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19.10 Happy Birthday Suga “smol-ball-of-sunshine” Kenta!

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Harry and Louis interacting on stage :)

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Neat little Hamilton staging things (Act I)

Alexander Hamilton

  • there’s a fucking pause for applause when Ham comes out for the first time
  • like, it goes “what’s your name man? Alexander Hamilton………….(*insert continued wild applause here*)………….. my name is Alexander Hamilton”
  • during the “but his mother went quick” line, one of the dancers is lifted and carried away from Ham, like his mother being carried off by death :))))
  • “moved in with a cousin, the cousin committed suicide”: a chair is placed center stage and one of the dancers climbs on and mimes hanging himself. it’s very powerful.
  • everyone is wearing white except for Burr, until Eliza comes and gives Alexander a colorful coat, thus making him stand out from the rest of the company (that fucking symbolism tho)
  • Angelica hands Ham a book, and if I remember correctly, Laurens hands him a rucksack

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Neat little Hamilton staging things (Act II)

What’d I Miss

  • Thomas fucking Jefferson, what a stud
  • the same moving staircase that moved Washington at the end of Act I is now used to move Jefferson
  • the company is standing on the floor and waiting for him
  • while walking down the stairs, he shakes hands with one of the ensemble members, and then he wipes his hand on his coat 
  • when he sings his first “what’d I miss?” he starts bouncing and strutting all over the place
  • during “virginia my home sweet home I wanna give you a kiss,” he blows a kiss at one of the audience members
  • Madison has a cold or something, but Jefferson shakes Madison’s hand w/o wiping it anywhere after (because they’re bffs)
  • he’s such a bouncy little bean I can’t
  • Jefferson goes to shake Washington’s hand but Hamilton jumps in the way during “Mr. Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton” and grabs Jefferson’s hand instead
  • Jefferson looks at Hamilton like “who tf is this”

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