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Companions reacting to getting transported to our present day? Like if they knew there was a way back to their time but they just had to wait for it to happen. What would they do in the mean time. What would they love/interest them/weird them out the most about our world?

Sorry for the wait, this one stumped me for a little while but here it is!

Ada – She would be captivated by all the colours and sounds of the world, like the traffic at rush hour, the sounds of new birds singing in trees green with actual leaves swaying in the wind and would probably attempt to make as many friends as possible. Ada would be like a sponge – tyring to soak up everything and anything she could.

Cait – She would absolutely love the UFC and would for sure want to sign up to fight in the Octagon with the big girls, could probably kick ass in there too. Look out Ronda Rousey She’d hate all the new and even deadlier drugs that hits the streets, especially because most of the time it involves younger people giving into peer pressure and eventually succumbing to their newfound addiction because it’s so damn hard to get free from it. She would however, be impressed with some of the rehabilitation programs that are around and offered to youths in need.

Codsworth – He would be in heaven – no radiation dust that’s hard to get out of carpets and curtains, no overgrown mosquitos to bat away from the clean and working stove and to top it off, there’s hardly any sensory notifications that pop up in this world compared to that of the Commonwealth. Needless to say, Codsworth would be delighted and probably wouldn’t want to return to the Commonwealth.

Curie – All the advancements made in medicine and curing people of diseases would no doubt win little Curie’s heart. She would be amazed at some of the things doctors can do like organ transplants, blood fusions, bone transplants etc. and would probably dedicate her time to learning all there is to know about these procedures. She would also be torn between these advancements in science along with all the cute little animals, most of which surprisingly not deadly unlike the Commonwealth.

Danse – He would be horrified with the thought that not one single entity like the Brotherhood of Steel was controlling nuclear weaponry and all the powerful technology in the world, instead each country and state etc. etc. wielding their own arsenal without any kind of unity or discipline. He wouldn’t at all be surprised with all the wars currently being waged and would wonder just why the hell football stars and celebrities are getting all the media coverage and glory when there are real heroes – soldiers waging every other person’s wars overseas – who aren’t getting scrap all in recognition.

Deacon – Movies. He would absolutely love going to the movies. The big screen, the surround sound and the junk food…it would be absolute bliss for Deacon. Of course he’d still wear his sun glasses with a cheeky smirk while kicking back in the plush leather recliners, but that would probably be the highlight of his time in this world. He’d probably try and watch all the sneaky spy and action movies like Mission Impossible, Lethal Weapon and the Bourne series.

Dogmeat – He would love all the new non-radioactive smells that don’t burn his little nose like back in the Commonwealth and the fact that by swimming in a lake or prancing around in a puddle wouldn’t burn his skin and make him feel sick. He would be happy, but would be eager to get back home too.

Hancock – He would fall in love with all the video games, probably becoming an entirely different type of addict and forming a deep love for games like the Saints Row franchise. He’d probably also be one to go skydiving and bungie-jumping, with a little bit of jet-skiing as well. One thing he would hate is all the racial and sexual discrimination going on, along with the corrupt politicians with too much power than they deserve, obviously reminding him of a certain other Mayor in the Commonwealth.

MacCready – Like Hancock, Mac would probably be a huge fan of the various video games and action movies like Mad Max and Gladiator and would be chagrined that Duncan couldn’t experience the like for himself. He’d make it one of his goals to find a working gaming platform in the Commonwealth so at least he could experience something like it all and would also try to either find or cook some of the food he enjoyed the most for his son.

Nick Valentine – The world wouldn’t really be a big shocker to him. After all, he still had the real Nick’s memories of what the world used to be, add or minus a few changes here and there but mostly it was pretty much the same as the world he remembered. What he would enjoy the most would be the fact that there is an entire police force once again, along with a functioning government and a sense of law and order within the world to make it comfortable once more. He’d be unsettled with the advancements in robotics but figured his concern would be like the pot calling the kettle black.

Old Longfellow – He would love the absence of the Fog and crazies like the Children of Atom, but most of all he would love cold bottles of Whiskey and socks without any bloody holes in them. Hell, even the underwear without any holes in them would take the cake. What would weird him out would be all the designs on them – Batman, Wonder Woman, Hello Kitty, Betty Boop…he’d have the most confused look on his face while shopping in Big W.

Piper Wright – She would love the internet, what with its almost immediate information gathering capabilities from so many people across all parts of the world. Piper would also love all the different ways that the media broadcasts the news and would probably be a little annoyed with how simple and efficient it all would be as compared to her wrestling with the damn printing press back at the Publick. Like Hancock, she would be appalled at all the corruption and lack of responsibility felt by the people in power in regards to helping out the little folk and making sure that everybody has a fair and just chance at a happy life. She’d see the world as an opportunity for her to speak up for the little guy.

Preston Garvey – He would be a total sucker for all those cheesy romance films and novels, most of which would probably make him tear up just a little. He would also love the fact that such large communities can live together without having to slit each other’s throats in the middle of the night like raiders do, however he would despise the large scale wars and battles going on despite recognising the need for such action. He would absolutely fall in love with horses too, wishing they had some back in the Commonwealth to make travelling far easier.

Strong – He would hate the fact that he would be surrounded by humans he could not eat and had to purchase animal meat instead. Though in saying that, he would find the lack of blood totems and meat bags replaced by green shrubbery and swaying trees as a nice change and would probably raid the freezer section in the supermarkets for all the milk he can drink, believing he’s finally found the grand well for the milk of human kindness.

X6-88 – Like Curie, X6 would be fascinated with all the advancements in technology and physical/medical enhancements made possible by said technology. He would contrast the world to that of the Institute’s and would be proud of how close they had come to restoring and in some cases surpassing such benchmarks, reaffirming for himself that the Institute was the best chance for humanity to prosper. He would also see the similarities between the Railroad and that of the groups that seek to undermine the use of technology, falsely claiming it is destroying the world and as such, X6 would find he was even gladder to be a Courser charged with protecting the Institute and its assets.