little stalingrad


Long ago, two races ruled over Earth, Humans and Monsters.  One day, war broke between the two races. After a long battle, the humans were victorious. They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.

Many years latter… Legends say that those who climbed the mountain would never return.

This has alarmed the humans…and a new war begun.  


So, what is wartale?

Wartale is an undertale AU based and inspired on the technology, setting and fashion of the WW2 era, the story of this AU takes place on a second war between humans and monsters.

A WW2 AU about Undertale? Sweet! Are there gonna be Nazis? Who is gonna throw the atomic bombs? Which nations are going to be involved?

As I mentioned before, this AU is only inspired on the fashion and technology, not on actual history. So you won’t see any real nations or historical battles. The closest you’ll get to this are references (like for example, a battle taking place in Snowdin resembling the battle of Stalingrad)

Very little is known about the humans in Undertale, so there won’t be actual nations involved, this will just be a Second Humans vs. Monsters war.

Can I make fanart and fanfiction about the AU?

Sure! Go ahead! The more you make it close to the canon of the AU, the better!

Things to take into account

  •  NO modern warfare references. One of the main themes about this AU is the WW2 setting! If you are going to draw fanart or write fanfiction, please don’t make any references to modern warfare, such as weapons, tactics and fashion.  So for example, don’t mention jets, or don’t draw modern assault rifles. Just do a lil bit of research for references and you should be fine :3
  •  Please don’t include historical figures, real nations or make anything related to the actual ww2. I’ve already explained this earlier, the idea is not to add soviet soldiers or Hitler here. The whole idea is all about a second human vs monsters war. No real nations involved, no historical battles into the plot, no historical figures.   Little references should be fine though, for example, Papyrus being inspired on the British civilians who were trained during the Battle of Britain but who weren’t officially part of the army.  

-          For now, the war has two instances: The human invasion into the underground, then the war is taken to the surface after the barrier is broken.


What do the Characters do in this AU?


I’ll give ya some summaries on the Characters’ roles here:

  • Frisk is a medic who is in the beginning on the humans side, they are later taken prisoner by the monsters, when the war is taken to the surface. Later on, they’ll find a way to solve the war without violence and without taking sides.  In this AU, Frisk, Chara and Asriel are 18 years old.
  • Sans is a fighter pilot. And yes, his aircraft is called the GasterBlaster, inspired on the Supermarine Spitfire.
  • Papyrus is a aspiring soldier, he along with some civilians has been trained by Undyne, but is not part of the army officially.
  • Toriel is a civilian and Queen, she is against the war. (of course)
  • Asgore is self explanatory. As King, he will lead the army alongside Undyne 
  • Alphys is the loyal military engineer, just imagine Mettaton as a motherfucking tank. Badass, huh?
  • Asriel: At first he didn’t want to participate in the war, but Chara encouraged him..of course, that costed him his life.
  • Chara: They are the first fallen human, who slowly developed a disgust against humans during their years living with monsters, and this hatred becomes stronger when the war starts.


Wait, this AU has shipping here?


Yeeeeeeeeeeee I’m a huge Charisk trash, so there will be Charisk here. I might add some Soriel here and there too.


Are you gonna make a full comic about it?


Working on it right now! Don’t expect something big from me though, it won’t be so long and it would mostly contain charisk. I’m also open for making some short spin offs once the “main” comic is done”. 

So I guess that’s it for now?


I hope you like the AU and have fun!