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The whole reason I started watching:The Charmings.

Okay so it was the Pilot episode but it wasn’t the day that it aired. One day I was just flipping channels and I saw Prince Charming on a horse and then find Snow White in a coffin. I remember checking to see what the show was and getting kind of excited because I love disney and it was one of the most iconic moments in disney was being played in live action. So I watched Charming kiss Snow and she woke up and I will never forget because it was the first time and she said, “You found me.” I was in love. I fell in love with this couple. They were beautiful and magical. Then the evil queen came on and I thought wow, what an awesome villain(haha,me,haha). Then we met Emma and Henry and I was so excited. I loved everyone in the whole episode and I was so excited for more. It was the first time in a long time that I had been happy because I was going through some tough times irl. But I felt a sense of hope. I know I’m bitter about the show most of the time now but I will never regret watching it that day. I am so thankful to the charming cast who made me feel hope. And believe even for a little while that magic was possible and happy endings were never out of reach. So tonight was in all likeliness the last time my beautiful Charmings would ever grace my screen together and I loved it. They did not disappoint. The call back to the moment I fell in love with them when Snow thought she lost David but he made it through, the way Henry still wouldn’t stop believing or give up on his mom no matter what. The way that Emma Swan stayed true and gallant and loving and willing to believe in her family even when all seemed hopeless and impossible. The way that they never gave up on each other as a family. Not fully because hope has always been a big part of them. I am glad that they could get their happy ending. I hope Henry will be okay. But I have no doubt that he is ever his mother’s son. A show about the son of the savior and his daughter? I can dig it. Here’s hoping they don’t screw it up. :)


“You got corn?!”

Convenient Friend

Pairing: Aaron Burr x Reader


TW: None

Word Count: 1379


Aaron Burr.

The name was one you knew, but never really cared about.

The two of you had grown up together, really. If indirectly as it was. You two went to the same schools together, pretty much all of your life, and you were shocked when you learned, through mutual friends, that you’d even gotten accepted into the same college. But he was no more than a name with a friendly face. The person you went to if you forgot paper, or a pencil. A face you recognized in the yearbook. You two never really spoke.

You’d make small talk when in a situation where it provided. The most recent had been in June, October, when the two of you had been on the same bus on your college campus. It was nice to see a familiar face now and again, you learned. But then you got off at your stop, presumable, he left at his, and you made no effort to contact him again.

It was now January.

The New York chill still bit at you through your thick winter coat, boots crunching on what little snow was left unshoveled on the sidewalks. You were lost in thoughts. None that were important, no. What were you going to have for dinner tonight? Pizza sounded good, but you’d been eating out a lot lately. You needed to quit it, especially since you didn’t feel like working out when it was so freezing. Hm…maybe you could make spaghetti? Still italian, but easy to make at home, and cheap-

“Hey, babe!” You stopped, and looked around, trying to find the source of the yell, and just where the ‘babe’ in question was. Turning around, you saw a couple college guys, ones you recognized from a class or two, approaching you.

“I uh…me?” You looked confused, brow furrowing.

“Yeah, you, what are you, stupid?” You took an offended step back, before frowning deeply, and turning around to start walking away. You didn’t like being catcalled, and you sure as hell didn’t like being called stupid. You didn’t have to stand for this.

“Hey, don’t walk away from me, babe!” They were following you, great. Ugh.

You sped up a bit, almost breaking out into a full run when you slammed into someone.

That someone was a familiar face, and, luckily, he seemed to understand the situation immediately, once he saw the on the approach behind you.

“Ah! There you are, (Y/N)! I’ve been waiting on you!” In truth, he’d been waiting on Alexander, since they were needing to discuss some of the details for a mock trial they were doing but…your immediate safety came first, and, in all honestly, Alexander had neglected to show up without so much as a text multiple times before hand, leaving him standing in the cold for an hour.

“O-oh! Uh…Burr! Aaron, yeah…sorry…uhh…you ready to go?” You asked, letting the guys think that he really had been waiting for you.

