little teacup


I love you Lin-Manuel Miranda in your little Christmas sweater.

The 2Ps when they're sleepy
  • 2P!America: *walks smack into a wall* ...., aGH fuck off i hate you
  • 2P!China: *yawns and snuggles up to you* mmHm... can you cuddle me pls
  • 2P!England: *drops like a fuCKING AVALANCHE OF SUgar into his dainty little teacup*
  • 2P!France: i h ate my lif e
  • 2P!Russia: snarky comments to literally anyone who talks to him
  • 2P!Italy: if you so much as look at me i swear to fuckng god,,
  • 2P!Germany: dAMMIT I'M SO TIRED
  • 2P!Japan: sleep is for the weak
  • 2P!Romano: napping on someone's shoulder every time he gets the chance
  • 2P!Austria: being nocturnal has its downsides
  • 2P!Prussia: i shouldn't have stayed up playing video games last night....,, so much regret aaah

anonymous asked:

Do you have any Hannibal blog recommendations?

I’m glad you ask, anon XD

IDK if there’s any special type of blog you’re looking for, but my favourite writers, artists, and giffers are @crossroadscastiel @wrathofthestag @damnslippyplanet @avegetariancannibal @lecteronthelam @the-winnowing-wind @cervolina @insanereddragon @hannibalina @h4nnibalism @hannibly @desperatelyseekingcannibals @willsravenstag @foyernormanchapel @stalkandlure @willgrahvm @vulcanplomeeksoup @valarism @byk23 @apoptoses @hannibalgraham @hannigal @hannigrammatic @willinterrupted @lovedcrimes @sirenja-and-the-stag @existingcharactersdiehorribly @fragile-teacup @fragile-little-mongoose @victorineb @devereauxsdisease @feyestwords @cannibalcuisine @friendlycannibalhannibal @graham-muffin @bonearenaofmyskull @dolcewill @fancybedelia @tartufibianchi @fannibaling @granpappy-winchester @hannibalnuxvomica @hanni-bunny-lecter @crave-that-mineral @super-queer-hannibal-obsession

@greyjoyvs @harmibal @shelrokc and @ohpotter post some Hannibal among amazing multifandom posts :) Honestly, those are the best, so go check them out if you’re looking for quality content!

Aaaand my primary blog @wiilgrahams is Hannibal as well ;)

i love how blizz has put hog in speedos twice to make a joke abt “fat unappealing guy in a teeny speedo” but instead we all just vaguely treated it like fanservice

actually any time they try and use his fatness as a point of humor, we all just love him more for it. eats so many dumplings he passes out? jiggles his tummy in a highlight intro and makes pig snort noises before pulling up his sagging overalls? breaks a chair just by sitting in it while holding a teeny little teacup and later crushes a robot with his ass? heart eyes

AAAWWW ♥ Who made this?!?!?! Anyone knows the author? This is too cute!
I hate posting stuff without credits :( 

* * EDIT * * Finally some info on the author!!!
I was told that the artist is a Japanese Fannibal named kzo and doesn’t have a Tumblr account. Her Twitter is 
All credit goes to her ♥ So talented!!! ♥

Ok but like...

Eveline forcing Lucas to have a teaparty with her. A proper teaparty with a little minnie table and teacups. And Marguerite makes them tea and thinks its the most precious thing in the world. Lucas is royally flustered but doesn’t have much sway in the matter. He survives it. Eveline gets to be sweet and cute and act like a little girl for once. Lucas actually starts to relax and enjoy it.

Until Jack comes in and teases him…