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Amy has been a friend of mine for years. I met her through her art of photography, and our mutual love of Jensen. Many of you know her as @amyshaped on twitter. She’s a bright shining star of this fandom who has fallen on some seriously tough times. Amy recently lost her health insurance and at the same time was dealt a heavy hand of medical issues that almost cost her life. She’s undergone multiple surgeries and had to be hospitalized. I’m not sure how much her medical bills are, but without insurance, she’s going to need some help. She’s a beautiful soul who could use a little uplifting. I’ve started a gofundme - in support of her. All funds donated will go to her. Please, if you can share this or donate, I’d be forever grateful.

9 crimes

Pairing: Eliza Schuyler x Reader

Summary: There are 10 things a person should never do under any circumstances. Throughout all your life you did 9 out of those 10. 

or the story of two little girls who fell in love and of two women who had to bury those feelings. 

Word count: 1,668

Time period: Hamiltime

Warnings: None (yet).

Note: This is a big work that’s going to be divided into three parts. Each one with 3 ‘crimes’. It may be confusing at the start as to what exactly are the crimes (or maybe it’s really obvious and I think is not) but at the end, I think everyone is going to get it. Also, I was experimenting with the narration again so… let’s see how that goes. I hope you like it, guys!  ♡

Extra information: I didn’t mention it in the text but the reader is the same age as Peggy, so is one year younger than Eliza and two years younger than Angelica. Oh and they’re neighbors. 

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You were seven when you felt the closest to hell, but God forbid your mother to heard you say that or she would take you to church every single day.

Heat pushed in on you, making you felt claustrophobic even though you were outside. The humidity was almost overwhelming; it was like breathing in bath water. Your cheeks were tinted in a beautiful red and sweat rolled down your forehead sticking strands of your bangs to your skin. It was not pleasant at all but the daisies surrounding you made it all worth it.

You wondered if there were daisies in hell. ‘Maybe if Lucifer was given some flowers he would smile and wouldn’t be as bad as people in church say he is’ you thought, playing with one of the blossoms in your hand ‘Or maybe he and God could go and have tea…’  

Somehow that line of thought ended with you making a flowers crown. It wasn’t perfect, the ones your nanny used to make were way better but it was good enough not to crumble at the touch and it looked pretty. You were proud of yourself.

And just when you were planning to go back home to show your creation to your mother and father someone approached to you. It was a girl. She was even redder than you, —you didn’t know if it was for the weather or because she apparently had been running— with her ponytail almost undone and her eyes full of tears.  

Both of you looked at each other with surprise, not having anticipated finding someone else.

“Why are you crying?” you couldn’t help to ask.

She sniffed, rubbing her eyes with the sleeve of her dress “I’m not cr-crying…”

“Yes you are” you pointed out, standing up and searching in your pockets for the handkerchief you always carried with you “But that’s alright” you assured her with a smile, handing her the white object “We all cry, even my mum does it sometimes”

She shyly accepted the handkerchief and softly wiped her tears away “But I don’t like it” she mumbled “Peggy makes fun of me”


“My sister. She says I look ugly when I cry”

You observed her again, thoughtfully this time. And noticed her long and still wet eyelashes, her button nose and how bright her eyes actually were. It was almost unbelievable that someone dared to say she looked bad.  

“I think you look more like an apple” you acknowledged and she frowned, not being pleased with your statement “B-but a nice apple! Like those my nanny uses to make a pie. They’re bright red and beautiful. Totally the best apples!” you explained yourself, maybe getting too excited about it because you somehow made her laugh. It was a soft sound, sweet and contagious. You couldn’t help the giggle that escaped your lips.  

“You could be the Apple goddess” you proposed, taking your flowers crown and softly placing it on her head.

“Why not just a queen?”

“I don’t know” you shrugged “I just think goddess sounds prettier than queen”  

She seemed to think of it for a moment, moving her lips to form the words in a soundless whisper. Then nodded and stared at you with a bright smile.

“Yes, it sounds prettier”


When you were ten, you heard the word for the first time in the mouth of someone who was not your parents: Love.

You were still young, a child with three friends who were playing in their father’s fields.

“Love is all mom talks about recently,” said Peggy, mouth scrunched into a frown.

“Such a nonsensical concept” Angelica added, stretching beside her “If I could be tempted to it, it would be for someone whose mind challenges my own, a storm in wit”

You tilted your head back, letting the sun brush gently down your face and feeling Eliza’s fingers still braiding your hair softly.

“I’d do it for someone who brightens my day and motivates me to be better,” you said with a little smile on your mouth “Someone who makes the stars seem to shine brighter”

Peggy looked at you, then at Angelica and laughed lightly.

“You’ve just said the same thing the fairy tales do” she teased, but then her eyes seemed to be filled with excitement and curiosity as she sat closer to you “It must be that you are already in love with someone!”

“She is not” Eliza blurted out and you could imagine the little frown on her face “If you love someone he needs to court you and ask for your hand to marry you. And (Y/N) is not being courted by anyone”

Angelica smiled and patted her sister’s head “What a silly notion you have of love, dear”

“Wait, is not like that?” Eliza asked, turning her face to Angelica with a confused expression.

“Of course not, you dumbo” Peggy said among giggles “You love someone when the stork leaves a baby on your door”

“What does that have to do with love?” you asked back, noticing how Peggy’s hand got closer to you hair to take one of the flowers that Eliza had pinned in it just to be lightly slapped away by her sister.

“Ouch!” Peggy cried, giving Eliza a grumpy look “Well, you have to love someone to have a baby!”

“Yes, but you have to love them before that” at least that was what your mother had told you, “I think loving someone is when you give them the last cookie even if you want to eat it too”

The youngest of the Schuyler sisters laughed again “That can’t be love!”

“Why not?”

“Because if it was, Eliza would be in love with you”

You stayed silent for a few seconds, analyzing different sceneries in your head to then finally turn your head to Eliza, whose hands had started trembling a little against your hair.

“None of you have a single clue of what love is” Angelica sighed, shaking her head. “It worries me that because of that you’d give your heart to someone who does not deserve it”  

“We won’t,” you said, and the three sisters stared at you with inquiry in their eyes “Because we now have a

love amulet

” you stated happily as you took off the small necklace you had around your neck. It was a simple gold chain with a gold heart hanging from it.

“A love amulet?” Eliza repeated as you gently turned around to place it in her hands.

“Yes, we just have to wear it when someone wants to courter us and somehow we will know if that person is the indicated”  

Eliza and Peggy seemed to believe it’ll work and nodded excitedly.  Angelica had a doubtful expression but finally nodded too. It was a sweet irony that she was the first one to wear it three years later.


You were sixteen the first time you felt it. It had hit you like a brick. Love.

