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midnightrose77  asked:

Who's got better handwriting, you or Ichigo? Also, is it fair to say that Ichigo taught you (writing, school work?) as much as you taught him (fighting, instincts)?

“I dunno, but I’m generally better than him, so probably me. And no. It’s not fair ta say that. How d’ya even teach school work? I’ve never been ta school or done school work. He didn’t actually teach me how ta write either. I musta  picked it up from him, I guess, but I was never taught. It just kinda happened.

So I still taught him more. Nice try though.”

thelonewandereravrid  asked:

"Give it back, or there’ll be hell to pay."

He should return the item back to her but that would be too easy and he was feeling particularly mischievous that afternoon. Between his fingers was a book, something that originally had intentions of reading but when she’d jumped he knew that there was a better path to go with this. Rolling up onto his toes he lifts the book high up in the air. 

“Get it yourself."