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anonymous asked:

Why is Pearl your favorite character on SU? Or am I mistaken?

No, you’re right, she is my favorite! I love her very much. For a lot of reasons, I suppose. I tend to be drawn to neurotic, overemotional characters because that’s something I relate to a lot because I am neurotic and overemotional. For the same reason I love know-it-all, killjoy characters and socially awkward (and just plain awkward) characters who are always accidentally saying the worst thing while genuinely trying to help and characters who struggle with their self-worth and characters prone to wallowing in bad feelings and characters who are flawed and make a lot of mistakes. And Pearl is all these things.

Plus she has a fascinating backstory (what we’ve seen of it), and I mean all the characters do of course but I’m not so intrigued by it. I like seeing her interact with other characters, too, she has such specific relationships with everyone.

Love her design, too. I like lanky noodle character designs. I love her color scheme. I love that she has these big hands and big feet and big nose and they’re all embraced as part of who she is, not diminished or hidden or made out as thought those features are unappealing. And she’s SO expressive and I love cartoon expressions. And her voice is so nice and so expressive as well. And she gestures a lot (like me!) and is just very animated at all times. And she’s just really really cute. All the time.

I made a post about a year ago on why she was my favorite, which went a little more in depth, if you’re interested. My love for her has only grown since then since we’ve learned so much and she’s just even more awesome and interesting and adorable.