Eliza was sitting beside you, her delicate fingers glided in circles at your hands.

“I can’t play like this” you whispered and she smiled.

“You don’t have to” was her answer, soft and melodic like the sound of the piano keys.

Dix begs to differ” you joked resting your head against hers.

“Hmm” with a loving expression on her face, she placed her hands on the piano and played the little melody again. You pulled apart slightly, just enough for her to reach all the keys “Une, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf…”

“Dix,” you said.

Eliza shook her head in a “no” sign and took your hands again, motioning you to play the piece.

You rolled your eyes but indulged her anyway, brushing the keys with your fingers in a soft movement “Une, deux, trois—” Eliza leaned in closer and placed a light kiss on your cheek, you smiled “quatre, cinq, six—” another one, this time on your chin “sept, huit, neuf—”

Before you could add the dix Eliza pressed her lips against yours. It was just a touch, it didn’t last more than a second. A chaste affection that was as soft as the spring breeze.  

You tended to kiss a lot because that’s what children do, that’s what best friends do. You kissed on the forehead, the cheek, the eyelids, the nose, the chin… but never on the lips. Never like this.

You froze, she blushed, and the room was filled with silence. The soft and almost inexistent echo of the forgotten melody was the only thing you could hear. For the first time, the silence was not comfortable and it made your hands sweat and Eliza’s eyes to get glassy.

“I… didn’t…” her voice trembled, her gaze wouldn’t meet yours.

“Please don’t” you pleaded in a whisper. ‘Don’t say you didn’t mean it’.

She looked at you this time and you closed the distance between your mouths with another kiss. Tenderly and almost shyly you let your lips to brush against hers, slowly exploring the softness of the feeling and the taste of her breath. The movement was clumsy and innocent, slow and delicate… but then she kissed you back and it was perfect.

When you pulled apart, you were greeted with her flushed face and widened eyes. You to let out a little laugh.

I swear to God if the only reason why you kissed me was to shut me up before I reached ten I’m not going to forgive you,” you said, pressing your forehead against hers.

She laughed too “It was one of the reasons, but not the main one”

Eliza placed her right hand on your nape and started playing absentmindedly with your hair. You closed your eyes and sighed contently.

The sound of her voice gave you butterflies, her smile made your heart skip a beat, every time you were with her you felt so complete… You should’ve known it before; of course it was love.

to build a home (1/?)

summary: Lifelong orphan and wanderer Emma Swan moves to Storybrooke, Maine in search for a home. Content with a new job as deputy, she meets Killian Jones, director of an orphanage. It doesn’t take long for sparks to fly, but will Emma finally be able to settle down and find a home here? 

word count: ~3900

also found on:, ao3


Emma Swan washes her face in the sink of the ladies bathroom. She uses a paper towel to dry off and meets her own eyes in the mirror, finding dark circles under the green of her irises.

Her hair is knotted and flat, so Emma pulls it up into a ponytail and nervously nibbles on her lower lip. She’s a royally hot mess, but it’s not as if she has any way of resolving this issue. At least, not right now.

It’s her first day as Storybrooke’s newest deputy, a job she wouldn’t have necessarily chosen for herself, but with the pressure of needing something to get by and the offer given to her by the town’s sheriff, she couldn’t refuse.

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I really like your eldritch horror Skywalkers stuff, but have you considered: UNDEAD eldritch horror Darth Vader?

Oh God. 

Okay so I thought about this and here is what I came up with: Anakin Skywalker was a bright shining star, a supernova, the best beloved son of the Force, the light of the morning, the Chosen One, the saviour of everything that is and was and ever shall be…etc, etc. And he died. He collapsed in on himself – all that bright shining potential tumbling in on itself. And what happens when a star dies?

That’s right. You get a black hole. 

So, Darth Vader is a black hole shaped like a man. Sort of man. Man-android thing. He no longer has his extra limbs and wonderterror form but he does have a sucking, gaping emptiness where they used to be. He’s a tear in the fabric of reality, an opening into the void, a walking, talking patch of nothingness. Non-Force-sensitives feel a sense of inexplicable crawling dread around him – well, maybe not that inexplicable because he’s eight foot of black-armoured red-shining death. But Force-sensitives feel physically sick around him. He’s more than just evil; he’s absence. He tugs at the edge of their sight, drawing them into darkness – not the darkness of the Dark Side, but absolute nothingness, the gaps between stars, somewhere where no light can touch. 

Leia’s torture goes a little differently. They don’t use a droid. They don’t need to. Darth Vader just sits in the cell with her, and she screams and screams and screams. 

(Vader’s blind still, though. He thinks she’s just Force-sensitive. He doesn’t know who she is.)

And when he dies, Luke sits over him, and feels that sucking, black void and smiles into it. He opens up his eyes – all ten thousand odd – and his wings, and his heart, and says, look. see. you’re not nothing. you were never nothing.

kyrieleandra1  asked:

Alright, can i request poly soriel, papyton, and alphyne where the s/o is dating one of the pair and brings the other in and they find after a while that they want to date eachother too?

Soriel/Reader Polyam:

It’s not too surprising, they had a solid relationship beforehand, so taking things to the next level was a pretty easy transition. Regardless of who you were dating beforehand, the other partner fits in like the missing piece of a puzzle, & your relationship goes from Good to Great.

Papyton/Reader Polyam:

Well this one was a little offhand, but not too much. Who would have guessed the Shining Star of the Underground & Snowdin’s Greatest Guard would get along so well? & thanks to your help, they figure it out just as much as everyone else has. You’ve got two wonderful partners who work to build all of you up at an equal pacing, no one gets left behind.

Alphyne/Reader Polyam:

It’s not really that big a shock, they both had a thing for each other long before they met you. What they weren’t expecting is that you were the push they needed to confess. & when all is said & done, you’re a really tight-knit relationship full of nothing but genuine adoration & support.

22 things I’ve learned in 22 years

As my twenty-second birthday draws near, I find myself thinking back on all of the things I’ve learned and a few things stand out the most and I feel the need to share them with you all. For the people who are younger than me, who may need advice that I know I never got. And for those older than me, who may need reminded of things they may already know. So, here are twenty-two things I’ve learned in the last twenty-two years. 

1. It is okay to remove toxic people from your life. There is no need to explain yourself or apologize. 

2. Not everyone is going to like you, but that’s okay. You will find people who do, it’s worth the wait. 

3. Try your best to avoid investing more into relationships than the other party.

4.Life is going to kick you in the teeth, a lot, but you are strong enough to pick yourself back up and move forward. 

5. Always continue to move forward, the past is gone, focus on the present, your future is waiting for you. 

6. It’s okay to not be okay. It took me a long time to learn this, but once you come to terms with it, it makes life a little easier.

7.Speak up when people don’t consider your feelings. You are not an object for others to play with. 

