little shrine

my figurine of Bucephalus is sitting out and i’m incredibly tempted to set up a little hero cultus shrine around it

the ancestor shrine has 3 shelves and if i am a reasonable and efficient human being, i could surely use one shelf for heroes. surely. 


Dishonored 2 - Gold Dust Woman

Shatter your illusions of love
And now tell me
Is it over now, do you know how
Pick up the pieces and go home
Go home
Go home

The Beloved Companion

The magical, marvelous, @annasassi has created a visual of Donna as the Beloved Companion and it’s just so incredible. Thank you so, so much, my friend.

In my personal Doctor Who universe, the Ood refer to Donna as the Beloved Companion, and the Lady of the Liberation. In honor of what she and the Doctor did to free the Ood from slavery, they revere her. The hammer stands for justice, and the broken chain for freedom. The large circle says DONNA NOBLE, the small THE BELOVED COMPANION in Circular Gallifreyan.

I like to think the Doctor finds little shrines to Donna scattered across the universe and always stops at them.

Detail of the Little Gold Shrine found in the Tomb of Tutankhamun, which is covered in scenes of the Pharaoh with his wife, Ankhesenamun.

This scene shows the royal couple out hunting ducks together. Tutankhamun is seated behind Ankhesenamun, taking aim at the birds in flight. His wife sits in front of him, pointing to where the ducks are and heady to hand him another arrow.

if it’s you and me forever, if it’s you and me right now
that’d be alright, be alright
we’re chasing stars to lose our shadow
peter pan and wendy turned out fine
so won’t you fly with me?

law students leave offerings to mia fey at shrines in campuses nationwide………..nobody remembers her name anymore, but they know she’s rumored to help lawyers in need if you REALLY, REALLY need a miracle…….

i dunno i like the idea of mia becoming something much more then a ghost, buoyed by like. raw spiritual power and belief. apollo still has a little shrine in his apartment, just in case.


Eighteen scenes carved into the foil show Ankhesenamun assuming a priestly role before her seated husband. She pours liquid into his ceremonial goblet and, in so doing, assumes the role of Weret-Hekau. In other scenes she mirrors the traditional postures of the goddess Maat, divine personification of truth (maat) and constant companion to the king, as she squats at Tutankhamun’s feet to receive the water which he pours into her cupped hands, or passes him an arrow to shoot in the marshes. The apparently simple, intimate scenes should probably be read as confirmation of the queen’s role in supporting her husband in his royal duties. More specifically, it seems that she is preparing him for his coronation and for his participation in the New Year ceremonies. Ankhesenamun serves as the earthly representation of Maat, or of the goddess Hathor/Sekhmet, while Tutankhamun is presented as the son of Ptah and Sekhmet, the son of Amun and Mut, and the image of Re. Here on the Little Golden Shrine we have confirmation, if confirmation is needed, of the uniquely important role played by Ankhesenamun throughout Tutankhamun’s reign and, perhaps, beyond it.

Tutankhamun: The Search for an Egyptian King - Joyce Tyldesley


A small shrine in Kyoto whose name I sadly forgot…

I stumbled upon this shrine in the east of Kyoto on one of my walks through the city :)

It exemplifies why I enjoyed talking random walks through the city :D
There is just so much to see and experience around you in Kyoto that I would have missed out had I taken a cab, the subway or the bus :)
Also Kyoto is quite a walkable city since it doesn’t feature too many steep climbs, difficult terrain or confusingly laid out streets :D
Another great thing are all the Conbini and vending machines that will keep you well fed and supplied with enough fluids for the day :)
I used this to my advantage replacing drinks I would have had to carry otherwise by camera equipment :D <=I carried 2 cameras (Rolleiflex and Nikon D90), 2 lenses for the DSLR, a light meter, film rolls and sometimes a tripod (^-^;)
Maybe I’m a little crazy (^-^;)

This shrine was nestled between apartment buildings and older industrial buildings :)
I like these kind of hidden gems that are appreciated by the people around them :)

I want to go there again to find out what it is called :D

I’m looking forward to going back to Japan again this year (๑ ॣ•͈ٮ•͈ ॣ)♡

Last week was nice :3
I had fun with my friends and improved my Japanese :)
I had a lot of work to do as well but to be honest I feel a little left alone at work… Not for the want of help at executing my tasks as I enjoy improving and honing my skills but for the want for feedback on my work and the want for a structure and system to stick to while completing my tasks :|
This is not to say that I’m unhappy with my job :)
I neither love nor hate it, it is absolutely neutral which is kind of nice because I’m not intending to stay with this company and want to change jobs at some point :) 
This way I don’t feel bad when I leave the company :)

This weekend I also had a close encounter with some not so nice people at a Cosplay event at which I helped a friend with a photoshoot :|
They interrupted the shoot tried to fondle the Cosplayers and damaged one of their costumes (although only on a small scale and she was able to repair it on site :), they tried to command us to take photos of them with the Cosplayers and when we refused they started insulting us and when my friend told them to go fuck themselves they got very angry and started advancing on him :(
I had to push them back into a narrow alleyway on the foreground to get rid of them :(
Their smug faces and the obvious display of their feeling that they are superior beings immune to all criticism coming from people outside of their group made me feel disgusted and angry. They were sober which makes me feel all the more disgusted and disgruntled.
I’m not an imposing guy and at this point I was really scared as to the outcome of the whole thing. I’m just glad nothing worse happened but still such a disrespectful and rude behaviour is uncalled for in any situation.

Today was nice although a friend fell sick and another one fell asleep so I left her alone since I didn’t want to disturb her :D
I go to the Asa Café once a month which I enjoy a lot :)
I was quite lazy for the rest of the day :D

I wish everyone a great new week with sweet dreams and no encounters with disrespectful and rude people (^-^)/