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Happy Birthday Mary Pickford 
(April 8, 1892 - May 29, 1979)

Mary Pickford is a fairy! She is not of this world. She just happened down here to help rub a little of the soot off of everybody’s viewpoint and whisper to us of a place whereperchance butter and eggs are within reason, where folks never have toothaches, and where they tell legends about divorce courts…There is yet to be found a woman who is jealous of Mary Pickford…We love her curls, we love her sunshine, we love her self-forgetful little ways; and most of all we love Mary Pickford because she loves us…Mary Pickford, sweetheart, is the sweetheart of America…Now and then one hears of some one who does not like Mary Pickford, but that person is like a highbrow and is generally a full-fledged fan’s idea of the type of individual who would steal, plague the cat, and gossip about the dead.

Clara Louise Leslie in the May 1918 issue of “Motion Picture”

ceylon-morphe286  asked:

So i bet it's been years since junkrat last had a bath so his s/o is trying to get him to get clean for some formal party overwatch is attending and everything she offers to him he just doesn't agree(boba tea,cake,kisses) so she thinking of how to get him to bathe when she comes up with an idea and makes a deal to bathe with him and he just smirks and says yes to it. Small scenario of thaat plz?

Junkrat sat on the couch, legs and arms folded and a pouty look on his face like a child. Meanwhile, his s/o paced back and forth in front of him, trying to think of different ways to get him to bathe. Overwatch was having a formal awards ceremony that night, and whether or not Jamie was getting a gold metal, he still had to look nice.

“I’ll buy you boba?” she offered.

“I can make me own boba,” he huffed.

“I’ll buy you dessert afterwards?”

“I can steal sweets whenevah I want,”

“I’ll make out with you?”

That got him to think for a moment, a bit of pink dusting his cheeks. But then he shook his head and grunted, “Nah!”

“Well, Jamie, you’ve got to look nice for this event!” she stomped her foot.

“So what if I’m a little covered in soot an’ smell like a gun barrel?” he shrugged.

“It’s in bad taste,” she chided.

“It’s in bad taste~” he mocked her voice.

“Uuurgh!” she groaned in annoyance, “Okay, I’m gonna get clean, and when I’m done, I expect you to get in the bath!”

She started to walk off for the bathroom, leaving Junkrat to his pouting, when she suddenly had an idea. A clever smirk spread across her face as she turned back to Jamison.

“And you’re coming with me,” she said.

“Huh?” he looked up from his brooding.

“You heard me, you’re taking a bath with me,” they said haughtily, “Would that make you take a bath?”

The biggest, maniacal grin spread across Jamie’s face as he began to giggle to himself. It was the same look he got when he finished making one of his bomb.

Scrambling off the couch, he ran up to his partner and wrapped his arms around their waist, “Mmm heheheheh! That a promise, Sheila?”

“If it’ll get you clean,” she sighed.

“Heeheehee! Aaalright then!” he suddenly slung her over his shoulder, “Naked with me best girl in the bath, what’s not to love,”

“Ah!” she squeaked as she was lifted up and carried off to the bathroom, “But we only have twenty minutes to get cleaned up, so no…getting sidetracked.

She felt her face turn red at the very thought. But Junkrat just chuckled and swung the bathroom door open.

“They won’t mind if we’re a lil’ late,” he whispered.

–Mod Sirana

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Summary: This is your typical high school love story. Or well, kind of, since these nerds are not students anymore, but the teachers.

With small gifts in lockers, terrible attempts at flirting and all the joys of a great unrequited crush. It only takes a few misunderstandings, a school trip to Six Flags, some chocolate and candy and the help of their brothers to get them together.

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justalittlemeenah  asked:

Reaper, 76, Hanzo, Mccree and Junkrat coming home after a long day and laying down on their s/o's lap and their s/o sings them a lullaby to calm them down? (*´∇`*)

This one just inspired me tonight for whatever reason. Here ya go! From one singer to another.~ (*・∀-)☆


  • I can’t really see him laying his head in your lap, sorry to say. But he does sit with you if asked, of course. Honestly you’re the one who’s gotta initiate the snuggles; he’s a grump. So just wrap an arm over him and let his head rest on your shoulder. He doesn’t protest.
  • You can sing, but bonus point for Spanish music or old folk songs! They remind him of better days. It makes him sigh against your shoulder and release a lot of the tension he’s holding. Aka actually relaxing against you
  • Gabe obviously trusts you; that much is a given. And while you get a little grunt from him when you take off his mask and pull back his hood, he still lets you. You start running your hands through his curls as you sing. “…Thank you, cariño.” He kisses your shoulder in appreciation.

