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Welcome to Akatsuka Tea Shop, what would you like with your tea?

Hesokuri Wars is kicking off a campaign where they’re going to be revealing new sets all week for 5 consecutive days, and this is the first one: meet the Black Tea Matsus! Just look at those tiny little men riding their teacups, I’d love to drink them all down.

According to the Twitter captions, these are their respective flavors:

  • Oso – Earl Grey
  • Kara – Dimbula
  • Choro – Darjeeling
  • Ichi – Assam
  • Jyushi – Java
  • Todo – Uva

So let me know! Which flavor tea do you prefer? What do you like with your tea? Do you drink tea at all? Leave your answers in the tags! 

~Mod Ichi


My Aesthetic: Powerful-Angry-Bitchy-Evil-Powerful-Dominating-Conquering-Nigh-Immoral-Sexy Alien Overlord Empresses and Queens who want to kill us all.

Really sad that i couldn’t find Gifs of the last three.

Also: Picture all of them sitting around a tiny table no bigger then their ankles, they’re all siting on pillows and chatting with one another while drinking out of decorated little teacups.


I love you Lin-Manuel Miranda in your little Christmas sweater.