little stiles series


pt. 1

“This is bordering on some truly interesting psychopathy,” Lydia notes, pouting up her lips and idly tapping her fingers on Stiles’ desk.  She muses aloud, half-spinning in his chair, “I bet I could do a decent thesis on you.”

Stiles shushes her.  This is not a laughing matter; he’s closing in on something here.  He glances between the metro map he’s pinned up and the one he’s drawn on the wall, huge Xs through an admittedly small percentage of the stops.

“I have no idea where he gets on!” he groans in frustration, jamming the marker into his other hand.  Which is when he realizes he has ink on the tips of those fingers.  He licks them, rubs them together and frowns when the marks don’t fade in the slightest.  He shakes it off and goes back to the map, jabs the marker cap into his chin and says deductively, “There are only so many stops he can get on, right?  And yet every time I see him, he’s out freaking cold.  If I could just find my patient zero…”

“That doesn’t make sense,” Lydia interrupts primly, “He’s not a disease.”  She pauses for a second.  “Though you’re certainly acting as though you’re sick in the head,” she mutters under her breath.

“Fine,” Stiles concedes.  “If I could just find the nexus point, the start of it all, where his journey begins, then!  Hah, then!  Then I could see what color his eyes are,” he trails off dreamily, snapping out of it at Lydia’s judgmental face.  He coughs.  “He has to be awake to step onto the train, right, so all I have to do is—”

“You’re purposefully ignoring the idea that maybe he lives there,” Lydia butts in with a sharp smile, like she thinks announcing that Stiles’ future husband might be homeless is going to shame him into being less obsessive about him.

As freaking if.  This is his soulmate he’s talking about here.

“I wish he lived there!  Do you know how appealing that would make me look?  He’d have to go for me, then.”  Stiles flops down in the armchair he’s turned to face the wall and frowns.  “As it is, he’s probably some kind of prince or heir or god.”

Lydia rolls her eyes.  “Each as likely as the one before it, of course.”  She lets out a long breath through her nose and suggests perkily, “Have you ever considered that maybe he’s faking so he doesn’t have to talk to you?  You said you’ve tried waking him.”

And Stiles had.  Sort of.  Mostly he’d just boldly touched his future husband’s knee with the tips of his fingers.  (His skin was warm even through the patch on his jeans and Stiles had felt like a total creep and gotten off at a stop that wasn’t his in an effort to flee from his own weird behavior.)  He’d also made the odd loud noise that had gone completely ignored by not just his future husband, but everyone else on the metro.

“Meaning the options are: he’s a figment of your imagination – and then I’m definitely using you as the subject of my thesis, he’s a ghost, or he’s ignoring you.”

Well.  That sums it up nicely.

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“I can’t bury the darkness inside of me any longer. Maybe… maybe it’s time I embraced it.”

honestly guys it really bothers me that scream isnt as big as it should be. Scream has so many amazing qualities to it and also protrudes a lot of similar aspects like other really big popular shows out there. For example, Teen Wolf is one of if not the BIGGEST show on MTV right now and scream is so similar to Teen Wolf. Scream has a similar theme to Teen Wolf and i totally see similar parallels between characters. I see a Brooke x Lydia parallel and i see a Stiles x Noah parallel. Scream and TW both have similar dark themes that revolve death and murders, only difference is one is supernatural and the other is serial killer(s). So to me, in my own personal opinion, i find it hard for someone to watch one but not the other?

Also, Pretty Little Liars is also a really BIG show with an enormous fandom and i see TONS of similarities between both shows. the whole concept and plot line of pretty little liars in its entirety is to find out who A is, thats it. The whole show is based on finding out who is the person (A) that has been harassing and stalking these 4 girls. Well, guess what, so is Scream. The whole point is trying to find out who the killer is stalking the Emma (well in this season, just Audrey) and who is the killer killing everyone in the town. Both shows have fandoms forming long theories and turning us into little theorist. There was even a PLL reference from Noah in season 1 of Scream. Plus a benefit to scream is it doesnt DRAGGGG the same plot forever like pll. I’m not in anyway shape or form trying to throw shade at PLL, i’m just pointing out the fact that it took PLL 6 seasons before they told us who A is while it only took Scream 10 episodes to tell us who the killer was in season 1.

But what makes Scream unique is that its based off a movie franchise. Scream has qualities and elements of really popular shows out there plus its franchise theme based off the original movies. “You can’t do a slasher movie as a TV series.” i mean scream is just amazing all around and i dont understand why it isn’t as big as it should / has the potential to be, especially when it possesses similar themes and plots as other really big shows out there. Lastly, i am in no way, shape, or form trying to say that Scream is superior to TW or PLL, i’m simply just saying that Scream should be just as big and TW and PLL. Scream shouldn’t be at risk of being cancelled, it has so much going for it.