would spend them: smoking the finest marijuana the nation had to offer, eating all the munchies they could find, and fuck each others’ brains out. The euphoria would never seem to end, and the bunker would reek of marijuana, sex, and pizza all week, until Cas showed up, of course.

At the moment, Dean couldn’t help but admire the way Y/N exhaled the smoke from the bong. She looked so beautiful while blowing it into Sam’s mouth, and then attaching her lips onto his as he exhaled. His limbs felt weak, not only from the effects of marijuana, but from how hot Y/N looked while making out with his brother.

“Are you two sons of bitches done yet? I haven’t had my fair share of Y/N time yet,” Dean blurted out, completely unaware of what he said. But then again, all three of them were high, so no judgements were made.

“Don’t worry, Dean-o, I’m for both of you to share,” Y/N assured him, crawling over to his side of the bed and straddling him, pinning him to the bed and placing a chaste kiss onto his lips. Their lips tasted of alcohol, weed, and a little bit of the chocolate they had binged on earlier. Before she could get up and go to Sam, Dean had Y/N pinned down, wanting her all for himself.

“You two better not get started without me,” Sam whimpered, coming closer to the pair as he attached his lips onto Y/N’s. “Dean, you cannot be selfish; it’s my turn to feel her wonderful, tight pussy.” Sam’s statement sent shivers down Y/N’s spine; she had never been more excited for Sam to take her.

Sam and Dean were now on different sides of the bed, and Y/N was pinned in the middle. Her glorious, nude body was on full display in front of both of them, and their eyes immediately filled with lust.

“So. Fucking. Beautiful,” Sam groaned, attacking her bare skin with his teeth, leaving little marks here and there. Dean watched lustfully, teasing her clit with his fingers and kneading her breasts.

“Baby your pussy is so wet. Is this all for us? C’mon, don’t be shy now,” Dean teased, using the juices that she produced as lubricant. He slipped a finger inside, causing Y/N to groan at the immense amount of pleasure. Dean began to pump slowly, making sure she got used to it and was comfortable.

“Sammy she’s so wet for us, and she’s wanting more even though we just fucked a few hours ago. What a dirty little slut we have here.” Dean was smirking, and Sam was too. It felt amazing to both of them that they had so much power over her.

As Dean’s speed increased, and Sam’s sucking got a bit more powerful, Y/N felt herself approach her orgasm. Her walls tightened around Dean’s fingers, and as she was about to release, Dean released his fingers from her grasp and licked them clean, savoring the juices Y/N had produced.

“We can’t let you come yet, baby, unless Sammy here’s inside ya.” Y/N groaned at the sudden loss of contact, but her mind was too hazy to pay attention to it soon. All three of them were too lust-driven and high to really give sex much thought at the moment, so they proceeded to fuck without plans.

Sam hazily grabbed Y/N’s hips and pulled them toward him as he positioned himself in front of her, while Dean positioned himself at her mouth. Y/N took Dean’s large member and teased him with the head, getting a little pre-cum out to use as lubricant. On the other hand, Sam carefully slid into her, finding her g-spot in no time.

“Oh yeah baby, you like my dick inside you, don’t you,” Sam grunted, smirking as he felt Y/N slowly fall apart beneath his touch. As Sam kept thrusting into her, Dean played with her tits and gave them a squeeze, occasionally pinching her nipples and spanking them. Y/N’s moans caused vibrations to be sent around Dean’s cock, dangerously nearing him to his own high.

Y/N removed her mouth from Dean’s cock momentarily, but continued to give him a handjob. The pleasure that she was receiving from both boys was almost unbearable; she was going to cum at any second.

“Oh fuck baby you’re so tight. Gonna cum for us soon?” Sam teased, thrusting into her faster and faster each second. Dean only grunted and slipped his dick back into Y/N’s mouth, savoring how wet and soft it was wrapped around him.

“Sam—Dean—fuck I love you both—!” Y/N’s walls clenched around Sam, and the vibrations from her moans caused Dean to twitch inside her mouth. With dilated pupils, hazy minds, and knots in their stomachs, both brothers came. 

Dean released his seed into Y/N’s mouth, while Sam released deep inside her. They all came down from their high and got under the duvet, worn out and smiling tiredly at each other like idiots.

“We should get high more often,” Y/N suggests, playfully elbowing the brothers. Sam chuckles in response, attaching his lips to Y/N’s while Dean wraps his arms around her waist.

“Yeah we should. How about we order more pizza, watch Netflix, and chill for a bit? You get what I’m saying,” Dean says with a wink, causing both Sam and Y/N to giggle a bit. Sam got up and ordered the pizza on the phone, while Dean took the opportunity to wrap his arms around Y/N’s waist.

“I love you and Sam so much, Dean.” Y/N spoke into Dean’s chest while listening to his heartbeat, which was slowly lulling her into sleep. Dean nodded, and pulled her closer to him, kissing the top of her head.

“We love you too, Y/N. We always have and always will.”

When Sam got back into the bedroom, he came back to the sight of Y/N passed out on Dean’s chest, with his arms surrounding her protectively. Sam shook his head playfully and decided to join them while he waited for the pizza.

“Sammy, we may not have pizza tonight. Our baby girl’s asleep.”


A/N: AHHHHH I’M BACK! I know I haven’t written in months, but that’s because I’m really busy with test prep, and writers’ block isn’t exactly the best! I’ve also joined a weight loss class, so unfortunately there’s less and less time on Tumblr (sorry)! It’s late but I’ve written/edited this fic so that you guys won’t kill me. Hope you like it! Please share your thoughts!

Breakfast In Bed (Frozen Fic)

And I did! I really needed to write to keep my mind off of some personal problems.

Sorry this took so long.

Now I have never written anything with Joseff and Heidi since I’ve only used my babies, but they were very fun to write for! They belong to the wonderfully talented “frozenmusings”.

Summary: Kristoff and Anna are treated to breakfast in bed.

Rated: k


  A painfully slow utterance from the door forced Kristoff from his sleep. Vision blurred, a deep groan rang from the pits of his chest. The door’s moan was followed by a chorus of tiny feet pitter pattering on the floor, sprinkled with clanks of dishes and silverware.

  The one day I’m off of work. Kristoff grumbled in his mind, stirred about how early it was.

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