8.It’s okay to cry, in fact crying can be a very helpful and healthy way to vent.

9. There will be days that you’ll feel like you can’t get out of bed and that’s okay. Stay under the covers, keep warm and turn on a movie or show that makes you happy. 

10. It’s okay if you need to take breaks, from life, work and even people. 

11. Your mental health comes first! If you find yourself in an uncomfortable/toxic environment, you need to put yourself first and do your best to get out of it.

12. It’s okay to ask for help. I know sometimes you feel like a burden, but I promise you, you aren’t. 

13. Talk about how you’re feeling. It’s hard, but no one is going to be able to help if you keep things to yourself. Tell your friends if something makes you uncomfortable so they can fix it. 

14. The people who truly care about you will always do their best to help make sure you are comfortable, safe and loved. 

15.It’s okay to make mistakes, that’s how we learn. I know it can be frustrating, especially when you feel like you keep making the same mistake, but it’s okay. They are learning experiences. 

16. You don’t always have to put on a brave face. There will be people who come into your life and they will make dropping that mask so easy. They’ll help hold you up when you feel like the world is pressing down on you. Keep them close. 

17. Do the things that make you happy. Blast your favorite music, dance around the kitchen when you cook, play that video game for just five more minutes, pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read for months. Just do what you want to do and don’t let anyone make you feel like you can’t. 

18. Keeping a journal can be helpful, especially if you have a bad memory like I do. Write things down. Not just the big dates, but little things. Like the first time you heard a song you like. Or when they made you smile like the sun. 

19. You are a star that shines brightly among the darkness life has dealt you. Never let anyone convince you that you are less. 

20. Stand up for, not only yourself, but for the little guys. Use your voice for good, but don’t drown out those who need to be heard. 

21. Don’t wait for things to come to you, go to them. Make change happen, work toward your goals, even if you’re just taking baby steps. Every second matters. 

22. Love; yourself, your friends, your family, your partner. And show love to those who need it most. Offer to buy a meal for the homeless person on the street. Support the people whose families don’t accept them. Welcome them with open arms and an open heart. The good you put into the world will come back to you in it’s own way. So, love and love deeply because we only have so much time on this earth.

Little Accomplishments are Still Accomplisments

I’m struggling a bit with maintaining my mental health because my physical health is making it so much harder to do things at the moment.

But here is something I remind myself of that helps.

You see I grew up with the idea that BIG accomplishments were the only ones that matter. It didn’t matter if that story you wrote made you happy you needed a good grade or to get published for it to matter.

If you did average at school then you weren’t good enough you needed a 4.0.

If you weren’t going to college if you weren’t going for the right degree etc etc and if you were anything less than exceptional than what you did with your life was meaningless.

I will say this is not a lesson I learned on purpose. No one sat me down and told me this outright. 

My parents, trying to be helpful, put pressure on me to get published or do well because I was “so intelligent” and there was this expectation that weighed me down however well meaning it was.

Schools were worse. The institution of American education despised people who were “intelligent” in the wrong ways. I didn’t do what was expected of me to earn a 4.0 and take part in the pep club and other shit like that. No I wrote stories that made the teachers call my parents and was told off for using words with more than 7 letters when I was 15. (One of the words I was told off for using as it was “too big and difficult for your peers” was, ironically: ignorant)

I was constantly placed in the middle level classes. The ones for kids who aren’t expected to do much. The “average” kids. Which was a problem because they put me there for all of my classes so I would end up struggling in math, be fine in science and then be bored in all my other classes because they were too easy. I was told by how I was treated that because I wasn’t one of the shining stars, one of the “exceptional” students that my education was meaningless. That I was meaningless.

It was my grandfather, god rest his soul, telling me to lower my expectations of what degree I could get.

It was the attention my sister got for being a “trouble maker” who needed help while my problems were over-looked and ignored.

The world around me made it very clear because I wasn’t “exceptional” and I wasn’t a “problem child” my existance was meaningless.

I combatted this conception of myself for a long time and made very little progress until recently.

The reason I was able to battle it?


Writing my about my life, my family, Yuri on Ice, writing fanfiction and sharing it with all of you

If one person finds comfort, or laughs or enjoys something I created. If just ONE person besides me finds value in what I put out.

Well that’s not meaningless.

I’m not meaningless.

I created something that made someone else feel. That is marvellous

It’s not a huge accomplishment. I’m not changing the world here and I’m not pretending I am.

But however little my influence on the world it’s still important.

It’s like when I read my favourite fanfiction series for Yuri on Ice because it calms me and makes me happy when I’m anxious…that’s story might not change the world but it changes my world for me when I read it. That’s an accomplisment. That is meaningful. The author has influenced my life in a positive way (btw you all should read it! Series starts here)

Rather then think what your doing is just meaningless or useless because it’s not changing the world on a global scale…instead of beating yourself up because you aren’t making the “big” accomplishments that everyone insists matters the most…take pride in the small accomplishments. In the little things you can do. Because they are important to someone and they do matter

You matter

Don’t let anyone, not even yourself, convince you otherwise

Why I love Robin Hood and everyone else should too

why-this-kolaveri-machi said: <333 I wanted to tell you after I’d seen a few more eps, but I haven’t gotten any time recently to watch a lot of stuff. Maybe soon!

The good thing about Robin Hood is that the storylines were never horrendously convoluted enough to mess with your brain, so you can literally just drift in and out whenever :) but yes, it’s one of the most fun shows I ever got hooked on. so I did get bored and write up a cheerful Robin Hood intro rant, so here you go :) 

(gifs stolen from all over tumblr, none of them mine just in case you were wondering)


It’s unapologetically ridiculous. This is a show that references Wacky Races, Bob Marley songs, and only just got away with plagiarism by shoe-horning pretty much the entire plot of Ocean’s Eleven into a forty-five minute time slot. And it clearly just does not give a damn. We think the Musketeers pushes historical accuracy occasionally but OH DEAR ME NO.

This is the way Netflix advertises it.

Do you see what we’re getting into yet?? 

Genuinely fantastic acting from a show that was clearly something of a joke when it started out. Seriously. This show had enough ridiculous moments, questionable issues and plot holes to sink the Black Pearl, but holy crap the acting was fantastic.

Robin Hood and Marian. I actually was far more into the secondary characters than the main ones, but that being said these two really were great characters and I do love them a lot. They had great storylines, and both were such snarkastic asses at times, they were fantastic.

Keith Allan as the Sheriff of Nottingham. OH MY GOD. JUST. I have no words to sum up the brilliance of the Sheriff. There are literally no words to sum up the brilliance of the Sheriff.