Soldier 76:

  • “Really, Y/N?” He feels like he’s too old for something like this. But admittedly, your lap does look really comfortable… “Yes, really.” Aaaaand your little giggle has sealed the deal his head is in your lap yup mhmm.
  • He already takes his visor off when it’s just you and him, so you’re good on that front. You start running your hand through his silver hair as you sing. He’s not picky about what exactly you sing. It’s easy to see he’s enjoying himself.
  • Jack thoroughly enjoys this moment, and closes his eyes with a smile. You finish your song and he opens his baby blues to reach a hand up to caress your cheek. Words aren’t needed; the way he’s looking at you tells you all you need to know.


  • He isn’t one for the head in the lap thing. Just isn’t his style, really. But he has no problem with you sitting behind him and braiding his hair n such.
  • You start singing and ohhh my gosh. You playing with his hair feels amazing and already relaxing enough but now you’re singing him a lullaby?? You’re too sweet.
  • Bullet one was a lie; once you have him in this state, he is all yours. Just scoot backwards a little and offer your lap as a pillow again. He accepts your offer this time. Rather than lay from the side, though, he stays in front. That just gives you the irresistible urge to kiss his nose. That earns you a warm smile and a chuckle from the archer.


  • “Ya don’t have to ask me twice!” Jesse is all over the idea of laying in your lap. And your heavenly voice to boot? Haha YES. He doesn’t even mind when you steal his hat for yourself when he comes over.
  • You give him a tip of his hat and wink before you start. He chuckles at you, but quickly quiets himself so he can listen to you. He closes his eyes, sighing contentedly and nuzzling closer to your body.
  • “Hey, darlin?” You pause for a moment and make a “?” noise at him, which of course is fucking adorable. He leans up to kiss you, and when he pulls away he sits up fully. One hand cups your cheek, followed by as many slow kisses as he can get.


  • “What’s this about, Y/N/N?” (that means nickname fyi) He’s kinda confused why you want to sing to him. Surviving the attack on the omnium core likely changed his life to one not involving any rest or music. He’s been without it so long that it doesn’t really seem important.
  • “You’ll like it. Come here.” He isn’t complaining about being invited to lay in your lap, that’s for sure. So he obliges your request, scattering a little layer of soot around you as he does so.
  • The minute you sing the first note, his doubt is obliterated. Gone. Done. He smiles widely up at you, amazed. “You never told me you had a set of pipes on ya, Y/N!” He sits up excitedly, energetic as usual. Your faces are very close together at this point, so he decide to give you a peck on the lips. “Next time can I choose the song?” You laugh and say yes; who could say no to that face?

I’m waiting for embroidery hoops to come in, do any of my pal-o’s want a felt embroidered pin in the mean time?

Lady in the Garden

Series: Fairy Tail/Doctor Who

Characters: Gajeel/Levy

Note: I needed to do it.  Haven’t been able to get it off the brain.  it’s short, but enjoy!


The large man fell to the floor in a mess of blankets and black hair, flailing for purchase.  A string of profanities fell from his mouth, partially from the icy hardwood he found his bare back on and partially from the massive crash outside that had put him on the floor in the first place.  “Fucking high school punks.”  He growled harshly, freeing himself of his sheets and stomping up to his feet.  

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junkrat thinks it’s the cutest thing in the world when roadhog falls asleep with a book, and he sets his book aside and tucks him in. it gets little soot fingerprints on roadie’s books. hog complains a little, but he secretly loves it. he likes the little reminders that he’s got someone who cares about him.


The dachshund is Bailey, she’s a prissy little old lady. The light-colored mutt is Gizmo, he’s a grumpy old man who’s smarter than me. The tiny little soot stain is Bucky, he’s a baby who isn’t happy unless he’s being carried around. The giant hellbeast is Sam, shown pouting because I wouldn’t open the door all the way for him to go outside. The Garfield-lookalike is Zeus (aka Fat Cat), seen here trying to reclaim his kill I had just confiscated.


send me photos of ur puppers and meowers too (i dont discriminate)

Handle With Care (formerly Explosive) - Part One

The first part of a Meihem fanfiction wherein Mei is left alone at the Overwatch base with the recently-recruited Junkrat. Hijinks shall ensue. Part Two can be found here! And Part Three is here.

This fic was formerly titled Explosive, but I changed it. I found a title I like more. Sue me.

P.S. I totally blame @yuramec and @coulsart for my obsession with this ship… If you haven’t checked their art out already, DO IT.

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aurora--veil  asked:

Strawberry, tangelo, kiwi? :0

strawberry- fav dessert?
i dont rly like sweet stuff so i guess like vanilla/chocolate ice cream or shaved ice
tangelo- what would you b as a mythical creature?
id b 1 of the little soot guys from spirited away
kiwi- what fascinates you?
the only things i rly find interesting r like my bf and art and haikyuu idk sjdbk