little tangled things


Guess who was productive today

Not me

My favorite little Movies
  • The last unicorn
  • the hobbit (1977)
  • Jim Henson’s labyrinth
  • beauty and the beast (1991)
  • zootopia
  • Joseph king of dreams
  • the little prince
  • the prince of Egypt
  • tangled
  • brave
  • Mulan
  • Hercules
  • Barbie movies (i.e. Rapunzel, fairytopia, the princess and the pauper)
  •  at Halloween my favorite movie to watch is the scary godmother
disney princesses if they had tumblr
  • Pocahontas: The popular as hell, proud to be black, feminist blogger. Posts infinite selfies, all of which get at least 1000 notes because damn
  • Rapunzel: A lot of those cute ass emoticons. Adds comments to every single picture she reblogs but cares about every single one of her few followers. In reality, a chill cutie patootie
  • Belle: Ships a whole lot of stuff, writes a lot of fanfics and loves reading them too. Reblogs a lot of sunset pictures from road trips and stuff yknow the pics I'm on about. Probably finds Ben C attractive. Feminist.
  • Aurora: Pale blog. Hella selfies that get a fair few notes. Slowly turning into a feminist blog. Also loves zodiac.
  • Snow White: Chill. Doesn't have hardly ANY followers but loves all of them. Probably an animal blog.
  • Tiana: Has absolutely no time to blog because she's busy all the time, but when she does, she's probably correcting a load of bullshit theories and facts. Harry Potter fan.
  • Cinderella: Pretty feminine blog. Posts a lot of selfies because she has some gorgeous clothes and loves reblogging pretty dresses and stuff. Goes to Starbucks
  • like 15 times a day and takes a lot of pictures. Prefers Instagram to Tumblr but at least here she gets to reblog nsfw stuff without her aunt seeing it on Insta.
  • Ariel: Dreamy blogger. Likes to reblog pictures of sights around the world in a filter, also has a weird interest in ocean life. Also a superwholock fan because she's adventurous, and loves mystery, especially loves Doctor Who.
  • Jasmine: Human rights blogger, has a huge selection of beautiful hijabs and takes infinite selfies in them. Also reblogs hella Nicki, Rihanna and Bey
  • Merida: Stressing college student, probably a humour blog
  • Elsa: B/w blog, recovering depression and talks about it a lot on her blog.
  • Anna: Another hipster blogger but tries to talk to as many followers as she can. Way too many selfies w/ Kristoff