Richard Armitage. Your judgement of Gisborne will differ from ‘misunderstood baby who just needed a second chance’ to ‘sadistic manipulative little creep who handled rejection worse than Rochefort from the Musketeers’ depending on your own personal views, but the one thing we can say about him is that Richard Armitage is a cracking actor who did really bloody well with him. Outside his relationship with Marian Guy’s snarky I’m-surrounded-by-morons act was beautiful. And he pretty much sparked off my love for men in leather.

(NOT HELPED BY THIS GUY THOUGH, but we’ll get onto that)

Much: Lovely adorable insecure happy-to-hide-the-sad little flower who needs cuddles and food. Lots of cuddles and lots more food.


A beautiful shining star who everyone should love unreservedly and without question. 

Little John. Pretty much a mixture of Captain Treville, Porthos, Hagrid and Gimli. Big giant over-protective cuddle monster who likes hitting things. Plus gets flirted with by the Queen Mother. The QUEEN MOTHER.

Royston White:


I’m not bein’ funny, but these two fuckers. 

*flails around*

THESE TWO. I can’t even say any more which one was my favourite but THESE TWO. 

You had the cocky charming trickster Allan a Dale

 and then the quiet clever passionate Will Scarlett 

and just *sigh* They both had such great characterisations, they had their dark moments and their good moments and were both such compelling characters - not to mention played by some bloody fantastic actors. I may also still ship them quite badly.


Guest Characters. German counts, revenge-driven Templars, sparkly fools, sour-tongued wise women… I can’t even go into all of them, so let me just show you Toby Stephens as the campest Prince John this side of Disney.

It’s just generally lovely.  You have friendship, romance, one-liners, action scenes, moral conundrums, swashbuckling, found families, nemesis relationships, redemption, and just generally everything to make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

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winteriron + 21

And I have loved you in a tame way/And I have loved you wild

Song is:

Seven Bridges Road

“Bucky, seriously, think this through.”

Bucky ignored his brother, throwing more clothes into his knapsack. “Buck! Brock is not worth this.”

“He is to me,” Bucky rumbled, swinging the bag over his shoulder. “And if this is what it takes to get him, then I’m going.”

Brock Rumlow was all Bucky had ever wanted. He was handsome, funny, athletic, and most importantly, charismatic. He always fit in everywhere he went. Bucky had never had that; people thought him cold, called him ‘Winter.’ Everybody but Steve and his mom Sarah treated him like an outside, which, okay, he was, but still. Bucky just wanted to belong with, to somebody.

Brock was that somebody. Yesterday Bucky had dressed in his best suit, scraped together his courage, and went to ask for his hand, but Brock was high-class. He couldn’t just be wooed by some pretty words.

“I would bring you the stars, Brock,” Bucky had sworn, and ignored the pang in his heart when Brock laughed, focusing instead on how beautiful he was when he did so.

Brock got himself under control, looked Bucky up and down, and said “Alright, Winter. We all saw the shower yesterday. One of the stars fell from the sky. You get me that star and I swear to be yours.”

So now Bucky prepared to walk down Seven Bridges Road. No one ever made it past the fourth bridge unless they could pay the toll, but if you could, you would find yourself in a magical world. Or so said Bucky’s father, Chester Phillips, in his favorite nighttime story.

Sarah said that’s where Bucky came from. His father had been her childhood friend and she had taken care of Bucky once he passed on, but his mother had always been a mystery. “She’s from beyond the bridge, your pa always said,” Sarah would tell him. 

“It’s dangerous,” Stevie said. “I’ll worry about you, jerk.”

Bucky smiled at his brother, ruffled his hair, which Steve predictably huffed at. “You shouldn’t. I’m leaving all the stupid with you, punk. I’ll be fine.”

Downstairs, Sarah Rogers was waiting. She handed him food, a water canteen, and his birthright: a magical candle that was said to transport the user miles in seconds as long as the candle was lit. “Come back to us,” she whispered to him as they hugged. “You will always have a place here.”

“Be safe, Bucky,” Steve told him, and then he set.

For love, he told himself as he left the only home he’d ever know. 

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Support one another <3

We need to look out for one another and take care of each other, because we are all in this together (to sound cliche).

We all desperately want to feel part of a community, so why not create one where we feel safe to vent in, express our worries and concerns, celebrate our victories, and encourage and support everyone who needs it? Together we can brighten up the world, at least a little bit <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

You always thought that I’m strong. But the truth is, I’m not. You think that I’m okay standing on my own, for facing problems on my own, and for being independent. I can, but the thing about appearing independent is that, people won’t care to ask how I am. I get sad, I feel depressed, and I also get weak. People admire me like a shining star in our beautiful sky. But little did they know that stars are far long dead.

Being strong doesn’t mean I don’t need someone who will take my hand when if I feel so alone. Darkness is consuming me every now and then, I really want you but I can’t. I need you, but you don’t. I’m strong, but you’re my weakness. You’re gone and so am I.
—  10/13/16 (zeus)

kaminari-danki  asked:

Hello there, what kind if s/o do you think the karasuno boys would want? Thank you so much!

there’s like nothing canonically known about kinoshita and narita so i went with some of my own headcanons about what they might be like to help me out here

I GOT SO CARRIED AWAY WRITING THESE. makes me want to get my butt back into gear and write some prose-poems!

Daichi would definitely like someone who has an air of maturity about them, but also has playful/teasing side to them. They’d be a person he’s known for a long time, but he hasn’t seen them for a while. Or they might give off that vibe to him even if he’s just meeting them for the first time. They might also be somebody’s who’s grounded, and very in-tune with reality.

Suga wouldn’t mind someone who, whenever you see them, makes you feel like you just came home after a long trip. He really likes the idea of an S/O having the ability to remember very small things about the people they care about that most others might not notice, and somehow being able to turn that small thing into something memorable.

Asahi likes someone who dotes on him a little, but also someone he can dote on as well. Someone who would be sympathetic about his anxiety is a must, but also somebody who can give him a positive push to overcome it is really important. He wouldn’t mind a whole lot if they teased him from time-to-time, as long as they do so in a loving way; he actually quite enjoys it.

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If the bachelors and bachelorettes had powers based on their personalities, what do you think their powers would be?

Alex- Super strength, brah, what kind of question is that?

Elliot- With his Silver Tongue, Elliot could convince any evil-doer to back down or woo any wayward hearts!

Harvey- He’s the brainy master-mind who could use his powers for evil….but, he’s just too dang sweet to hurt just about anyone.

Sam- He can fly, he can fly! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s Sam, the super speedy flyboy!

Sebastian- Sebastian melts into a mist walking smoking cloud, able to slip past enemy defenses undetected.

Abigail- Literal Frozone. Too chilll for anyone to handle, she can ice over any ultra-heated situation.

Haley- The keenest eyes known to humankind! She can spot the tiniest detail. No matter how minute, it won’t slip by her!

