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Guarding the sky is a three-woman job. 

Do you remember sitting on the porch swing
legs dangling over the edge
rocking back and forth a little
and the sun, God, the sun
It’s peeking out behind the clouds and kissing your nose
giving you just the right amount of warmth
and you are just oh so content
Do you remember running your hands along the cold metal fence
slipping for a moment then
plunging your hand into that wasp nest
and letting out that shocked and pained scream
when they all began to sting
nothing ever hurt more than that, did it
Do you remember typing up that last word
on the novel you had planned
staring at the final sentence until your eyes hurt
but you couldn’t look away, because damn, you had finished it
and you had never been more proud
Do you remember opening that letter
from the school you thought was your future
and when you read it, you ran so fast down the hall
that you nearly tripped and fell
you just had to tell someone, you didn’t even know who
but someone
Do you remember crying on the last day of school
silently scolding yourself for it
because they had hurt you
belittled you
and you despised the idea that they would get some of your tears
Do you remember all those moments?
Try not to forget the sun
but also don’t forget the wasps or the novel or the letter or the tears
try not to forget them
because they gave you the voice
the one that could raise souls from the dead
and bring down mountains with one breath
Try not to forget them my dear
because they give you this life
to bloom words from a deathly silence
—  Miriam K, the birth of a writer
World Building, Solari and Lunari AKA, Clogging your dash one massive post at a time

this has been bugging me as of late, but I want to ask for you guys to listen to me here…

Why would the Solari just, not only destroy the Lunari, but completely eradicate and bury them?

well, lets start with what we know of the Lunari, very little, so it should be fairly quick, correct? we’ll see…

Lets start with Diana.

from what we can see, Aside from the fact she is in a crumbling Solari (you can tell its Solari by the symbols matching those on Leona) Temple and there is an Eclipse above her in the hole in roof, she is covered with various moons and similar themes, namely the marking on her forehead which we take for the symbol of the Lunari. this is further added upon in her passive, Moon Silver Blade

but you know where else this symbol appears? Soraka’s new passive.

this leads us to believe that the moon is an agent of healing. why would the Solari want to destroy the Lunari if they are healers? we will cover the moon and the stars soon enough.

well, let us continue onto the Solari, even though they are the surviving faction that does not mean that we know a lot of them. 

they live on Mount Targon, above the Rakkor, and what do we know about the Rakkor? they are known for their love of war, which is actually referenced in the item Targon’s Brace.

and what is its passive? Spoils of War. if you recall Pantheon’s lore, he was given artifacts by the Rakkor to help his cause because he was the best of them or something along those lines. this is vaguely added upon by the item’s predecessor, Relic Shield. but its Successor…

and this is most likely an artifact of the Rakkor, but what is its Active?

But… what is a Phalanx? well, it is a large defensive formation that usually consists of many troops with shields raised and weapons ready behind it. a common practice among the Spartans of old when they were not capable of moving forward without being shot.

but there is a champion that does that on her own, a certain Solari Avatar…

her W, or Eclipse if you will, when activated, she raises her sheild and gains bonus resistance, blah blah blah, but the same thing of the Deadly Phalanx can be said of her W, at the end of its duration, it explodes dealing damage to those around her.

Now, Keep in mind, Leona was raised as a Rakkor, not as a Solari. but… who are the Solari?

well, let us look to the Locket of the Iron Solari.

well, it appears that we can gather from this that it is in fact that it is a force of protection. protection for those standing in the Solari’s Legion. and what is a Legion? well, it was originally used by the Roman’s to describe a large, standing military force. and who is the Solari’s Legion? The Rakkor. if you go back to Leona’s lore, she was taken in by the Solari from the Rakkor, The Rakkor bow to the Solari. that is who managed to defeat the Lunari, that is why their few warriors never stood a chance, the Rakkor lead the charge in the name of the Solari. but this once again raises the question, why? Why did they want to destroy the Lunari? further more, lets look at this splash of Leona in her Iron Solari Skin.

Does this look like sun worshipers, or full army? or should I say…


Banners are being held by what appear to be troops. was this the sight of the Solari army, nicknamed the Iron Solari and ready for war with the Lunari?

Also, ironstylus, those birds flying up there, nice touch.

if we move back to Soraka, what do the stars and the Moon have in common? they only come out at night, when the sun is gone. the time that you cant fight, they would be most powerful in their element, when the moon is out and shining. but they were not militarized, and even if they were, where were they in Valoran? the only item that may be linked to the Lunari is the 

and looking at the stats, it doesn’t really seem to be that powerful. this is not a military weapon, this is for show. but… look at where it is available. The Crystal Scar and The Twisted Treeline, why cant you get this at the rift? Because the Solari’s influence is there. where is the Twisted Treeline? in The Shadow Isles, very Very far from the Solari. that was one of the few things they did not destroy of the Lunari, but it does not tell us the history behind it, other than, The Lunari were in the Shadow Isles before they were changed, or after the change in hopes of returning it to the way it was.

and what did the Solari do? they were threatened, so they wiped out every Lunari they could. Destroyed every trace of them they could, but a few little bits made it through the cracks. thus, Diana, actually being raised as a Solari had more access to the moon and the stars than anyone else. when she started asking questions, she was punished and branded a heretic. how afraid of the Lunari were the Solari?

in short, the Lunari were wiped out because the Solari were afraid, and they are STILL afraid. why would they have kept information from one of their own if they were not afraid of it?

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