In truth, you hadn’t even thought about him since you stepped off that bus way back in October.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I am.” He offered you his arm with a polite smile, and a smug nod at the two that had been pursuing you. When they were around the corner, and out of sight, he let you go, giving you a smile as the two of you walked. He was wearing a double breasted button up, with a very soft looking scarf that looked handmade. He had on dark pants, and boots that nearly blended, with only the change in material to tell them apart. He looked warm, and looked good, which was a hard combo to pull off.

He pulled his hood up as the snow began to fall, ever so lightly again.

“Come on, I know a coffee shop around here. Quiet, and warm.” You…honestly weren’t sure why you tagged along. But the promise of a hot chocolate, and a warm place to sit down for a little bit was calling to you, so you didn’t turn him down.


A little while later, you were relaxing in one of the arm chairs the cafe sported, and Burr sat across from you, scribbling something down in a notebook, before referring back to the book lying open on the small end table beside him, along with his coffee.

“So…” You wanted to at least small talk with him…maybe it would be nice to have him as more than just a convenient friend now and again. “That scarf looks handmade…who made it?”

“I did.” He glanced up from his notebook with a slight smile. “My mother taught me how to crochet when I was little. It keeps my hands busy.”

“Aww…well, it looks really nice and warm…” You commented, at least proud of yourself for learning something new about him.

“Mmhm…it’s good wool. I save up for it, so that what I make is worth the wait. It’s better than getting a lot of cheap material, in order to make a lot at once.” You nodded a little in understanding, eyes still fixed on the scarf in curiosity. It was mostly a deep grey, with flecks of red mixed in. It looked really comfortable. You wondered how hard it was to crochet.

Probably impossible.

You sipped your hot chocolate, and went back to your thoughts, and it seemed Aaron had done the same.

He offered to walk you home, which you really appreciated. You didn’t want to chance a run in with those two again…and Aaron, gentlemanly though he was, seemed like someone who could keep them off of you.

You two talked the whole way home. You started on your majors. And then you talked about how crazy it was that you were going to the same school, after coming from the same little high school.

Do you remember that time…?

Or what about that one thing…?

It felt good to laugh with him, over old memories. You may not have been close in high school, but you definitely both remembered the one time there was a fight in the AP Lang hall, and a girl smacked another girl so hard into a door that the glass shattered.

Or the time that you had a group assembly on drill safety, and it may or may not have been suggested that you should throw someone smaller than you at the attacker.

Or the one pep rally where a cheerleader got hit with a full two liter bottle of Coca-Cola. No one knew who threw it, only that it originated from the Junior’s section.

Before you knew it, you were home. You hadn’t even thought about the cold. With a smile, you offered your hand to Aaron to shake. He smiled at you, and gave you a nod. The two of you traded numbers, and after saying goodbye, you vanished into your apartment.


Two days later, there was a knock on your door. It was early, too…ugh…

But you yawned, and dragged yourself up, opening the door and looking around irately. There was no one. Seriously? Ding dong ditching without a doorbell, and in broad daylight, had no point, people!

But then you looked down.

The box was grey, neatly wrapped with a dark purple bow. You hummed in thought, and brought it inside, setting it on the kitchen table to open. Removing the lid, you gaped, taking a scarf from the box. It was an infinity scarf, a deep blue, with knots of silver here and there. It felt so soft to the touch…you ran your fingers over it fondly, before looking back into the box and finding a note.


I finished this the night I walked you home. I haven’t been able to work that much that fast in ages. I figured it was only fair that you get the scarf you helped create. Maybe I could teach you some time? Maybe you’re the secret behind how fast I work


You smiled a bit, slipping it on, and letting your fingers lace through the holes in the yarn.


First Aaron Burr request!! Yaaay!! And lets face it i had to describe what he was wearing because Leslie Odom Jr. looks good in eVERYTHING.

Love, Rosalie

Snow Day

Negan x Reader (wife #6 - Y/N)

900 words

Warnings - a little bit of sexual innuendo, and Negan and his f-bombs

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Jean Sibelius with his youngest daughters Margareta and Heidi

One by one his daughter left home to marry or attend school and Ainola gradually became empty of children. “My heart is bleeding”, Sibelius wrote in his diary when Katarina left to attend school in Helsinki on weekdays. Only Margareta and Heidi, his little “snow buntings” were left to console him.

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the mcrib may contain yoga mat chemicals, but at least you know it’s not made of pig-children.