Leah- One with nature, Leah has the superhuman ability to draw from the sun’s life giving rays to wield plants and vines at her whim. She uses it mostly for decoration if she’s being honest, though.

Maru- This girl is your moon and stars! She’s Stratagirl, who shines bright like a beacon of hope, and has the innate ability to guide others and herself when push comes to shove.

Penny- A heart so full of kindness that it overflows into healing capabilities. Everything she comes into contact with comes away a little less broken in different ways.

Shane- Most would say is superpower is unbridled apathy, but all joking aside this hard worker has a spine made of steel…well, everything made of steel! His defenses are impenetrable!

Emily- Emily would paint and draw the world as she sees fit! Need a fun twisty slide down to the ground so you don’t fall from that great height? She draws your rescue to life!


Gabriel’s the star in all of the high school plays. He’s loud and proud and can act. He’s friendly and talented and everyone loves him. Sam’s on the tech crew because his English teacher suggested it and he gets extra credit. 

They meet, constantly finding an excuse to run into each other. Sam’s the one who talks to Gabriel about what props he’s going to need when, and Gabriel always talks to Sam about the spot light shining in his eyes too much. 

On the final night of the play, everything goes amazing. Gabriel’s tearing up a little as the curtain goes down, and Sam runs out of the sound booth to grab Gabriel up in a massive hug, sweeping him off his feet, and present him with a rose. Other people congratulate Gabriel, but he’s too busy holding on to Sam to pay much attention.

Next year, Gabriel’s last, they both audition. And is it anyone’s fault if they end up being cast as love interests?

Does anybody else feel like Talia has low self-esteem???

Now hear me out:

We all adore Talia; she’s the fandom and staff favorite aside from Mephisto and Iris, but in the show, she never seems to believe in herself as much as everyone else does; she always seems to look down on herself in more than one occasion, for example:

In the episode “Xeris”, Talia doubts whether she can control Izira’s medallion. Iris tries to comfort her, but Talia says that Izira was better than her at all of those things (ex: being a great leader, smart, more stern); we also find out that Auriana, who is her best friend, has no clue about Talia’s past or family - Talia hid it from her, never even mentioned it. When she’s pressured to reveal her passed, she snaps at the two people closest to her; she says she shouldn’t even have it despite Izira giving it to her. This also goes hand-in-hand with Young!Talia’s conversation/argument with Izira - she claims that her people don’t need her, they need Izira; she goes on to say that Izira has always been the natural leader and the more powerful of the two of them; Izira seems shocked by all of this as it seems Talia has never spoken out about her feelings, but has acted out over them often enough for Izira to know when to catch her. It comes off a little resentful, as if she’s growng up in Izira’s shadow. She doesn’t dislike Izira, she dislikes her place behind her. Talia is also stunned when Izira puts her trust in her to hold onto said medallion, as if Talia is not use to having that kind of faith installed on her. I personally was shocked because Talia is always portrayed as calm, skilled, and serious; the girls look to her for guidance and trust her with their lives. This girl is so broken by the loss of her kingdom and family, she seems so angry throughout it all, not just at the twins, or Gramorr, but at herself.

Now, follow this up with the way she acted in “Talia and Kyle Sitting in a Tree”; this absolutely gorgeous, intelligent, and talented woman cannot even fathom that a boy could be romantically interested in her, let alone take any of the complements he offered seriously (with good reason of course imo); now, i can completely understand not taking unwanted compliments, but the way she does so is almost berating to herself (e: “they’re really just eyes”) and she even thinks almost immediately that a guy crushing on her is Mephisto and Praxina trying to trick her. To further this idea, we see Talia getting worked up just like she did in Xeris, she stops trusting her judgement and gets emotional and doubtful to the point where she gets angry (just like in Xeris) and lashes out. Talia is a girl that is driven by her emotions, but she seems to believe they led to failure. Let’s not forget how she acted when Iris and Auri broke the news; the way she coated that bouquet she loved so much in crystal - which reminded me of ice actually - and threw it away with disgust and anger ( a very beautiful and dramatic/emotional scene for her).  She wasn’t as angry at the twins and Kyle, even the girls,  as much as she was angry at herself for believing she’d have someone fall for her. You can throw this back to the manager at the arena, and her totally not seeing how Auri thought he was into her in “No Thanks for the Memories”.

This is followed by “Stitches” not long after, and we finally get to see another person comment on how beautiful Talia is; like, does anyone else notice that is mainly Auriana and Iris that have their appearance highlighted? Talia looked really defensive over the whole situation, but the moment Carlos approached her and genuinely complemented her beauty and intellect, she crumbled (srsly who wouldnt carlos is hella cute) like she’s so taken aback by these compliments not only on her skill but on her appearance as well. This is the same episode where Talia immediately doubts her capabilities in modeling, in comparison to Auriana who believes she’d be ”awesome” and Iris who thinks it’d be fun. She’s usually sure of herself, but suddenly, she’s self-conscious. You okay, Tali? There’s a lot of doubt being thrown from you and it makes me worry. 

Now go on to “Step Right Up”, where Talia is against the whole carnival deal (Xeris flashbacks anyone) and when she is compared to the girls and challenged to be as good, she gets visibly upset, and not only feels the need to do the challenge, she has to prove she’s better than every single person there, and even brags about it (a fav moment of mine, you go girl). Now,  the girls already know Talia is a bad ass and the teeny tinies love her too; why does she need to prove herself? Why show off? (cuz she can shelby shut up)

Then we get deeper into the show, and learn about Xeris’ importance to Ephedia a little more, and they seem to be really important to be holding the Ancient Ephedia Spellbook. Now, look at “Shanila Surprise” and “Haunted”; in both we learn about Talia’s time post Gramorr and on Ephedia; she seems embarrassed by her Shanila, unlike Auriana who embraces it. As a kid, she seems so uncomfortable in the picture. (Granted it could just be the gaudy outfit) but its really cute and she doesn’t want Iris or Auriana to see it; she also plays off Shanila celebrations as if it were no big deal. She puts on this mask of “Of course I didn’t celebrate. Xerins don’t do that, we’re different, serious, elegant beings how dare you.” Its hilarious, but why? Is there some Vulcan shiz voing on her? Why does she pretend she doesn’t like partying or getting dressed up? (”Dance Craze”) In “Haunted”, she seems even more upset at Auriana spilling the beans on her sensitivity to ghost (personally I think she’s in general sensitive to spirits and people; like a sixth sense, like how she sensed the twins teleporting in “No Thanks for the Memories”). She seems ashamed by her powers, and even gets angry to the point where once again she loses her coll.  Its obviously a sensitive subject. Why is she ashamed by it? What happened with it back on Xeris? Why do people who don’t know of her family background know she’s “Spookalia”? How’d that nickname come to be? I can see kids teasing her and bullying, but what about her family and other Xerins? Was it a conceal don’t feel situation? Was she ignored or considered cursed? Did she have a “fear itself” raven ordeal where everyone thought she was too creepy? Did her powers show someone the wrong thing? Why is she so ashamed of it? And why does all of Ephedia know her by that name? Why so self-conscious?

