little shiiiiiit

The stupidest idea came to me, and after an entire day of procrastinating while trying to write a chapter, I decided to draw this because my Alistair tag is too empty.

Soooo… a royal family portrait!

The Signs as Shit My Creative Writing Proff Has Said

Aries: “I was doing theater until I realized I was really poor”

Taurus: “I read my first book when I was 22 years old”

Gemini: “What do I do outside work? Get phone calls from God”

Cancer: “I don’t know whether to read his poems or smoke them”

Leo: “It’s pretty hot in here. Does anyone have a fire extinguisher?”

Virgo: “Yo is anybody high right now? If so you better get cause I’m about to blow your fuckin’ minds”

Libra: “At least I’M having fun, damn it”

Scorpio: “I once wrote this poem called wordplay for foreplay”

Sagittarius: “That involved alcohol and I’m never doing it again”

Capricorn: “Your eyes are like crystal blue meth that Walter White made”

Aquarius: “If everybody reads, I’ll bring a bottle of tequila to the next class”

Pisces: “You little piece of shiiiiiit~ Fuck youuuu~!”