Lastly, look into “Home” Part 1 & 2:Talia is obviously upset that she failed to save her sister, Iris, and her kingdom. She feels like she let them down again. Auriana’s comfort helps, but only so much.  When Izira and Talia finally meet again, Talia is really impressed with her sister and happy she’s free. This is great for everyone. But then they return to Xeris, and they’re stared at hardcore. This isn’t really explained, but they’re directly staring at Auriana and their returned princess. Talia’s been gone quite a while (idt they know what she looks like bcuz she had a disguise during “Xeris” outside the palace). Auriana thinks despite the black crystal, Xeris is amazingly beautiful, but Talia is too heartbroken to see what has survived and sees the damage. When they get into the meeting room, she goes back to being in awe by her sister, but the tables are turned when Izira gets teary eyed and tells her how proud she and her people are of her; Talia is overwhelmed and obviously in shock by this news;  despite her failure to protect her kingdom (cmon she was like 7 give her a break), her sister is still proud and even her people are standing behind her now. Izira even goes as far as to make Talia “unofficial” leader of the tea and newbies. She believes in Talia.  Xeris is seeing Talia as important. They need her. Its a major change from before.  We saw her  prior to gramorr, already feeling underappreciated, pressured, and wanting to escape her life, even if just for a day. At seven years old.  Why? Was she treated differently, neglected because she wasn’t the prodigy, the heiress? Was it because she came 9 years after Izira?  We know Izira loves her dearly, and is her main source of proper parenting so far (despite being her sister), but what of her parents, the rest of the family, and royal household servants? What happened to to this bright, mischievous, sassy, fun loving child to make her so unable to believe she could shine brighter than any star?  Why is she the only one who doesn’t believe in herself?  Why does she run? Why does she feel she needs to hide? Why does she still play pretend? What would happen if she let it all out?

A little dark speculation, but I figure it makes sense that Talia has a guilty conscience, and is putting herself down too often and too instinctively. I just want Talia to love herself, and be loved, guys. Somebody hold her. “U is kind, u is smart, u is important!” Protect this child! 

Sorry its so long! See, this is why I shouldn’t be on tumblr when I take benydryl. I do shit like this. I need sleep.

Marketing for Love

Hi all! First I want to apologize for the crappiest of titles for a fic, but I could not come up with one. *shrugs*  The ends was a bit rushed and I gave up on editing ¾ way in.  Enjoy!

Anyways, here is a very long One shot.  Get comfortable for this. It’s just over 21,200 words. 

Warning: Smut

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Red Hair.

(Hiiiii!! I know probably very few people will see this, but I’m posting this as a small fanfic of sorts. I wrote this in an emotional haze, and hope you guys enjoy !!!

Warnings: Mentions of verbal abuse. Self hating, self demeaning.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Mystic Messenger or any of the characters. I just wrote this for entertainment purposes.



Red hair.

Shining and curly and unruly and so many words to describe it.

She always found it beautiful.

He was as vibrant as the sun for her, leaving her mesmerized at every glance.

But more so on him. It just looked best on him. It fit, very well. She could go on and on, about how perfect she found him, despite everything he went through, because it was a part of him. And she loved every single part of him, and wanted to protect him from it, wanted to protect him from the pain and help him heal. So she decided to act on her feelings, she decided to move forward with him, and despite his distance and his cold demeanor, she knew what he would truly be like. She knew he had love in his heart, and just that he was too scared to show it. And she was okay, she knew it would be a process, she knew he would need time to heal and process what was going on, which is why she wouldn’t rush it. She wouldn’t force him to open up to her, that would just hurt him more. So she waited. She waited patiently, and while his words did hurt, she knew it would be okay. She didn’t mind. She didn’t mind at all.

And then he broke through his shell, and began to love the girl he pushed away.

She was so ecstatic. He was beginning to show love and not hold back his feelings! She was so happy for him, she was so happy that he was making progress, and while it’s slow, it’s still good. She was so proud, not just because he returned her feelings, but because he actually stepped forward and decided to let out his feelings and emotions instead of bottling them up or pushing them behind a facade. So they grew closer and closer, as they began the hunt for his brother. It was still a process, but they were making it through.

And he decided to leave evidence of his existence on her.

And she was happy.

But happiness only lasts for so long.

~fast forward to the present~

He had his brother back, and he was healing too, slowly but surely.

He had his fiancée besides him, and she still loved him as fiercely as those days in the apartment.

But he still had his days, his days of anger and resentment. His days of pushing her away, because he felt unworthy and undeserving, and wanted to hurt her so she would leave, a temporary pain to save her from a permanent one.

But she was stubborn, smiling through the pain, and through the suffering, wanting to be a light for him to come out of his darkness, a gentle light that healed, not a harsh light that burned. So she stayed. She stayed through it all, and he loved her for it. He loved her as fiercely as she loved him.

But it didn’t stop him from doing it.

It was a long day, Saeran was angry and tired of the same routine, but really, just needing an excuse to lash out because the hormones were taking a toll on him, she was trying to be calm, but today was just a little too long, a little too hard, and a little too much for her to easily handle, and she was offset as well. Saeyoung was just too overwhelmed, and lashed out at her for trying too hard to get them to stop.

She needed air. He needed a drink. He left with a slam, she slipped out a few moments later in silence.

It was stupid.

He was drunk, she was pretty, and he was just a little too emotional to really think about what he was doing.

He took that pretty little girl back, Saeran didn’t even notice, that the girl Saeyoung had on his arm was a little too tall, a little too leggy, and had the wrong hair color.

He didn’t notice that it wasn’t ~her~

She came back, a little while later, Saeran was in his room, trying to calm down, and she had a few groceries in her hands, hoping a small, home cooked meal would help smooth some of the tension, but she wanted to apologize.

Apologize for just being a little too much.

But as she walked closer:

All she could hear was moaning.

High pitched, pretty little moans, and she couldn’t believe it.

A slight crack in the door showed, that he was on top, clothes everywhere, and breathy little moans were sounding off from the girl underneath. She quietly closed the door.

She wasn’t angry, she wasn’t going to go into a fit of rage, no. She should have known. Of course she wouldn’t be enough. Why would she be? She could never ~really~ be enough. I mean, look at her. She wasn’t the tallest, thinnest or the prettiest. She wasn’t talented, she didn’t have anything special about her. She was just….her. Nothing extraordinary, she was less that ordinary. She couldn’t pass average in anything. So why would he, someone as bright as the sun, stay with her? She wasn’t helpful, obviously, after today, it was clear she couldn’t fulfill his needs.

She walked away from the door slowly, gently setting the groceries down in the kitchen. She should leave. She should get out, before either of them notice her. But something was bothering her:

Why was her face so wet?

She can’t be crying. No, no, no. She frantically wiped her face, chiding herself for crying. She has no reason to cry. She should have known. She should have tried harder. It’s her fault. She has absolutely no right to cry. She pinched herself, angry that she allowed herself to get this weak, to get this emotional, when she deserved every bit of it. She was too clingy, too nagging, too suffocating. Obviously, she needed to get a hold of herself. So she took a deep breath, quietly began to leave the groceries in neat piles, where the twins could see them, and left a neat note, requesting them to eat something, and to stay on top of the medication.

But she wanted to leave one last thing.

So she wrote a note.

“I’m sorry, I’m so so, sorry for everything I’ve done. I’m so sorry I wasn’t enough for you. I hope you could forgive me, for not being that little bit both you and Saeran needed. I don’t blame you, not in the slightest. So please, don’t get angry. You both need someone who has that little bit. Thank you both, so so much for taking care of me, for loving me and showing me so much affection. You both have given me truly wonderful memories. I just wish I could have said the same for you. Please, take care. Eat on time, take your medicine, take breaks and most of all, take care of each other and love each other. I’m truly sorry for everything. Please remember, to always shine, you were my sun, and moon. Please forgive me, for never becoming a star.


So she set the letter down, grabbed her small bag, it just had the essentials, nothing to really sustain her until she found a place, and slowly slipped out.

“Hi, Jumin? I was wondering if I could come to your place for a little while?”



It’s Halloween and it’s time for you two to dress up! It’s his turn to pick the costumes this year so be prepared to be handed a pile of clothes. This year our leader was feeling a little spooky and wanted some blood so he decided that you two should go as…Vampires!! This kid got everything together so the two of you would be the cutesiest and spookiest couple ever! To show his dedication to the holiday he got the fangs, fake blood, long capes, and your option of a dress or skirt or pants like him. Let’s just say everyone wanted to give their blood to the two of you~ 


This year it was his turn to pick..again. You let Jeonghan pick every year because you thought it was cute how he always got excited for this time of the year. On this Halloween he decided that you guys should go as…Angel and Devil! Of course Jeonghan was the angel dressed all in white and you were the devil with the cute cute tail. His taste in this year’s costume was really good. He even got himself white wings, a halo, and a wand to give it a little bit of a magical effect. What he got for you was even cuter, he got you a pair of red horns, a pitch fork, tiny red wings, and even a tail! He’s going to want to take a lot of pictures together~ 


Our gentleman Joshua picked the cutest and most cliche pair of costumes ever. This year you let him pick the halloween costume since you got to pick last year, and boy did he choose some cute costumes. Our Joshua was the beautiful prince charming and you were his beautiful princess. His costume consisted of a white and burgundy prince tunic with a gold ribbon hanging from his shoulder, paired up with his tunic was a pair of white slacks, and converse. Now for your costume, he went a bit over the top. He got you a long strapless pearl white dress, dotted with maroon carnations, and a few red stitching patterns here and there, and for your shoes a pair of red converse so you could walk with ease. Joshua basically got you guys ready to go to a royal ball~


Bless our child Jun for picking probably the cutest and dorkiest outfit of all the boys. It was originally your turn to pick the costumes but your idea didn’t meet his standards and you agreed that being Ash and Pikachu was much much cuter than being a prince and princess #ShittingOnJoshua .Of course Jun was ash and you were pikachu. Jun decided he wanted to be first generation Ash, so he spent about 5 days getting the costume ready. The costume of course consisted of Ash’s white and red cap with the half triangle thing on it, a forest green short sleeve, a blue and white denim short sleeve jacket, a pair of blue jeans cuffed to his ankles, and black converse. Now for your outfit, he decided it would be cutest to just buy you a pikachu Kigurumi , so that’s what he did. Now he doesn’t need to catch them all because all he needs is you~


Oh our little shining star is doing a ghibli themed costume this year! Ah how cute of him, originally you were the one to pick the costumes for halloween every year but this year Hoshi decided to step to the plate and present his idea of going as Howl and Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle! Who knows how long Hoshi has been planning this, but either way right after telling you that you guys are going to be Howl and Sophie he hands you the costumes. His costume consisted of a poofy white dress shirt, with Howl’s signature coral pink jacket with black diamonds on it, a pair of black jeans, and small heeled black dress shoes. Instead of getting you the blue dress that Sophie normally wears, he decided to dress you up as Sophie near the end of the movie with the long beautiful creamy yellow dress, along with a nice white sun hat with a black ribbon around it, and a pair of white heeled boots. Ah you guys are ready to move into a castle of your own~ 


This year was his turn to think of a costume since you thought of what to be last year..and the year before that, so you were all fresh out of ideas! To your surprise, this kid picked a really cute couples costume. Who knew he would think of going as Mickey and Minnie! This kid went a lot farther than you thought he would to get your costumes together. For his costume, he pulled a pair of red skinny jeans on with the two signature white dots on the pockets, a pair of black overalls that laid on top of a white dress shirt. He didn’t forget the most important parts of the costumes though, he put on a small red polka dotted bow tie and some big round mouse ears on top of his head. Now for your costume he went a bit over the top with a red polka dotted dress, with white ruffles underneath to give it a bit of the poof effect, a white collar, short sleeves with ruffles at the end of them, a black band around the waist to separate the top of the dress and skirt part of it,  he even got you a pair of knee socks to wear just in case your legs get a bit chilly, and of course he didn’t forget the most important part the big mouse ears with a cute red polka dotted bow in between the ears! Now you two need to get a puppy to be your Pluto~


Honestly you two were just too lazy to think of costumes this year. The two of you just looked at each other tiredly and started throwing lazy couple costumes at each other and finally came to the perfect one. ‘ Thing 1′ & ‘ Thing 2′, all you guys have to do is buy the shirts and wear matching pants and you guys will still be the cutest couple in Korea! Now it’s time to decide who gets to be ‘Thing one’ and who’s 'Thing two’, to be honest the both of you want to be 'Thing one’, so instead of fighting for it Woozi let’s you be 'Thing one’ this year. Next year is his time to shine as 'Thing one’ though! You guys are going to wreck everyones hearts~ 


Lord jesus, it’s like the hunger games but for costume ideas and it’s between only the two of you. This kid reached a better idea than you first and looks like you guys are going as Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf! Now it was time to decide who got to be the big bad wolf, tails you and heads him! Ah to your surprise, Seokmin got to be our Big Bad Wolf and that means you were his little Red Riding Hood! Now this fuzz ball is probably going to be the sweetest wolf there is with his grey fuzzy wolf ears, grey long sleeve accompanied by a pair of black overalls on top, a pair of black jeans, a fuzzy grey tail hooked up to the back of his jeans, a pair of furry grey wolf pajama boots to give him a bit more of the werewolf feel, and even some stupid grey cat paws but in his case “wolf paws”. Instead of letting Seokmin pick your red riding hood outfit, you decided to pick out your own! Instead putting on a plaid dress you put a plain white dress that reached your mid-thighs, a red hooded cape, some white knee socks so your legs don’t freeze to death, and of course a small picnic basket with a small tiny plaid blanket sticking out from it. Instead of bringing Seokmin to your grandma, let’s bring him to your parents~ 


This year our bad boy refused to let you pick the costume theme even though it was your turn! The two of you are going to do a throwback all the way to the 50′s and be greasers! He honestly just threw on a leather jacket, a tight white short sleeve on, tight black jeans, and some high top converse on, and even gelled his hair back just to give it more of the bad boy look. Now for you, he went all out with the cute greaser girlfriend look. A cute white short sleeved blouse, a baby pink polka dot skirt that reached your knees with a poodle sewed on the corner, white socks that reached three inches above your ankle, and some white converse. The two of you walked down the streets as the most dangerously cute couple~ 


The two of you wanted to do something simple this year, simple and sweet. This year you were the cat and Minghao was the mouse. No matter how much he begged to be the cat, you refused to let him be the cat. The two of you went with a white theme, so you managed to get white cat ears, a white dress that reached your mid-thighs, a white tail that could nearly touch the floor, white cat paws with a pink bottom, and white knee socks. Now for Minghao it was a bit harder because he couldn’t find a pair of white mouse ears, so he painted over black mouse ears with white fabric paint. He did manage to find a white long sleeve shirt accompanied by white overalls, a pink tail that reached only to his knees, and white jeans. Minghao may have been the mouse but looks like he caught you first~ 


Ahh as much as Seungkwan wanted to choose this years costumes, he let you do the honors. The worst part is that you picked a really cute couples costumes and we all know how Seungkwan feels about this kind of thing, but he sucks it up just for you. This year you two are going as Ponyo and Sosuke!! As soon as he agrees you throw his costumes straight into his hands: a mustard yellow short sleeve tee, grey shorts that reach his mid-thighs, and a green bucket. Simple enough right? Now for you, you put together a coral pink dress with ruffles on the bottom to give it a poofy effect. It took you awhile to decide whether you wanted to walk around barefoot but Seungkwan helped you decide that by scolding about how you could step in glass and die. Seungkwan you won’t die from stepping in glass.


Honestly this kid is here to get scary not some cute kid stuff, but some scary teen stuff! You wanted to do a cute couple costume together like being Mickie and Minnie, but Vernon thought that was too basic for him and you #ShittingOnWonwoo. So this kid decided that you guys would be a creepy Zombie couple. This kid grabbed similar clothing from both your closets and basically ripped holes in them to give them an old raggy look. Not only did he rip them up, he even grabbed some red food coloring and smudged it on to look like blood. This kid is not joking around when he wants to get creepy. Now for the zombie makeup, the two of you followed a good tutorial but ended up looking like a couple of angry red hulks. Your relationship is scarily other peoples goals~ 


Ah you two are probably going to be the cutest couple on the block! You guys decided to think of a couples costumes together instead of having just one person choose and have the other suffer! The two of you agreed apon being dinosaurs! The two of you searched the web for Dinosaur Kigurumi’s, Dino got the green dinosaur kigurumi while you got the pink one. Once you guys finally got your kigurumi’s you guys couldn’t stop yelling ‘rawr’ at each other to see who could be the loudest and hitting each other with your long dinosaur tails. Who says dinosaurs aren’t cute? You two definitely proved that dinosaurs costumes can be cuter than Vampire costume, Angel & Demon costume, Prince & Princess costume, Ash & Pikachu costume, Howl & Sophie costume, Mickie & Minnie costume, Thing one & Thing two costume, Red Riding Hood & Big Bad Wold costume, Greaser costume, Cat & Mouse costume, Ponyo & Sosuke  costume, and especially Zombie costumes! #MaknaeShittingOnAllHisHyungs

Hello my tiny spooky babies!!(っˆヮˆ)っ♡ Tis bubbles with her sweet sweet Halloween special!!!! (๑°꒵°๑) First I would like to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN BABIES!!!ψ(`∇´)ψAnd second thank you guys so so so so much for supporting me for the past four months together!♫꒰・◡・๑꒱ゞ I can’t believe I’ve finally reached 2,000+ follows in such little time!!꒰•꒡꒳꒡꒱ɷ✧⃛* I hope you guys understand how happy this makes me!!✹◟(ᶮ ̮ ᶯ)◞✹ But ah I hope you guys really enjoy this Halloween special because it took me awhile to think of couple costume ideas that would fit the boys! (o‘w’o) Please wish me a lot of luck in trick or treating tonight with my fiends my loves!(๑•̀ω•́๑) Also if you guys are coming out to trick or treat as well please stay safe and with your friends or family at all times!!!! ( ;´Д`) I love you guys~~~ ♡*(ू•‧̫•ू⑅) **Gifs are not mine! All Credit goes to the original makers, thank you!!**

Hey, how are you?
That kind of day again, huh?

I’m sorry. We’ve been friends for a little and I know that they always try to tear you down.

The sun constantly picking a fight
with your smile to see who is brighter.

The moon stealing your flaws
and swelling up, yeah, it’s full of itself.

The sands of time swishing near the waves
always making its way back into your tears.

The midnight cigarettes that you don’t smoke,
always climbing into your throat.

The hands you never planned to let go,
always holding you at 3 AM.

The soft and ragged whispers on your heart,
they grow more roses than you need.

The stars always too shallow to shine
when we need peace of mind.

The light breeze on a perfect night,
always ruining your thin paper heart.

The sand castles built inside your mind,
I’m sorry it falls apart once you drown.

The keys that stumble home to locked doors,
they still manage to ring your door bells.

The stretching of your smile
always followed by a why.

The stamps on your fingertips,
they mail themselves away.

The first page in every book
spoiling the ending to your story.

The last word in every poem
trying to sound like home.

The awkward conversations stuck
in your heart, but scraping your mind.

The anxiety of not knowing,
they gamble your worries and sorries.

The mindset that love could heal,
but the heartache that love provides.

Hey, how are you?
I know it’s that kind of night again,
but I got you tonight.

—  I know poets that sleep late,
I know poets that sleep early,
but then they have us;
the poets that don’t sleep at all.
Here’s to you and your worries
of things related to home.
For the teacup.
// k.c.